Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 48)

Skyrim is a game with what at times can feel like an endless array of content. Indeed, despite being over seven years old, The Elder Scrolls 5 remains a world still ripe with things many players have yet to discover. So today we’ll be taking a look at yet another ten tiny details you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Brooke Gallagher

    Day 5: Still waiting for Nate to say that Skyrim is a thicc game.

  • This Is Hel

    The guards know you have Azura's Star cause it isnt a crime to look in someone's pockets🤣

  • Little Shmuplet

    Just 2 more until 50 Nate! That's 500 tiny freaking details! Keep 'em coming man

  • TheEpicNate315

    You know you're early when you get to watch the video in 360p :/

  • Cyberspino

    In aftermath of ww4 world is a desolate wasteland Internet is bearly runing......We got a messege from......TheEpicNate315...It reads... ...yet another 10 details you may still have missed in the elder scrolls V Skyrim part (562)

  • C. Nasser

    "This, ladies and gentlemen, appears to be a location where at least two love-birds were secretly engaging in..."Youtube looks up"...quite a bit of romance."Youtube puts away Demonitization Button

  • Nathan Clark

    Correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't Chimera pronounced kymera?

  • Friend Besto

    I constantly say murdered to death to my wife all the time, she has no idea why and it drives her insane. You're to thank for that.

  • The Annilators

    Hey guys, it’s Skyrim here, and Nate’s a pretty big guy where it counts!-TheEpicNate315’s next opening

  • Damian P

    nothing makes me happier than a notification telling me there are 10 MORE details from you my man

  • Shematics

    After being nearly 23 years old Skyrim as plenty more to discover! without further ado here are 15 little details episode 1434 i believe.. - Nate

  • Dahlmasen

    You should do at lets play of skyrim😍

  • Chivels

    Wow, my first time seeing a Nate video in 360p. I'm early.

  • Samuel

    Ofc the guards know what's in your inventory... And they know if it's stolen... Because.. you know... Special guard powers

  • Daniel Kishen

    The first thing about rieklings with the unique dialogue can also be trigerred if you come home with a death hound from castle volkihar.

  • Mr. Cactus

    Where's the "Skyrim is a thicc game dude"?

  • Aethrion Darkstrider

    Spelling: YamarzHow Nate pronounces it: YAARRRRMIZ

  • Jack Bobkowski-McGrory

    13:44 "Fellow Nord boy".... what? Aventus Aretino is an Imperial, as evidenced by his name.

  • Brinstar Media

    In 2024, when all secrets have been discovered, Nate will start scraping the bottom of the barrel. “Did you know you can sleep in beds?!”

  • Insecdroid-Games and Other Crap

    Here’s a fact I just discovered:If you already know part of Whirlwind Sprint when you meet the greybeards for the first time, they will acknowledge that you know it and teach you the 2nd or 3rd word of the shout.

  • Tommy Martin

    I have your answer. "Looking is fine, taking anything is a crime"Source: pickpocket loadscreen

  • Kenshi's Sento Blade

    Paarthunaax comments on your race when you are to perform the Fire Breath ShoutJ'zargo makes a little reference to The Adoring Fan, when you tell him to wait.

  • Outtlaw_ Vidd

    Only the ORIGINAL Fans will remember the mammoth outro Ps please bring it back for one more time Nate please

  • Shattering Perception

    One day Nate will being combing through Skyrim and realize he has found every detail in skyrim. He will post a video called "the final 10 details you missed in skyrim". It will he a sad day.

  • Oran McGuigan

    Nate’s top searched

  • ReineDeLaSeine14

    Gianna told me, an Imperial, that she expected the Gourmet to be more...exotic.

  • Riley Douvelle

    This is my life now,watching Nate's videos, waiting for Nate to upload another video, and immediately watching Nate's videos when they're uploaded. What has my life become? I once had hopes and dreams, now I just watch skyrim videos.

  • Jefferyperson2

    I'm so happy! This is the earliest I've been. Can't wait for ep 50

  • Sergeant Buttfist

    You lied about vigilance he died 5 minutes after I got him

  • Enthie Gavoir

    It's interesting to think what would have happened if Gianna actually met the Gourmet

  • Oskar Keith

    Oh my god this is getting insane

  • the real zuni

    Hey nate I was on my homepage on YouTube I found your old Minecraft herobrine troll I remember it when it was few months old

  • Nicole Bae

    My favourite Gianna reaction is to dark elves

  • Fre Shova Cado

    Someone: Nate how many tiny detail videos are you going to make?Nate: 200,000 with a million more well on the way.

  • Nicolas Vincent

    Can we not use the name "Todd"? Un-lore friendly.

  • mgunter

    Lydia will also comment on Rieklings.

  • jesse k

    so many tiny details but still doesnt know skill books dont spawn radiantly and on merchants. they spawn in 4 to 5 preset places per book

  • Nolan Peet

    "You don't even know what I'm going to ask you to do!", now that's a steward I'd like in my court.

  • James Smith

    The irony of "To Kill an Empire" concerning the Gianna reactionary lines if the player is an Orc; is that the Gourmet WAS an Orc!

  • Kirov

    It's kinda hard to notice these tiny details with 360p

  • Filip Havrlent

    Everyone: ....TheEpicNate315: ANOTHER DETAILS YOU MISSED IN TES 5!!!!!

  • Finckle Shinckle

    For the azura star if you die as the mission is about to complete you get the purified and broken star(It is very rare to happen)

  • Artmiszz

    I was playing the Elderscrolls: Blades killing a bone dragon that the notification of “ yet another 10 tiny details” showed up , and i just tapped on the notification 😁😄 the bone dragon can wait 😏

  • Ian MD

    This is crazy... part 48. Can't believe this is the same company that produced fallout 76

  • Sam M

    Guards comment on almost all the daedric artifacts

  • Aeladya

    I betray Azure, the black star is far more useful because it's bugged and it can trap both soul types.

  • ベッドから出たくない。

    If only it were that Todd were thinking ahead .. Rieklings are set as pets and the line is set to go off around pets, so it fires for Rieklings same as any other "pets".

  • Rudolf von Stroheim

    It’s already Part 48? Even Speedwagon is afraid! PS: SEKAIICHI!!!

  • Hunter Trecartin

    My favorite guard comment when carrying a specific weapon"Aye now there's a beautiful sword like a sliver of midnight."

  • Ya Boi

    Start ep 50 with "skyrim is a small game" just for a change of pace

  • ҉ Mista

    I think all of us that have Azuras star knew about the Azuras star dialogue.

  • Krimsone Bloodthorne

    When the video says No Views but has 41 likes.😨

  • Mingle Dingle

    You're the perfect person for a guy like me And your eyes are shining like the Topal Sea I wish you could be mine for eternity Could you please be mine?

  • TheSarcasmSquid

    The last time I was this early, Nate was still doing Minecraft trolling videos

  • Kaylee Keen

    In tes6, we need some kind of reference to Nate, like someone saying "murderer to death" it would be great.

  • Florian Lorenz

    Hi ! Does someone know which mod he's using for guard's armors ? Thanks ^^Pretty good video tho 😃

  • Acheebo

    One brain can only hold so many tiny details and synonyms for big

  • DaemonWolfApothecary 666

    Hello Nate! Idk if you will see this or not but I found something out that was quite interesting the other day. So, right before you fight Miraak (while he is talking to you) you can get on his dragon and make it attack him, (by locking the dragons attack onto him).So then when you are fighting Miraak, you can have a dragon ally by your side and it will make defeating Miraak a lot easier. 😌

  • Double A

    13:20that guy on the left is confused either to eat or drink lol

  • phantomhurricane666

    dragons have their own dialogue. if you use bend will, but don't get to them in time, the dragon will taunt you for thinking you could tame it.

  • Nicole Bae

    I thought Skyrim was big but wow. Bethesda went all out

  • Mireillie Montalvo

    Skyrim is dummy thicc, and the clap of her cheeks keeps alerting Nate for 10 more tiny details

  • that one guy

    If you defeat miraak before doing the ogma infinium quest, hermeaus mora will have a different bit of dialogue when he reveals himself to you

  • Gargoyle242

    And Shadowmarks was written by Delvin Mallory

  • Artemisia Wyllow

    Ahh 360?All around good quality!I liked and unliked your vid just so I could like it again just for that metaphor at the end.Here's to 20 more years of Skyrim tiny details!!

  • Kaiser Krysalis

    Guards know EVERYTHING!!

  • WhatTheFox

    People in here are correct, you should totally do a let's play.

  • potatolord02 lololololol

    Thank you for more of this information, My Lord. With this, I can continue being your champion. The champion of Hermeus Mora

  • player One

    When I know that you have uploaded you give me power to complete the day

  • Nico

    Imagine if the comments of the children about the riekling were in reality made for the argonian companion

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