21 Things To Do When You're Bored In Skyrim

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Here are 21 things you can do in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, when you are bored! Jumping off cliffs, Killing Dragons, Rituals, and tons more!

  • LiveLoveLift92

    Perfect! Now i just need to get bored in Skyrim! Hm... this might take a while

  • -dzyogas-

    you can also turn off your game

  • Jlen Viterbo

    Piss of the grey beards and they freeze you off high hrothgar... I did it once and i flew all the way to riverwood

  • My Paree

    that ancient ritual though xD

  • Sly Sniper Fox

    why so many dislikes? it's skyrim

  • Alfie Edwards

    filthy stormcloaks defiling whiterun...

  • Hexiel154.1

    My favorite was the one where he stole by putting the bucket on the innkeepers head LMAO XD

  • okrajoe

    Don't burn that bread!

  • Alexander Ducaneaux

    Right way of steeling ... whahaha good one :)

  • Smeligame

    18 : He wasnt sleeping :(

  • IsabellaCooper

    Lol, number 13 and 18. xD

  • Bluepaw

    LOL XD I love steal the correct way.

  • Patrik Nylén

    "Pretend your a submarine" *You're

  • Pablo Blo

    apparently Raise zombie > fus ro dah

  • Girl who loves Motorcycles

    that ancient ritual tho

  • ThatOneChick

    When I get bored, I clean out my house and get gold for it. Or I kill people, still get gold. Or steal, still get gold. EITHER WAY, THERE'S MONEY INVOLVED.

  • Lily Kunoichi

    Im sorry I lost it at 13. "The correct way" lmao

  • Gangreen Tangerine

    how does one push a sleeping dragon off a cliff? is that a mod? everytime I get near a dragon it wakes up and starts flying around

  • Kaike The Humanhog

    HOW TO JUMP OFF HIGH HROTHGAR WITHOUT LOADING:1- Pick a Horse2- Jump Off Of High Hrothgar with him3- You will enter in ragdoll mode, and you will fall... and fall... oh i get on the floor! WAIT! types tgmgood i'm alive.

  • Lugnet97

    I use to request a song from that one bard roaming the roads and then just leave.

  • Berkay Elçik

    the dumbest video i have ever seen

  • Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I

    had to pause at nr 12 because i had tears in my eyes from laughing so much

  • Mantrata

    One does not simply "get bored" while playing skyrim

  • Dontrell Johnson

    Number 11 is too funny lol

  • onelasttitan

    the jester hat goes so well with a khajit

  • pooponparade

    My favorite part was 17 seconds in when I stopped the video and realized how pathetically unentertaining you are.

  • pyrotheevilplatypus

    Freeze guards - nothing.Kill chicken - "KILL HIM!!!"

  • Hypo Lyxa

    Number 12: You're*

  • Kasey Mathews

    Am I the only one who loves using the Ethereal shout and jumping off the college? It takes FOREVER to fall!

  • Hazim Y

    you guys are taking this way too seriously, this was hilarious.

  • MelissaChan3

    I laughed so hard at "13. Steal, the correct way" xDD that's genius and hilarious at the same time! XD

  • Cole Watts

    # 22 get off the game and go outside

  • amd vj

    this is one boring video indeed

  • Kennedy Lou

    liked when the dragon was sleeping and when you shouted at people

  • Daniel C

    Misleading title, one does not just "get bored of skyrim"

  • Andrew Wright


  • F l u f f y S n a k e

    Ezio wasn't the only assassin you know?

  • SoundShinobiYuki

    Number 15 is my favourite when I get bored/have some time to pass. My top moment for that one was when I walked naked into Radiant Raiment and got a "Remove yourself from the premises until you are suitably attired!" from the NPCs. "....Uh, that's why I'm here...."...also, one time I was wearing stolen fancy clothes, got caught by the guards, and since they confiscate your goods, had to walk home naked. Oh what fun.

  • ninja dude

    the ancient ritual killed me

  • Ridsa Pro Matrix

    i m still bored in this game

  • Fluffy Fox

    and if your a console scrub u git unlimited showts

  • zenoist2

    Fireballing hawks in Solitude is handy to get alchemy ingredients.You need what is called a deflection shot where you aim ahead of them. You can do this in the town centre.

  • Fabian69

    If somehow u get bored in skyrim just go to solhsteim lol

  • Bear Buds

    This is for little kids, what I do is just go on a killing spree

  • ArmyStrong

    Number 13 i did this and desreverd it by my sefl i bored so i decided to put buckets on peoples heads and then i just felt like stealing and i stole and got away with it to much to explain Yes

  • John Wenzel

    3. should be etheral spirit base jumping. tsk tsk tsk. newb

  • Rest

    I like to kill everyone and anyone in every town.

  • Ryan Cary

    what spell did you use to move the dragon?

  • HowlinHannah

    What?!  You killed poor Cicero for his armor?  How could you-sniff-...Did you not read his journals?!  They're so sad!  :(


    3:41 did someone say what the f*ck in the background?

  • Alana Thomson

    Haha the right way to steal omg that's fucking great I laughed so much thanks mate

  • XXbiz


  • Toto Takto

    the maker of this video is strange in the head

  • zion wood

    lol....... steal the "right" way

  • Stephanie Darling

    Number 13... Laughed so hard my husband got scared!

  • Yummy Corn Soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    21 things to do in skyrim? Turn off the game then do something else perhaps?

  • Anouar Ameziane

    one does not simply get bored of skyrim

  • ObeyThat Guy

    0:40, since when does bread sound like metal?!?!

  • KyaVlogs

    The ancient ritual was FUNNY AS CRAP

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