Skyrim How To Duplicate ANYTHING!

Today we will be learning how to duplicate literally any item in the game ranging from ingredients to, weapons, and armor or misc! With that said leave a Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more Skyrim content! Like and Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

How to get Daedra Hearts:

STEP 1.) Get a follower and the items you want to duplicate
STEP 2.) Go to any hold like whiterun and go outside the hold
STEP 3.) Drop the items somewhere solid on the ground if stacked separate them all into stacks of 1
STEP 4.) Have your follower pick up all the items once dropped "I need you to do something" then have the follower wait somewhere the items weren't
STEP 5.) Travel back through the holds gate then do a 180 and exit again
STEP 6.) Pick up the items off the ground and take the ones off of your follower now and repeat if you so desire ENJOY!
  • GreyHexx

    I now have 29,340 potatoes. Thank you for making this video.

  • Taysway

    I dropped 282 iron ingots then the server cleared the entity :(

  • Pegasus2137

    Pro tip: After entering and exiting Whiterun don't pick up the items that spawned. Make your follower pick 'em up. Then you don't have to drop them all again. Just enter and exit Whiterun again. Then repeat.

  • _Dylan James2019_

    now I can be a skooma drug lord

  • Cody Warr

    it would have been a lot faster if lydia didnt take an arrow to the knee

  • Some Guy Who Likes Chickens

    Whos here to dupe skooma, i sure as hell am

  • Ludger W.D

    my house is literaly a pool of Sweer rolls

  • Joseph Glen

    Thanks Now I have 30,156 Skooma!!! BTW I tried this on PS3 And XBOX 360 and works with Special Edition.

  • Alechango831


  • The Gaming Duck

    Why didn't you show the 180 spin?Preeeeettyy suspicious man

  • Dani

    I accidentally kept duplicating things. Now I know why, thanks man 😂

  • Tiger Whitten

    That didn't work for me at all

  • Syke



    This still works on ps4 as of today


    coughed like a 97 year old woman in a library and said "shew!!!! bet ya'll heard that!!"........?

  • 100 Dislikes

    Didn't work for me 😫😫😫Edit : forget that it actually worked

  • The Awesome Nate

    I now have 10000000000 sweet rolls thanks

  • Weaponized Elbow

    So does anyone know if I can duplicate the skeleton key from the thieves guild quest line so I can keep it and return the other?

  • Patrick Jones

    I've been able to duplicate everything except Mehrunes' razor :(

  • Gavin Marley

    I discovered in an annoying accident in the Severin house or how ever you spell it and in the skyrim houses that if you leave stuff on mannequins and leave house and take something off and leave and save, come back they will be there.

  • sêbãs ńêkø

    How do you have two artefacts of aether?

  • Dakotatries togacha

    Wait, u can duplicate gold!!!

  • Cookie_is_back 024

    it won't work for me then again I'm on Xbox 360 with just the raw download code that came with my 360 money that's why?

  • David Hunt

    Ayy I remember doing this on accident on Xbox 360

  • nathan gauff

    Did he really say 3 away from 200? And now he's at 5.3 THOUSAND?!?!?!

  • ZookTheUnicorn

    You have a decent amount of subs because you have the only working dupe glitch

  • T B

    it does not work for my ps3 i dropped 33 daedric arrows 1 after one and when i came back all my arrows were gone

  • William Bercier

    Yes infinite sweet rolls!!! Finally

  • CrAzY x JaYy

    ima lvl 100 buuuut... thisl be helpful for me new skooma trade 😂

  • Sweet Roll

    Make money live better walmart

  • Randy L

    Gay... Doesn't work

  • Isaiah Muniz Gutierrez

    Let me guess its patched already😈

  • Og Evade

    what is wrong with skrim______________________________________________10% dragons70% not much coins30% the game never ends / only with the dlc only buy it now and you'll be a god

  • ARetordedLlama

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH LEVEL 100 SMITHING HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW plus 1 sub and like thanks <3

  • Ryan Reta

    I've been playing this game for years and I can't believe only recently I'm finding out about this trick

  • Build- A-Bear

    does this work with gold? 😂

  • Tony Davis

    This just saved me so much time

  • Ulmeka Darkrose

    here for those of you that still play on ps3 like me yes it works on ps3 just for some odd reason you have to make sure you have dawngaurd installed i dont know why its like that but it just is for me anyway cause this is how i dublicate stuff all the time on my ps3 skyrim legendary edition

  • Jacob Daughtry

    Is the flame look on your armor a mod and if so what is it? :3

  • DorbX

    can you not duplicate chillrend?

  • CrAzY x JaYy

    how u get 2 aethiral items???

  • Berrz Yeet

    Now I'm pissed because I'm on xbox 360 and it doesn't freaking work

  • The Korbi

    It's a bit unnecessarily long, but still a good video :)

  • Ed zak.

    does it work for money???

  • JakobeeHM

    Does this work with older generation consoles? Like the 360 and PS3?

  • Alfie Holland Harrington

    Show this to game society so he can get a ton of skulls


    Tried it 7 times, none worked so i wanted to change spots and forgot my follower, when i returned i found a butload of iron😂

  • xxhipstergaming2 xx

    You dont have to go through a door like wightrun you can just fast travel

  • Epicbear241 YT

    I accidentally did this in solstheim because Freas inventory was full

  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince Of Madness

    I now have 5,283 cheese wheels. Thanks. CHEESE FOR EVERYONE!Ps: Thanks, worked very well!

  • Zosphus

    i stopped watching when he said "it's pretty lit"

  • Hencewurth

    can confirm this works on XBOX without unofficial patch mod since August 13, 2018

  • Murda Milli smakka

    does not work with Vaerminas torpor

  • Patrick

    This is honestly the greatest glitch I have ever come across, thank you my man, I really really really do appreciate this so much.

  • Alex Davidson

    Anyone else that he duplicated a quest item? 🤔

  • Clemenlemon

    I just dropped 289 gold ingots and my game froze X3


    Does it work on nintendo switch?

  • CodeRed Productions

    I duplicated dawn breaker and I have 7 of them

  • SmartSmith

    Doggo in the background barkin'. Little doggo. Small doggo... Lil' Doggo.

  • vLynx_Uprising

    This does work I drop over 500 gold ingots. Then I duplicated them without any problems and I was on last generation

  • GET ME TO 1K

    is it possible to do it with gold?

  • Safi Butrus

    What's the 180 😂😂😭

  • Sunny Rose Marie

    Wow I went from 1 ebony war axe to 27! Wow 1000$+ each in 49minutes


    who else now has 20,000 black briar ale

  • melnicson26309

    cool music at the start!!!

  • Spit Fire

    Tried it 3 times and it didn't work... Is this for xbox 360?

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