Skyrim Top 10 BEST Weapons Locations (Swords Bows Daggers Two Handed One Handed) Special Edition DLC

Skyrim Top 10 BEST Weapons Locations (Swords Bows Daggers Two Handed One Handed) in Special Edition with All DLC!
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All Weapon Locations
- Magic Crossbow Bolts:
- Ebony Blade:
- Bloodskal Blade:
- Blade Of Woe x2:
- Mehrunes Razor:
- Long Hammer:
- Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow:
- Auriels Bow: Completion of the Dawnguard DLC
- Nightingale Bow & Sword – Completion of the Thieves Guild DLC
- Chillrend:

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  • Jasmin James

    2:18 BLOODSKAL BLADE (Greatsword)4:20(bl4z3 i7 m9) EBONY BLADE (Greatsword)6:05 LONGHAMMER (Warhammer)7:47 NIGHTINGALE BOW (Bow)9:07 AURIELS BOW (Bow)11:26 ENCHANTED DWARVEN CROSSBOW (Crossbow)13:11 BLADE OF WOE (Dagger)16:34 NIGHTINGALE BLADE (Sword)18:13 WINDSHEAR (Sword)Better say thank you this was difficultLove you

  • Jon Garza

    this video should be called "Top ten weapons that hit like a truck"

  • Lucas Holtkamp

    Hey person reading this hope u have a good day and remember me if this gets lost in the comments

  • That Weird Guy

    "This means you can literally just stand there in combat with a dragon and it won't be able to do anything against you." (Dragon flies away)

  • WTFChef

    12:42 Worst crossbow pun ever..."The biggest drawback..."

  • Sara Coello

    two handed, 2:23 bows, 7:51, daggers 13:15

  • Kai

    That's where this weapon truly SHINES it does 30 points of SUN damage

  • Phoenix

    Guys cmon guys look at this guys it Hits like a truck guysGUYS

  • Cheesy Username

    Pulling that dramatic intro for number one i thought he wouldve said the fork and/or knife XD

  • Exe Lior

    12:03 that was... quite a dodge, i have to say...

  • Jamel Macon

    How to save 20 minutes1. Look in description2. Read

  • Siiseli /STFU/

    Daedric artifacts... gotta catch em all!

  • Ciarán Pachico

    I play an assassins build with blade of woe in right hand and mehrunes razor in left hand. Daggers are my favourite weapon type just because of how fast they can hit. If u pair a dagger with ancient shrouded gloves u can do x30 damage.

  • Alex Berube

    What about the dwarven black bow of fate? Its great for damage and the enchantment is dope

  • oscar Vintvall

    if you play the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild you will get Blade of Woe, Windshear, Chillrend and Nightingale Blade!

  • Dar'vani

    Making godly weapons, huh?*Makes the fork and knife weapons incredibly powerful, and goes to defeat Alduin*Imma gonna get chuuuu

  • Blasten Cold

    you for got the iron dagger that one is the best

  • paula phillips

    Volendrung should DEFIANTLY be on here

  • CFD Wow

    ESO ...When are you doing that livestream on the dark brotherhood quest line?

  • Breadley

    No one uses the razor for the enchantment they use it for how fast it makes their other weapon swing.

  • D00MTR33

    Too bad that some of these are either glitched or can't be improved (looking at you ebony blade).

  • Doylee Yo

    Vegeta what does the scooter say about the enchantments power level IT'S OVER 9000

  • YourBoyMuzz

    Hi ESO, I'm currently playing an archer character and I was just wondering, are crossbows affected by bow perks?Also I think that Zephyr is a really good early bow because of how easy it is to get and its usefulness. Thnx :)

  • Talha Khan

    "You see those warriors from Hammerfell, they've got curved swords.... Curved swords.."Now I get it why the guards say that

  • SoMe GuY bRo


  • Smo Cloud

    I think I know how to make God weapons. Using alchemy you can make a potion that boosts your enchanting skill. Through enchanting you can enchant a piece of equipment to make alchemy stronger. See where I'm going? I believe it's been nerfed to where you reach a soft cap at some point but i usually just get to where I can cast destruction and conjuration skills for a whopping 0 mana thanks to helmet and gloves+ring and necklace.

  • Eiffel R

    I cheesed Miraak with Windshear, I regret nothing

  • BroGaming03

    If you wear the shrouded gauntlets, assasians blade does 30x instead of just 15x. I can't do a damage out put of 4940. I can basically one shot most things in the game by using two daggers (which do 82 damage each) and sneak attacking with the shrouded gauntlets. It's pretty insane. And it's not even using those alchemy/enchanting/smithing exploits.

  • BlackSparks

    7:00 - 7:12There're 2 voices talking at once

  • AzaSemx

    Which enb are you using at thisvideo if it is PRT which preset

  • Iron Maiden

    What mods are you using in your video?

  • Masuud Akbedbok

    Another brilliant video my friend, you have helped me through so much in my life and I thankyou deeply ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • anoyomous22

    Congratulations on 700k Eso! Hopefully all the growth continues, you deserve it :D

  • Nivek

    What mods are you using for Skyrim SE?

  • Supreme Meme Overlord_36

    I find that with the ebony blade it makes all most impossible to die as long as your in combat

  • Doomsdat

    “Nightingale bow/blade: completion of the thieves guild DLC” *facepalm, Theives guild D.L.C Thieves guild Downloadable Content. That’s not a thing

  • Sun Dagger

    Great vids keep up the good work

  • Infinite Resolve

    im sorry guys i cant help itCUUURVEEEEED SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORDD???

  • Max Snodgrass

    That blood mod is awful

  • Addison Poor

    Bloodskal blade review is just the deleted scene from Star Wars 2

  • Nils Kühn

    Bloodskaal Blade = Moonlight Gratsword

  • Joe Spawldin

    I prefer building my weopons in skyrim lol.

  • schnopsy

    windshear is too overpowered

  • Scandrow -

    Hey ESO, csn you to do a "top 10 enchantments" and especially adress the damage of the enchantment, like health absorption and chaos.

  • Explosive Tree

    Can you please do a top 10 spells

  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    PLEASE press turn ON Notifications so you see my videos in your subscriber feed. Lots of you are telling me they do not appear for you. This is due to a bug going with YouTube.

  • CallMeMichael

    Where are the locations?

  • Lee Mcelhenney

    hey man, bound bow ain't bad for low level players

  • Grand Hero22

    Can you redo your skyrim 1-100 level magic ESO please

  • John Keaney III

    Hey ESO congrats on hitting 700k! I've been a rly big fan and your channel has exploded recently!

  • jaden577

    Sees bloodskal blade in action, immediately thinks GETSUGA TENSHO!!*

  • ChillinDylan 02

    Dwemer enemies have a resistance to absorb health.

  • Stepho gang!

    Tbh my fav weapon it the fireball staff🔥

  • HornyHamster

    Nice how you added oblivion music :D nostalgic

  • Joe Alexander

    The only...... DRAWBACK to the crossbow.Get it? To reload a crossbow you have draw it back.I'll just be leaving now. 😕

  • papaspaulding

    Can we all just have a moment of silence for that rabbit who took a crossbow bolt to the arsehole for the purposes of this video. RIP

  • King Blazic

    Bloodskal blade is my favorite 2 handed weapon because of that awesome enchantment

  • Dark Reaper

    Great video ESO keep up it upAlso when will you stream again

  • Paweł Michalczewski

    ok, you just showed me that I already have most of best weapons in game xD

  • Markus Wiedner

    Elemental Fury increases your attack speed by 1.7x not 2.0x

  • David Maloy

    Guys! Tell ESO to stop saying GUYS all the time! All right guys, ok?

  • Logan Alcazar

    I found a cheat to take no damage and still do damage. If you use the ifnfanate shout glitch with become ethiral and the bloodskal blade you can finish skyrim without taking damage

  • Magnetic Trolling999

    Sry to tell you this but your wrong. Vorpal talon sword is fast and dose 112 damage no power attack you can 1 shot dragons with it.

  • Jacob Sutherlin

    18:50"You could literally stand there in combat with a dragon, and it won't be able to do anything against you"*Dragon breaths 1000 degree Fire into his face

  • animewizard1988

    "The guide to get all these weapons is in the description"ESO you forgot Windshear's guide

  • guy Overthere

    How is the longhammer better than the ebony blade if the ebony blade hits faster than the longhammer even with its enchantment and even with the ebony blade's enchantment at least potential it still does 21 points of damage, and plus you absorb 10 health each hit, and you could use elemental fury with it too

  • Oli Shoreland

    'I find the only drawback of the crossbow' 😂

  • The Yhethy

    Hi ESO, I'm a new skyrim player and you've helped me a LOT, and I wanted to say thank you and keep it up

  • Muhummad Smith

    Could you please do more Skyrim Lost/Hidden Legends/Location videos. Those are my favourites and the reason I got into the channel.

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