RISEN 3 "Titan Lords" Trailer

An impressive fight scene of RISEN 3 "Titan Lords" !
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Bereft of his soul, a young warrior seeks for salvation and has to fight the soaring darkness. Even worse: In the whole world, skull caves rise from the grounds and spill creatures of the shadow on the earth. To win back his soul, our hero must fight the darkest threat of the Risen saga.

RISEN 3 'Titan Lords' Trailer
Release Date : 08.12.2014 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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  • Pac i-fier

    why isn't there a game with graphics like these? all the trailers with this stunning graphics and the game actually look shit in comparison


    Deep Silver, please make something worthy!

  • Jarkenod

    I hope it wont be shit like the second game and maybe there will be some Gothic 1,2 similarities. Oh piranha bytes, please!

  • Miguel Modestin

    J'aime bien le jeu fantastique et aventure pour risen 3 sur la PS3.

  • Christian McCaughey

    I'm getting an incredible Dark Souls vibe from this I'm not gonna judge it until I see the gameplay, but it's just what I'm getting from the cinematic

  • Watermelon Animaiton

    Great!Shared on facebook.com/WatermelonAnimation

  • animatethedead

    hope that the game will bring back combat from risen 1 not that abomination of hits from risen 2

  • Anthony Pitts

    I have no idea what's going on or why and that summarizes my experience with Risen 2 perfectly

  • Nein Werdichnicht

    i absolutely loved risen and risen 2. <3

  • iGottaReactToThat

    once i saw deep silver i keep watching

  • MC_Pablo

    and then i took an arrow in the knee

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