5 BRAND NEW Console Mods 80 - Skyrim Special Edition (XBOX/PS4/PC)

Today we have 5 awesome, amazing and cool console mods for skyrim special edition on PS4 & Xbox One. Let me know what your favourite mod showcase was!

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Arcwind Point "Find the Word of Power" - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3411038
Demon's Path - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3411640
Ethereal Weapons - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3409798

Arcwind Point "Find the Word of Power" - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3411589
Ethereal Weapons - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3409774
Eimar's Edge - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3409615
Whispering Waters - https://mods.bethesda.net/#en/workshop/skyrim/mod-detail/3412621

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  • cardinal Gucci Gucci

    LunarGaming is actually a super fun dude to watch. He gives us console blokes a home to go to.

  • Tony Hamilton

    Is there any other clothes mods for Female playable characters like heels and nylons.


    i find that using a mod house would be a risk as it might become corrupted and needs deleted in which you would lose all the stuff your storing there such as weapons and armor

  • Raymondo Swable

    Inigo is one of the best mod

  • The Marine708

    Is there any way to contact a modder to request a custom home?

  • ded Fegit

    if you read the journal In the master bedroom of Whispering waters while high you will cry. sad shit man.. gives me the chills and makes me not even want to live in the house

  • Grandad Suave

    Xbox: The Populated mods, better city entrances, notice board, Sofia/indigo, dolmen ruins, oblivion gates in cities and people of skyrim, more bandit camps.

  • Joel Boyd

    For best mods on xbox: Any and all of Eli's houses. Particularly the Whiterun and Riverwood houses

  • The Cross Platformers

    Dear LunarGaming fans, I recently opened a community on PlayStation 4 called, Arrow To The Knee Foundation. I'm currently looking for new people to join who are interested in Skyrim. If you would like to join, the freedom is yours. When you join our community you can share pictures of hilarious moments, having conversations with others, and share you're stream time.

  • Hansel 62

    Pls what is your camera mod??😍

  • Brandon Elms

    there is three bed rooms their a stair case that go even more down to two more beds

  • blaablaa blaa

    I love the vids they always are interesting

  • Jason Coker

    thanks again for keeping the vids going! I watch these everyday

  • Ching Chong

    The new fucking bird mods made yellow arrows appear all over skyrim man wtf

  • IzDa KillerBee

    there is a MOD called surreal lighting and it makes going outside way better and looks a lot nicer.

  • Irish Outlaw

    Love Skybirds has everyone an idea how to remove these yellow Arrow Markers?

  • The Doofus Called Jeremy Gerbil

    Also 1 point of improvement. Try and cut out the parts where you restart your sentence

  • Aidan Larson

    anyone else seeing the ad the blade queen next to the video

  • Jamie Cudine

    yash2 should feature for ps4

  • Vauol L

    Already know this is gonna be a great vid as always lunar

  • Sean Williams

    I like the detail. Also for the upcoming top 10 series you should do top 10 city/town overhauls

  • Jacob Metz

    lunar if you reply ill give you a kiss

  • wheelyjon

    mentioning the number of beds and type of beds for the Home really useful please continue that ta

  • Jo Bites

    some of the weapons and armor mods for xbox they could put on ps4 it'll be able to handle it lookin at the mbs

  • Steve McD

    leanwolfs. Better Shaped Weapons. It changes vanilla swords to look more realistic.

  • H walker

    I like thunderwolfs armours for the xbox. Really well done and look great too.

  • Teddy Martin

    You should do a modded let's play

  • Wyatt Dubcak

    Wheels of lull Xbox one

  • Bloody Persistent

    Mods HAVE been really slow the last few days. Although a few good ones have come out in that time. The birds mods look interesting and I look forward to using those.

  • DobieMeltfire

    Isn't the Arcwind Point bug fix is part of USSEP?1:54 OH GOD! LOL! Sorry, but the face bug glitches in your videos just keep getting worst and worst!

  • The Doofus Called Jeremy Gerbil

    For Xbox 1 Moonlight tales

  • Aiden Weedy ftw

    This makes me sad because my mods haven't been working for my Xbox for two weeks and I've been putting everything in correctly but it keeps saying the same thing " unable to connect to the Bethesda .net servers

  • James C. Brooks

    Silverstead - A Buildable Dwemer Estate (Xbox One) and [XB1] Beginner's Shack in Riverwood (any of TheRealElianora Homes) are amazing. I have both the PS4 and Xbox One S (had to get an Xbox to enjoy the game)

  • Kinalor

    This may sound like an odd one, but I have to vote for bandoliers as the increase in carry weight is a must for me, but I love the way this mod does it in a unique and immersive (and graphically cool) way without just adding a ring with 10000 carry weight

  • Irish Outlaw

    Best Grafic Mods for the voting (i hope you all agree) Skyland, Realistic Water 2, Climates of Tamriel, Wet and Cold, and SMIM

  • Irish Outlaw

    dont forget Skybirds and and beautiful misstress complete on Xbox one both are really well done and make the game much bether as it already is

  • ReceThe Crazy

    What is the police box from

  • The Gaming Snake

    Is there any mod to Xbox that takes away fast travel and waypoint were to go ? So it's more like in Morrowind ?

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