Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #1

Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #1

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Mods in today's video below!

Princess Riverwood Cottage
Lampposts of Skyrim
Rich Merchants of Skryim
Hearthfire Building Materials
Dovahkiin Keep

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  • conspiracies are just great stories

    kinda lame you completely copied scumps outrow. for those who don't know scump, he is a professional cod player and has a YouTube channel in the millions. listen to his outrow then this one and tell me what u think. it's such a wierd outrow there's no way this guy "made it up_. sorry dude, don't wanna be a dick...still love the vids and will stay a sub

  • Jamie Flynn

    I feel so bad for Ps4 players. Sony fucked them over on the mods. Some mids may find use on ps4 but Sony really fucked you guys over on not being able to use mods that require external assets and also only 1gb of mod space. Hope they stop being bitches and let the players do what they want

  • Suppermangaming

    I'm a PS4 player and most of the mods are just overpowered weapons and armor

  • JackDeMan

    I have finished all the dlcs became a werewolf, fought for the brotherhood, fought in war with the imperials, built a house got married, adopted children, have daedric armour, sword that does 100 damage have all the daedric artifacts and joined the thieves guiled and I have not even finished the 5th main story mission

  • XtremelyFlatFish

    I really hate how Sony has done this I don't even blame Bethesda they arnt to blame but Sony god why the fuck is it so bad to have real mods! I was really disappointed but at least we get some cool mods may not be the best but at least we get them. So I thank Bethesda for trying but it's such a disappointment I want to get new weapons mods campfires getting cold so you need jackets and all backpacks even eating and drinking can't we even has those fucking mods. I hope Sony gets a cucumber up their ass and maybe it'll make them realise that gamers having feelings too.

  • Nuke Boy

    Not a bad start to PS4 mods, not bad at all.

  • The Marauder

    Sony really fucked you guys over.

  • Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011

    Its 2016 and there's still people fighting this stupid console war? "Lulz XBOX is better""Fuck off PS4 rulzzz""Fuck u console peasants"Why the fuck can't you understand that you can enjoy all of them if you want (and you have the money) You're not paid by Valve/Sony/Microsft to hate on other consoles. Grow up.

  • Niroon 64

    A video dedicated to PS4 mod, well played sir you have my Subscription.

  • jonmangaming

    everybody sign this petition so that mods on PS4 can get external assets. It only needs 100 more people to sign it the link is

  • Hayden Padgett

    I'm surprised that the mod that adds 350 spells was left out. It's one of my favorites so far

  • MrLinkDeity

    Sony needs to get their dicks out of their asses and step up. I've played Skyrim on PS4 and it's the worst modding experience ever.

  • Brandon Johns

    There's so many cunts in this comment section, if you have nothing positive to say about the PS4 or the PS4 mods, don't click on the video, at least the PS4 got the mods in the end. And they do add things into the game, just because there's nothing custom, doesn't mean the PS4 is shit, play for the game ffs

  • legit pro genji

    these are not mods, this is just trash (im a ps4 user)

  • CamSK

    Thanks for this video and not leaving us ps4 users out :D

  • Twitchy Titchy

    I hate seeing mxr's clickbait in the recommended section. Fuck outta here with yo perv shit. I have pornhub

  • AssassinNMPS

    So people are complaining about how they think ps4 mods are bad and Sony hates fun and all that. Let me explain something. Sony is very protective of their properties due to the fact that they have been targeted by hackers in the past, and Sony wants to guard against it happening in the future. Yes it sucks that we don't get the best mods, but personally I would rather have slightly worse mods than taking the risk of getting doxed. And in the future when Sony gets more comfortable, they will probably let us have the better mods. Just please learn to be a bit patient.

  • peter parker

    Remember that Fallout 4 mods were supposed to be released on October 28thMe neither...

  • Danthegamer21

    yay lampposts...............

  • Inchilhota

    I know this comment won't really help you PS4 players because you most likely have purchased it already but take this from a PC player who also owns a PS4. The only way you'll get what you want is to fuck with Sony and Bethesdas wallet. Im going to pull some BS outta my ass but a pretty good reason as to why they even gave you these mod was probably because both of these money hoarders realized that nobody was going to buy this game without them what I'm trying to say with all this is DONT give them your money and then and only then will they listen

  • JRs Gaming

    weird how the footage is taken from a pc or xbox starlord lol.. are theres any cheat mods? like instant lvl 100?

  • thousandcanine

    dont buy skyrim on ps4, make your discontent be known. as consumers we have the control

  • Jin-

    Nice click bait thumbnail and then proceeds to show crap mods

  • Jouseph Sierra

    Im rare, im like the only person that wants skyrim on ps4 to have fun and get the trophies and idc bout mods

  • Juuj

    Dude you just named like all the mods currently available

  • Sete DiSangue

    Fucking Sony. Tempted to get an XBOX just for the mods.

  • Roxas theNobody

    trash. coming from a ps4 player.just trash.

  • thepurpledarkrai

    shame you guys don't get skyui when it's updated lmao

  • Ricky Roma

    how to you access Heartfire and the other add ons?? i click on them in the Ps4 main menu and nothing happens.

  • Greg Davies

    Anybody else get the NPC teleportation glitch yet in special edition? If you haven't yet you will I can almost guarantee that, regardless of whether you're playing with mods or not, this is a mistake made by Bethesda.FYI: Its essentially game breaking as quest essential npcs literally disappear into the sky or into a mountain etc. As soon as you notice a map marker for an NPC randomly appearing on strange parts of the map thats your game fucked as people will gradually start to disappear!!! Bethesda managed to break Skyrim even more than they did on the PS3!!!!! Who'd have thought it was possible!!!!

  • Deigo Bonnet

    Thank you so much PS4 gets no love

  • BreakingDead

    Have fun with your lamp posts PS4 players

  • edward hickey

    only major merchants in huge cities should have that much, plus slow down how often they replenish their funds. Be better if it came with settings to do how you want to play with the economy

  • FullerAbyss

    >PS4>modsI've got some bad news for you buddy.

  • Aku Soku Zan

    any body replacer cbbe?

  • Evangelos Paps.

    I love to have my own home :D

  • Kobe Vizcano

    is there even mods for ps4? i heard there wasn't.

  • T McDonald

    Sony fucking PS4 players up the arse. Come over to XBOX, we welcome you with open arms. PS4 was ahead of the race but Microsoft slowly climbing back to the top

  • viperstudioshass

    can I have more than 1 mod at the same time? if yes would it slow down the game?to be pacific, im intrested in rich merchants, dovakiin keep and theres a 3rd mod not in this video, it adds 300 and somthing new spells to the game

  • Timon Zeelen

    10 minutes and 1 second? Really starlord? Thaught you'd be better than this.

  • Snoobert

    do you know if the terrible textures mod is going to be available for ps4?

  • Angelo James Mordini

    Someone let me know if I'm just worrying for nothing. I am afraid to download to many mods bc I don't want to mess up the game play in anyway

  • SeaMax

    Is there a mod for ps4 that discovers all map markers?


    how can you download this stuff? from the description?

  • David Holmes

    Just keep spamming Sony's Twitter feed with hate and " Give us real fucking mods!" They'll cave in.

  • 82ndarmy

    this sucks ass there's actually mods and i still can't even fucking log in to

  • Domenico Pagala

    What's the mod in the thumbnail?

  • Nightwalkers 5

    thair two mods I sall that r for xbox one the first one is the rich traders and Dovahkiin home or Castle what ever you call it but those two r for xbox ok not just for PS4

  • septillion2501

    I hope someone adds a photo mode mod to Skyrim SE eventually.

  • BernerCheifs97

    Any mods on PS4 can remove spiders from the game? I have a huge problem with them.

  • Jonathan Tejada

    Why even bother adding kids at this point? Most amazing mods have external assets

  • Green Knight

    Must have ps4 mod? Sell ps4 then build a 600$ pc, done.

  • Robust Titan

    Any chance we'll get a spider replacement mod?

  • K2_SLAYER_

    Do mods disable trophies ? Or any of these mods ?

  • Tj Diggins

    We need the werewolf mods

  • Aiden Llamas

    are these mods also compatible for Xbox one

  • deadnation gaming

    I hope there will be like weapons,armors,and world texture in the future and not more lame building but it's a great start

  • God Of Bowling

    Asian fucks wont let us have mods like the unofficial patch

  • Lucius

    Is it bad if I can notice that the interior for the ivy house came from the inside of the blacksmiths in river wood, of course added onto but that's the same interior. Now sure it may be used multiple times in game but it's the blacksmiths house..

  • Mistah J

    +Heystarlord we really need SKYUI a lot mods use the mcm like the holidays mod u can see dates are set up deco,s are add the custom gear to shops WE NEED SKYUI

  • Caleb McFarling

    Will race mods be ported over to the consoles?

  • Richard Castillo

    That's my favorite the last one love it!!!!!!!!!! Fits my vampire lord gameplay

  • Dick Richardson

    So wait there is mods for ps4 now

  • Patricia Spradlin

    are there going to be anymore through


    wheres fallout 4 mods ps4

  • ImDaBreadnButter 71

    Good video! I post skyrim too :)

  • Übermenschman

    hey starlord, saw you were doing minor mod requests for fallout 4 in a different video. in relation to this video, when ps4 fallout 4 mods come out, can you do a mod that turns more locations within fallout 4 into customizable settlements, or personal houses like in diamond city? there're plenty of places that can be taken over to create great makeshift bases that are being wasted!

  • Alex Ghost

    Hey is there a day walker mod?

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