Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #1

Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #1

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Mods in today's video below!

Princess Riverwood Cottage
Lampposts of Skyrim
Rich Merchants of Skryim
Hearthfire Building Materials
Dovahkiin Keep

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  • Jamie Flynn

    I feel so bad for Ps4 players. Sony fucked them over on the mods. Some mids may find use on ps4 but Sony really fucked you guys over on not being able to use mods that require external assets and also only 1gb of mod space. Hope they stop being bitches and let the players do what they want

  • Rhyolite

    I'm a PS4 player and most of the mods are just overpowered weapons and armor

  • XtremelyFlatFish

    I really hate how Sony has done this I don't even blame Bethesda they arnt to blame but Sony god why the fuck is it so bad to have real mods! I was really disappointed but at least we get some cool mods may not be the best but at least we get them. So I thank Bethesda for trying but it's such a disappointment I want to get new weapons mods campfires getting cold so you need jackets and all backpacks even eating and drinking can't we even has those fucking mods. I hope Sony gets a cucumber up their ass and maybe it'll make them realise that gamers having feelings too.

  • Jin-

    Nice click bait thumbnail and then proceeds to show crap mods

  • Lycanvenom

    Awkward. The thumbnail is literally something you can't even have....

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    That Riverwood cottage will be perfect for my "Never leave Riverwood and live like a peasant" playthrough.

  • Jonman7502

    everybody sign this petition so that mods on PS4 can get external assets. It only needs 100 more people to sign it the link is

  • Nuke Boy

    Not a bad start to PS4 mods, not bad at all.

  • KingNMPS

    So people are complaining about how they think ps4 mods are bad and Sony hates fun and all that. Let me explain something. Sony is very protective of their properties due to the fact that they have been targeted by hackers in the past, and Sony wants to guard against it happening in the future. Yes it sucks that we don't get the best mods, but personally I would rather have slightly worse mods than taking the risk of getting doxed. And in the future when Sony gets more comfortable, they will probably let us have the better mods. Just please learn to be a bit patient.

  • Hayden Padgett

    I'm surprised that the mod that adds 350 spells was left out. It's one of my favorites so far

  • legit pro genji

    these are not mods, this is just trash (im a ps4 user)

  • Niroon 64

    A video dedicated to PS4 mod, well played sir you have my Subscription.

  • Deigo Bonnet

    Thank you so much PS4 gets no love

  • Reavean Blood rian

    I came here expecting nothing and I'm still disopointed.....

  • PervySage

    Lamposts are a "MUST HAVE MOD"??

  • Doni Bathuu

    Classic clickbait thumbnail , gotta get dem views!

  • BreakingDead

    Have fun with your lamp posts PS4 players

  • FullerAbyss

    >PS4>modsI've got some bad news for you buddy.

  • King Fancy

    do you think they'll ever just let us have full on mods on PS4 Skyrim?

  • Juuj

    Dude you just named like all the mods currently available

  • raleigh

    i'm just watching for a laugh

  • JRs Gaming

    weird how the footage is taken from a pc or xbox starlord lol.. are theres any cheat mods? like instant lvl 100?

  • Jouseph Sierra

    Im rare, im like the only person that wants skyrim on ps4 to have fun and get the trophies and idc bout mods

  • Green Knight

    Must have ps4 mod? Sell ps4 then build a 600$ pc, done.

  • Jonathan Tejada

    Why even bother adding kids at this point? Most amazing mods have external assets

  • Dommy Depp

    What's the mod in the thumbnail?

  • Gabe gerdes

    The first mod doesn't go good together with the one with more tree. The trees are stuck in the house it's hard to get in the house

  • IDk

    Would you do this for ps4 mods for fallout 4 when they come out?

  • Jesse Jordan

    everbody don't buy a ps4 pro until sony changes their ways about handling mods.

  • Greg Davies

    Anybody else get the NPC teleportation glitch yet in special edition? If you haven't yet you will I can almost guarantee that, regardless of whether you're playing with mods or not, this is a mistake made by Bethesda.FYI: Its essentially game breaking as quest essential npcs literally disappear into the sky or into a mountain etc. As soon as you notice a map marker for an NPC randomly appearing on strange parts of the map thats your game fucked as people will gradually start to disappear!!! Bethesda managed to break Skyrim even more than they did on the PS3!!!!! Who'd have thought it was possible!!!!

  • Kevin Markham

    Thanks for this Starlord. Wasn't sure how much coverage ps4 mods would get. Mainly I don't want to download a mod that has a lot of glitches and bugs in it. So if you could tell us about any issues with any mods that would be nice

  • Nicholas Ramos

    He try's to make PS4 mods seem good but he uses a bunch of simple mods 10/10 on effort but stop wasting your time

  • Lance O'Enchiantie

    These mods suck...sorry to the creators who wasted their time with these cheat codes.ugh. f*** you Sony.

  • Wyler Styler

    You know every time that someone makes a vid on anything to do with PS4 a bunch of butt hurt 12 year old squeakers get all triggered and it always ends with a fight between someone without reason and someone who just wants some mods. like xbox players watch Xbox vids PlayStation players watch playstation vids it's as easy as that and pc players do what ever the fuck you want

  • Aiden Llamas

    are these mods also compatible for Xbox one

  • Donald Trump

    Hello StarLord my sexy ginger prince 😘😘

  • NoahV

    yeah but ps4 doesn't get custom good mods

  • MOTO Vespha

    Will you do Xbox one mods also?

  • Train Driver

    Does it come with the DLCs or do you still have to pay for them

  • amethystwyvern

    This will be a short series. I have skyrim se on ps4 and I'm having fun with it but mods are pretty bad.

  • Hardy4ever3

    What's with the thumbnail? PS4 can't get anything like that right now.

  • Aciddripping

    Idc how shit the mods are I'm playing this and these mods are cool, I don't need over done stuff. Thanks for the vids subbed and liked.

  • The Great And Powerful Trixie

    So basically nothing good, right? Okay...

  • darrellmonks

    You sound like an Irish person putting on a fake accent.

  • Ray & Yoshi

    I have over 60 mods activated and my game flows great I have like 5% more lag I wish there were even more mods.

  • Lewis Crabb

    Why does this guy do click bait

  • Robust Titan

    Any chance we'll get a spider replacement mod?

  • Ali Hassan

    Makes a ps4 mod video plays on xbox 1

  • Rowdy CM Barrera

    You sound like Farengar from Dragonsreach.

  • Beast Gengar


  • Asdfkill101

    (im a xbox player) im sorry for the ps4 players because they just have a tiny amount of space for mods #sony'sanasshole

  • SmashNate

    yay ps4 mods! suck it xbox

  • xXtonywiseXx

    thank you for your video

  • Ocean Biggs

    I would've liked to see these mods actually working on a ps4.....

  • Steamy Dreams

    I bought Skyrim SE just for the lamp post mod.

  • James Hobson

    too bad there will be no good mods for ps4

  • Litoh Díaz

    bro, sony crippled modding for no reason, fuck them

  • Adam Jensen

    While I appreciate the effort, nothing will ever convince me to by any "modable" game for Sony ever again

  • Hui Lasy

    I never played the dlc or had mod support when I played this years ago on my ps3 I guess buying it was worth it I have more to do and I only did the story anyways I didn't do any sidequests

  • HuxM

    Please stop clickbaiting

  • Thomas Kiernan

    id love a dense forest mod

  • Astro Bleach

    Oh great mediocre house mods modding on ps4 is gonna be fun asf

  • Ayrton Sy

    Wait so PS4 mods are out already?

  • SeaMax

    Is there a mod for ps4 that discovers all map markers?

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