Skyrim - Top 5 Most Annoying Quests

Yeahhh, I'm gonna need you to collect some blood, thanks.. Here, I list my Top 5 Most Annoying Quests in Skyrim. Depending on you, they may even be some of the hardest. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories, or your own fan theory.

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are outstanding. They make creating new character builds, or finding rare encounters, or even bothering more annoying npcs a lot more fun. It even seems like the best is yet to come.

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  • Chidz Hustle

    “I can hardly miss Lydia in a wide open cave” honestly 😂😂😂

  • Kate Bonds

    The best quest is when someone asks you for an item and you already have it

  • Hailey Miller

    *finds meridia’s beacon in a chest**immediately closes it*

  • Roguee

    I remember going through Blackreach and retrieving the Elder Scroll, then forgetting to pick up the Lexicon for Septimus, so having to go back through it again just to pick up the Lexicon

  • Genz

    You know that quest where you have to collect some pages in the Soul Cairn? I hate that quest!

  • Casey Eden

    I used to collect Crimson Nirnroot, then I stabbed an arrow in my own knee

  • Autumn Foxx

    I know this is a fan favorite but man I hate the levels where you go to the realm where miraak is hiding out, creepy ass creatures in an even creepier realm. Not to mention if you take a break from doing that quest good ol miraak decides he wants to take your Dragon souls when he feels like it. Seriously it annoys me so much

  • Hi I Exist

    I honestly don’t mind the forgotten vale because the sights are some of the most aesthetically pleasing, there are Some uniques bosses like those 2 dragons and the ice giants, and I was amazed when I first saw the snow elves.However I’m not a fan of:Black reachDwemer ruins,Falmer caves,Bleak falls barrow (cuz I have so many playthroughs and builds)

  • Globex Beauty Solutions

    I hate the bleak falls barrow quest, honestly it gets so annoying just doing it over and over again.

  • mermy gillis

    I accidentally ate at least 15 of my crimson nirnroots and it made me want to punch myself in the bloody throat

  • MuffledCornet

    For the crimson nirnrootGrow it in a garden if you have a house with one

  • Texas Randy

    I think any quest including dwemer ruins are the worst

  • warptens

    The vale was actually the best area in Skyrim for me. A serene ambiance with breathtaking views, new strange alchemy ingredients and animals, this frozen lake with a Wall and with 2 dragons bursting throught the ice, if you dive in the lake there's a chest, there are the ice giants, the 5 paragons to collect, then you can activate portals portals with the paragons, there is auriel's shield, there are the 4 falmer tomes... and I'm sure I haven't found everything yet.

  • Drizzt Do'urden

    Bleak falls barrow. Hate it. Restarting playthroughs because I want to change mods (I was the new to the modding community, I wanted them all) I ended up doing that dungeon about 10 times before settling into a playthrough.

  • DoctorWortspieler

    I actually love the archery lesson with Angi, as it gives you actual practice in how to aim your bow, not just skill levels that increase your damage output.And as a side note, if you really used the ebony bow, then no wonder you had difficulty; the draw time for the ebony bow is long, so you should use a lower tier bow when doing this.As an alchemist, I proudly raise my hand and declare I make my own potions, because anything I make is far better than anything I can buy in alchemist store. Doubly so when I'm also an enchanter and make my own "Fortify Alchemy" gear.But I definitely agree that the "No Stone Unturned" questline is the most annoying. I picked up one stone in my first playthrough of Skyrim, unwitting of the curse that lay upon it, and I never made that mistake again in other profiles (save for the one where I deliberately sought to actually complete it).

  • Shadow Lark

    Try using clear skies shout next time you're in blackreach. XDBethesda actually made it register as an outdoor location so it clears away the fog.

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    In my time of need, A night to remember, Forsworn conspiracy and Blessings of nature are the worst for me.

  • Granola Bar

    you guys are missing the biggest point in that water jug quest. Theres trolls in different locations that drop spheres. Those spheres are used to open doors that contain amazing loot.

  • black badger

    The quest where you have to prove yourself to join the civil war

  • EM A

    Holy shit, I've actually never completed the quest of the stones of Barenziah but I always assumed the reward must've been amazing. Gosh, this is so disappointing. I know that collecting quests always have terrible rewards but I mean, this was the collector quest of all collector quests!

  • SpyderDoesGaming

    What's touching my leg D:

  • LTC cherno

    The thumbnail pissed me off so here I am.

  • Jen B

    Everything in the Soul Cairn is the worst.... everything.

  • Hillary Black

    Also saving this as a reference to find the rest of those damn gems

  • Tobyn Walker

    Bleak Falls Barrow and Discerning the Transmundane. I roleplay a lot in skyrim with a couple different characters (so I can do different questlines) and thank the Divines for mods and console commabsa because those two quests are necessary to do ANYTHING

  • Justin Jockisch

    I hate the main quest, because it prevents me from role playing properly.. "Oh I made a Morag Tong build, now all I have to do is get the Ebony Blade so he has the traditional 2 handed sword of his favorite Daedric Prince and... what do you mean I have to fight the dragon in Whiterun first?? No, see this character is a 500 year old Dark Elf assassin who is a member of the Morag Tong, he's not supposed to do "favors" for the Jarl and under no circumstances does it make sense for him to be a dragonborn! Ugh"."Okay, new idea.. I made a Khajit noble who has become the new Crusader of the Nine Divines and uses his new found faith to hunt the undead who plague Skyrim and help the Empire reclaim control... What do you mean I have to become dragonborn first?? Why can't the jarl just take my axe and let me finish my civil war storyline?? I don't want this build to be dragonborn either! Son of a bitch! Every time!".I'm not saying it's a terrible story, but most people play TES to role play different characters and builds. I always found the main story to be a burden in that regard. You can't have a true role playing experience like you could in past games, because the game relentlessly tries to pull you into the dragonborn role and everything else seems kind if irrelevant once you discover you're a demigod... Which would be fine if you didn't HAVE to find out that you're the dragonborn in order to complete several quests that aren't even connected to it.. It's hard to role play a simple skooma dealer or Wood Elf hunter who sleeps in a shack lives off the land when the game keeps trying to inform them that they are the children of Akatosh... I'm just not a fan of how forced the main mission is. It murders a lot if the role playing for us old school Elder Scrolls fans.

  • logan kappes

    Just put the crimson nirnroot in the dark brotherhood's torture chamber. The color even matches the dark brotherhood color scheme

  • Matt

    Let’s set the scene: 2:00 AM, parents asleep, my 11 year old self playing Skyrim happily. Sleep-deprived, but happy. I clear out a dragon burial ground easily, destroying the Dov with my impeccable aim (awful) and my powerful sword (also awful). I learn a word of power, I can’t exactly remember what it was, but after that I remember one thing. There’s a chest semi-buried in the dirt. I open it and see 7 pieces of gold, an iron warhammer of sparks (taken) and one other object... It was weird, shaped like a golf ball and called “(Meridia?)’s beacon. I said to myself “huh that’s weird.” I pick it up and BOOMA NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACONI fell out of my chair, and woke my parents up, got my computer taken away for a week.

  • selling dank methaphetamemes

    That awkward moment u realize thats where the elder scroll was that u never grabbed.

  • 3Z14 IS D34d

    Lol actually you aren't bringing Septimus the Elder Scroll, that was for you, you're bringing him the cube he gave you that was transcribed when you finished the puzzle.

  • Allison Bilbey

    I’ll be honest I had a lot of fun playing the Touch the Sky quest cause there were lots of different monsters to fight and tons of loots to find and a huge area to explore. The distance between each well thing did get a little annoying but I had fun playing the quest none the less. Same for blackreach, I think I still had more fun playing Touch the Sky but blackreach is still a really cool area with the glowing jelly fish plant things and all places to explore! Especially the hidden boss :P I thought that was kinda cool too.

  • Zistigy

    The dawnguard one where you gotta sneak through the castle to find that vampire chicks mother, but then you go through the portal and you get a side quest to give this dude his horse’s skull back, but then you get his horse skull and you leave and forget to give it to him... but you hate going there so much you don’t bother to give it to him so you have a random quest sitting in your journal until the end of time

  • Daejynn

    My most annoying quest? I have but one thing to say:A N E W H A N D T O U C H E S T H E B E A C O N !

  • Johny40Se7en

    You sound like a teenager and an grumpy old man mixed together. Everyone's different but I loved all these quests. I haven't got Dawnguard yet but I've wanted it for ages because I'm a Werewolf in the regular Skyrim version and I love that. But you get to see a real Snow Elf? that's awesome. I read the stories about the ancient Snow Elves all turning into Falmer so to find one alive I can't wait to do that quest.I accidentally found that quest with Angi's Bow recently and I loved it, it gave me goosebumps. It was late, I was a bout to get off Skyrim and when I was just exploring, I noticed the only undiscovered thing I've come across in about a year so I lit up. And the bow training, it's not hard and I'm not that good with a bow either so you must be really crap if you think that's hard =PAnd all those quests that encouraged me to go into Blackreach, it's just one more reason to into that place. Whenever I'm in Blackreach, that music Beneath The Ice comes on and with all the glowing mushrooms, the star like ceiling shimmering above and all that wonder, it's so thought provoking and magical, makes me daydream quite a lot. I love hearing that enchanting sound a Nirnroot. So yeah, ta for taking the time for making your video but I really disagree ; )

  • Brandon Sutton

    I'm not going to lie, when you said please be a dark elf please be a dark elf I literally said the same exact thing during this quest and laughed my ass off.

  • Darth Vader

    I bought Skyrim for the Xbox 360 on December 21st, 2011. I didn’t complete “No Stone Unturned” until July 8th 2018. Unbelievable

  • Ahkmid the Emoji Turban Guy

    TO BE FAIR: the quest is called No Stone Unturned.

  • Francisco Rabelo


  • quarkmatt w\ friends

    Black reach was so bad I almost rage quitted and never played again.

  • Sayori Chan

    The quest in the forgotten vale, that one wasn’t so bad. Maybe annoying but you get an extreme amount of gold if you do the right things, it’s annoying after the 7th time, that’s when I got annoyed

  • Awkward Central

    Definitely the septemus oneJuse played skyrim finished dark brotherhood thieves guild ect.But my main quest was bugged so now I am playing it all again and I am not excited for black reachDoes it glitch your game if you just discover the tower of mzrkshortcut?

  • Wait Wat

    i mean with some of these u just sound really lazy/impatient

  • Spider Punk

    ooh a pretty golf ball thing! I am going to sell it+picks it up+A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACONregrets touching it

  • Vlædren

    Okay so it was like 11 at night and I saw Septimus's name on a quest. I read it as "Septimus Signpost"and I've always called him that.

  • Pepita Aarts

    I'm new and I hope you have more videos of skyrim!!! You are funny!


    It's funny because you meet one of the last 2 snow elves, even though the loading screen says there are no more snow elves and the only visual representation of them is a statue

  • Someone You Don't Know

    I saw the thumbnail and thought, "say no more. I feel your pain."

  • Ivy McNeil

    I loved the quest to get Auriel’s bow 😂

  • J C

    A Return To Your Roots was very annoying and had a crappy reward, but I have to admit Blackreach is amazing.

  • ZebletFX :p

    On quest 5 if the quest wasn’t so repititve it would be a good quest

  • Dat guy Harley

    I have an idea. You hate a guy so much that you steal his sword, put a bomb on it, then put it in the elder scrolls container so he has to go through black reach and solve the puzzle to save it

  • Taufiq Othman

    Crimson Nirnroot quest isn't so bad. It give a purpose when exploring Blackreach.

  • Gulle Gamer

    What you said a quest ok. 4 hours later uh i like this cave, and this dungeon. And this cave aaaaand we are in blackreach, god dammit

  • alireza hudson

    i really enjoy your videos❤❤

  • Desm 0708

    I really don't mind Blackreach that much. I actually find it one of the prettiest locations in Skyrim, and one of the most intriguing

  • phatbassanchor

    As an active practicing Skyrim Alchemist I must say that Sinderion's Serendipity is a helpful perk and finding all of Avrusa's nirnroot was free for the taking was nice. However, I must agree that crawling around Blackreach looking for the 'Redgrass' of nirnroot was not only annoying but a HUGE pain in the butt!

  • KayleeDaGamer


  • Nebula

    him: I didn't know people still even made their own potionsme, an alchemist main, kicking my bottles under the rug: y-yeah, me neither??

  • Troopers K

    Angi quest line was easy didn’t bother me at all this was fun I am a archer

  • Cryscorde Ultimasunt

    Somehow by consuming the Crimson Nirnroots, I currently have -3 Nirnroots found. 😂No, I'm not bluffing, this legit happened.Also I agree that Return To Your Roots is terrible. I haven't even attempted to do it.

  • Vernexus

    Least favorite quest. The god damn Thaomoar (Don't know how to spell it.) Embassy. I legit took 3 hours trying to go stealth, and then I decided to put it aside till I got Ebony Armor and then I kicked some (Not even going to try spelling it) ass. Also, you get Fire Salts from Fire Mages. I thought that was pretty obvious. But their worth, like, 15 gold so it's not even worth it.

  • ya boi Brandon

    Unpopular opinion, but the dwarven ruins that make you run through like 5-6 sub-levels always drove me crazy.

  • Lemon Ninja

    A new hand touches the beacon!!!

  • mectic

    4:32 even with mods it’s still painful

  • Thor Boysen

    Most annoying for me in Skyrim: Dwemer ruins with Falmers!!!

  • Alex Crouse

    Flame atronarchs are the easiest way for fire salts

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