Skyrim - Top 5 Most Annoying Quests

Yeahhh, I'm gonna need you to collect some blood, thanks.. Here, I list my Top 5 Most Annoying Quests in Skyrim. Depending on you, they may even be some of the hardest. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories, or your own fan theory.

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are outstanding. They make creating new character builds, or finding rare encounters, or even bothering more annoying npcs a lot more fun. It even seems like the best is yet to come.

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  • Kate Bonds

    The best quest is when someone asks you for an item and you already have it

  • Hailey Miller

    *finds meridia’s beacon in a chest**immediately closes it*

  • Texas Randy

    I think any quest including dwemer ruins are the worst

  • Casey Eden

    I used to collect Crimson Nirnroot, then I stabbed an arrow in my own knee

  • Roguee

    I remember going through Blackreach and retrieving the Elder Scroll, then forgetting to pick up the Lexicon for Septimus, so having to go back through it again just to pick up the Lexicon

  • TORI Barnes

    ooh a pretty golf ball thing! I am going to sell it+picks it up+A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACONregrets touching it

  • Shadow Lark

    Try using clear skies shout next time you're in blackreach. XDBethesda actually made it register as an outdoor location so it clears away the fog.

  • HE MAN

    *opens chest**sees Meridia's beacon**exits game without saving*Me: I'll just defeat the very hard boss again

  • SpyderDoesGaming

    What's touching my leg D:

  • Cait Newbold

    ~ A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACONme: "oh piss😐.. "

  • venessa b

    For the stone quest... The quest marker is called elder scrolls wiki

  • logan kappes

    Just put the crimson nirnroot in the dark brotherhood's torture chamber. The color even matches the dark brotherhood color scheme

  • Ember Knight

    I think it's funny how your character is literally the "Dragonborn", the leader of every single faction- you've assassinated the Emperor, become the Harbinger of the companions, defeated ALDUIN, own a house in every hold (because you've solved the problems in each one) and yet you're seen as a delivery boy who takes things to people because it's not worth their time.... right. Or when a guard asks yo if you fetch the mead for the companions, like...."Do I LOOK LIKE I FETCH THE FUCKING MEAD!!?!?!??" Haha, I love this game! 😂😂😂

  • EM A

    Holy shit, I've actually never completed the quest of the stones of Barenziah but I always assumed the reward must've been amazing. Gosh, this is so disappointing. I know that collecting quests always have terrible rewards but I mean, this was the collector quest of all collector quests!

  • Rui Synx

    I currently have a Crimson Nirnroot counter of -1/30I don’t even know anymore

  • Vlædren

    Okay so it was like 11 at night and I saw Septimus's name on a quest. I read it as "Septimus Signpost"and I've always called him that.

  • You Must Be Bored.

    5. Crimson nirnroot4. Crimson nirnroot3. Crimson nirnroot 2. Crimson nirnroot1. Crimson nirnroot And the honourable mention goes to crimson nirnroot.

  • Daejynn

    My most annoying quest? I have but one thing to say:A N E W H A N D T O U C H E S T H E B E A C O N !

  • J C

    A Return To Your Roots was very annoying and had a crappy reward, but I have to admit Blackreach is amazing.

  • Kaylan Warren

    Your forgetting return the skeleton key.

  • Drizzt Do'urden

    Bleak falls barrow. Hate it. Restarting playthroughs because I want to change mods (I was the new to the modding community, I wanted them all) I ended up doing that dungeon about 10 times before settling into a playthrough.

  • Cubix YT

    I'm with you on the fire salts WTF? But my least favorite quest is to get all of the ingredients for that girl in Riften

  • Darth Vader

    I bought Skyrim for the Xbox 360 on December 21st, 2011. I didn’t complete “No Stone Unturned” until July 8th 2018. Unbelievable

  • Aquxur Jade

    My least favorite quest the killing parthenax quest. I could never bring myself to it.I'd sooner spit on the grave of my dead fish than kill parthunax. (Yes, I barried my fish lmao)Also my favorite quest is the undercover thalmor one in the main storyline


    I got the elder scroll and forgot the lexicon. And had to go through the entire ruins again to get it

  • selling dank methaphetamemes

    That awkward moment u realize thats where the elder scroll was that u never grabbed.

  • Francisco Rabelo


  • LTC cherno

    The thumbnail pissed me off so here I am.

  • Granola Bar

    you guys are missing the biggest point in that water jug quest. Theres trolls in different locations that drop spheres. Those spheres are used to open doors that contain amazing loot.

  • mmarcian

    5:40 apaerantly I have collected -1 of them thanks game, you just made the most annoying quest more annoying

  • Boldy Brashy

    I remember when I first started playing I thought the Dwemer ruins were really cool.After doing like 3 of them I started to lose my mind, thats when I started stealing everyone's sweet rolls

  • Jen B

    Everything in the Soul Cairn is the worst.... everything.

  • TheKangaskid

    The first quest I finished (after the Unbound quest) was the Angi quest, and I thought it was easy. Huh. So this is what it feels like to not be completely full of self-disappointment

  • 3Z14 IS D34d

    Lol actually you aren't bringing Septimus the Elder Scroll, that was for you, you're bringing him the cube he gave you that was transcribed when you finished the puzzle.

  • Thor Boysen

    Most annoying for me in Skyrim: Dwemer ruins with Falmers!!!

  • Yeah No

    I remember adventuring through blackreach, seeing all the beautiful colors and unique design and just thinking...I H A T E T H E F U C K I N G F A L M E R

  • Genz

    You know that quest where you have to collect some pages in the Soul Cairn? I hate that quest!

  • Plazma Star

    I was just in blackreach, looking for centurian gymano cores for daedric armour 🙄

  • Kitsune Robyn

    I agree, the most annoying quests are No Stone Unturned or Back to your Roots, but my least fav has to be the Blades quest Paathurnax

  • LeiaisCute

    I think the hardest quest is unbound

  • J'zargo

    No stone unturned:Me: Yes! I found one, just 22 more to go. Five days later, YES!!!! oh wait, that's the Rong one

  • Matt

    Let’s set the scene: 2:00 AM, parents asleep, my 11 year old self playing Skyrim happily. Sleep-deprived, but happy. I clear out a dragon burial ground easily, destroying the Dov with my impeccable aim (awful) and my powerful sword (also awful). I learn a word of power, I can’t exactly remember what it was, but after that I remember one thing. There’s a chest semi-buried in the dirt. I open it and see 7 pieces of gold, an iron warhammer of sparks (taken) and one other object... It was weird, shaped like a golf ball and called “(Meridia?)’s beacon. I said to myself “huh that’s weird.” I pick it up and BOOMA NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACONI fell out of my chair, and woke my parents up, got my computer taken away for a week.

  • Miscellaneous Mind

    Man I totally agree with everything this dude has said. Been along time.

  • General Lee

    To be truthful the game overheats your device before you can get there...

  • willow kaukanon

    my least favorite quest is the one when you go to the gray beards for the first time

  • alireza hudson

    i really enjoy your videos❤❤

  • Globex Beauty Solutions

    I hate the bleak falls barrow quest, honestly it gets so annoying just doing it over and over again.

  • Quote

    i dont mean to flex but i didnt find the archery practice that hardmaybe because of the joy con motion controls? it's probably harder with just a joystick

  • Patricia lalor

    Wasn't graenolf British? Just me? Okay..

  • Sweet Lemon

    A settlement is in need of help I'll mark your map

  • Kazaramaya

    I hate Gauldur quest. 3 enemies show up, you try to attack 'em, they shout you, you wait 5 sec to get up, they are goneand so on

  • FloridaBlaze

    Unpopular opinion, but the dwarven ruins that make you run through like 5-6 sub-levels always drove me crazy.

  • Awkward Central

    Definitely the septemus oneJuse played skyrim finished dark brotherhood thieves guild ect.But my main quest was bugged so now I am playing it all again and I am not excited for black reachDoes it glitch your game if you just discover the tower of mzrkshortcut?

  • wath about widowmaker

    Duengons with draugrs or falmmers are the most annoying

  • Versatile Die Caster

    Fun fact: Sinderion is also the name of the Nirnroot and Elixir of Exploration guy from oblivion.

  • Chantal Paye

    You can get fire salts from those living wood things. Or just find them in caves.


    Collage of winter hold the place were you make dedric armor there is lots of it

  • thisnightsrevels

    I got all the fíre salts and married the smith. Just go to every alchemist you find and eventually you get ten

  • PaWeloWi GAMING

    In my time of need, A night to remember, Forsworn conspiracy and Blessings of nature are the worst for me.

  • Luubelaar

    "Hey if you're ever looking to practise your archery skills, I'd love to be condescending and make you feel bad about yourself..." LMAO!!!


    It's funny because you meet one of the last 2 snow elves, even though the loading screen says there are no more snow elves and the only visual representation of them is a statue

  • Joanne Hale


  • Nathaniel Christman

    I actually have grown to appreciate blackreach.

  • Naris_The_Zabrak

    "Inpatients of a Saint" in the Soul Cairn. At first, I was happy to see Jiub again...then I wasn't.Good on him killing off all the Cliff Racers, though. Hate those things.

  • victor bruun

    oh i spent my entire life searching for 30 nirnroots.... my life was cut short by the delete button. Later i did do it tho. Alchemy tho is a enormous money maker. Just insane with most of the perks for alchemy... just never the pure potion part. And you get weird shit healling potions that also ravage mana or paralyze or whatever. Those are somehow even more insanely overpriced. 4k isnt uncommon. Gotta love mixing blue flowers with wheat, two common as dirt components and then something anything that mixes with either wheat of blue flowers. And you can empty every single potion store of components and mix them randomly, just sell one of those blue flower and wheat.. umm...flowery wheatmeals... to the shop back. Damn those shopkeepers must be incompetent if they have never heard of that wondercure.

  • Alma S

    Personally, I hated the quest that Ingun Black-Briar gives where you have to get 20 ninroots, 20 deathbells, and 20 nightshade

  • Ivy McNeil

    I loved the quest to get Auriel’s bow 😂

  • _Isaac _

    Question for you all: Dawnguard or Vampire Clan what faction do you choose

  • Ngamoana-grace O'Brien-Fitzgerald

    Please do a video with the cottages in skyrim🙏🙏🙏

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