Beyond Skyrim: Bruma Walkthrough Part 1 - (Waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6)

Beyond Skyrim: Bruma Walkthrough Part 1 - (Waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6).
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Video Starts at 1:20I will be going back to finish the Oblivion Let's play at a later date. For now I'm trying to live stream Beyond Skyrim every week day at 10am GMT!

  • Shirley Curry

    This has been a great and very entertaining job of covering this mod so far! Can't wait for more. I so love listening to you; you are a funny guy!! :) I will be eagerly waiting for it to reach SSE! Less bugs, I hope.

  • Sanguine Dream

    I've invented a drinking game. Everytime ESO says "Get Wrecked." Take a shot.

  • First name Last name

    Eso: look! That's the imperial tower.Lydia: one man's trash is another's treasure.

  • AJ Universe

    It's pretty neat that this mod even has gameplay options for any filthy rebels who decide to play it.

  • John Finn

    Bethesda should hire these people to make Elder Scrolls 6 while they're busy doing... whatever it is they do these days.

  • irsyadit

    dont mind me...just a ps4 player passing trough here....

  • KEEM

    The Dialogue is actually much better than in the original skyrim

  • Jed Hayward

    "I made a new character" level 26...

  • Warfire

    I'm gonna kill myself.I'm on PS4.

  • SMaake

    Bruma Thats Were Men Are Women.

  • ShockDoctrin

    Me I would have jacked up the Nord prisoners with daedric gear then released them.

  • Rasmus Kainulainen

    Awesome stream Geep on goingThat mod is amazing! Voice acting is good, there is so much more opinions in dialogs and it looks amazing!Btw That nord is the best nord ever

  • Dcypherman plays

    I agree the Voice acting is pretty good in here 😱

  • ForeverLost

    breaks out prisoner I'm free!Me: Do you want the jailer to hear you???!!!

  • ShyGuy

    i loved the elder scrolls new vegas

  • Logan Johnson

    The people in Skyrim thought Lurbuk was the worst bard, wait until they listen to Renod Even-Toned.

  • Richie Petruzzo

    I much happier with watching you do this stream because when I watched MXR do a let's play on it, it was terrible, he knew nothing about the lore and stories and he just wanted to see Skyrim titties the whole time, glad I can watch an educated person play this mod :))

  • Highwind

    "Hey that's the imperial tower just right there!" Lydia: "One mans trash is another mans treasure." 🤣

  • Tanner Henry

    Anyone else find lockpicking quite easy even with master locks?

  • Gamer's International Agency (G.I.A)

    Wanna hear a joke?Aldmeri Dominion...

  • Joe Manning

    You bugged out the prison quest by waiting after you blew the horn. Everyone was dead when you went outside because the stormcloaks showed up and everyone, stormcloaks, imperials and pentitus oculatus were all killed in the battle. You were supposed to be confronted when you walked out the door by the captain and then be involved in the battle.

  • D4rKw4rr10r

    Um.....Why is there a Mages Guild in Bruma? If you didn't know, Elder Scrolls lore states that the Mages guild disbanded at the beginning of the fourth era, and Skyrim takes place IN the FOURTH era, and your Skyrim character didn't travel back in time to see Oblivion-era it is correct in the fact that the Fighters Guild should still be there, as they never disbanded.

  • Otaku Sempai

    LOL the timing, "really enjoying the music" and then Lydia takes the cue to provide her thane some music "Dum de de dum"

  • leetle boy

    Why did he even free the prisoner to begin with? "Yep. Total stranger that I never met before. Let me just free you for no apparent reason.". SMH.

  • Chloe C

    The stormcloaks and Thalmor are both equally bad, but the Thalmor are more understandable than most people credit them for. I mean imagine a fierce Nazi warrior killed thousands of Allies during WW2 and then was elevated to god status by the victorious German people? That's how the Thalmor feel about Talos. Is their torture and kidnapping of Talos worshippers acceptable? Of course not. But they are not entirely unjust.

  • Horny Hamster

    Imagine coming across the hero of kavatch

  • John Bensinger

    Kvatch would be dope seeing it all built up again after the crisis

  • Sockrates

    "If you have some breaking and entering experience." What? You see a khajiit and you assume he's a thief?! Typical Stormcloak.

  • Jacomo65

    "waiting for the elder scrolls 6*facepalmyea, I can´t wait until 2025, too.. :DDD

  • iLyes Vile Beggar


  • Xander Ordonez

    Bethesda, take notes. This is better scripting/voice acting than the original game. I never realized how insufficient Skyrim's was til playing this mod

  • Isyah Florence-Young

    Beyond Skyrim is a massive multi-team mod project that opens the borders and brings Skyrim’s neighboring provinces to life. No longer will you be turned back at the borders of Skyrim, but you can travel onwards to the lands beyond.

  • Spackle

    The Thalmor are basically the KKK of Tamriel

  • Chloe C

    I can already tell this will be 1 million times better than MxR's cringey playthrough.

  • Clint Casey

    You should have totally done the serpents way to get into Bruma. Its as rather large dungeon with 2 extra wings side dungeons you can do.

  • Santi Bahena

    Bjarni shatter-stone looks like a old ESO 🤣

  • The Minty

    "Bruma"?? That's the next Elder Scrolls game? That's a TERRIBLE name. It sounds like a hungarian model of vacuum cleaner, or russian sprinkles for Christmas cookies. Bruma?? Why I oughta...EDIT: It's a mod? Sorry. I've been up for 20 hours straight.

  • shabal abala

    Ill kill myself they day i see a stormcloak in imperial armour! 22:06 oh, bye then

  • Logan Ross

    I wish they would have made argonians very rare in Skyrim, due to climate. Only in riften or other warmer areas. Seeing lizards in snow is really hard for me to let go.

  • MertensCW

    I find it funny how PS4 people are bemoaning the lack of this mod on their system.While it may be on the Xbox. I've got news for you, if this indeed is planned to be expanded to more of Tamriel , Xbox won't get it all either as its already 2GB and the max mod size on Xbox is a paultry 5GB. I had to delete a lot of stuff to play this.

  • BethDeth77

    if you go to Bruma in Oblivion you can get a quest from Castle Bruma asking you to get her a ring using snake pass in the Jerralls. It was the closest you could get to Skyrim from there until now 😉

  • Reese Hartwick

    Bethesda might as well say "Talos, Ok. This is canon...just chew on it for like...1200 hours. Have fun you weirdos." Because I can tell already this is huge.

  • Muffinsaur


  • Myd_

    The sultry Argonian bard... is it the Cyrodiilian type for The lusty Argonian maid?... I'm so glad I installed this mod...

  • ama zig

    he should have given the prisoners weapons from the corpses

  • Blackhawk

    I just remembered that oblivion came out the year I was born

  • Flower Power2

    The high elf voice actor got their voice tone perfectly.

  • ebonpaladin IS as polished as vanilla Skyrim; can't wait to download it tonight for XB1. Thanks for making the vid, ESO, long time fan and watcher.

  • Ville Keon

    Dishonored 2 play-through? Pls, I loved ur Dishonored play-through, it made me a regular visitor to the Channel...

  • Ramis Google acc

    seen a few of ur vids love the channel, but i gotta say. i constantly entertain the idea of hearing you shout "ANAKIN I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND"

  • SWiTCH

    Is it just Bruma in this mod or can you explore the rest of Cyrodiil?

  • Justin Burrell


  • Samuel Harrison

    Why don't you pay attention while playing?! It hurts my soul...

  • Megan Allison

    I love you eso your the best skyrim youtuber i know ❤

  • Kildar

    Oblivion was my first elder scrolls and this made me sad with memories

  • GamingEnrique3


  • sirenia

    its a bad idea to have a follower cos they take away your kill points that you need to level up your perks.

  • Kirri Cat

    skyrim is life and you made life so much better xD

  • supermango gamingTV

    Make a video who is right Stormlocks or Imperials ?

  • Cody Mumper

    32 min in, just before you blew the horn for reinforcements, you were talking about how it probably wasn't such a great idea to take on the imperial legion in the name of Skyrim with your rag tag team of inmates and I laughed so hard, that I started choking on my grape Arizona beverage and even still, as I died, suffocating from lack of oxygen, it felt good laughing so hard, I enjoyed this video, and I survived XD

  • Gaming Dealer

    You lost my respect when you freed that rebel SCUM and became an enemy of the Empire!!!

  • game player

    great live stream ☺ and great mod, it's just as good as a DLC.

  • PiGeOn3590

    I love how ESO said "yes the music is amazing on this mod so far" Lydia starts humming 👌🏻😂

  • Pl0wman

    Right: Freedom, Left: Captain's quarters. "We are going for the captains quarters!" runs to right...

  • Felix G

    Shatter your face off, ha ha ha

  • Icy Snow

    This makes me want to play Oblivion

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