Top 5 PvP Battles #40 - The Elder Scrolls Online

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Lefty Lucy presents Episode #40 of The Elder Scrolls Online Top 5 PvP Battle Series! Stay tuned for more episodes with various PvP clips from ESO players all across the world!

Want to be featured in the next episode? Read the submission instructions below!



Usually the smaller your group, the more impressive the video clip will be. This is due to the nature of combat in ESO - ESO has a very complex combat system that requires a lot of skill to use effectively! Thus, small-scale PvP will have a better chance to make it into the Top 5!

Don't worry though - you don't need to be able to kill 1v5 or even 1v2 to make it into this series - so submit what you have! Just be aware that a clip of 20 people killing 1 person will most likely not make the cut.

PLEASE submit clips from the most recent update in the game so that we can highlight the current state of PvP!



Submit anything that you think is entertaining! Here are the main categories that are highlighted in these episodes:

- Awesome or impressive PvP action
- PvP fails
- Funny clips
- Crazy bugs / glitches
- Zergbomb clips (nuking a huge group)



Please send me UN-EDITED clips and keep them relatively short. I understand fights in ESO may last a while sometimes, but try to keep clips around 30 seconds if you can. If the clip is epic it can be longer!

PLEASE tell me certain times within the video that you want me to highlight if your video is long (2+ minutes).

Most clips will be too large for an email message - the easiest way to share the clip with me is to upload it to youtube and link me the video and timestamp of the action within that video that you want me to highlight. You can keep your youtube video unlisted if you don't want to publish it publicly - just make sure you link it to me!

Please only submit 1080p or 720p clips.

If you already have a youtube video, just link me the video and timestamp of the action within that video that you want me to highlight!

E-mail clips to:

Please provide the following info in your submission:

SUBJECT OF EMAIL = "Top 5 pvp battles (PLATFORM USED)"

- Your character name
- Your gamertag (xbox) / PSN name (ps4) / @-name (PC)
- Your youtube/twitch channel link (if you have one)
- A short decscription (1-2 sentences) of the clip








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Name: Chappie Plez

Name: Gangster-Tariq

Name: Skrapz CSB

Name: greenbeanD

Name: JayReiko

Name: ultrabored1

Name: -Jombo



Sauniks x Zulishanti - Come Back Feat. Lokka Vox

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (



Intro video by Sinnfullduck:

Intro audio by Zeromaz:
  • dudamota

    Funny clip only sounds hilarious

  • Golden-Graham

    Yoyuyi is like my favorite ESO player idk I just like the way he plays :P

  • bobby bambi

    wow that was some really good clutch healing for number one he really saved his group nice clip man damn hahaha good stuff! Ishkashi's clip was still so much better!

  • Nicholas Mockey

    We need builds back from lefty Lucy

  • Miami ESO

    No, I cant allow Yoyuyi ( Wombo) to b number 1, he exploits ik it and I know for a fact he has macroes, smh shuffle stacker

  • MK Plug

    Notification Squaaaaaaad

  • Burning Talons

    If I become a victim in one of these clips before I get a top 5 im probably gonna flee the country in embarrassment

  • trinimac ProudLight

    Hey Lefty. First of all. I wanted to thank you for having this series up man.  they are incredibly fun and I can see you put a lot of love in to it. Me and my brother always watch you and enjoy very much your videos and comments..                                                 I am getting a bit disappointed with the game lately tho. in this clip you uploaded we are starting to see the effects of what OP classes are.The game is turning very unbalanced for magicka builds. TODAY in Cyrodiil. 85 % are Stamina builds. and 75% of them use a 2H.YES stamina is OP and there are so many frustrated magicka players that are turning to stamina because its very hard to handle or match the pressure of a 2H burst in your face..its usually 2 smacks and your dead.  You have no fault in this dude of course. lol but I wanted to post this to create awareness on your channel because I know a lot of people read it. I am not crying out or anything.. im just saying that it is sad that magicka builds are pretty much disappearing these days... and if you want to be a Stamina build and want to pick the best class....the best class is usually 2h. lol.. enough said. peace and keep up the good work Lefty

  • Andres Ybarra

    It's not letting me watch the video for some reason! The loading thing won't go away! Its only with this video, I have already checked with most of your other videos and they work, but this one won't :(

  • OrDavid The 2nd

    Funny clip only sounds hilarious

  • jalenjs1

    Yoo tht sorc that was outta resources the whole fight in clip 1 had me in tears!!

  • Fredifer

    "He must just not know what the hell is going on" lololol

  • Brad V

    Nice clips! I'm totally down for an all funny episode btw :D

  • Bandz

    40th episode holy shieet man grats! I remember not too long ago you started this bad ass series aha. Way to keep it going bud

  • Dion

    Hey guys ! One question : Is mag sorc still playable in PvP ? I didnt Play Last 1 month

  • Prohn

    #1 was nice but why was the magicka sorc uses vigor?

  • Pixelated Sky

    I cant believe this is already ep. 40 this has gone by so fast

  • Dominic Parson

    Do a honorable mentions

  • whyyouwanna knowmyname

    Would you be interested in 2-3 people wiping zergs in resources and bridges , or defending keeps by themselves ? I think it would be different than the usual Zerg bomb VD+proxy det...

  • Brendan1928

    What's the style at 6:14?

  • Rafael Ferrarini

    why the characters look so transparent and why no details? is it a kind of buff?

  • Calum Robinson

    I'm in this video 😂

  • sadnessIX D

    have somw vids i need to submit

  • Duncan Alexander

    are these classes OP? or are these guys just insane at the game?

  • hunttete00

    can you make a stamina dk build for PvP for dark brotherhood? heavy armor is ridiculous now so it'd be amazing

  • hmm hmm

    ultrabored sold his soul for eso skill...kappa

  • THECEREALKwiller 14

    No dark brotherhood clips?

  • jBent

    That kid Jombo didnt deserve #1, that badass Jordaen could xv1 circles around him

  • da real rulezbreaker

    1:10wait a second, didnt critsurge get changed last patch? it does heal for a fixed 3k now every time you crit regardless of how much damage you deal. is that clip from before brotherhood maybe? or 2 bleeds and the howl critting at the same time, creating that big heal?

  • SiCk WiT iT Gamer

    can you please make an updated video on a DK build for PvP for the Dark Brotherhood Update?

  • Andrew Disher

    Man all Stamina builds. Boooring.

  • Amanda Tupa

    is it worth coming back to eso after being out of the loop since i.c.

  • Burning Talons

    Can you send in multiple clips? If so should they be in a single email or multiple?

  • Lil Tunechi JR

    how can i send you the video?

  • Ben Holiday

    I am so sick of the stam builds

  • i

    The sorc is trying to health de sync him lol

  • Kyle Taylor

    Will u ever do another build video?

  • Charlii L

    I can't wait to get featured in this! - That's if I could 1 V X which I can't because I don't have max CP, and idk how to use my skills properly 😂

  • Donovan Cece

    What was the 2nd skill on the bow bar in the 2nd place clip?

  • Not Sid

    Are you going to be playing more ESO with the new dlc and the buffs?

  • Nick Van Dyk

    reverb isn't a cc anymore lol get exposed lefty

  • CopyStriked

    At 5:50 lefty was like " this dude junebuggey nah u don't want wany" xD . It was junebuggey tho

  • Trenten Bonanno

    Ultrabored is easily top 3 players on ps4 hes a beast

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