Skyrim Secret - Greybeards' ULTIMATE SHOUT

Secret I found in Skyrim :D, turn up the volume for this one (bit quiet dunno why...).

Music: Kevin MacLeod "Future Cha Cha"

Mod Credit:
  • RedKoolaid Gaming

    Parthunaxx transformed into a chicken to be part of this

  • Altan Şirin

    And this kids why you should never do skooma.

  • Dynesaurus

    If they don't lock the door for that i don't wanna know what happens when they do

  • Noah Davis

    I very much want this to be real.

  • Sprite Cranberry

    I know this is fake and shit but this still made me laugh xD

  • Takahisa Valarien

    what happens in hrothgar stays in hrothgar

  • DariusBlack

    So this is basically the Skyrim version of being Rickrolled :D

  • Ultimarad

    To think, the Greybeards were having such a great time until the dragonborn was revealed. The dragonborn kills his first dragon and steals it's soul and the Greybeards are like "well I guess we have to go back to following the way of the voice I suppose, party's over, stupid party pooping dragonborn." I kinda feel sorry for them.

  • Joshua Carchi Silva

    That's why they called it HIGH hrothgar.

  • Cheezus Crust

    2:17 He just like "You saw nothing"

  • Yoav Zeligowski

    this is the secret ending of skyrim

  • Clementine

    Wow! The greybeards have some serious moves!

  • GodofWar98

    So THIS is what they do when the dragonborn isn't present...

  • RoboticsBay

    Damn Wulfgar got some moves

  • Sara Mai

    I KNEW IT! They were break dancers all along

  • Some may call this junk me I call them treasure

    And the disco breaths in fire.. But there was one, and on their tounge is DISCOKIIN, DISCOBORN.. DIS CO DA

  • Jonathan Cadiiz

    If only there was a shout that made whatever character it was targeted at dance uncontrollably.

  • Bilbo Swaggins

    When I was visiting the grey beards for the first time I stole something just as he was saying "you are skyrims only hope" and they all froze me and I was on the ground and they just started kicking me until I was unfrozen then you burnt me :D

  • Darklord Ash

    wow 80 years old men dancing around a chicken and angear is naked skyrim on drugs make any thing possible don't drink and drive

  • Alex Oses

    When he jumped off the mountain, I almost died of laughter

  • A_Swedish_Gamer

    we must all prase the discoborn (the chiken in the center) and bring him the grate discoball so he can defeat alduin the the eater of disco!!!

  • Prince Sheo

    On a serious note, why don't gaming developers do this? Like if you walk into High Hrothgar at exactly 12:44am on 4th of Sun's Dusk, it triggers something like this? But no one is able to work out why it happens to extremely rarely..

  • Big vid boi

    2:06: what? what's up?2:11: oh

  • QuietWolfFallout

    lol the chicken just standing there like, for the love of god HELP ME !!!!!!

  • Big Bad Wolf

    Great moves Master Borri

  • Bruno Bucciarati

    Now I'm wondering if this is how they summon you by blasting the volume of their song making it sound like a shout

  • Nathaniel Lionell

    Moon Sugar Overdose VVI~Mai'q tried to overdose the greybeard one time, it doesn't work very well.Mai'q is tired, go bother somebody else.

  • Daniel T-W

    I really hope this is real... I really do.

  • Ithirid

    Ah, The Way of The Voice;Shout hard, Party hard,On the roof of the world

  • Jacob Goetz

    1000+ people are seriously butt hurt

  • Chance Roy Boy

    Is this what generations of graybeards have been keeping quiet.... I thought it was fart shouts but I was wrong😵

  • TheFlamingCerbrus

    He looks at him like, I didn't know you were here. * puts cloths on*

  • fRoggO yee this is how they summoned the dragonborn....nice swag tho.....

  • Alek Mcdowell

    HAHAHA this is the best mod video by far im laughing so hard right now

  • Tessa Freeman

    And I thought the Greybeards were lame old people.... It appears I was wrong....

  • GeneticAlgorithm11111001000

    2:28 "I have nothing to do here..."

  • McYeet

    I never laughed so mutch about a skyrim video

  • Tim Andress

    Whoever made this, has a great sense of humor

  • NIMMHATV Rap Beats

    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... i was really hoping for a shout... almost wanted to restart the game instantly and climb up the damn mountain.

  • Carlos Santos

    you are the king of clickbait :)

  • Applemangh

    Okay fine, you can have a "like"!But I'm not gonna be happy about it.

  • U L T I M A T E O w O

    Thank you. Just, thank you.

  • Ben B

    So funny I cried laughing

  • Ferdinand Andre

    Dragonborn: I'll just stick with blades then.

  • Blandor Pendragon

    greybeards dances the worshiping chicken danceyou: WTFFFFFFFFFGreybeards: stop dancing and look at you giving that um i can explain look XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  • MonkeyBombExpert

    is this the real obama?

  • Jesus Christ

    And then Parthaanux is just break dancing on the throat of the world

  • Aaron Wilson

    Oh my god this is Hilarious! 'Greetings Dovakiin, I see you are interested in learning the ways of the dragon dance!'

  • imredneckson

    Well that explains why its a secret everyone who sees....that jumps off a near by cliff

  • Just another O.E.F. Combat Vet

    I should have read the comments. Got totally tricked a well. Oh well. That's less traveling later, I guess. :P.

  • Lawrbrin

    omg hahahaha the CEO of bethesda needs to see this

  • ZxCannibal

    Did he ever get the shout?

  • Super Dash

    "Greetings I'm the new DragonBorn"...... Wait wtf ? XD

  • shot482

    This is the ritual for welcoming the chickenborn

  • Jstnrei

    That moment when you realize they dance better than you

  • Jake Solomon

    Probably one of the best things I've seen people do with Skyrim. This really made the day.

  • dvdfan100

    so that's what they do up there, having a party, LOL

  • The Frozen One

    that was obviously fake, but a nice one :D

  • SuperKinahead

    1:10 You clearly edited some bits out.

  • Ashmann Zulazlan

    i'm not even mad 😂

  • DeathToChikinz

    best troll ever, good job!

  • Adam Tittle

    So THAT'S what they do all day...

  • biggiganticbones

    How about the other words? Just "Guh"?

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