Fallout 4 OP Automatic Weapon Build

Streaming today at 12pm PST 10/6/18

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Series Playlist:

This video was recorded and edited by my brother Stapler Police, check out his Instagram:

Perk Progression:
1. Idiot Savant I 2. Lone Wanderer I 3. Strong Back I 4. Commando I
5. Gun Nut I 6.Cap Collector I 7. Chemist I 8. Strength 9. Strength
10. None 11. Idiot Savant II & Commando II 12. Strong Back II
13. Gun Nut II 14.Strength 15. Endurance 16. Chemist II
17. Lone Wanderer II 18.Endurance 19. Endurance
20 Cap Collector II 21. Commando III

-Frannsson - Ramune-02 Melon.
-Persona 5 - Tokyo Daylight
-Portal - Radio tune
-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Killer
-Persona 5 - Price
-Persona 5 - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Instramental Version)
-Persona 5 - Phantom
-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - The Plot Lurking in the Mist
-TowerClimb OST - Club Z - Strobe Fluctuation
-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - A New Courage
-TowerClimb OST - Clubz - Old Wave
-Persona 5 - Disquiet
-Persona 5 - Last Suprise
-Persona 5 - Battle Victory Theme
-Persona 5 - Butterfly Kiss
-Frannsson - Ramune-05 Mango.
  • French Tomahawk

    Streaming today at 12pm pst! https://www.twitch.tv/frenchtomahawk 10/6/18Discord! discord.gg/SG3wvAv all voting for the next video takes place there! As the end of the video states this video was indeed created by my brother, I reallyenjoy his take on "a timeless classic" and I hope you do as well. I'm sure he will be reading a lot of your comments and I plan to feature more of his videos on my channelif he ends up making more. He doesn't really have too much of a drive to make content on his YouTube channel as of right now, but I can see a reality where that changesin the future. As far as my uploads go, the OP Energy Build is nearing completion, but the opporotunity of being able to work on it for an extra week gives me a lotmore time to experiment with it as well as work on other things I need to do for my channel. We're nearing 90k which is absolute absurdity, I encourage you to leaveyour thoughts and opinions in the form of comments to help me improve! See you live on Twitch!

  • Thrak Stormbringer.

    0:36 the Face of a Rapist.

  • Bootleg Harold

    That's the most terrifying Nora so far, Kellogg helped the Commonwealth by slaughtering that demon.Praise Kellogg, long live the Institute.

  • That Guy

    Someone here likes persona 5.Me.

  • Rezz

    Used to watch a lot of your builds from a few months back. Came back finally and... I gotta say, your editing went from good to "holy shit this is funny."

  • manuel mcclain

    the thumbnail makes him look like Ben Shapiro

  • agh it's a plane

    Nate:Someone stole my son!Codsworth:ha ha CHECKERS!

  • Rex

    I'm never going to stop watching these until we get an OP Paddle Ball build

  • Glory to Russia

    Excuse me, the chem dealers at drumlin diner are right, that he bought the chems fair and square, those aren’t bandits! That old lady is a psychopath.

  • Tacticat 124

    Looks like SOMEbody's been watching JJBA

  • Nobody Important

    I wonder if you can sneak add 500 Nuka Colas into Solomon’s inventory

  • Anmol Goel

    Why did the Persona 5 music fit so well with this?

  • Jupiter Astronaut

    These just get better and better

  • Nocturnael

    Why do these keep popping up in my suggestions. Ive never once watched one but i see every video you make pop up. Ill give it a shot i guess.

  • cluttered art

    im sure someone else has asked this but would you consider doing this with elderscrolls skyrim??

  • michael

    try making the character into handsome squidward next time

  • Bichael

    Dude ur editing is sublime

  • 5000 subscribers with no video

    Looks like Crazy Diamond punched your character in the face

  • EastWelzz

    1:59 nice COD zombie mole rats....

  • RoaringSoap37

    Gotta love the Persona 5 music.

  • Ground Control

    Not gonna lie had to watch this at .75 speed to keep up with this madness. Skip to 10:20 for good time

  • Snick Snick


  • Lorenzo Williams

    Just now remembered the were completely surrounded is that black ops 1 zombies throw back

  • Nate Blanke

    My 3 favorite thing Fallout, Persona, and JoJo in one video I’m happy

  • Pompus Lompus

    This was in my recommendation for 4 days straight

  • Kazemir Sigizmundovich

    6:28- don't touch the paint!- whateverI'm dead :))))))))I like a lot all of this meme games videos :D So fun to watch :)

  • SpicierEight0

    12:53; firing 762 7.62 bullets in the bottom right corner

  • Just M

    Can you do an OP no intelligence/moron build?

  • ORCA

    lol "do as you're told 'speach' check" correct the you're but not the speach lol

  • Carlos Fred

    So you made the Crypt Keeper with a machinegun.

  • Citokyne Studios

    French Tomahawk? More like Russian Warhammer

  • welowrider32

    This character just looks like an exaggerated Samuel L. Jackson lmao

  • TheZachSmell

    You should try making some of these for Fallout New Vegas.

  • Oddspook 54

    I'm surprised ya don't have Strong follow ya I mean the big lug loves the stuff ya do in ya vids

  • Ricky Leung

    He looks like an anorexic Ainsley Harriet

  • Pocket Stromboli

    Ah such a delightful amount of JoJo references!

  • TokigaTiki

    anyone know what 1:42 is from?

  • Deciduous Livingston

    “Someone STOLE my son!”“Hahahaha... checkers!”Me whenever I try to be helpful

  • Talion The Berserker

    3:18 Killer Queen has already touched that floor

  • Someblindgirlwhocancontrolrocks



    Pfffffffff where's the King Dice remix?

  • Alexssander Brandão

    Awesome man! Can you do lucky build? Will be amazing 😂

  • Myles O'brien

    Persona 3 music god tier video

  • Eduard Dietl

    it's amazing to me how you're always able to make the same sort of monotonous routines funny and interesting, keep up the great work man. howard bless you.

  • Mobil oyuncu Tunahan

    Pls gameplay follaut 76

  • Casper van Dieren

    y u had to kill those cats? :(

  • Franky TheFatBoi


  • Xero

    Fallout Persona and Jojo. What more could a simple man need?

  • JinRoh1898

    I'm a simple man. I hear persona music and I like.

  • Misery Sermon

    For the past 2 weeks,80% of the videos i watched had Jojokes in them.What is happening?

  • Greg Rafferty

    I dont understand why this doesn't have. 1 million views


    Litteraly a hour ago I thought “ I wish French tomahawk made a automatic weapon video” I refresh YouTube and it’s right there.

  • First Sgt Stanley

    RIP "Mr. Powerarrmor" Meme, died with gernade

  • SuicideBeGood

    You played a lot of persona music

  • Luzz Bightyear

    0/10 disliked unsubbed unfollowed left a bad review on trivago and yelpBecause you killed the house cats

  • killer serpent

    When did a burnt skeleton hook up with E.T?

  • Mitchell Bettis

    10/10 jojo reference just in time for part 5.

  • Daniel Beardall


  • Sr. Lobito

    Persona music and memes = Insta like

  • UI

    I see you’ve been playing P5

  • Uncouth Productions

    Did I see some World Peace in there?

  • Kzip247

    All the kids better run, faster than my bullet.

  • Herrman Selcher

    God I was so hoping for that gunshot at 5 4 3 2 1 BAM and this madman actually delivered I love you

  • Saarteco

    nice persona 5 music dad

  • Fried rice 09

    Omg you make them cuter evry vid

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