God of War - E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Here's the God of War gameplay trailer, which premiered at E3 2016.

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  • NoorALI Legend

    Xbox: I'm sorry PlayStation: do not be sorry be better

  • LiangHuBBB

    Im 7 hours in and wow this is def. one of the best games Ive played this gen, maybe even one of the games of all time.The game looks hella amazing & the combat is some of the best Ive ever seen in a game.Everything in GoW is just too perfect.GOTY 2018 :) no competition

  • XzealX

    Whos still watching this after playing the real game?

  • /The Legendary Supersaiyan /

    Kratos: gets shot"Your deer is getting away"

  • Azerrz

    The true test of worthiness is not picking up Thor's Hammer anymore, are you worthy enough to pick up Kratos' Axe?

  • dicker parker

    5:27 when your family takes the last piece of pizza

  • Holden_73

    Never thought saying “I am hungry” could sound so badass 😂

  • jérôme lebourg

    0:55 when you leave your room after 3 days gaming non stop and you confront your grandmother

  • James Atkins

    0:55 My dad when it's Father's day.

  • Yiğithan Yılmaz

    1:01 When my parents want me to find a part-time job

  • Bobby F

    Thor : I'm Thor son of Odin. God of Thunder. Who dares to challenge me!Kratos : God of Thunder huh?Thor : (Remember what happen to Zeus).. Actually im God of Hammer.. You can take Mjolnir there's no need to fight.. We already reserve you a throne in Valhalla. Odin sucks anyway.. and i could be your tour guide.. please..

  • Ryan Beall

    Sorry Xbox can't compete with games like this 🤗🤗

  • Hecalyft


  • AMHarbinger

    2:25 when you realize this isn't the same Kratos.

  • Prince

    at 0:31 when his son goes into the building you can see the boots of Hermes on the left corner as he enters the house.thumbs up so people can see

  • aman deep

    norse gods live your life while you can Kratos is coming

  • Cigar3tin Nic0tin0

    Wanted RDR2 to win, but that’s ok I’m still a happy boi. I’m glad GoW won GoTY. Such an amazing game.

  • Leon F.

    Do not be sorryBe better

  • Steven Santos

    One week until PSX!Prediction: March 13 2018Either way, RELEASE DATE PLEASE AND THANK YOU SANTA MONICA STUDIOS!

  • George

    Time to sell my xbox and get a ps4

  • Zeno Sama

    Ign 5.5 not call of duty

  • simeon kostandinov

    Here after beating the game?

  • Zły Maciek

    That's it, I'm getting a PS4.

  • xX SuperMario596 Xx

    I love how they changed it to "In the direction of deer"

  • L0rd_Equinox

    Game of the year anyone?

  • James {-}

    I just realized this vid is 9 minutes 58 seconds. They don’t care about money. Nice job Sony! /s

  • Kurlzz

    Game of The Year boiiiis

  • patrick morris

    That moment where Kratos hesitates placing his hand on his son's shoulder, that is to me the best part. It shows something Kratos has kind of lacked for the past several games, humanity.

  • The Amazing Sherdy

    Kratos:" Be calm and Plan" GoW2-3:"Zeus, your son has returned, i bring the destruction of Olympus 😂😂😂

  • Gold Wolf

    "I'm hungry, you will feed me!" - Kratos I think that's how Vegeta treats Trunks when they're having a Father and Son moment.Team Four Star has got to make a joke about this!

  • Blair Liang

    Microsoft: I SorryKratos:do not be sorry be better

  • Kvass Man

    Also, my friends are saying “Xbox is better” and i’m laughing inside

  • Gigaton Games

    Spartan rage?Thats remind me of somethin....

  • 吴 小号阿

    ATREUS:Father look!KRATOS:Wait for my markKRATOS:Do not think it as animal.Me:.....that is deer

  • Player 13

    Already won Game of the year 2018

  • bertram Frøshaug

    Kratos...she taught you how to hunt yes?Boy.... Yes sir!Kratos..SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT. I WANNA SEE WHAT YOU GOT!!!

  • hydro prime

    Kratos : I still want to killSanta Monica Studios : But Kratos all gods are dead Kratos : I heard about Norse Gods , TAKE ME THERE

  • Jordan Cooper

    Its really interesting to see how the game changed from this, into the final version we got.

  • Javi Gallegos

    GOTY of WAR ! Congrats to Santa Monica!

  • Mitch Sorrenstein


  • Sprennard87 circus baby

    I made my own blades of chaos and Leviathan axe.and now I'm working on the armor and cloth for my Kratos costume.i actually sound like him

  • Phil Gamer

    All those Haters are from Xbox😂😂😂

  • Fick Dich

    Son: if you give me my bow back I can help you find it Kratos: you had yet approved thatSon:i need a chance Kratos: you had a chanceSon: I need anotherKratos: then find that deerYo kratos is a savage

  • CaptCorleone

    Dad of Boi... Game of Year

  • Wesley

    Kratos: Wait for my mar--Shoots deer

  • Ω BGBDaniel Rohrs - #MáfiaDoGow Ω

    Back here to say its game of the year

  • Ice21

    Kratos controlling his anger. How much red orbs did it cost to buy that upgrade?


    Rockstar: - "I am Sorry"Kratos: - "The Cicle ends Here !!!"


    Brazil waiting for this epic game to come out!!! But is still sad sony don give us much suport and atention with your public but i love video games!!!! Sorry for my poor english kkkkk 💚💛😊👍

  • Gaming and Entertainment

    20M run completed ,very long one :)

  • Mich Gree

    0:54-1:04 me to my mom

  • jason grace

    Whos here after playing this

  • Rithm

    interesting to see how the spartan rage meter worked in this e3 trailer vs the actual game. if you pay attention you could see the rage meter rising as kratos got mad at atreus' initial failure, but simmered down as kratos calmed himself.

  • Sarthak Sharma

    GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  • Matheus Ramos

    GOTY of war 2018Pohaaaaaa👊👊😎😎😎

  • Matityahu L

    As if kratos wasnt badass enough he grew a beard and uses an axe lmao


    Who else watching after goty awards

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