God of War - E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Here's the God of War gameplay trailer, which premiered at E3 2016.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit www.esrb.org for rating information
  • Ice21

    Kratos controlling his anger. How much red orbs did it cost to buy that upgrade?

  • Holden_73

    Never thought saying “I am hungry” could sound so badass 😂

  • NoorALI Legend

    Xbox: I'm sorry PlayStation: do not be sorry be better

  • XzealX

    Whos still watching this after playing the real game?

  • jerick melendez

    XBOX - “i am sorry”Ps4 - “do not be sorry, be better”Mic drop*

  • BigBoiBroly

    Kratos: gets shot"Your deer is getting away"

  • Yiğithan Yılmaz

    1:01 When my parents want me to find a part-time job

  • jérôme lebourg

    0:55 when you leave your room after 3 days gaming non stop and you confront your grandmother

  • xxAnaconta

    Father can we talk about mom ?Only thing i remember about your mother is that she needed a significant amount of button mashing to please her

  • dicker parker

    5:27 when your family takes the last piece of pizza

  • Wesley

    Kratos: Wait for my mar--Shoots deer

  • George

    Time to sell my xbox and get a ps4


    Rockstar: - "I am Sorry"Kratos: - "The Cicle ends Here !!!"

  • LiangHuBBB

    Im 7 hours in and wow this is def. one of the best games Ive played this gen, maybe even one of the games of all time.The game looks hella amazing & the combat is some of the best Ive ever seen in a game.Everything in GoW is just too perfect.GOTY 2018 :) no competition

  • God

    Atreus: What are we hunting?Kratos: YOU are hunting deer...Atreus: Okay, which direction?Kratos: In the direction of deer...

  • Hecalyft


  • Szurmy

    "I expected a troll to be under that bridge.""You are not ready for trolls."

  • AMHarbinger

    2:25 when you realize this isn't the same Kratos.

  • Bobby F

    Thor : I'm Thor son of Odin. God of Thunder. Who dares to challenge me!Kratos : God of Thunder huh?Thor : (Remember what happen to Zeus).. Actually im God of Hammer.. You can take Mjolnir there's no need to fight.. We already reserve you a throne in Valhalla. Odin sucks anyway.. and i could be your tour guide.. please..

  • Gold Wolf

    "I'm hungry, you will feed me!" - Kratos I think that's how Vegeta treats Trunks when they're having a Father and Son moment.Team Four Star has got to make a joke about this!

  • hydro prime

    Kratos : I still want to killSanta Monica Studios : But Kratos all gods are dead Kratos : I heard about Norse Gods , TAKE ME THERE

  • Prince

    at 0:31 when his son goes into the building you can see the boots of Hermes on the left corner as he enters the house.thumbs up so people can see

  • Phil Gamer

    All those Haters are from Xbox😂😂😂

  • Kvass Man

    Also, my friends are saying “Xbox is better” and i’m laughing inside

  • SealStorm193

    Kratos: "Bring me more Gods to SLAY!!!"Gia: "But there are no Gods left Kratos"Kratos: "No GREEK Gods"

  • Cigar3tin Nic0tin0

    Wanted RDR2 to win, but that’s ok I’m still a happy boi. I’m glad GoW won GoTY. Such an amazing game.

  • skostadinov

    Here after beating the game?

  • Ω BGBDaniel Rohrs - #MáfiaDoGow Ω

    Back here to say its game of the year

  • genesisjkc

    "Shut up and take my money!"

  • Astral Frost

    Notice the troll expresses fear of death. That's an interesting detail that is not often seen in non-human NPCs. Many human NPCs in games lack realistic reactions to the knowledge of death!

  • Nationlands

    I just realized this vid is 9 minutes 58 seconds. They don’t care about money. Nice job Sony! /s

  • Blair Liang

    Microsoft: I SorryKratos:do not be sorry be better

  • Mitch Sorrenstein


  • cronikproductions

    It's so cute and brutal at the same time. It's Cutal.

  • patrick morris

    That moment where Kratos hesitates placing his hand on his son's shoulder, that is to me the best part. It shows something Kratos has kind of lacked for the past several games, humanity.

  • RetroBoi

    “I am hungry.”If i can give stuff from my screen, i could give ya some popcorn.

  • RTy7N L

    4:11 black speech (for olog hai):I TAKE YOUR HEAD AND HANDS AS TROPHIES, GRAVEWALKER!!!

  • 701468392523816070046289411368222507496286869371438642749038614J

    Kratos, the worlds most determined atheist.

  • L0rd_Equinox

    Game of the year anyone?

  • Jordan Cooper

    Its really interesting to see how the game changed from this, into the final version we got.

  • Bilind :/

    Xbox: I'm sorry.Kratos: don't be sorry be BETTER.

  • My vengeance Ends now

    Fun isn't something one considers in killing the GODS, but this does put a smile on my face :)

  • Sopmac Natsirhc

    "Be calm and plan..." looks back at God of War 1, 2, 3 Calm, huh?

  • Player 13

    Already won Game of the year 2018

  • scorpion Butcher

    Kratos have become more husky and strong as he grew older

  • Blyat Blyatrakov

    It's out and better than ever

  • JRA Tu Amigo

    Now you are ready.For what.A new beginning.

  • Forest Trump

    kratos telling someone to "Be calm and relax"?

  • DaGuadeOiderBoudlerTV

    I'm glad they changed the fighting system...I mean, the other one's not bad, but the fight system we have now, is just much better...Ohh, and of course the HUD, the HUT we have now, is also better. :')

  • MalcomsArcade

    Wow we had to wait 2 years for gow I didn’t even realize 😭

  • Ω BGBDaniel Rohrs - #MáfiaDoGow Ω

    And now game of the yearRsrsred dead redemption: I'm SorryGoty of war: Don't be sorry be better

  • Kurlzz

    Game of The Year boiiiis

  • Matityahu L

    As if kratos wasnt badass enough he grew a beard and uses an axe lmao

  • Tom Cruise Ctrl

    Potential spoilers: I feel like this whole demo was reference to a lot of what happens in game only in a different scenario. For example, the BOI shoots kratos out of fear of killing the troll, however in the game, he shoots accidently shoots kratos out of rage to kill the target. And that beat down up against the rock kratos gave that monster seens like a reference to the fight with The Stranger.

  • VileSock

    4 days remain... And this masterpiece finally arrives.

  • nava.

    2 years later : GOW is GOTY So so deserved

  • Kirihiko

    It's different in the actual game I already finish the game a Masterpiece

  • Clause_Harsha

    20M run completed ,very long one :)

  • bigbad actor

    It's kind of interesting to go back and watch this after playing the game to see what changed (Enemy designs, hud, cutscenes, I think a couple of Atreus's tattoos) between this and the final release.

  • Ruben Garcia

    12K Xbox players are upset and jealous 😏

  • Rowan Atkinson

    "Be calm, and plan" -Kratos, master of rational thinking and dispassionate action.

  • Th3Shad0wF0x

    Gets me everytime when that deer dies :(

  • jason grace

    Whos here after playing this

  • TheTorturedEyes

    Does anyone think this health bar looked cooler ?

  • Madao

    After ten years of suffering... After ten years of endless nightmare... it will finally comes to an end... new God Of War will be his escape from madness... 3 days...

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