The Dragonborn Comes / Sons of Skyrim by Malukah (Dovah & English Lyrics + In-Game Cinematics)

"The Dragonborn Comes" is one of the common songs you can ask a medieval bard to sing in many of Skyrim's towns. Combined with Skyrim's main theme composed by Jeremy Soule, singer / composer Malukah reimagined the tune as a haunting folk song.

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  • Quinn Bennett

    I really want to play Skyrim even if it is not online but still. Also why couldn't my birth day be 10 years later and 6 days early because I will then know that I am a dragonborn. #Dovahkiin

  • Isen

    The flying Imperial at 00:13 made my day. I was seriously pissed and now I'm in a good mood.Thanks!

  • Jonathan Manning

    there is skyrim if your in the ebonheart pact

  • MCxDuckMen

    its elder scrolls online..and i guess there wont be any skyrim


    Anyone else SO excited for Skyrim Online?


    have you done the main theme?

  • Alpha Nerd Ger

    Our hero our hero claims a warriors heart, i told u i told u when the dragonborn comes.The dragon born is right here on lvl 81

  • TheParkerlion

    2 people are not dragonborn

  • KyLocidy

    Finally! A translation! Thank you! The words were as perfect as i'd hoped!!! :D

  • mzma44

    Sadly, I have a sore throat so I can't sing along. And if I could I would be SHIT compared to her. Clappitty-clap-clap-clap.

  • tranceseraph

    Console commands: player.placeatme FEA9B 5

  • tranceseraph

    Console commands: player.placeatme FEA9B 5 (FEA9B is the code for an elder dragon) 5 is the number of dragons spawned on top of each other.

  • MaJicMan000

    How did you get all thos dragons in one place?

  • WafflesAreLol

    I... WHAT? Only 769 views? This is an outrage!

  • NevillandMorrison

    I just had to sing this in school yesterday off by heart

  • Dwolf44

    You know... maybe i'm the dragonborn, i just don't know it yet. Alduin hasn't returned yet :D

  • Fireblab

    Awsome remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And theone asshole who disliked this video can kiss my ass!!

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