LowSpecGamer: How to improve performance on Skyrim

Skyrim is a game of epic dimensions. Here are a couple of ways to improve performance on low end computers.

Mods shown on this video:
Skyrim performance PLUS: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/6387/?
Performance Textures for Armor, clothes and weapons: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42360/?
Performance Textures for creatures and animals: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/43921/?


The laptop used for this video has the following specifications:

CPU: Dual-core 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5-3317U
VIDEO: Intel HD Graphics 4000

All gameplay footage is taken using an external video capture device.

Intro footage taken from the official Skyrim release trailer.
A short clip of the northern lights taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnmfGbuO9Ws
A short clip of a pony related mod is taken from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xxnig51b13Y

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  • Spaghetti O's

    I was getting 3 fps now I'm getting like 5 thanks 👍

  • ZombieBassBoss

    well it went from 7-12fpsto a stable 29

  • Satans Fetus Legs

    "There are hundreds of mods for Skyrim" Make that tens of thousands

  • WaffleBroadcast | All About Valve's Games!

    02:09 "we are farting 2 enemies"

  • Sinuev1

    Tweak the game all the way down to run a solid 60fps on a potato. Install ENB. Back to 15fps again.SUCCESS!

  • harry48224

    Despite having a highend pc, I am obsessed with lowend gaming. I really enjoy your videos!

  • Adrian

    If you keep up this work on your channel I guarantee you that you will have extreme succes. This channel is seriously a diamond in the rough. Keep it up and 2015 will be reeeeeal nice to your channel :D

  • Lord Doggo

    why am i watching this I run skyrim with an ENB at 60FPS constant lolwell i guess I just like your videos

  • Jorlok Zander

    3:33 as far as I know, "iShadowMapResolutionPrimary" and "iShadowMapResolutionSecondary" settings don't actually work. But what you could do is set "iShadowMapResolution" (the same thing, just without "primary/secondary") to "1". This setting is located in the same config file in the same "display" section, just a bit lower. And setting it to "1" will actually give you the lowest resolution shadows the game has. What you could also do, to make said shadows a bit prettier without any effect on performance is to change "iBlurDeferredShadowMask" to "5". This will blur those ugly shadows actually making them look nicer. Although, if you reduce shadows as far as to make them only draw up-close, you may not need this.

  • deathbros100

    good video "where draw distance is a myth" killed me lol

  • Lordsknight

    You should also do fallout new Vegas. I just bought the game and it would be nice to have a video on how to run it better, the game is 9.99 in the U.S. on steam

  • floopdoodle

    "sexy daedric princes"what have you been doing?

  • Asaph Joel Mendoza

    thanks a lot lowspecgamer, i subscribed to you now that i have a decent pc. Owe you much being part of low spec pc gamers is actually a great thing. wish you helped more and more people just like me til the time they have money to buy decent pc. keep it up. gonna keep watching some though to help my fps increase even more if i want to add some mods haha. really thanks a lot.


    You might want to update this video at some point because of the advent of SPINI, RAPTR, Project Lasso and other programs that can improve Skyrim performance

  • Tocram2

    Omg please do Battlefield 3 or Grand Theft Auto 4 or Assassin's Creed !

  • Emman Cardano

    It's cool how you still play and upload videos even though you don't have a good pc. :)

  • OkarasChimera

    this is book marked for when I get my GPD WIN delivered to my house and I'm so going to play through the game thanks mate

  • Keegan Obenauf

    I installed Skyrim on my computer… I got about 5 frames per second on lowest settings (without editing the SkyrimPrefs.ini file or mods). Is it a lost cause or do you think mods will give me a playable frame rate?

  • LaggyStand delier

    Thanks, this went from max settings 57 fps to lowest settings 139 fps

  • Catcrumbs

    HialgoBoost made the difference for me. It's a mod which causes the game to drop resolution instead of frame rate. It makes the game run much smoother, particularly when rotating the camera.

  • rainbow pig

    if the fog slow your fps change "iMaxDesired" to 25

  • Enzo Gurgel

    If all Fails Hialgo Switch.

  • Hannes Beukes

    Please do ARK survival evolved :)

  • Jaysonfred

    Anyone else watching this so they can game on their laptop instead of desktop?

  • Demi Kraw

    HiAlgoBoost is veeery nice :)

  • 3Edges

    Thanks so much! My Skyrim ran at 10 fps before and now it runs at more than 30 :)

  • Tafferwocky

    Man, I wish I had this video 3 years ago! I played Skyrim when it first came out on an AMD Athlon X2 5000+, NVIDIA GS7600 and 2 gigs of RAM. It was a good computer... back in 2006! I played most of this game at like 20 fps 1024x768 resolution, which was pretty horrible tbh.


    i make the account more i don't receive the email notification please post the mods link in mediafire or 4shared

  • Databat123

    The fact that my computer runs skyrim with less fps than yours without you configuring yours, makes me sad. Also the fact that the configs barely did anything with my fps, and I had to resort to Ultra Low graphics mod.

  • LordDiaxam

    i'm a original console (peasent) player, so anything shitty in a game makes me think its beautiful.Advantages!

  • Castaway Senpai

    hey i have a pc w/ the ff. specs:intel core 2 duo 2.33ghz2gb ramintel chipset g31/g33 integrated graphicscan i run skyrim? and make it smooth with the things you just did? if I can at least play at stable 30 fps i'll gladly accept it.

  • blue wolf gameing and GD

    pls do skyrim special edition

  • Sinuev1

    Tweak the game all the way down to run a solid 60fps on a potato. Install ENB. Back to 15fps again.SUCCESS!

  • dead meme

    I'm going to try that later. Subscribed!

  • London on the Bottom Text

    I'm playing on a really terrible laptop and don't get under 30 fps while in combat. This is one fantastic video haha

  • StealthFlash.4K

    Do these mods work on the legendary edition? Can someone please help me. Thanks

  • Cesar Burgos

    this isn't not even a low spec pc or laptop how are we supposed to believe anything you say

  • Huzufu

    Lol your specs are EXACTLY the same as mine...

  • philosophy

    thanks indian tech support it actually worked suprisingly

  • Zero Equation

    Thanks so much! went from 5 frames to a playable frame rate.

  • Lord of all bad videos, and potatos

    my computer has 4gb ram but 3.85gb usable can i run skyrim with those mods?

  • Mário Bárbara

    i finally bought this game and i have to say that i LOVE YOU

  • Blitzkrieg

    Assassin's Creed 4 PLS!!

  • Cadynce

    4:52 hi rainbow dash :3

  • bybull 23

    it works!!! thanks man!!!!!!!

  • Johny Strike

    Is there anyway to disable shadow completely? like no shadows anywhere?

  • GatorSmitty

    I actually like playing the games on these settings. I find it much more enjoyable.

  • Mário Bárbara


  • Nolekev

    I use the Unstretched Windowed Fullscreen Mod to upsample my game and run it at a lower resolution than standard. I can now run the game in 800x500 to get an aspect ratio of 16:10 but have the game be more playable. I just set the alignment to the upper left, the window position at 0,0, and the width and height of the window to be 1280x800 which is the standard resolution of my screen. Definitely not what the developer of the mod intended but it works none-the-less

  • Rei Bob

    Can you do Thief 2014? I have an almost ok PC to play. It gives me 14-20 fps. I would like to get at least a stable 30.Some other dude who makes lowspec patch for games has one for thief, but I didn't like the experience trying to get it to work and I don't even trust that.Congratulations on your channel, you're helping a lot of people and your videos are actually fun :)subscribed ;)

  • Hanson

    NexusMods aren’t free. :^)

  • Leonardo Popst

    Do video of warframe, pleaseeee!!

  • Celestino Garrós

    2:30 Sexy daedric princes??? WTF!?!? Let`s hope it is a joke

  • LeonardoETC

    no momento em que estou postando esse comentário estou baixando os mods sugeridos no vídeo, antes de testa-los, joguei skyrim um tempo atrás num pc dual core 1.5 ghz com 2gb de ram e uma placa de video ati radeon hd 3200 - hardware abaixo dos requisitos mínimos. Usei o mod enbseries_skyrim_v0096patch9antifreeze para corrigir os efeitos que não apareciam como fogo e etc. Depois usei o um executável chamado FPS Background Booster-5695-1-1, Não sei exatamente o que ele fazia (tudo o que eu notava era uma janela DOS aberta) mas comprovei que ele ajudava muito na taxa de frames. Faz muito tempo que você postou o vídeo mas eu quis deixar a dica dos programas que usei mesmo assim :) Ótimo canal! um dos meus preferidos! Gostaria que tivesse também de crysis 2 e battlefield 3.

  • Lukaz Garza

    Hi, my friend have a pc with Intel HD graphics 4000, 4 GB ram and 1.10 ghz x2, it will run?In other hand i've one with 2 GB ram, Intel celeron 2.16 ghz x2 and intel bay trail ( i have linux in this one but i usually can get run most of the games with playonlinux )Thx and srry for the bad english :'v

  • Jimmy Harsveld

    I love your video's. That's clear.Well, I've found the limit of Skyrim on the other side. How far can you get?On my gtx1080 the engine goes down to its knees. Beyond 2560*1440 with 4xAA and 4xMSAA at high settings the engine starts to stutter. Because Skyrim can only manage 2 GB of RAM for their engine. On ultra settings the game struggles. It does not depend on my graphics card. I run The Witcher 3 at highest settings smoothly and it won't hurt performance. When I used any high res pack the engine bows deep, most deep as possible with horrible stutters. This game from 2011 can't let my card bow to his knees. When I put down Anti Aliasing the high res textures pack runs fine. How high can I crank the engine up? Now you know it.Why watching your channel if I own a gtx1080 card? Some friends of mine have basic hardware and they want gaming too.

  • Zohayr Asym

    guys i messed up my Skyrimprefs.ini file if any of yall have a default copy could u share it with me?

  • Torganzer

    So if the mod applies to anything with skyrim textures, would it work with certain mods?

  • HyrumZ

    How do I install the mod, its not working even in Nexus mod manager, please help.

  • Fall Never

    4:52 what mod is that ? Anyone can give me the link please ?

  • Stephano Digiorgio

    #deus ex human revolution#grid 2#dead island#state of decay#NS MOST WANTED 2015#dead space 2 y quizas 1#dark souls 2 por que el 3 ya es mucho pedir jeje de nuevo te reitero el agradecimiento un saludo desde venezuela!

  • Common Freak

    Would like to see a way to fix the elder scrolls online graphical issues, to use with my 5 to 6 year old laptop without SSD (cpu = A10-5750M, gpu = Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8570M). The game seems to sometimes not load anything other than the player model, the map, shadows of NPCs and shadows of other players, but at other times it seems just fine for a pretty long time.

  • Ice-Gaming

    well I am getting skyrim on my pc but I don't think I will need it if he is useing those specs because I have a 3.4 ghz duel core AMD a4 5300b apu with 8gb of ddr3 ram and Intergrated graphics but it's a apu so it has a little bit better graphics

  • Stephano Digiorgio

    hola saludos desde venezuela fíjate tengo una colección de videojuegos en físico y poseo una intel hd3000 con 2 de ram en un i3 de 2,3 ghz y e testeado varios juegos y jugado pobremente con mucho struggle solo por poder disfrutarlo fíjate te dare una lista a ver cuando puedas te das el chance y ve cual prefieres para hacer un video! agradecido con tu input y esfuerzo sin mencionar tu entusiasmo creo hablar por toda la comunidad latino americana al agradecerte o que haces algunos no poseemos la capacidad de tener un high end master race!

  • Nick Pop

    lmao that opening hit me in the feels hard

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