Fallout 4 – 5 Theories That Are Absolutely Terrifying – Fallout 4 Lore and Secrets

Fallout 4 is a game with no shortage of mystery and unexplained happenings in the Commonwealth. As a result, many Fallout 4 players have begun to propose their own theories and ideas regarding much of what goes on in the wasteland. So today we’ll be taking a look at five Fallout 4 theories that are absolutely terrifying.
  • AJ Universe

    Dogmeat wasn't a stray. He traveled to the area with the Minutemen you meet in Quincy. Whoever originally put that theory together must have just not paid much attention to dialogue.

  • Bruno Franca

    If u never met Dogmeat and proceed in the main quest up to the point u have to track down Kellog, Nick says that he has a friend who can help out in that particular case. Than he sends a signal that only Dogmeat can hear and Dogmeat appears in Diamond City to help finding Kellog.

  • Hurr Durr

    I can't take dogmeat as a companion. If someone shoots him I go on a psycho induced rampage

  • what YouTube deems appropriate 1

    My only question is how the note is intact UNDER WATER

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    I see evil gnome on thumbnail, I click.

  • KorilD

    I wonder if the mannequins are a reference to the Skyrim glitch where mannequins would "come to life"?

  • xyzyx69

    I always thought the mannequins were put there by raiders, etc. as bait or to confuse potential attackers into giving away their position or something.

  • Dr. Virus 129

    So those mannequins are controlled by a malevolent god? Looks like Fallout has its own Daedra.

  • Sasha

    6:23 sooooo the night mother, and you’re the listener. Got it.

  • Ish Da Cat

    Nate, why did you put keemstar in the thumbnail?

  • SnlDrako

    Actually Dogmeat is something else. Mama Murphy claims that she knows Dogmeat from his earlier days, when she was known as Murphy the Madwoman (for tearing off a raider head with her bare hands. Yeah, I don't buy that part either.). Well, Muprhys younger days was. If I go on the safe side and say that Murphy is 60, that was still about 40 years ago. According to pedigree.com, 20 years for a german shepherd is 145 years for a human. However, Dogmeat is not a synth, since he does not drop a synth component (Sturges does, despite him being essential). So what's going on with this seemingly biologically immortal hound?

  • Löwenstolz Trumpet

    Dogmeat has been in the franchise since fallout one. Hes a mascot of sorts.

  • Gaming King

    So you're not gonna talk about the gnomes murdering people or teddy bears doing what ever they do?

  • Michael Hall

    Dogmeat is a pre-war ghoul. The fur covers up his scars. He hangs around vaults because he's used to helping survivors from other vaults. In his experience, people who come from vaults treat him better than other people in the wasteland so he has traveled throughout the wasteland searching for vaults with new people coming out.

  • DreamsRPGs

    if you look out the window in the very first part of the game in prewar sanctuary, your character remarks, "We're never going to find that dog." and see a dog house and bowl in the empty back yard....coincidence?? meybe.

  • Renegade Gunslinger

    I think a more logical theory is Dogmeat is the god of companionship, which explains him being in every game because he appears as a german shepherd to those that need him most

  • MojoMaelstrom

    "Dogmeat is a synth"Dogmeat doesn't carry synth component when killedDeconfirmed.

  • Jeremy Landon

    And yet, dog meat is still willing to kill father and any other institute member for the player, and should dog meat be killed there is no synth components or synthetic... Well anything. When you kill a synth gorilla you get synth gorilla meat. I think this one is simply that dog meat is just a super-dog plain and simple.

  • Idiot Sandwich

    Why is lovecraft lore so interesting? It has such a mystic and horrific vibe that no other fictional gods really have.

  • Ryan Cauffman

    Dogmeat can't be a synth because he's one of the gods of Fallout. There's another theory that the Dogmeat you encounter in each Fallout game is in fact the same Dogmeat, and that Dogmeat is an immortal god. His meeting you in Fallout 4 is due to Dogmeat's divine knowledge that the Sole Survivor would go on to do great things, so he chose to join the Sole Survivor.

  • TheEpicNate315

    Reupload because previous one had weird audio issues and for whatever reason literally had no recommendations page.

  • Mr. VOID-OUT

    The mannequins might be a nod to the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. This is my own personal take, but what if mutation/Old Gods/both were responsible for turning real people into predatory mannequins? A smart-virus that when administered into the victim, turns their composition into matter that mimics plastic, and allows the converted subject to solidify in the presence of a threat (a well-armed adventurer.)It seems to only have a taste for humans, and a fascination with the concept of vanity.I'm high as fuck, but I'm sure some of you already concluded that.

  • Melo Dotty

    Very confused why Dogmeat is on here, considering he's explained by Mama Murphy/Prestons gang when you first meet them. She tells you his name, Dogmeat, says he's a very good boy, and was looking for help for them. There's nothing mysterious at all about why he's there, since it's not far from Concord, where the group is holed up at.

  • Julkke

    1:21 That's no machete, it's a nail board.

  • Dylan Harshman

    "you would only tell that to a child you are very close to. ie. a child".TheEpicNate315, 2018

  • mrtalkative91

    4:08 "astronomically low, those are the odds. nearly impossible", except that he was sent there by Mama Murphey because the minute men own him. its like you didnt even play the game

  • Tevos

    Dogmeat may be a psychopomp. Normally these entities are responsible for taking souls to the afterlife, not judging, just transportation. But psychopomps can also be guides during life transitions. And leaving a vault to a horrific wasteland is a pretty big transition from a normal suburban life. Dogmeat is also the one companion that will never leave you, no matter your decisions. It's a little creepy, but Dogmeat might just look like a dog because he's in A Form You Are Comfortable With.

  • Crimson Wolf

    all I know is that dog meat used to be a pet or possibly a friend of Nick Valentine you learn this if you search Kellogg's house and talk to Nick without finding Dogmeat

  • danteelite

    My mannequin theory; That they are/were "single use" experimental synths, sent to carry out missions, disguised as a common item, and then when they run out of power or complete their objectives they would shut down.I like your theory better than my "crude, crappy, creepy, crafty, cunning, camouflaged, conniving, classified, counterfeit contrivances! As for Dogmeat, I figured he belonged to that dead guy at the entrance to sanctuary.. he just hung out near where his last owner died. I figure that's the only reason that body is even there, 50 meters from Dogmeat.I kinda put that together on my first playthrough .. "Oh.. who's this poor sap.... Oh he has some junk. Cool...Oh shit! A Doggo! Must belong to dead asshole back there! Sweet! I gots a Doggo now! I shall call him 'Stew. P. Didiut.' Come along now Stu, that dead bozo can't feed you anymore! Let's go murder folks!... I mean.. find my dumb kid or whatever.... ugh.. kids amirite?"That's pretty much exactly how it went down for me.

  • AlienPoppaHead

    Ladies and Gentlemen ‘we got em’-Nate’s George W. Bush

  • Gabrielly Conforto

    maybe is the same mannequins from skyrim

  • Shee

    Dogmeat isn't a synth.The Minutemen sent Dogmeat to find help.Sturges is ALWAYS essential, but he has a synth component, therefore it would make sense that any essential synth, even if not stated to be a synth, would have a component. That theory is absolute trash and full of holes.

  • Schazmen Rassir

    I think the biggest factor to support Dogmeat being Institute is... the fact that he's purebred. Not a single other dog is a discernible or specific breed, from what I can tell. Though, I'm no expert, but still.

  • LifelessTooth

    Dogmeat came from Quincy with Garvey''s group of settlers. Mama Murphy even says she sent Dogmeat ahead to find help when they holed up in the museum in Concord.

  • Jared King

    I love the southpark joke.... Finding the doga at "red rocket".

  • LordPKbron G

    New theory all house cats are synths I mean they all look the same and are completely un irradiated

  • toaster_pastries

    The OG dogmeat is a blue heeler and in fallout 1 and 2 you actually have to work to get him

  • Soviet Melon

    YES, I knew those manequins were evil! I was so paranoid of the game that I stoped playing after I saw so many manequins, I was fearing that they would get weapons and attack me when I don't expect it because some manequins held knives... NOW I KNOW IT WAS TRUE! I always shoot the head off manequins when I see them but that creeps me out more because I hear sounds and one moved towards me! THOSE POSSESED MANEQUINS!

  • [OSK] B1az3kin

    Should we question why you've named your character George W. Bush ?

  • Pinky Lee

    Speaking of those freaking mannequins... Did you ever happen about a bathroom with three of them surrounding a bathtub wielding machetes? Well, 2 of them had machetes, the third (far left) is holding a plunger. In the bathtub sitting upright is a decapitated skeleton! And you'll never guess where the skull is. That’s right...the toilet! Both the toilet and bathtub are still full of water which is weird because every other tub & toilet is always bone dry, ha! I cannot remember what building it’s in for the life of me but it’s shortly after you start the game. I’ll edit if I can find it again. The scene is super, super weird and one of my favorites. I wish YT let you attach photos so I could show you. ...Along with the creepy teddy bear scenes they lay out for us, are the bears also malevolent? Maybe they are in cahoots with the mannequins? Who knows?!? Those bears get up to some pretty kinky stuff.Edit: It’s the Speakeasy in Concord on the second floor. Check it out.

  • Dániel Schnörch

    Cait and Trashcan Carla share same manner of speech; "Keep your shirt on" etc. They need to be related. The mannequin only move when people are not watching and are a faction.

  • AnySizePie

    For the mama Murphy thero she even says she knew a boy once never looking for trouble but always finding it

  • Mr. I Get Girls

    That wasn't a machete Nate. It was a paddle, he was being bad.

  • Faze Towel Rack

    The most scary theory is eating that canned meat and not getting the runs.

  • FLUXX840

    just noticed the Dunwich Borers head is just a large version of a decoration around certain buildings 😂😂

  • default with 13 subs


  • Vakaria

    I've always assumed Dogmeat was a synth. He understands language, finds things to help the player, is known to Mama Murphy, Nick Valentine, etc; is completely healthy and able to withstand radiation, and is way smarter than a normal dog. The Institute does have synth animals, so it made sense to me.

  • Rhapsody

    Your videos just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work, man

  • Mr. Grim

    Some of this is fun, but some of it is utter bullshit. Why are people being so literal? Fallout as a franchise has always been highly referential, even of itself in the later iterations. Mysterious and inexplicable homages are placed in the game as part of its long-running penchant for such trivia. Fallout had an encounter with the crashed whale from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and a meeting with the Knights of King Arthur. Why don't you scurry to explain those as well? And the part about the dog and 'lazy writing'? The only lazy writing here is by you, Nate. Dogmeat is a classic companion who appears in every main Fallout title (1, 2, 3 and 4). Dogmeat is the sort of companion best utilised early on, before you meet other characters, which in itself is a tribute to 'A Boy and His Dog'. It's fun to analyse and speculate about the many eerie aspects of Fallout, but to start getting so literal and critical about it is to sour the fun.

  • Tomb Keeper13

    There is a unique piece of dialog in Skyrim that can be triggered during the Dawnguard questline.After Serana is released from Dimhollow Crypt she will ask you to take her home, well if you take her to Castle Dawguard she will give a unique piece of Dialog, furthermore if you talk to Isran before going to Castle Volkihar he will also give a unique piece of dialog based on what you choose to tell him about Serana. Try it I am not kidding.

  • bagguette

    Why is keemstar in the thumbnail

  • Squidgyroom223

    The mannequins May be all synths? I’m new to Fallout4 btw

  • mickyflint 1218

    also for the manniquin theory dont forget about lorenzo cabot and the city and relics he found buried under the sands

  • halo player

    The manicon because when you walk by them in concord they fall also what is the langrig (i cant spell)of the people in the core uhhhhh .....core.ean

  • braindeadtiger 4297

    So Dogmeat is his real name? I though thats just what H2O delerious named him

  • Saddachuha

    nate manaquine sry for english may be skyrim bug with manaquine they move on there own sometime so they made fun with us in fallout 4

  • Gizmomaster

    Holy shit. I had no idea the lost patrol had a brotherhood knight wearing 111 jumpsuit?! How did you find that. I’d like to absolutely believe that is deliberate.

  • Nolan Is Innocent

    I think the mannequins suddenly becoming animated and combative would be awesome DLC. Imagine that, for a sec: Every-single-one, with unparalleled speed and strength, now trying to tear your head off.

  • Djelibaebi

    okay so the mannequins in this game are an example of using game-world objects to explore the games themes - after all a big threat in this game are synths or rather things that look like people but aren't. looking around the wasteland to find them is supposed to evoke suspicion in the player akin to that of people in the Boston region looking out for synths in their communities. so dont really think theres a canon explanation aside of the mannequins aside from "It works as a metaphor." Easter eggs and the like of mannequins movings are just extensions of this :/ nothin that fancy

  • Vincent Malpica

    Ive found a group of mannequins holding machetes and a plunger surrounding a headless skeleton, and a female one on a bed with a bunch of raiders

  • Connor Heddle-McGurk

    Not mannequins, Weeping Angels

  • Lost Khajiit

    Dog meat did nothing wrong !

  • Is the universe infinite ?

    OMG i never Noticed this before i played fallout 4 for at least 1.5 years

  • chaos

    To. Much. Fallout. Do. More. Skyrim. JK I love all your videos!

  • Mike L

    I never really noticed the mannequin thing before this video... now i can't unnotice it. 0_0

  • aimless dude

    The teddy bears started the Great War the ones you find doing questionable deeds and they are also possessed by that one dunwic boi

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