Fallout 4 – 5 Theories That Are Absolutely Terrifying – Fallout 4 Lore and Secrets

Fallout 4 is a game with no shortage of mystery and unexplained happenings in the Commonwealth. As a result, many Fallout 4 players have begun to propose their own theories and ideas regarding much of what goes on in the wasteland. So today we’ll be taking a look at five Fallout 4 theories that are absolutely terrifying.
  • AJ Universe

    Dogmeat wasn't a stray. He traveled to the area with the Minutemen you meet in Quincy. Whoever originally put that theory together must have just not paid much attention to dialogue.

  • Team Cyborg

    I'm a simple man. I see a gnome, I click.

  • MojoMaelstrom

    "Dogmeat is a synth"Dogmeat doesn't carry synth component when killedDeconfirmed.

  • Dylan Harshman

    "you would only tell that to a child you are very close to. ie. a child".TheEpicNate315, 2018

  • Löwenstolz Trumpet

    Dogmeat has been in the franchise since fallout one. Hes a mascot of sorts.

  • DreamsRPGs

    if you look out the window in the very first part of the game in prewar sanctuary, your character remarks, "We're never going to find that dog." and see a dog house and bowl in the empty back yard....coincidence?? meybe.

  • mrtalkative91

    4:08 "astronomically low, those are the odds. nearly impossible", except that he was sent there by Mama Murphey because the minute men own him. its like you didnt even play the game

  • aacuevas 321

    The reason The Covenant had the goat test is because Swanson was in Vault 101, He was one of the Students that took it with the protagonist in the beginning of the game.

  • Michael Hall

    Dogmeat is a pre-war ghoul. The fur covers up his scars. He hangs around vaults because he's used to helping survivors from other vaults. In his experience, people who come from vaults treat him better than other people in the wasteland so he has traveled throughout the wasteland searching for vaults with new people coming out.

  • KorilD

    I wonder if the mannequins are a reference to the Skyrim glitch where mannequins would "come to life"?

  • Airess Santana

    You..... named your character George W Bush?

  • Sasha

    6:23 sooooo the night mother, and you’re the listener. Got it.

  • normal6969

    Where Dogmeat puts your stuff?Give him a plush toy or a ball, and he occassionally play with it. :)

  • Jrlopez1027

    I just realized...How in the first theory is there a price of paper underwater?!

  • what YouTube deems appropriate 1

    My only question is how the note is intact UNDER WATER

  • Leigha Horner

    Dogmeat came with Preston and the other Quincy and Lexington survivors.

  • Mr. VOID-OUT

    The mannequins might be a nod to the Weeping Angels from Dr. Who. This is my own personal take, but what if mutation/Old Gods/both were responsible for turning real people into predatory mannequins? A smart-virus that when administered into the victim, turns their composition into matter that mimics plastic, and allows the converted subject to solidify in the presence of a threat (a well-armed adventurer.)It seems to only have a taste for humans, and a fascination with the concept of vanity.I'm high as fuck, but I'm sure some of you already concluded that.

  • Aristo Demos

    Another possibility for Dogmeat:When leaving Sanctuary across the bridge towards Concord, the sole survivor will find a fresh corpse of a raider and mutated dog. Since the bodies are so fresh, maybe Dogmeat was with that raider who was his owner (in this hypothesis) until his untimely end. This would also explain why Dogmeat would go to Red Rocket, which is one of the closest building to the corpses.

  • Rick C

    You named your sole survivor George W. Bush? 😂😂🤣

  • Joakim Haglund

    You said that the wrecked ship had a mannequin wielding a machete but it's clearly a board

  • jaktje

    Sweet, I hear Football head from Flamingosis on the background!

  • mickyflint 1218

    also for the manniquin theory dont forget about lorenzo cabot and the city and relics he found buried under the sands

  • Kyle Dore

    The godly spirits use mannequins, why not atom ? Meme boi.

  • ImpMontezuma

    About the Manequins: They probably were used by raiders, scavengers, etc ... To scare/confuse/distract trespassers.

  • Emma Grace

    I'm having a bad day and just the thought of how sweet Dogmeat is is making me almost cry

  • danteelite

    My mannequin theory; That they are/were "single use" experimental synths, sent to carry out missions, disguised as a common item, and then when they run out of power or complete their objectives they would shut down.I like your theory better than my "crude, crappy, creepy, crafty, cunning, camouflaged, conniving, classified, counterfeit contrivances! As for Dogmeat, I figured he belonged to that dead guy at the entrance to sanctuary.. he just hung out near where his last owner died. I figure that's the only reason that body is even there, 50 meters from Dogmeat.I kinda put that together on my first playthrough .. "Oh.. who's this poor sap.... Oh he has some junk. Cool...Oh shit! A Doggo! Must belong to dead asshole back there! Sweet! I gots a Doggo now! I shall call him 'Stew. P. Didiut.' Come along now Stu, that dead bozo can't feed you anymore! Let's go murder folks!... I mean.. find my dumb kid or whatever.... ugh.. kids amirite?"That's pretty much exactly how it went down for me.

  • Renegade Gunslinger

    I think a more logical theory is Dogmeat is the god of companionship, which explains him being in every game because he appears as a german shepherd to those that need him most

  • xyzyx69

    I always thought the mannequins were put there by raiders, etc. as bait or to confuse potential attackers into giving away their position or something.

  • Tevos

    Dogmeat may be a psychopomp. Normally these entities are responsible for taking souls to the afterlife, not judging, just transportation. But psychopomps can also be guides during life transitions. And leaving a vault to a horrific wasteland is a pretty big transition from a normal suburban life. Dogmeat is also the one companion that will never leave you, no matter your decisions. It's a little creepy, but Dogmeat might just look like a dog because he's in A Form You Are Comfortable With.

  • Will Winters

    From a scientific standpoint it doesn't make sense to freeze people for 180 days even if the process is perfected.Vault 111 was designed for long term preservation so an internal mutiny was to be expected.My guess is the Enclave chose Sanctuary Hills for specific individuals for reasons we will never know.

  • Gizmomaster

    Holy shit. I had no idea the lost patrol had a brotherhood knight wearing 111 jumpsuit?! How did you find that. I’d like to absolutely believe that is deliberate.

  • Jake The Dog

    I legit feel like you pronounced the God's name right but...Quairy? Kuh-war-ree lol

  • Dr. Virus 129

    So those mannequins are controlled by a malevolent god? Looks like Fallout has its own Daedra.

  • Shee

    Dogmeat isn't a synth.The Minutemen sent Dogmeat to find help.Sturges is ALWAYS essential, but he has a synth component, therefore it would make sense that any essential synth, even if not stated to be a synth, would have a component. That theory is absolute trash and full of holes.

  • Zhyvok Verum

    The mannequins May be all synths? I’m new to Fallout4 btw

  • Blue stars night

    OMG i never Noticed this before i played fallout 4 for at least 1.5 years

  • Dániel Schnörch

    Cait and Trashcan Carla share same manner of speech; "Keep your shirt on" etc. They need to be related. The mannequin only move when people are not watching and are a faction.

  • BETO

    Could the Mother, actually be the Night Mother??

  • aimless dude

    The teddy bears started the Great War the ones you find doing questionable deeds and they are also possessed by that one dunwic boi

  • Nolan Is Innocent

    I think the mannequins suddenly becoming animated and combative would be awesome DLC. Imagine that, for a sec: Every-single-one, with unparalleled speed and strength, now trying to tear your head off.

  • Rhapsody

    Your videos just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work, man

  • Bruno Franca

    If u never met Dogmeat and proceed in the main quest up to the point u have to track down Kellog, Nick says that he has a friend who can help out in that particular case. Than he sends a signal that only Dogmeat can hear and Dogmeat appears in Diamond City to help finding Kellog.

  • Dolly Doodles

    I shot and destroyed every manaquinn in the game after watching this video 😅

  • Uy Hy

    About the mannequins, I also found a funny fact about em. When I was at the place where you first meet Preston Gravey, I tried to pick the man mannequins but I can't. BUT, I could lift the female mannequins.

  • Hiett123

    for the last one I think the dude wearing the vault 111 suit is just lazy work from bethesda

  • AnySizePie

    For the mama Murphy thero she even says she knew a boy once never looking for trouble but always finding it

  • LifelessTooth

    Dogmeat came from Quincy with Garvey''s group of settlers. Mama Murphy even says she sent Dogmeat ahead to find help when they holed up in the museum in Concord.

  • Crimson Wolf

    all I know is that dog meat used to be a pet or possibly a friend of Nick Valentine you learn this if you search Kellogg's house and talk to Nick without finding Dogmeat

  • High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

    dogmeat is a human who has been transformed by the mighty power of the patron saint of red rockets truck stops, he serves the power of red rockets everywhere

  • Destroyer

    Dogmeat is not a stray. Nick Valentine had worked with him, at least that what Nick says. Plus the minute man in concord set him out for according to Mama Murphy

  • T!Tookz

    *Sees thumbnail*I am absolutely S P O O K E D

  • Ish Da Cat

    Nate, why did you put keemstar in the thumbnail?

  • Soviet Melon

    YES, I knew those manequins were evil! I was so paranoid of the game that I stoped playing after I saw so many manequins, I was fearing that they would get weapons and attack me when I don't expect it because some manequins held knives... NOW I KNOW IT WAS TRUE! I always shoot the head off manequins when I see them but that creeps me out more because I hear sounds and one moved towards me! THOSE POSSESED MANEQUINS!

  • Gulan Akrawi

    That’s why I blow up mannequins

  • wanderingbutnotlost

    The baffling amount of people who do not know that Mama Murphy sent dogmeat for help though. There should not be any theories for how dogmeat ended up at that station for anybody who played the game. It is a pretty clear cut storyline.

  • Mike L

    I never really noticed the mannequin thing before this video... now i can't unnotice it. 0_0

  • Fuckable PopTarts

    U have a character named george w bush lol


    just noticed the Dunwich Borers head is just a large version of a decoration around certain buildings 😂😂

  • Vakaria

    I've always assumed Dogmeat was a synth. He understands language, finds things to help the player, is known to Mama Murphy, Nick Valentine, etc; is completely healthy and able to withstand radiation, and is way smarter than a normal dog. The Institute does have synth animals, so it made sense to me.

  • h

    The most scary theory is eating that canned meat and not getting the runs.

  • Orch Creta

    What if you pacify Jared

  • axel usul

    Do not bad mouth Dogmeat, he's a good boy and my friend.

  • Keahi Bailey

    That dunwich place genuinely scared me

  • LVFT

    The Mannequins could be diversions for camps, outpost, settlements etc. There wouldn’t be too many ppl to keep watch 24/7 so a few dolls could act like proxy guards to deter raiders from attacking. That would explain why they’re everywhere, some have clothes & they’re in such human like positions.I admit this would be a poor idea in daylight but it could work at night. Think British during WW2 against Germany. I think the living dolls theory isn’t that great, personally.

  • [OSK] B1az3kin

    Should we question why you've named your character George W. Bush ?

  • Charles Incoming!!

    4:17 i always dogmeats owner was the dead scavenger u c bc u get 2 the red rocket in the start of the game, hes clearly been killed recently but idk maybe dogmeat is a synth dog or maybe hes the lovecraft style god lol idefk lov the vids man!

  • Vandie Ver

    DEvs: lets give the player a nice friendly dog as a companion early in the game. Nate: that is absolutly terrifying and there must be a whole conspiracy attached to it.

  • LordPKbron G

    New theory all house cats are synths I mean they all look the same and are completely un irradiated

  • Zack Vancleave

    Dogmeat was with sterges and preston and was sent a head to look for help

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