Top Ten Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

When was the last time that I unironically talked about Easter eggs on this show? I still feel like it's one of the best topics to go to for April Fools but it's also wide enough to squeeze plenty of content out of it. Maybe I should talk about glitches more often.

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  • Whatyou'dexpect


  • Lucas Paris

    You forgot about finding Real keys for the Eiffle tower in the trials fusion HD one

  • Mr. Pokirby

    Your Top 5 (Unavoidable) Party Member Deaths, please?

  • Thai742

    Donkey kong 64 with the hidden Rainbow coin that got found like last year

  • Captain Damnitt

    There was just an easter egg found in Resident Evil 4 a few weeks ago. Its a random picture of a man that is only visible waaayyyy outside the map boundaries

  • Ben Campbell

    Noticed that video error at the end of Number 7. I can't see you, only hear your sexy voice.

  • MrThedorkknight

    There's a second layer to the Calendar man easter egg. He says he'll be there at Batman's beginning and his end. Guess who has a blink and you miss it cameo at the very end of Arkham Knight?

  • Ed Cowley

    Qualifications in finding shit...Thats new rabbid

  • Starman

    Top 5 or top 10 Kirby games.

  • KJ Celicidae

    "Originally uploaded by Lord Zedd"The Power Rangers villain? I didn't know he played video games.

  • rabbidluigi

    I wonder if anyone can find the Easter egg in this video. It's in there somewhere.

  • the14thdragon

    I might get laughed at because I don't know if the easter egg I found years ago is already known, but I've never seen it in any compilations to my knowledge. Anyways in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, in the hub world if you whack Gruntilda enough times with your wand/wrench she will eventually pull out a small easel. If you get up right beside her and angle the camera just right to see what's on it, you'll see Banjo with his head decapitated, blood squirting out and a little "Haha" note.

  • DarkAngel Xero

    NAR PASSWORD; not a real password... maybe?

  • Vanilla Wonder

    top 5 genre starters. Like judge how well they are compared to what they've created or something.

  • Extreme65anime

    Why didn't you put RE4 Easter Eggs a new one was just discovered a few weeks ago.

  • KajiWyldfire

    Music at the beginning, please?Edit: Not the intro, but after that.

  • Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor

    The lad calls Rockstar Rocksteady. 10/10

  • Quetzal00358

    Idk if you're taking suggestions for next week's top five but I've got a suggestion: we always see lists of the best video game soundtracks so how about top 5 worst video game soundtracks?

  • MrNegativecreep07

    The RE2 one didn't take ages to find, I remember magazines at the time covering it

  • I am nothing

    16:51 Listen to number 1 at 0.5 speed. Rabbidluigi sounds drunk off his ass talking about the meaning of life hidden within a bike racing game.

  • Atsuko Kage

    No one knows how to play hide and seek but me and my friends ask me and I'll say how

  • Kenneth Ayoob

    Been a while since I've seen an Easter Egg video from you, Will.


    Hey rabbidluigi, I noticed a good amount of footage was taken from FunWithGuru, could you please add credit in the description?

  • FearlessOtaku GameDominator99

    Ten Days in the Valley ad right before a top ten list, go figure.

  • Jason Butler

    Narpassword=not a real password

  • Craig Sure


  • BlossomOfThorns

    Trials HD is honestly on my Top 10 games least likely to tell me the meaning of life.

  • Theivoryking Aeon

    Don't forget that calendar man shows up at the Wayne manor I've seen it on funwithguru.

  • Leon Courtney

    Hey man i just wanna say i love your content and commentary. Keep it going man!

  • Stygian X9

    Nice video, got me excited for a WaveRace64 easter egg for a second there. Also you're not implying master hand is an easter egg, right?

  • Eddie

    I found the Chris Houlihan Room when I was like 6, I had no idea it was a secret lol

  • Newt Train

    What if M+R Kingdom Battle has a super secret Easter egg that is Rabbit Luigi in Rabbidluigi's voice saying the outro to one of his videos?

  • MetaFalcon

    I would have added Wind Waker's "Forest water kills Kalle Demos instantly", which just got discovered last year to the list.

  • Carolyn

    Every time there's a new rabbidluigi video I thank the Lord.also it's my birthday next Sunday.don't disappoint rabbid

  • Mickspad

    Haven't watched it yet, expecting to see Arkham CityEdit:Welp, I'm wrong

  • Die Fantastischen KartoffelnKracker

    minit 18:50 in 0.25 speed I cant stop laughing {:D}

  • Asmo

    The Naboo Starfighter in Star Wars Rogue Squadron for the N64.

  • Red Morrow

    Holy crap I found Chris's room the legit way.

  • GenuineBread

    Top ten Easter Eggs in Videos Games #84 is rumoured to be coming out soon.


    OH MAN, THE MARATHON INFINITY THEME FOR THE BGM -- NIIIIIIIICE.Made my night as an old-school Vidmaster.

  • LSSJ Gaming

    Here's something odd. Type this Password into the Us and European versions of Metroid DragonBallZdragonballZ

  • German Furman

    Archaeologists don't find dinosaur fossils, Palaeontologists do.0/10 Do better research.

  • Random Cluster Missile

    Top 5 fandoms that saved video games (for instance, the Team Fortress 2 community)

  • WakeUpUniverse

    What game was that in the Transition? Skyrim mod? Looks interesting lol

  • A Person With a Name

    Chris Houlihan is truly a legend...Is he alive now?

  • Torgor

    Top 10 normal things/concepts in video games that became jokes/memes.

  • orange soda with no ice

    mr. raggedruiji can you do top 10 best rabbedluigi faces

  • Weeping Koopa

    Like how you can find Axe Cop and Wexter in Scrabblenauts Unlimited and Scribblenauts Unmasked.

  • TheAlphaCactus YT

    Top 5 hardest light/dark Super Meat Boy levels.

  • The Penguin Council

    im a simple man: i see a rabbidluigi videoi finish the video im watching thenmaybe click on a different videothen i click

  • Zarus Tyran

    2:30 Shouldn't he be fighting Power Rangers? LOL

  • Oggman

    "A man chooses, a slave obeys". Yes, I noticed your shirt. I´m also a huge fan of the Bioshock Series.

  • E

    Top 5/10 Eldritch horrors in video games.

  • Slival

    Old school runescape took almost 2 years to find an item they KNEW was in the game. Look up "Crack the Clue osrs"

  • Screwy

    The ZX Spectrum emulator in GoldenEye was probably to test it for when they put Jetpak in DK64.

  • Eternal Yoshi

    My favorite Easter Egg that took decades to find that's not on there is the Jackpot Password of River City Ransom.MShinTechnosJapanThis password changes your name to shin, maximizes all your stats and cash, and gives you all the technique books in your inventory.

  • Knightguard1

    1. The Easter Egg that unlocks all the content in Ubisoft Games.Wait...

  • CMDR Plexus IronRot

    Marathon Infinity theme in background YEP sub

  • max runia

    Tfw the notfication comes too late and you cant make a pornhub Joke

  • El Capitan

    N.A.R. password. Not A Real password.

  • TheCartoonGamer8000

    With Number 9 , that's probably why Jetpac was playable in Donkey Kong 64!

  • Spicy Marshmallow

    Top 10 silliest/funniest video game Easter eggs

  • jawskill305

    you forgot that rock in Pubg that leads to a void under the map smh you clickbait channel

  • Luke Hickey

    Top 10 Supporting Characters, perhaps?

  • Anonymus Müller

    That line-drawing at 4:30 reminded me of Take on me by Aha

  • HippieGrunge

    Top 5/10 worst video game companies and/or developers

  • KJzard

    12:05 7.8/10 Get your facts straight.

  • Supah Cole VII

    Top 5 Classic games no one seems to mention/remember anymore

  • The Green Dragon 53

    Wow, the meaning of life was not something I was expecting to discover in a Rabbidluigi video of all things;& on a Monday no less.

  • AceVendetta

    I appreciate the use of marathon's soundtrack!

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