Top Ten Video Game Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

When was the last time that I unironically talked about Easter eggs on this show? I still feel like it's one of the best topics to go to for April Fools but it's also wide enough to squeeze plenty of content out of it. Maybe I should talk about glitches more often.

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  • rabbidluigi

    I wonder if anyone can find the Easter egg in this video. It's in there somewhere.

  • Mr. Pokirby

    Your Top 5 (Unavoidable) Party Member Deaths, please?

  • Ben Campbell

    Noticed that video error at the end of Number 7. I can't see you, only hear your sexy voice.

  • Lucas Paris

    You forgot about finding Real keys for the Eiffle tower in the trials fusion HD one

  • There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Top 5 or top 10 Kirby games.

  • the14thdragon

    I might get laughed at because I don't know if the easter egg I found years ago is already known, but I've never seen it in any compilations to my knowledge. Anyways in Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, in the hub world if you whack Gruntilda enough times with your wand/wrench she will eventually pull out a small easel. If you get up right beside her and angle the camera just right to see what's on it, you'll see Banjo with his head decapitated, blood squirting out and a little "Haha" note.

  • Thai742

    Donkey kong 64 with the hidden Rainbow coin that got found like last year

  • Whatyou'dexpect


  • Joe Van der Vossen

    Your titles are going into watchmojo territory again. Please stay away from the dark side.

  • MrThedorkknight

    There's a second layer to the Calendar man easter egg. He says he'll be there at Batman's beginning and his end. Guess who has a blink and you miss it cameo at the very end of Arkham Knight?

  • Landon McInjames

    I bet Lauren gives good head

  • Ed Cowley

    Qualifications in finding shit...Thats new rabbid

  • Spencer Hayes

    Top Five Moronic NPCs (Characters that have a tendency to be as stupid as possible, either through their actions or how they interact with other characters.)

  • Quetzal00358

    Idk if you're taking suggestions for next week's top five but I've got a suggestion: we always see lists of the best video game soundtracks so how about top 5 worst video game soundtracks?

  • Tignite91

    Let me take a guess for NARPASWORD it's actually +N+ot +A+nother +R+andom +Pasword+ which is hallarious!It's a joke, simple to remember when debugging the game and is really not a random pasword at all.. ^^

  • Captain Damnitt

    There was just an easter egg found in Resident Evil 4 a few weeks ago. Its a random picture of a man that is only visible waaayyyy outside the map boundaries

  • King Bouncer

    Your transition clips are getting weirder every video...I like it.

  • Hatien Tacetlen

    No 1 minecraft's hidden ability to cause autism

  • Carol Taylor

    Top five stealth games!!!!!!

  • MR squidman

    Tfw the notfication comes too late and you cant make a pornhub Joke

  • Extreme65anime

    Why didn't you put RE4 Easter Eggs a new one was just discovered a few weeks ago.

  • docette2015

    Yay Easter Eggs! Though I'm not sure if I could call the debug menu from the MK Arcade machines one...but I guess if you can access it through button presses, it counts enough. I'd heard about the sarcastic Wave Runner announcer before, though! I vote all racing games with announcers have that option now.

  • GenuineBread

    "This has been rabbidlui-" existential crisis "-gi"

  • Mikhail Mcmorrow

    You've chosen, POORLY

  • Craig Sure


  • Voltage2016

    Not gonna lie, I have no idea what #3 is because all I can focus on is the music.

  • DarkAngel Xero

    NAR PASSWORD; not a real password... maybe?

  • Jason Butler

    Narpassword=not a real password

  • ArxidiaX2 ArxidiaX2

    ARHKAM KNIGHT SPOILERIf you get the ending of Arkham Knight, you can see Calendar Man in the crowd near Wayne Manor before it explodes. He really was there at the beginning, and he was there at the end.

  • MrNegativecreep07

    The RE2 one didn't take ages to find, I remember magazines at the time covering it

  • BlossomOfThorns

    Trials HD is honestly on my Top 10 games least likely to tell me the meaning of life.

  • KajiWyldfire

    Music at the beginning, please?Edit: Not the intro, but after that.

  • Vanilla Wonder

    top 5 genre starters. Like judge how well they are compared to what they've created or something.

  • WaterViking

    What about the Saints Row hidden stash one? Which was proven by MrSaintsGodzilla?

  • AwesomeTris

    My only problem with this list is that it's a list thats been done by everyone

  • Slival

    Old school runescape took almost 2 years to find an item they KNEW was in the game. Look up "Crack the Clue osrs"

  • MetaFalcon

    I would have added Wind Waker's "Forest water kills Kalle Demos instantly", which just got discovered last year to the list.

  • Captain O'Shealy

    N.A.R. password. Not A Real password.

  • Starcutter

    I would have added the windwaker killing of the forest boss with the miracle water or whatever since it took so long to find

  • Cole

    re2 hidden film was found within 6 months of the game's release.did not take years to find.

  • Suprasylph

    "Who the hell is randomly searching the same place 50 times?!?"Pretty much anybody who's played a Front Mission game. Or a lot of JRPG games. :D

  • kaxmerg

    Did you know? I have a very average sized penis, however my poops are big enough to be classified as a small mammal without hair.

  • Chicago Ed

    I found the Chris Houlihan Room when I was like 6, I had no idea it was a secret lol

  • Sir Ubersupersloth

    What's that music at the start? It's pretty good.

  • VideoBase

    Seriously the ham on display here is tough to endure

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Notification Squad anyone?

  • GenuineBread

    Top ten Easter Eggs in Videos Games #84 is rumoured to be coming out soon.

  • WakeUpUniverse

    What game was that in the Transition? Skyrim mod? Looks interesting lol

  • McGovP

    The song during the Metroid entry - which Metroid game is it from?

  • chainsawcraig

    why is this twenty minutes long

  • Random Cluster Missile

    I feel like had any of the Undertale develops (or the fandom, for that matter) not revealed several of the secrets, there would be a list like this 5 years in the future (at least) with a lot of Undertale secrets. For instance: Gaster, So Sorry, Sans' lab, Gaster's followers, random dialogue, etc. A lot of effort went into finding those. Damn you Toby Fox!

  • Kenneth Ayoob

    Been a while since I've seen an Easter Egg video from you, Will.

  • FearlessOtaku GameDominator99

    Ten Days in the Valley ad right before a top ten list, go figure.

  • Seagma Egma

    omg so much useless talk

  • Mew FanGirl

    Hmmm, that one that was at Number 5 reminds me of in FF9, at the beginning of the game and they're explaining the plan to kidnap Princess Garnet, if you click the "So that's when I kidnap Queen Brahne" option like, 50 times, Ruby comes running into the room to tell you how stubborn you are.

  • Newt Train

    What if M+R Kingdom Battle has a super secret Easter egg that is Rabbit Luigi in Rabbidluigi's voice saying the outro to one of his videos?

  • Sufyan Qassem

    Does the mew glitch count?

  • CinnamonThief

    Interesting list! I've never been into these Easter eggs so it's not the most interesting topic for me, but that last one was super cool. Developers should do those more often.And of course, suggestion time.Top 5 Male Protagonists (because why not)Top 5 terrible games that are genuinely funny Top 5 Open World BossesTop 5 Spooky LevelsTop 5 Point-n-Click GamesTop 5 Modern Point-n-Click Games

  • kawrght

    I didnt think the resident evil 2 one took too long to find.mightve even been within the ps1 lifetime. There are clues in the bakcground and some reports about it as well. It even tells you "someone must have searched the desk" as in search here stupid. So tbh i think this video needs pulling down and redoing considering two entries are incorrect. I normally wouldnt suggest that, but fora few entries you don't even mention how long it took to find.

  • takanuinuva

    Top 5 videogame trailers that spoiled the game.

  • Louis Cypher

    Sabre Wulf in the Spectrum kicked ass, same with Jet set Willy, manic miner, Monty mole, underworld and so many more, especially the text based adventure RPGs like the Hobbit a Sherlock Holmes, the LOTR with its 45 mins load time and having to reload as soon as you died, which was within 3 mins usually, that sucks big time.

  • Herbtastic and connoriffic's random game time

    Wait, rocksteady was founded on my birthday?

  • Zarus Tyran

    2:30 Shouldn't he be fighting Power Rangers? LOL

  • TheCartoonGamer8000

    With Number 9 , that's probably why Jetpac was playable in Donkey Kong 64!

  • Mairaine Playzgames

    i got the halo 3 easter egg just on teh day i was playing on it, didnt look for it, just happenendas i played that game on that day. i was kinda surprised about it tho.

  • Freeze914

    Top 10 Sandblock Games

  • Simonrcz

    The one in resident evil 2 didn't take years to find. I remember my brother showing me back when we played it as kids

  • Ash Beech


  • Jack Dreas

    Top 5 games that are harder than they appear

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