TESV: Skyrim - All Daedric Artifacts Guide (Vanilla)

A true revisit to the Daedric Artifacts guide I did so long ago, now condensed!

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● Tips & Tricks - https://youtu.be/ADR1k9VWq2I
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● All Dragon Priest Masks (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/T4rgkZq4U3Q
● All Daedric Artifacts (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/CVvXAPLp6gQ
● Unique Weapons (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/Aw6Fme4u3Qw
● Permanent/Passive Special Effects (Vanilla) - https://youtu.be/kpuocm6lFbY
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[Equipment Included]
Azura's Star/Black Star
Savior's Hide -OR- Hircine's Ring (1:28) - To get both, help Sinding kill the hunters, complete the quest, then go back in and kill him too.
Ring of Namira (1:59)
Mace of Molag Bal (2:30)
Wabbajack (2:54)
Skull of Corruption (3:33)
Volendrung (4:12)
Mehrunes' Razor (4:47) - There was a typo on this, it starts at level 20 instead of 10.
Masque of Clavicus Vile -OR- Rueful Axe (5:30) - If you want the achievement, don't choose the axe.
Dawnbreaker (6:20)
Spellbreaker (6:59)
Sanguine Rose (7:40)
Oghma Infinium (8:14)
Ebony Blade (8:45)
Ebony Mail (9:26)
Skeleton Key (10:06)
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  • Night Wolf

    Leave a like if you play skyrim I just want to know who still does

  • Eone Hundred

    It sucks you can't keep the unbreakable skeleton key

  • Leslie Steele

    imagine turning a dragon into a chicken with the wabbajack

  • Jeoshyung

    Azura's Star + Molag Bal's Mace... = Dont need to worry bout them soul gems.

  • Celestial Dragon

    I've been using Dawnbreaker since day one. Dunno why, it's just such a cool blade.

  • Dr. Virus 129

    What if you were to wear and use ALL of these...? Would the power overwhelm you, or would you yourself become one with Oblivion?

  • Raouf Elhage

    I have all of them but I have such bad organisation probs that I cant find them again, for gods sake I can't remember where I put my wife...

  • Ryan Emmons

    They should have made a bow as one of the Daedric artifacts

  • Leto85

    You can keep the Rueful Axe AND the Mask of Clavicus Vile by placing the Axe on a weapon rack in any house that you own, then going back to Clavicle to 'return the axe' so you can receive his mask. The Axe will still be on your weapon plague.This can also be done with the Rusted Mace once achieved.Other than that; this is a good guide. I can see you've put a lot of work in it with editing.

  • The Ember Assassin

    #5: Volendrung#4: Dawnbreaker #3: Ebony Blade#2: Mehrunes' Razor#1: Ebony Mail

  • Casso Wary

    dawnbreaker. that gorgeous blue flame explosion.

  • Logic XGang

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    (Kills Companion for Ebony Mail)(Resurrects companion)HAHA!!!!! I AM SMARTER THAN YOU GAME!!!!!!!!

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    I swear, Caedo has some of the best visual guides out there for any game!

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    Dawnbreaker makes the dawnguard quests a breeze

  • Joey heijm

    ebony blade is the best bruh

  • Ashton Charles Jago

    U can get both Hircine's artifacts~ don't kill the werewolf, go threw the whole thing with him (in the cave). Then when ur done wait for him to leave the cave then follow him out. Talk with Hircine, then go kill the werewolf. U then get Saviours hide and u already have the ring

  • UncleSlam

    A lot of information in a little amount of time. 5/5 bretty good.

  • MicrosoftPaint Potato2244

    Mehrunes' Razor starts at 20 not 10

  • Fustile

    Azura's star is the most useful of daedric artifacts, but Dawnbreaker is also really good, especially if you get it early

  • Diego Ruiz

    Drip dropDrop topThe legend27 CommentsHave got to stop

  • Flint The Gaming Lad

    somehow, i got 2 dawnbreakers by using unrelenting force at the sword and the mage guy. Now i call that a glitch.

  • Xylem Force

    For some reason when I got dawnbreaker there was also one on the floor... so now I duel wield dawnbreaker!

  • Steven Nicholls

    I just wanted to say two years later, that I found this video to be outstanding in quality and very informative. I have played the game to death and have all the achievements but just felt like giving credit where it's due!

  • M

    skeleten key is the best lockpic in the skyrim you dont need any lockpick anymore cause you have a infinite use lockpick lol!

  • Foulplayyy

    I got all of the artifacts from each quest besides the “Savior’s Hide”, I didn’t get the Oblivion Walker achievement so I went to go kill Sinding and it gave me the achievement. Thanks for the guide!

  • SirXiy

    I found all of the things before this but I still watched because its so good

  • NepcoreD3stiny

    ... welp I'm gonna sacrifice jizargo for the ebony mail

  • Codename: Wither

    I mean, if you level your lockpicking up enough you do eventually get unbreakable picks.. so really no point in keeping the Skeleton Key anyway unless you want to use it until you're leveled to that point (which is a good idea in my mind)

  • Bad Kitten LP germany

    I have 2 Dawnbreakers . Bugs are Awesome!

  • Virtus

    lol , my cat attacked the tv (i use a tv screen )  when one of the weapons came up on the screen xD

  • spartan squid

    Azura's star- 1/15 completeSavior's hide- 2/15 completeRing of Namira- 3/15 completeMace of Molag Bal- 4/15 completeWabbajack- 5/15 completeSkull of corruption- 6/15 completeVolendrung- 7/15 completeMehrunes' Razor-8/15 completeMasque of Clavicus Vile- 9/15 completeDawnbreaker- 10/15 completeSpellbreaker- 11/15 completeSanguine Rose- 12/15 completeOghma Infinium- 13/15 completeEbony Blade- 14/15 completeEbony Mail- 15/15 completed------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Skeleton Key- 1/1 completeThis is for my own personal tracking of my artifacts, pay it no mind.Achievement unlocked

  • Allykat _626

    All the trophies I need left is to get the 15 Daedric Artifacts, have 100,000 gold, Reach Level 50, and Learn 20 shouts! I'm so close to becoming a master!

  • DJPhantom

    I once was sent to the falkreaath jail because I went on a killing spree, next thing I know when I break out a guard starts using my skull of corruption on me...

  • Jan Janowski

    Mace of Molag Bal aka Mace of edgy emos.

  • Sir Failsalot

    I discovered that you can obtain two Dawnbreakers by knocking it off the pedestal, then picking it off the floor (which doesn't count as finishing the dungeon) before activating the pedestal to gain a second - so you can dual-wield a pair of Undead-slaying swords, albeit unintentionally.

  • dml34468

    Another amazing quality guide. Thanks this helped a lot

  • george Duffett

    I wish Umbra was in this game. :( (the blade that traps souls that Clavicus Vile wants back in Oblivion and possibly Morrowind)

  • Rinnegan Ice

    ebony mail is op is it amazing for heavy armor builds


    I have all them but I returned the skeleton key the ones on the title

  • Tall T

    I used the Mehrune's Razor on Alduin in Sovengard, and I 3 shot him :)

  • poopi doopi

    I got Meridia's beacon in Bleak Falls Barrow

  • Miggs_SK- Science lover

    9:17 will this work with jarl Viginar? Beacouse i completed battle of whiterun

  • Mario Petrov

    5:31 you can get both the Masque of "lavicus Vile" and the "Rueful Axe" and you don't have to kill the dog .

  • Big Smoke_On The Coke

    Help sinding and get the ring then kill sinding and go outside... thank me later :)

  • MacTpk

    So I had three of the artifacts and I didn’t know?Damn.

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    God damn man you are awesome.Keep up the good work

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    My favourite daedric artifact is drum roll plsTHE RING OF HIRCINE

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  • Scitch2781

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  • Truly 4

    did you know you could get two wooden plates and glitch through a wall and get it at level 1

  • T Maxwell

    My favorite is the ebony chain mail, dawn breaker and the spell breaker, if u block with the dawn breaker when fighting dragons, you'll take no damage.

  • HappyMcDull -

    5:30 If any of you are trying to get the Oblivion Walker Achievement/Trophy, DO NOT get the rueful axe. It won’t count.

  • nate peterman

    Could you make a video for the unique weapons and armors please

  • grimey30571

    IMPORTANT PLZ REAF: It is possible to get both the Masque of Calvius vile and The Rueful Axe, there are tutorial videos for this little cheat, and it's also very helpful and important to completing your daderic artifact collection.

  • FatheredPuma81

    I had Dawnbreaker once. Then I put it, 100+ filled soul gems, and all sorts of random stuff I wanted to keep in a chest above the riverwood trader assuming that they never updated or changed.Now I don't have any of that stuff.

  • mitchell & jack

    I did not have to get the ebony mail for the achievement.

  • Emilio Correa

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