Skyrim: The Scariest Chest You Will Ever Meet – Immersive Skyrim Mods #9

Skyrim is a game which has cemented itself as perhaps the apex of gaming’s modding scene. The Elder Scrolls 5’s has an almost incalculable number of mods available right now on the Nexus and new mods being produced every day, transforming Skyrim into a game where the sky’s the limit. Recently the RPG has seen a number of new modding releases and even some Creation Club that certainly are worth a deep dive into. So sit back and relax as we explore five immersive mods for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

The Last Refuge


Mihail's Monsters and Animals

House Dres Operations pt.1
  • Tim Morris

    Bartender asked why we carry swords into a tavern. "Mimics", we replied. He laughed, we laughed...the table laughed...

  • Little Shmuplet

    I have something even scarier to tell youThere's a skeleton inside of you right now

  • August Beck

    Why does Bethesda think I will ever buy anything for skyrim when I can just get free mods? It's not logical

  • 秋山克子

    When did Skyrim turn into Dark Souls?

  • Ysolda gimmeyomammothtusk

    Nate, I'm begging you! Just one mammoth tusk!


    That thumbnail makes me uncomfortable

  • Vertuben Flugen

    You're definitely 50% of the reason I'm still excited about playing Skyrim.

  • Squiddle

    Imagine trapped chests were replaced by mimics.One more reason to stay out of those damn Nord ruins.

  • DraconicLeafTalarus

    Mimics...Even in Skyrim you can’t escape encountering them.

  • Thunder Bird

    6:54 They're incredibly... Incredibly what, Nate? We need answers.

  • AbsoluteMooreon

    I have a request. Whenever you bring up a mod can you mention what platforms they are avaliable on? It just makes things easier so peeps like myself don't have to check

  • Xnexogen-K

    Does anyone else think that the ice golum looks kinda like a deathclaw?

  • Leif Einar Amundison

    Mimics! Oh, how I LOVE them!Thank you Nate!

  • That Guy Harambe

    "Imagine when Minecraft was popular on youtube"You mean right now, boss?

  • J D

    MXR:Epic Nate: “you guys need this flesh spell”

  • Eric Morse

    Thanks for the consistent posts, Nate! Enjoy your vids

  • ltshep

    6:50 Good to know that Leshens are “increadibly”

  • Dyionisis Yhe horned one

    Saw the flesh spell on Mxr's latest video, personally i miss the reflect spells that oblivion had.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    While on jury duty I saw Nate upload, this mans verdict can wait.

  • Austin Possinger

    the necrophages looked like a fantasy version of the mancubus demon from DOOM

  • Cami Howe

    I think Skyrim is a great platform for budding programmers, artists, and voice actors to explore their interests while creating a portfolio for something professional down the line.

  • Strùn

    Thumbnail : weird fkn chestAlso thumbnail : IMMERSION

  • Amanda Goodman

    I'll never be scarred from boxes!sees MimicHey ma you got the flamethrower?

  • Simply Drug Addict

    Miyazaki came for my soul even in skyrim. Noooooo.....sceams in japanesse

  • DragonKing Bahamut

    Dark souls: laughs in mimic

  • Butterghost

    "They're incredibly"

  • Flint725

    I thought the title of this video was “Top 10 Most Immersive Chest Mods” and I was really looking forward to that...

  • morphingninja

    That "Ice Golem" definitely has some Deathclaw elements to it.

  • Supa_Sion

    8:40"I feel like this would be a really great time to mention underhanded slavery."

  • tripledeluxeguy

    Ever heard of “sands of time”? It’s a pretty awesome mod which just makes Skyrim about 100 times more fun when going through dungeons.

  • arkon gene

    when i read the title i thought (definitely not dark souls mimics)sees model: DARK SOULS MIMIC MY NEMESIS!

  • Nash 00

    "it just works" - anonymous skyrim loading screen

  • curtis wong

    "Imagine a time when Minecraft was the most popular game on YouTube"You mean right now?never mind, didn't see the latter bit

  • Mario's fun adventures with Luigi

    When your favorite skyrim youtuber says hes makeing a new video. Me: thank you my Lord we will await its arrivel very happy

  • Lego MasterBuilder

    i love skyrim so much! DRAGONBORN!

  • Plague Doctor Seth

    Look here, that Mimic brings back a ptsd memory from Dark Souls...Sens Fortress...tiny room...a nice loot chest...then suddenly TEETH!!!

  • peta jacobs

    6:30 me when the are you still watching screen pops up on Netflix

  • Windhelm guard 69

    as a person who has died to mimics 20 times in dark sous 3, i think i will pass

  • BlazingAmber

    Ahh yes. I’m finally reunited with the chest that I opened in DS3

  • War Lahas

    About to play it for the first time on the switch, hate that I can't get mods.PS: Mage,Warrior or Thief? I'm feeling like doing a mage-warrior type.

  • Pitch Black

    Mihail has made my Skyrim amazing I just can’t wait until all his mods make it to Xbox

  • Pitch Black

    Mihail has made my Skyrim amazing I just can’t wait until all his mods make it to Xbox

  • Sweepie

    My friend. Now it's 2019. Minecraft is taking over again. and i love it.

  • Squantanamo

    "Back when minecraft was the most popular game on YouTube"Oh you mean right now?

  • dragonrykr

    So as MXR started reviewing Loverslab mods, Nate took it upon himself to do his old job of reviewing Nexus modsPerfection

  • Paolo Calabria

    The Dragonhide spell can ONLY be dual casted, as it is a Master spell.

  • Ghost G4ME5

    Mimics look really familea- nvm there from dark souls

  • Kidyom. U

    10:12 "or a clever use of your tongue" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • xcrimsonlegendx

    The Mihail monsters always look so derpy. lol

  • Liam Darcy

    6:54 "the wild hunt" perfect way to fit a witches reference

  • SnowNut

    0:06 who says I have to imagine that

  • Joshua Anderson

    "If I told you to think back to a time when Mincraft was the most popular game on youtube, a new call of duty game on the horizon was all the rage, and skyrims moding scene was the apex of fan content. You'd probably think back to 2011 or 2012."I thought back to last week...

  • Eiannzy

    Nate, i think you should put more ads on your videos. Personally i think you deserve more revenue and i woukd watch all the ads because you derserve it. Thanks for all the videos nate!

  • That One Black Guy

    “You’d think back to 2011-2012” nikka nothings changed.

  • Casper Skye

    I've been streaming an interesting modded Skyrim. Where my viewers were the ones who chose what mods I used. (Xbox) so that way there wouldn't be any NSFW dealio xD

  • ForcE Ethereal

    Lol “2012” nah that 2019 on the dot

  • Christy Paino

    The mimics are back!!! I just healed from my PTDS (Post-traumatic-Dark-Souls, if you needed clarity)

  • Joseph Hester

    “Mimics from dungeons and dragons” ????????

  • Samuel Desjardins

    The Mimics' teeth in Dark souls are fingers, that mod looks awesome nonetheless, big love ^^

  • Selbad

    Hey Nate loving the content <3

  • Gabriel

    So, you can download DLC-size mods for free that add tons of content and hours of gameplay, but then you have to pay for some half-ass, mediocre armor mod? these people are a shame to skyrim's modding community, in my opinion.

  • Land Cucumber

    That thumbnail lookin’ like a mimic from terraria

  • TheBabadookWasOverrated

    Mihail's mods are all merge friendly. No need to worry about those 50 individual mods. Just, please, use ZMerge.

  • Stick war legacy Fan

    dark souls hackers: hold my beer

  • Hayden Arlo

    you forgot to mention the difficulty jump with installing mihail's mods xD

  • Icaro

    This series helps a lot. My other source of mods has run out of good ones to add to his videos and I'm looking to get as many as possible before Skyrim oofs

  • AZRA3L

    Love the intro lmao I died

  • Kees Leen

    Just imagine Skyrim with dark souls mechanics and combat.Also, love your stuff nate. watched every video.

  • Knight-Paladin Eleanor

    That chest in the thumbnail reminds me of the evil chests in dark souls

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