Skyrim: The Scariest Chest You Will Ever Meet – Immersive Skyrim Mods #9

Skyrim is a game which has cemented itself as perhaps the apex of gaming’s modding scene. The Elder Scrolls 5’s has an almost incalculable number of mods available right now on the Nexus and new mods being produced every day, transforming Skyrim into a game where the sky’s the limit. Recently the RPG has seen a number of new modding releases and even some Creation Club that certainly are worth a deep dive into. So sit back and relax as we explore five immersive mods for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

The Last Refuge


Mihail's Monsters and Animals

House Dres Operations pt.1
  • Tim Morris

    Bartender asked why we carry swords into a tavern. "Mimics", we replied. He laughed, we laughed...the table laughed...

  • Little Shmuplet

    I have something even scarier to tell youThere's a skeleton inside of you right now

  • August Beck

    Why does Bethesda think I will ever buy anything for skyrim when I can just get free mods? It's not logical

  • Ysolda gimmeyomammothtusk

    Nate, I'm begging you! Just one mammoth tusk!

  • 秋山克子

    When did Skyrim turn into Dark Souls?


    That thumbnail makes me uncomfortable

  • Vertuben Flugen

    You're definitely 50% of the reason I'm still excited about playing Skyrim.

  • Squiddle

    Imagine trapped chests were replaced by mimics.One more reason to stay out of those damn Nord ruins.

  • AbsoluteMooreon

    I have a request. Whenever you bring up a mod can you mention what platforms they are avaliable on? It just makes things easier so peeps like myself don't have to check

  • Thunder Bird

    6:54 They're incredibly... Incredibly what, Nate? We need answers.

  • Xnexogen-K

    Does anyone else think that the ice golum looks kinda like a deathclaw?

  • DraconicLeafTalarus

    Mimics...Even in Skyrim you can’t escape encountering them.

  • Leif Einar Amundison

    Mimics! Oh, how I LOVE them!Thank you Nate!

  • J D

    MXR:Epic Nate: “you guys need this flesh spell”

  • Eric Morse

    Thanks for the consistent posts, Nate! Enjoy your vids

  • Eiannzy

    Nate, i think you should put more ads on your videos. Personally i think you deserve more revenue and i woukd watch all the ads because you derserve it. Thanks for all the videos nate!

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    Saw the flesh spell on Mxr's latest video, personally i miss the reflect spells that oblivion had.

  • Simply Drug Addict

    Miyazaki came for my soul even in skyrim. Noooooo.....sceams in japanesse

  • Xperion Lo

    He's taking over Skyrim Mods weekly!?!!!?

  • Amanda Goodman

    I'll never be scarred from boxes!sees MimicHey ma you got the flamethrower?

  • Austin Possinger

    the necrophages looked like a fantasy version of the mancubus demon from DOOM

  • Lego MasterBuilder

    i love skyrim so much! DRAGONBORN!

  • Sean K

    While on jury duty I saw Nate upload, this mans verdict can wait.

  • TheBabadookWasOverrated

    Mihail's mods are all merge friendly. No need to worry about those 50 individual mods. Just, please, use ZMerge.

  • Bag of Souls

    I know of a much more scarier chestThe random chest that beholds Meridia’s Beacon

  • Paolo Calabria

    The Dragonhide spell can ONLY be dual casted, as it is a Master spell.

  • Strùn

    Thumbnail : weird fkn chestAlso thumbnail : IMMERSION

  • Zachary Cornelison

    This gives me a flashback to Dark Souls concept art of Mimic LADDERS and BLOODSTAINS.

  • Metal Blade

    Dark Souls players dont need to worry about this. We already check chests by smacking them with our weapons or fists if you are in Drangleic. (Weapons are made by cardboard in that place, I swear.)


    Hey Nate! you should do armor mods

  • SunDaGamer_74

    Thanks for your content as always nate! I'm going through a tough time right now but your videos will always cheer me up :')

  • Spencer Moore

    Zero period productions is doing valley of outcasts

  • Que Tal

    I prefer the flesh spell's visual effects coming with the Cutting Room Floor mod.Yes, it covers the armor as well, not only skin, which is not that immersive. I think it looks more like the material.

  • War Lahas

    About to play it for the first time on the switch, hate that I can't get mods.PS: Mage,Warrior or Thief? I'm feeling like doing a mage-warrior type.

  • Austin Solberg

    Lockpicking chest in Skyrim: kLockpicking chest in Modded Skyrim: kLockpicking chest in The Elder Souls: OHGODNO

  • MossyGolem

    Mimics... The D&D death trap that was even deadlier in Dark Souls

  • Kynn Kysil

    Well... 'Everybody Loves Large Chest' am I right?

  • Keiron Harvey

    The last time I killed a Leshen I was playing Monster Hunter World.... I think I need to restart a Skyrim role play... I never use MODS, it this looks cool as fuck. What other MODS should I get for a more 'realistic' game?

  • Ookun Danny

    Nate, I love your videos! But you don't always specify if these mods are on PC or Xbox. Help a brother Xbox player out my guy! Also, keep up the vids! :)

  • Wanderingwalker 1990

    That thumbnail looks like an enemy from FF9 in burmecia.

  • Nathaniel minnch Minnich

    I've fought and seen mimics in dark souls,dark souls mimics are more scary and terrifying

  • Casper Skye

    I've been streaming an interesting modded Skyrim. Where my viewers were the ones who chose what mods I used. (Xbox) so that way there wouldn't be any NSFW dealio xD

  • RageSong

    Mimics are also in Dragon Quest for the gameboy color and nintendo ds

  • Zach Ross

    Nate, I feel the same way you do, and countless others, about the Creation Club content.Personally, I think all the current Creation Club Armors could be appropriately bundled into a single 1000 credit purchase.

  • Selbad Of Steins

    Hey Nate loving the content <3

  • IllusiveSentinel

    I personally prefer another flesh mod which isArmored Flesh - Updated Visuals for Alteration Armor I highly recommend checking it out

  • Nash 00

    "it just works" - anonymous skyrim loading screen

  • FlamingAtheist

    >creation clubheh thats pretty funny

  • Dank Souls Guru

    Dark souls. hold my beer

  • Meto Minchev

    There isn't anything better than modded Fallout 4 with C.A.M.P. where you can build your perfect settlement or just military headquarters.....

  • General Grey

    If bethesda wants to do paid mods. Make expansion level content for $20 man. Thats the main issue with most of the mods. there is not much to them. short quests for a weapon or armor set. Or sometimes both.Some of fallout 4's Ive seen arent terrible, but they should be more content for the amount paid

  • Stubby1085

    Good stuff like usual Nate. You're the man now Dawg!

  • Gaming With Agent

    Hi mate, nice vid. Can I know the name of the enb you use. It's really colourful

  • Crimson Lance Guy

    Dual cast dragonhide? You mean 2k+ magika requirments?


    Well thanks for triggering my Dark Souls mimic flashbacks

  • Supa_Sion

    8:40"I feel like this would be a really great time to mention underhanded slavery."

  • The Daddyland

    Here is a tiny detail for you:In the skill tree menu it has skill trees from both warrior, thief, and mage. However the ones in between correspond to both for example enchanting is in between warrior and mage which makes sense since it's enchanting has a magical element but you use to enchant weapons and armour. Alchemy between mage and thief skill trees again corresponding to both and archery which is between warrior and thief skill trees because archery us more of a stealthy skill but you is a weapon

  • Jacob Bagnall

    I really love everything you covered in this video ! Thanks TheEpicNate315 !

  • Ninja Saga

    Wait, Dragonhide is a tow handed master level magic so NPC don't even know. Why did ypu said like a one handed spell with NPC usange?

  • Kidyom U.

    10:12 "or a clever use of your tongue" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Pitch Black

    Personally I love his Coral Atronachs and his Air Atronachs

  • Dusty Jack

    The mimic mod is more based on the design from dark souls rather than d&d

  • Isaacs Random Videos

    You can tell Bethesda made this game, Easy you just have to play Fo4 /Fallout 4


    Mimics are from dark souls not dnd

  • Nehtiyalyr

    Is mind blowing how Bethesda keep making/ordering mods way worse than free mods and charging for them... Creation Club is a scam and knowing how greedy Bethesda has become probably will be pushed to extreme in ES VI...

  • itsKhro

    There is a rift in time somewhere here. WoW Classic is releasing as well. What is happening.

  • Sherman Brennan

    I love this series. The blue ogre in Mihail's Monsters? Straight Outta ESO. Never woulda known about this mod, and the others, without your letting all of us know. Thanks!

  • Stick war legacy Fan

    dark souls hackers: hold my beer

  • FBI

    Hi Nate i love your vids keep it up 👆

  • Storm Gambler

    A mod I definitely recommend is Relics of Hyrule by JKalenad. He introduces weapons and armor from the the Legend of Zelda series in a lore friendly way and has made his own dungeons, npcs, locations, lore and unique weapons and armor for the mod and he is still plans on adding more.

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