Skyrim Special Edition - 5 Essential Mods for XBOX One

So you're ready to mod Skyrim on your XBOX One, but what mods should you choose? Take a look at Cam And Seb's list of 5 essential mods to get you started.

Mod List:

1 - Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor

2 - Belt-Fastened Quivers by - Chesko

3 - Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor

4 - Ars Metallica by Arthmoor

5 - Marco's Integrated Leveled Lists by Hoon
  • Zeke Braddock

    Cam/Seb PLEASE do this consistently, we need top 5 mods again.

  • CamAndSeb

    So good to be back! Also, taking suggestions for the "VanNord Facts" during the mod screens. Just reply to this comment :D

  • Nacob DoomLoot

    OMG!! so many 'mods of the week' flashbacks. Please do a full playthrough or mods show!!!!

  • Seminole Gamer

    I hope immersive armors makes its way to Special Edition.

  • The Prime Sloth

    "I think we're in Dawnstar""We are!"*cringes a little*

  • barath14

    i wonder if that invisible chest in dawnstar is still there

  • Gabriel Arkangelo

    Open Cities is the most usefull mod I ever seen in any game..

  • Alex Gambrel

    I'm SO GLAD that Alternate Start is a mod for X1. The original start is SO SLLLOOOWW.

  • Conrad Verner

    wtf? nothing changed much but im still waiting for this remaster

  • Lurch Murphy

    I might buy an Xbox One just to play this. My PC is too shitty to run Skyrim Remastered. Sony really dropped the ball with not allowing mods on the PS4.

  • Ethan Bridges

    Am I the only one who severely distrusts the open cities mod?😂

  • Daemon Blackfyre

    I'm not a programmer but I'm afraid of Open Cities, even on my high end PC. It seems like it would cause all sorts of gamebreaking bugs and absolutely destroy FPS.

  • Sayge Huyssoon

    Cam & Seb; name a more iconic duo, I bet you can't

  • TheCookieMunzta

    "But mods ruin the developers' original vision of the game""Oh, we can use mods now, and PS4 players can't? Mods are GREAT!"


    never get open cities, it has so many bugs it will ruin your game.

  • Alabama Hotpocket

    It's very rare I regret buying a PS4 and right now is that rare moment.. Way to fuck up Sony, give us access to real mods not the basic ones.

  • sheedi pants

    Finally I don't regret buying a Xbox one instead of a PS4

  • Thomas Duncan

    Really cool how if you have all the bonus content you get special edition for free.

  • Morpheus

    Cams one eye is bigger than his other

  • FriskyToken 360

    Do you need a Bethesda Account to download mods? If so, have any of u guys had trouble making ur Bethesda account?

  • Omega Valeyard

    If they are available for Xbone I recommend:FrostfallCampfirehunterborn Ineed Winter is coming

  • Oliver

    So is modding better on Xbox One than PS4? If so, why? Also is this game 60fps on console?

  • KillAllCulturalMarxists

    How the hell does open cities not blow up the Xbox?

  • Fergus Lyons

    will I still unlock achievements of I have the open cities mod ? great video

  • Avarickan

    I'm not upset by you guys doing more Skyrim, but didn't you have an agreement with Gamespot that you wouldn't do more videos on it?

  • John Cisney

    With the recent vacuum in the modding community by the release of Skyrim Special Edition, I had an idea for an epic mod to make for the community. I'm calling it "Immersive Redguard Race" and it's goal is to make playing as a Redguard more realistic, immersive and challenging. It's goal is to enrich the experience that comes with playing as a Redguard character and give real insight as to how these people live and work in the land of the Nords. To that end, here are the following details for the mod:1. The scimitar, the Redguard's signature weapon, is given a dramatic damage boost, allowing players to continue to wield it throughout the game. The base weapon will do about as much damage as a skyforge steel sword. In addition, there will be multiple different variants of the scimitar made with different materials to give even more damage. There will be a moonstone scimitar, a dwarven metal scimitar, a malachite scimitar, an ebony scimitar, a daedric scimitar, and a dragonbone scimitar.2. Wearing the traditional garments of the Alik'r will grant the player certain "race bonuses", for example increased health and stamina. These garments will also be able to be upgraded and better versions can be crafted just like any type of armor. The highest tier garments will also come with a free enchantment. The "Allahu Akbar" enchantment will enable the player to call upon his ancient gods to teleport a friendly Alik'r warrior with a suicide vest to bomb your enemies into submission. Watch out for the splash damage.3. Redguards can now jump twice as high and run twice as fast as any other race.4. Every time the player passes by a hold guard, they will always respond with the phrase "Hands to yourself, sneak thief". All other guard phrases are disabled. If the player draws a weapon within sight of a hold guard, regardless of the reason, they will automatically become hostile. All guards are equipped with a new spell called "pepper spray" which temporarily blinds the player and does damage over time.5. Nazim is now a "homie" and his tired old "Do you get to the cloud district very often?" will be replaced with "Started at the bottom now we here" and "I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me".6. All alcohol will be changed to "malt liquor", will grant the player extra health as well as stamina. "Fried Chicken" will be added to the food list, and will give 10x the health of normal food. Gourds will be replaced by watermelon, and jazbay grapes can be refined to make "purple drank".7. The player will gain the ability to have multiple spouses (so long as they never see each other) and may divorce any of them at any time, but each spouse will add a weekly expense to the character in the form of child support, to the sum of 100 gold per week per spouse.8. The player will do extra unarmed damage against women.9. "FUS RO DAH" will be replaced with "BLACK LIVES MATTER".10. The player will only be allowed to sell stolen goods.11. Upon joining the Thieve's Guild, a quest can be taken which will give the player a new power. The "dindu nuffin" power grants the player a damage bonus against all hold guards and soldiers. In addition, there will be a dealer named Soros in the Ragged Flagon that will pay the player to initiate "protests" in certain towns and settlements. These protests will always end with a new quest: to burn as many market stalls and loot as many shops as you can before the guards crack down and chase you out. Guards will infinitely spawn in these scenarios, and they also gain a health and damage boost during these quests, so the player WILL have to retreat at some point, at which he will go back to the ragged flagon and Soros will give him his money. Soros will also sell the player "race cards" which can be used to escape prison sentences and clear bounties. You can only use the race card once per hold, however.12. In Whiterun hold there will be an easter egg where if the player waits twelve hours outside the town gates and has 100 pieces of tundra cotton in his inventory, a Nord named "Plantation Owner" will come and take the cotton from the player. The plantation owner is essential and cannot be killed. If the player attacks the plantation owner, he will take out a whip and use it to kill the player.13. The player will be initially excluded from attending the College of Winterhold and the Bard's College. However, the player may use one of Soros' race cards to gain entrance to the facilities.I really believe that more mods celebrating diversity and the values of social justice and equality should be promoted more widely in the modding community. Mods based around tolerance and inclusiveness, like this one. I look forward to it's upcoming release, and thank you all for your support.

  • TubFullOfWater

    "...and it's actually on consoles" not til the 28th fuckos.

  • cardinal Gucci Gucci

    any hopes for controlling a druagr army?? possibly as a sort of lich king??? pleeeaase Like i can see the story... in the midst of the war between stormcloaks and imperials.. you, the zombified lich king dragonborn, sweep in with your undead armies and take skyrim for yourself.

  • Liam Takipoop

    You know what i miss most....Your christmas specials....Plz bring it back! XD

  • Petroxy Brow

    Why only xbox one, ps4 is getting mods too!

  • smashforjesus

    can't wait to download these on my ps4.

  • Brandon Kuhl

    is it possible to get graphics mods for Xbox?

  • Der Kuttelmann

    Someone has a clue if mods like Frostfall, Realistic Needs and Diseases, ELFX, CoT, Perkus Maximus etc. will be available for consoles? I'm pretty sure that UNP or CBBE body mods and all this skimpy stuff will not be included, but how about the rest?

  • lightSolon

    so glad they are back doing skyrim!!!

  • Razor Raph

    Can you get PC mods onto Xbox One?

  • Ruuni

    picks Dark Elf spawns in WindHelm

  • iiGalaxyLynxii

    OMG I MISSED YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • L4Disillusion

    This mod list is trash

  • Deniz92

    did this video lost views or yesterday my brain saw the 6 as a 9

  • Barnaby Bourbon

    What's the game about. Can I have a house. Can I make things. Can I multilayer. Can I eat and drink. how big is the land. do I grow.

  • Araedi

    too bad ps4 players cant use these stupid sony

  • TheAnarchist

    Can I use mods on Xbox One without the special edition?

  • Veiled Specter

    Can they get someone who can actually play skyrim? Jesus fucking Christ

  • Stevel Kanieval

    guys!! I'm telling you for the love of talons do NOT download the open cities mod. It bugs every event that is supposed to play out at your first visit to major cities for example roggvirs execution or brynjolf in the market of riften

  • Nick Luciano

    Is the start mod available on PC? Picking up the remastered version on PC and it sounds awesome

  • TLgamer

    Videos like this are why games like Skyrim are so broken. The game hasn't even been out at the point of this video and already people like this are saying MUST HAVE THESE MODS...WTF! PLay the fucking game first before attempting to use mods.

  • crazymanhace4657

    This is fake no one wants to watch this fucking video like look at all the fucking dislikes like honestly

  • Trent Manucho

    I am very new here, whats with all the Kevin Vanord jokes? Whats his relation to these guys

  • André R

    i have a question. do the open cities mod make the open ordinary doors take away loading?

  • d2dak87

    so I've heard the ps4 version definitely has mods is this true?

  • Sir Rocky

    Why only Xbox On- Oh wait. Thanks Sony. No mod support for PS4 Ladies and Gents. -_-

  • ChaotiX

    This reminds me, I need to get 4K Parallax Treebark in my PC install. I got 60 texture mods and completely forgot about the trees

  • Arch3rAc3

    16:36 Oh SHIT! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!How come the mod to change Spiders into Teddy Bears is not on the list??? That's a must!

  • Jakub Hejna

    27 mods? What is that lol? The lowest amount of mods I ever ran on my PC was like 30, and those were just fixes of bugs and texture/model/mesh/animation improvement mods. Isn't it a bit retarded to buy it on consoles? I mean, if it weren't free on PC, I wouldn't even bother with the special edition

  • Undead Albino

    So i don't know how to ask this differently as my english is limited.I read somewhere that ''external mod assets'' or something isn't available on ps4.What does that exactly mean? I also saw the overgrown mod for fallout 4 on xbox one,will it be available on ps4 too despite that ''external mod assets'' thing? Again my understanding of the english language is limited so sorry if it's a stupid question.

  • JRodMan

    But Fallout 4 just basically came out, and like I haven't even come close to find the time to beat it yet. Let alone I don't have time to play the exact same game again. :p

  • Gabriel Carrion

    why isnt there a fucking cheat mod yet?

  • Vetle Nærø

    Does mods come to ps4 too?

  • killerwolf36405

    Will the game come with all DLC!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • TeamLaughOutLoud

    Okay so with the mods, are they all capable of working together? Like if have some visual mods, foliage mods, and other such mods, would the open cities work?

  • Thijs van Abs

    Hold on, only 27 mods? And Fallout 4 has like 700+? Somehow I was expecting all mods from PC that are possible on Xbox One to be available on launch. Ah well. Oh and no loading for cities anymore, makes you wonder why Bethesda just didn't do that themselves.

  • Doomy Doo

    Does anyone know if mods disable achievements?

  • Joey 11

    Will the alternate start mod be on ps4?

  • SP Gaming

    I wish they would make a mod where there is no waitin screen to enter places like homes

  • Srsly Generic

    I love how excited these guys are about modding on console even though they've been doing it for ages on PC.Also, I thought "Open Cities" caused a serious performance hit even on PC. I guess moving to 64-bit probably fixed that. Even the Xbox One with it's 8 GB ram can handle it now.

  • Fresh Cilantro

    there are 53 mods on Xbox one at the time of me posting this comment.

  • Javon Antoine

    Right now I'm currently on ps3 and I'm sick and tired of playing the same old skyrim all the time, I want mods! I've always been a big sony gamer, but it looks like the best choice is to get an XBox1... I know the Xbox1 has more mods than the Ps4 but are all the original pc mods available for Xbox as well? At this point I'm pretty much leaning towards getting an Xbox 1 🤒Gosh I'm so behind! Do i need to pay for online just to download mods? And will mods stay apart of my game or do I have to retain my online status to keep the mods?🤔

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