Skyrim Special Edition - 5 Best Immersive Mods for XBOX One!

Cam and Seb search the brand spanking new for mods to increase your feelings of Skyrim immersion. What are the best mods for a truely immersive Skyrim when playing Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One? Watch this video and find out.

Mod List:

1 - Frostfall: Hypothermia Camping Survival - by Chesko

2 - Practice Dummies - by Arthmoor

3 - No snow Under the roof - by Prometheus

4 - Skyrim Scroll Crafting - by T9x69

5 - Beast Skeletons - by Prometheus
  • Bad Pancake

    Kevin VanNord doesn't breathe; instead, he gets his oxygen by drinking the blood of his enemies.

  • Zeke Braddock


  • AntPixel

    Can't wait to join cam and seb in skyrim remastered

  • Taysdae

    Kevin VanNord is the man who shot all the guards in the knee

  • KnightCaster

    On my computer I console commanded a horse into Whiterun and never killed it. It just kinda hung out. I named it Cow II.

  • Robert Faucher

    Kevin Van Nord fact: Splitting Kevin Van Nord in half causes him to reproduce asexually, making 2 Kevins.

  • Bruce the Imp

    these would be considered in game asset mods right? Ive been with PlayStation my entire life... but FUCK sony just fuck those assholes, at least Microsoft trusts their players "we can't let players do whatever they want"

  • WhatchThisHD

    Why did I buy a PS4 :/

  • JoblessOrc

    Oh my god I'm so glad I've found this cahnnel. I've missed you guys

  • Jordan Randolph

    They only show human skeletons because their Nordic ruins so there would only be nords there

  • Wadsworth

    Thanks for uploading!! I was about to fall asleep and need to stay awake for special edition!!!

  • Nathan Jones

    And I can't even play any of them because Sony are being a bunch of fucking cunts

  • ThePppp89

    Just finished trying it out in steam. First thing I did was finish the Helgen thing and then player.setav speedmult 5000, see how much it can take before crashing.

  • C Wizzle

    Do mods turn off achievments? I need to know because I'm downloading Skyrim now.

  • zEliteFleet

    this isn't new stuff... your just pretending it's new stuff pc have had this stuff for about 5 year's.


    if you bought skyrim on pc you already have remasterd for the past 5 years now.

  • Craig Boone

    been playing for 4 hours since getting it at 12. there isn't many mods obviously: but does anyone have an idea when a cheat menu will be made/out?

  • Jacob Smith

    I wish so much that they had made an oblivion remaster. Oblivion is so much better.

  • Night Fury

    Too bad Sony is an absolute peace of shit. As a ps4 owner, I feel like an idiot! Should never have bought one...

  • Under

    remastered sucks lol all my PC friends said it was a waste of a download because their original skyrim looks 10 times better

  • VikingsRBloodyAwsome

    Is it possible for the ''Practice dummies'' and ''No snow under the roof'' mods to make it to PS4 ?

  • james Paul

    what resolution do you guys play at

  • alexthegrape1000

    I have a PS4, could I get these mods like Frostfall and Open Cities? I have no idea why Sony has limited the mods, it's so stupid, Xbox has more storage for them, and they can have external assets! I have loved PlayStation all my life but what are they doing, seriously sort it out Sony!

  • malthe petersen

    why only xbox one?, why not ps4 also?

  • Victor Von Doom Jr.

    Even with 5GB for mods on the XBox1 it must suck to play that game on console since you have infinite amount of mods for PC plus you can use the script extender.

  • MaskedNozza

    I'm very much looking forward to the next mod video! Also, do existing PC mods still work with Special Edition? Can I simply import my mod library (~350 mods) to Special Edition?

  • Adrian Lundquist

    Was there really a reason to make this video 30 minutes long

  • Bailey White

    What's the point of getting mods if they disable achievements..?

  • real morphious

    my xbox one overheats in 4 min every time I turn on my xbox to go play fallout 4 so I'm about to give up on mods completely they are fun but I can't even play the game I have a fan trying to cool it but it's not working so I cause it's over for me

  • Thetokenwon 1

    Any vampire mods on Xbox one?

  • Thomas Mills

    Do mods still disable achievements?

  • Tyler Evan

    Gonna do a ps4 version ?

  • Pink Guy

    I don't have the same survival skill powers as them (5:40) can someone help I can't find it and craft a campfire.

  • ライオンlion

    I have PS4 and i have skyrim on the PS3. Is buying skyrim special edition worth it?

  • The known one

    Ya know that moment where you buy a game for the Xbox 360 and have to buy it again for the Xbox one so you can get the mods -_-

  • fonzie fonz

    The skeletons are supposed to be human because theyre full of nords stupid fuck

  • Jeremy Hinkle

    it seems like the fellow on the left never actually plays the game

  • XxHunter Goss/bossxX

    Kevin van nord fact: Daedra worship Kevin

  • Matt Allen

    does being a Nord affect Frostfall? as they are resistant to cold

  • shbooo

    there better be a fov adjuster mod, if there isnt ill go crazy

  • CavsFan218

    Dose the mods only work on the special edition

  • Fresh Cilantro

    the brings back so many memories of me, being a console peasant, but still watching your skyrim weekly years ago.I'm so glad you're bringing it back and I hope this becomes a long consistent thing.😂😂😂😂so beautiful!

  • Gerbz

    Do all mods block achievements or is it only weapon mods ect that block them because I really want some graphics mods but I don't want to be blocked from getting my achievements

  • cameron darrow

    This dumb ass shit told me I could play it at 6pm then after I pre ordered it told me 10pm now at 10 pm it's telling me I have to wait another whole hour so hopefully when it's 11 I can finally play for like 2 hours such bullshit

  • GamingForLife

    can you still get skyrim for free even if you didn't own the game and the dlc in the first place

  • LethalLev

    Are there any quest mods for xb1?

  • Declan Copland

    skyrim's new yellow fell makes is less cold feeling, like its always summer in falkreath or something even when you are meant to be in a snowy region

  • Nestor Patino

    Can you install a mod with a game that is already started, im at level 9


    How did they get to level 999999999

  • Obvious Cabbage

    I hate these guys with all my soul, but alas, who else will provide me with my mods :p

  • TheRPGentleman

    This re-release must be every mod channel's wildest dream come true. They get to go back and remake the exact same videos that they made years ago and get tons of views because the game is relevant again, just like you guys did here. Smart. At nearly 33 minutes though, I couldn't be bothered to watch the whole thing, unfortunately.

  • PaulusAlone

    That first mod (Frostfall) is about as useful as putting fatigue, dehydration and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder into a First Person Shooter... Just WHY WOULD YOU?Unless you are a gaming masochist maybe?

  • North Southy

    What goes through a man's head when he thinks that wearing a checkered collared shirt is ok on you tube (OR ANYWHERE) What a dork LOL

  • Zackery MCcoy

    playing Skyrim SE and watching you at the same time its great :)

  • Kc Hepler

    Just a little fun fact, I watched this a day late, and when I checked how many mods there were it had increasedPS4: 38XboxOne : 117It's awesome to see how much work the community is doing for this.

  • W.D Gaster

    Kevin Van Nord never works to be a thane he merely walks into a city and instantly become the thane.

  • Niels Ooms

    On PC, are all mods compatible with both the original version of Skyrim and the Special Edition?

  • Brett McAndrews

    are there any mods where you have to eat and drink and sleep, like RND

  • Scott Johnston

    half an hour of talking shit for 5 mods...... christ

  • KiNGstarNoah

    for you pc guys what does this (sorta) new skyrim do for you i know its 64 bit and all but what else in a modded factor? it has way sub par graphics compared to enbs and some mods will just never be on there. yea 64 bit is cool and all but what more can it do that skyrim hasn't in mods? i know faster load times and less crashes but but that's it :/ i guess its better for a mid ranged pc but if you have a higher spec pc it can handle a heavily modded game without crashing and for loading that's just the fact if you have a small bit of patience or not. i don't know but that's just my opinion that re modding skyrim with less mods and just some mods that will never come back. for just a small performance upgrade kinda sucks :/

  • T- shrex

    why when I use the carriage I get a neverending loadscreen wtf

  • Dennis Marshall II

    I would like to see videos about weapons and armor mods like the soul calibur weapons and armor mods

  • dominic sloan

    Ya know there probably isn't other races of skeleton because they are Nordic ruins and skyrim is the land of the nords or somethin

  • Jarl Balgruuf

    u know, if ur paid to do this, pls at least do it more naturally. this is cringey

  • Dave Wild

    I hope Hunterborn gets ported, immersive weapons and armour too. Very happy Frostfall and iNeed are there.

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