Skyrim Special Edition - 5 Best Immersive Mods for XBOX One!

Cam and Seb search the brand spanking new for mods to increase your feelings of Skyrim immersion. What are the best mods for a truely immersive Skyrim when playing Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One? Watch this video and find out.

Mod List:

1 - Frostfall: Hypothermia Camping Survival - by Chesko

2 - Practice Dummies - by Arthmoor

3 - No snow Under the roof - by Prometheus

4 - Skyrim Scroll Crafting - by T9x69

5 - Beast Skeletons - by Prometheus
  • Zeke Braddock


  • Dae Guion

    Kevin VanNord is the man who shot all the guards in the knee

  • WhatchThisHD

    Why did I buy a PS4 :/

  • JoblessOrc

    Oh my god I'm so glad I've found this cahnnel. I've missed you guys

  • Zero

    To bad they disable achievements.

  • KnightCaster

    On my computer I console commanded a horse into Whiterun and never killed it. It just kinda hung out. I named it Cow II.

  • Jordan Randolph

    They only show human skeletons because their Nordic ruins so there would only be nords there

  • I'm known to dabble

    the brings back so many memories of me, being a console peasant, but still watching your skyrim weekly years ago.I'm so glad you're bringing it back and I hope this becomes a long consistent thing.😂😂😂😂so beautiful!

  • Robert Faucher

    Kevin Van Nord fact: Splitting Kevin Van Nord in half causes him to reproduce asexually, making 2 Kevins.

  • BadPancake

    Kevin VanNord doesn't breathe; instead, he gets his oxygen by drinking the blood of his enemies.

  • zEliteFleet

    this isn't new stuff... your just pretending it's new stuff pc have had this stuff for about 5 year's.

  • Koxden

    BTW Frostfall is fun for immersion but you end up playing frostfall instead of skyrim.

  • Adrian Lundquist

    Was there really a reason to make this video 30 minutes long

  • Common Dagger

    Thanks for uploading!! I was about to fall asleep and need to stay awake for special edition!!!

  • Jacob Smith

    I wish so much that they had made an oblivion remaster. Oblivion is so much better.

  • Under

    remastered sucks lol all my PC friends said it was a waste of a download because their original skyrim looks 10 times better

  • Captain Nemo

    The only person who is strong enough to give Kevin VanNord a good fight is Chuck Norris...dressed as Kevin VanNord.

  • Grim Reaper

    I once hunted Kevin. I quickly learned my mistake.

  • PQ5

    they are back! oh my goodness! YES!

  • TheDaltonSmith

    Just want to say I love you guys! Stay Awesome.

  • Omed Hani

    Kevin jumped in freezing water... the freezing water Kevined!

  • ಠ_ಠ

    Not played this in about 4 years, cant wait to play it later today

  • Tim Faulkner

    Kevin VanNord once made a book using Hermaeus Mora's skin

  • Sooka Bleeat

    You need to find a better name than "skyrim special edition mods on the xbox one". You "top 5 slyrim mods of the week" ??

  • Selve FG

    "immersive" has copyright, only our god and senior "xmr mods" can use that word :c

  • Autumn Enthusiast

    They deserve more subscribers.

  • AntPixel

    Can't wait to join cam and seb in skyrim remastered

  • The known one

    Ya know that moment where you buy a game for the Xbox 360 and have to buy it again for the Xbox one so you can get the mods -_-

  • Kc Hepler

    Just a little fun fact, I watched this a day late, and when I checked how many mods there were it had increasedPS4: 38XboxOne : 117It's awesome to see how much work the community is doing for this.

  • Hay Hay

    Remember to thank PC famalam, without PC this wouldn't exist

  • Mr. sting ray

    you guys need to learn how to get to the point... i just watched this on times 2 speed the whole way through

  • no face

    I have PS4 and i have skyrim on the PS3. Is buying skyrim special edition worth it?

  • Jarl Balgruuf

    u know, if ur paid to do this, pls at least do it more naturally. this is cringey

  • Declan Copland

    skyrim's new yellow fell makes is less cold feeling, like its always summer in falkreath or something even when you are meant to be in a snowy region

  • SirVesper

    Bring back the exploding chickens!

  • Ali Arif

    Hi! First off, love your videos, and I hope you'll keep doing more! Second, will you do any top 5 for PS4? There are mods on the Xbox that aren't on PS4, and I think it would be useful to have to different lists. But I also understand that it would be 2x the work... Well, just my suggestion!

  • CaptainUseless

    So glad to see you guys back at it with Skyrim mods!!!!

  • Ray Ehrenhaft

    you videos are way too long

  • Blade of Nexus

    Whenever Kevin sees a butterfly, he sees horrible visions that would cripple a normal man.... but Kevin is no normal man....

  • Mr.Vojtik

    In average inn there is 6357 things with which Kevin VanNord could kill you, including the inn.Kevin VanNord sleeps with pillow under his sword.Daedric prince Bealon Faron once made Kevin VanNord angry.

  • Mr.Vojtik

    Can we get Kevin VanNord loading screen tips mod?

  • Craig Boone

    been playing for 4 hours since getting it at 12. there isn't many mods obviously: but does anyone have an idea when a cheat menu will be made/out?

  • Pickle Wart

    Oh great Jungle Cat save us from the evils of cenorship. Let us gaze just once more upon the beauty of the flesh! Save us Jungle Cat, Save us U.U

  • Lone Ranger

    Kevin Vannord won a trophy for ripping the the most hearts out.

  • Fr3drico

    Does showcasing 5 mods really need to take 32 minutes...

  • Justin Vleugel

    Kevin VanNord never actually killed Alduin. The World Eater left Tamriel when he heard Kevin was in town.

  • Kalani Williams

    I would love to see Kevin become a bard with the become a bard mod! Kevin fact: his music can poison the listener through the ear or leave them so delighted they cannot react, depending on his mood. They die either way.

  • Cade Guidera

    Do the mods disable trophies/achievements when activated? Thx!

  • cjrocksg

    have skyrim on xbox1, but there's no mod option. help!

  • dat boi

    If we dont get 5 mods a week we will riot

  • Kazumi Nana

    I make it under 1k views neat, Also obviously that 1 negative like was obviously someone was super sleepy and miss tapped.

  • Greywolfe

    alternate start has the option of being attacked and left for dead so their is that.

  • TheNorthDwarf 127

    Every time a chicken dies, Kevin's mechanical heart slowly warms up.

  • C Wizzle

    Do mods turn off achievments? I need to know because I'm downloading Skyrim now.

  • TheRPGentleman

    This re-release must be every mod channel's wildest dream come true. They get to go back and remake the exact same videos that they made years ago and get tons of views because the game is relevant again, just like you guys did here. Smart. At nearly 33 minutes though, I couldn't be bothered to watch the whole thing, unfortunately.

  • Alex Oelkers

    You can enable achievements with a mod from the nexus.

  • Master Memer

    if you bought skyrim on pc you already have remasterd for the past 5 years now.

  • alexthegrape1000

    I have a PS4, could I get these mods like Frostfall and Open Cities? I have no idea why Sony has limited the mods, it's so stupid, Xbox has more storage for them, and they can have external assets! I have loved PlayStation all my life but what are they doing, seriously sort it out Sony!

  • Zackery MCcoy

    playing Skyrim SE and watching you at the same time its great :)

  • Patrick O'Neill

    When Kevin does push ups he does not push himself up, he pushes the planet down.

  • Cody Hudson

    Here's a thing: "Kevin van Nord prefers to slay his opponents with the Kevin van Sword, a legendary item forged from the iron retrieved from the blood of his enemies." It would mean so much if you could include this in the "Kevin Wiki" of facts!

  • Gamin' Reasons

    I am going to watch this while Skyrim downloads on my Xbox 1. I am soooooo fucking hyped.

  • ThePppp89

    Just finished trying it out in steam. First thing I did was finish the Helgen thing and then player.setav speedmult 5000, see how much it can take before crashing.

  • Night Fury

    Too bad Sony is an absolute peace of shit. As a ps4 owner, I feel like an idiot! Should never have bought one...

  • Flying To Learn

    Kevin VanNord Fact: He has been known to reduce grown men to sobbing babies with his sheer might. Literally.

  • MickMaan

    Kevin's level cap is not 999,999,999. That's simply the character limit for the level display. Kevin has no level cap. Kevin IS the level cap!

  • Matt Allen

    does being a Nord affect Frostfall? as they are resistant to cold

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