Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

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  • jeremy strohl

    Is the screen messed up for everyone or just me?

  • Adaept Zulander

    11:25 Death... by Arrow to the Knee

  • TIE Fighter pilot

    A funny thing just happened to me. In the room where you kill the guy with the ebony bow, there is a chest, and I got an ebony bow in that chest.

  • SteggerZario

    Am I the only one who plays sneaking with heavy armour?

  • Maxxam23

    Turn on captions and watch the beginning of the video. You're welcome.

  • The Angledsaxon

    "It's guaranteed you find an ebony bow and greats word here. But..... Uh, you might not so yeah. "Sounds good

  • masuderman

    Okay let's make a video on how to get EBONY bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE. Plus you need to bring invisibility potions, 2 daggers that I won't tell you where I found them, and let's skip the part where I did 90% of the damage to the guy with the Ebony Bow.You're welcome guys! Beginner or not, this is how you get OP weapons as a level 1.Maybe be a little more Beginner Friendly?

  • Scott Jenkins

    In the original elder scrolls game, Arena, with a "save game" and reboot strategy, an ebony katana was one of the drops from a low level monster in the opening dungeon. Also, in the opening dungeon, with multiple "save game and reboot" attempts, a player could emerge from the original dungeon with several ebony pieces of armor and one or two ebony weapons. Your video reminded me of that fun little fact.

  • Alyssa Sowell

    This game is still amazing to this day. I've had it since 2013.

  • Random_ Mexican

    If you buy the legendary edition do you get all the dlcs?

  • Vacveu

    he had an ebony warhammer for me

  • Harambe

    I've tried this twice, but the enemies are Wights for me. Not Deathlords.

  • sadnikus


  • Michael Manby

    How come whenever you shot the ebony bow, you would gain an extra arrow instead of losing one?

  • Ulysses

    I got a battleaxe instead but same thing. Cheers.

  • Pitviper2015

    If you are on special edition and you have the unofficial patch mod installed this wont work, if you want the weapons disable it then go and get them. If you are using the unofficial patch mod deathlords dont spawn, Draugr scourges will spawn instead

  • Walter G Dogg

    Level 1 yeah right apart from the death drauger who one shots you with his bow

  • knight westcoast

    nice corrupted save...

  • Clorox Gaming

    right when I came in I killed him with my Ebony Blade then he dropped an Ebony Warhammer. :/

  • Exde

    Doesn't work on Special Edition

  • DutchRiverGames

    The Deathlord with the Ebony Greatsword wasn't there for me..Edit: He had the Warhammer, I play SE

  • Kamui.Beatbox

    Where is the link for the daggers? ._.

  • Cedrix008 MINECRAFT

    does eso even see the boss chest

  • Gavin Bullock

    how is someone supposed to avoid the cyclops snowmen in laberythnian?

  • Michael Elliot

    I found an interesting place in black reach called sinderions field lab it's cool cause sinderion was an oblivion character looking for nirnroot and his journal shows how he goes from creosol to blackreach

  • ライブLive

    can you only get these weapons once

  • tails Doll321

    2:09 He got the Shadow Daggers!

  • PsychoGamer2100

    I know what I'm getting first thing when I get Skyrim for Xbox One this October. 3 different games I am looking forward to coming out in the same month and it isn't December. What are the odds? Also the games are Skyrim(duh), Xenoverse 2, and Pokemon Sun.

  • TheMbmdcrew

    Tip for killing ebony bow dude: You are able to kill him by knocking him down the pit towards the ebony great sword guy. Climb onto a rock that is to the right of the pit, wait for him to come out of the door, and Unrelenting Force him down the pit. He should die from the fall damage.👍

  • LordOfTheRings92

    you forgot to link the video for the daggers and armour

  • John Smith

    i actually found an exploitation to get infanate ebony arrows

  • AceTrainer Andrew

    I didn't get the Ebony great sword I got the Ebony warhammer

  • chris smith

    I am watching this in 2018 (lol talk about late to the party) who else is watching in 2018? If you don't want to comment just like

  • CoWix - Gaming And Tutorials!

    I know im a bit to late but in the video you said "i'll put a link in the discription to where you can get this" im talking about vladr's lucky daggers.... And when i got one i only got one and how did you get two of them??

  • Crazy Killjoy

    is this on ps3 too? (I dont have dlc)

  • Ken Livingston

    Who has 50 gold at level 1 though? Lol

  • Meg Wieting

    Is the screen messed up for everyone or is it just me?

  • lordmemnochthedevil

    Does difficulty effect leveling up?

  • KosTheRogue

    wanted to get the two daggers >.< Can't find the link in the description....

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    how do you have unlimited arrows???

  • Matthy VG

    im level 5 and did it, took like 40 tries but it worked! the guy with the bow is easy to kill just search on youtube: how to kill draugr deathlord with low level, you will have to keep strafing and it works really well

  • Dusaro

    I found the ebony bow and greataxe :s

  • Willem Vriens

    playing on god mode :P

  • RedsterYT

    I don't know why I whent through this because I have my archery damage perk to 5/5 and I still have a better bow(the glass bow) and I'm level 35 right nowEdit: and the other death lord had a ebony battle axe which I already had


    thx i love ur vids keep it up i got the ebony bow and the battle axe off of the first guy

  • Marius

    hey eso, i have one question.. what if i did not get the ebony bow but finished the dungeon and saved, is there another way to get that bow? or do they respawn in some ingame time?im lvl 12 with my archer so it isnt hard to do againthx for helping :)

  • David Ramirez

    I got an ebony battle axe😂 still pretty good

  • Sam mason

    When I did it I got a ebony hammer and bow

  • Yar Zaroo

    The armor you're wearing is from the dark brotherhood

  • Kolby Crase


  • WanImran

    Wait I got ebony war hammer...

  • Midnight Madness

    It's just for level ones...To kill this deathlord you are probably going to have to be level 10

  • danielle phillips

    there is a chance to get the ebony warhammer on the bottom

  • Sam The Messiah

    Anyone else mark their calendars for skyrim remastered?

  • XXXTableTopXXX ____

    at the start ur game wus broken

  • Jennifer Zhu

    What's better; 2 ebony swords (dual-wielding, enchanted) or 1 ebony greatsword (also enchanted)?

  • Ben Brewer

    im level 21 with full emchanted daedric and cant even do this 😂

  • ShadyCatGames

    what levle do you have to not get rekt

  • Cat Meistr

    but what about an ebony dagger? that's all I ask for.

  • joseph piercce

    hey ESO I found something really cool that I hope you and others get to see. I did this to get the ebony bow, thanks by the way it was really helpful. but then I left and there is this dome structure you can go into. it looks like the entrance to a crypt but it's not, and in the middle there is a skeleton with something called a wooden mask,and it looks just like a dragon priest mask and it's enchanted but it only says "the wooden mask hums with an unfamiliar energy." but I just put it on and it like telephoned me to the past so now the shrine doesn't look all broken a day there's this stone thing with all these busts that I've seen in the loading screen and it's for all the different dragon priests I think. there's Volsung, Vokun, Otar, Morokei, then on the other side there's Rahgot, Nahkriin, Hevnoraak, and Krosis. I figured this was kind of interesting and maybe you can put in a video because that would be super cool, unless this is normal in which case... that. but I've never seen it before and it's really cool to me so maybe I could get a little information on what it is. I think you have to put all the dragon masks on the busts but I've never found a dragon mask before. I also don't know if this could spawn I different places every game like the Meridia's beacon. Anyway thanks for your time and I hope this is interesting.

  • The meme Lord

    Am i the only one who uses a dragon bone mace in my right hand and the knife in the left, i also have 5/5 armsman and 3/3 bone breaker along with 3/3 blades man and my mace has absorb 27 points of health and 50 points of shock while the knife has 41 points of shock and fire, trust me its op

  • Coolbacon 22

    I actually got a battle axe instead of the sword, but I still got ebony stuff so, yay.

  • sky lord

    theres another sword called the ebony blade

  • Commisar Adrullan

    SPOILER ALERT FOR THIS COMMRNT, GOOD TIP IF AT END OF DARK BROTHERHOOD QUESTS. at the front of the emperors ship you can find a glass sword in the wood pointing out of the front, it staggers enemies every hit.

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