Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

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  • jeremy strohl

    Is the screen messed up for everyone or just me?

  • CoWix - Gaming And Tutorials!

    I know im a bit to late but in the video you said "i'll put a link in the discription to where you can get this" im talking about vladr's lucky daggers.... And when i got one i only got one and how did you get two of them??

  • Vacveu

    he had an ebony warhammer for me

  • knight westcoast

    nice corrupted save...

  • Ben Brewer

    im level 21 with full emchanted daedric and cant even do this 😂

  • CircleDroid

    now eso cheating when he got defeated

  • masuderman

    Okay let's make a video on how to get EBONY bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE. Plus you need to bring invisibility potions, 2 daggers that I won't tell you where I found them, and let's skip the part where I did 90% of the damage to the guy with the Ebony Bow.You're welcome guys! Beginner or not, this is how you get OP weapons as a level 1.Maybe be a little more Beginner Friendly?

  • exotic_ goat501

    dude the enemies kill me with one arrow

  • Geralt Z Rivi

    Where i can find one handed ebony sword? :/

  • babywoe!!!

    When I'm fighting the skeleton with the bow he almost one shots me

  • Ruben Sanchez

    I'm in lvl 13 and this dude keeps wrecking me lol. Wtf


    I tried this as lvl 7 and got owned

  • NCR Veteran Ranger

    I didnt find ebony bow. The dlord has orc bow...

  • Brendan Chwascinski

    remember guys ebony weapons are the 3rd best in game deadric is 2nd best

  • stefan stoyanov

    How did you get the lucky dagger twice?

  • David Buente

    Loll I heard his spam clicking

  • Dusaro

    I found the ebony bow and greataxe :s

  • Justin Lehmann

    war hammer...axe....axe... hammer...axe. still no sword

  • ShadyCatGames

    what levle do you have to not get rekt

  • Selinat10

    I'm coming back when im level 20 this is too hard!!!

  • Shoup Deus

    maaahn please helpIm playing skyrim in pc and only draugr wrights spawn not draugr deathlordswhat should I do? thanks for your time

  • Zien Walker

    i got an ebony battleaxe! lol

  • cyka blyat

    theres 3 pipes blocking my way in the start where the three button traps are help pls

  • Clash Royale Gaming

    he one shorted me with a shout

  • Adrianne Brown

    does anybody see the glitches at the start of the video?? 😐

  • Mythical__ Paw

    The Dawnbreaker is a daedric artifact.

  • minestrike player Ivan

    Want to ask if it works for all levels? :) nice vid. like everytime

  • Exde

    Doesn't work on Special Edition

  • TNT Boy

    Lol I have full ebony and one daedric shield

  • Dylon Rister

    I hate that the ancient shrouded cowl doest work on kajits

  • noah glenn

    The screan is messed up!?!?

  • Jokūbas Kin

    I can't kill that fucking death lord

  • PsychoGamer2100

    I know what I'm getting first thing when I get Skyrim for Xbox One this October. 3 different games I am looking forward to coming out in the same month and it isn't December. What are the odds? Also the games are Skyrim(duh), Xenoverse 2, and Pokemon Sun.

  • jayden3493

    I got the warhammer instead of the great sword

  • Camryn Slater

    i subbed love youbro you help me out a lot

  • Live ライブ

    can you only get these weapons once

  • CaRboN SnAkE

    ESO if you get time stuck in a corner you can roast him like a marshmallow

  • Thomas Chadwick

    its so hard to kill them!!!!!!

  • Kim my Lucky

    I got a ebony Warhammer not a ebony sword

  • Vishal Mistri

    Sometimes the second Draugr Deathlord gives you an Ebony Battlehammer

  • Fapps FTW

    mine had a warhammer lol

  • Sheena Walker

    I got a daedric bow and arrows and ebony war hammer.


    I got an ebony war hammer

  • Charlie Neubert

    I got the ebony warhamner when I did it

  • Selinat10

    I am level 8 but I was dying every 1 person! I was also using Chillrend.

  • Clash Royale Gaming

    he one shorted me with a shout

  • Cat Meistr

    but what about an ebony dagger? that's all I ask for.

  • Ghost X RapidzZ

    This my sound stupid but how do you special attack? I've just got skyrim

  • Tsunami Gaming

    So Helpful I've gotten all of my gear from your videos

  • zowogh

    does this count as stealing ?

  • Crazy Killjoy

    is this on ps3 too? (I dont have dlc)

  • FaZe Tiger

    I got the bow and the sword

  • toasty toast

    i know im a bit late... but this is the exact guide i have been looking for. im pretty much making the usual stealth archer, but with a twist. i am using a heavy helmet and something else, while the rest is light. for my melee i am using a greatsword. when stealthing fails, hack n slah the crap out of the enemy

  • pm6550

    I did it about 15 times and I keep finding an Elven bow on him. (I was reloading save from outside of dungeon) I even increased my experience to master level and still no good. Please help.

  • DutchRiverGames

    The Deathlord with the Ebony Greatsword wasn't there for me..Edit: He had the Warhammer, I play SE

  • The gaming crook

    You really shouldn't even try this at level one because it barley dos nuthin for you unless a warrior with good one handed

  • Seth revell

    Your on level four eso I saw it when you opened the pickpocket book

  • Arthur King Gamer

    Yes, I won them, but I loss one of my partner 😭😭 I dunno they can died TT

  • KS Yomadafaka

    Did anyone saw that his ebony arrows reload back to 16 when he shots?Is this some glitch or what?

  • Suma Cat Gaming

    your level 5 in the vid so......

  • Colin Bryant

    I actually got a battle axe instead of the sword, but I still got ebony stuff so, yay.

  • Ashlee Msp

    I cant do it its too hard i have full daedric armor and battle axe and he still one shots me

  • TheSmurfy18

    Anyone know if having Mods active in a world matters on the spawning of the Deathlords? On my "unmodded" character I got them spawn and got the Ebony Bow & Greatsword first time (after MANY deaths), but I seem to be struggling to get them to spawn on my "modded" character, I keep getting the Draugr Wights. Any suggestions or feedback would be great! Thanks in advance :)

  • Upcoming Rogue76

    OMG got an ebony battleaxe and mother of God it looks amazing! thank you so much for this method I'm level 19 and can sneak bow shot a frost troll in 2 hits!

  • Brian Caudill

    If you're using the Scoped Bows mod, this bow will be scoped. Mine was, at least :P I just went for the bow and left, didn't get the Two-Handed weapon.

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