Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

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  • jeremy strohl

    Is the screen messed up for everyone or just me?

  • Vacveu

    he had an ebony warhammer for me

  • CoWix - Gaming And Tutorials!

    I know im a bit to late but in the video you said "i'll put a link in the discription to where you can get this" im talking about vladr's lucky daggers.... And when i got one i only got one and how did you get two of them??

  • Shane SteggerZario

    Am I the only one who plays sneaking with heavy armour?

  • Ben Brewer

    im level 21 with full emchanted daedric and cant even do this 😂

  • joseph piercce

    hey ESO I found something really cool that I hope you and others get to see. I did this to get the ebony bow, thanks by the way it was really helpful. but then I left and there is this dome structure you can go into. it looks like the entrance to a crypt but it's not, and in the middle there is a skeleton with something called a wooden mask,and it looks just like a dragon priest mask and it's enchanted but it only says "the wooden mask hums with an unfamiliar energy." but I just put it on and it like telephoned me to the past so now the shrine doesn't look all broken a day there's this stone thing with all these busts that I've seen in the loading screen and it's for all the different dragon priests I think. there's Volsung, Vokun, Otar, Morokei, then on the other side there's Rahgot, Nahkriin, Hevnoraak, and Krosis. I figured this was kind of interesting and maybe you can put in a video because that would be super cool, unless this is normal in which case... that. but I've never seen it before and it's really cool to me so maybe I could get a little information on what it is. I think you have to put all the dragon masks on the busts but I've never found a dragon mask before. I also don't know if this could spawn I different places every game like the Meridia's beacon. Anyway thanks for your time and I hope this is interesting.


    I tried this as lvl 7 and got owned

  • Maxxam23

    Turn on captions and watch the beginning of the video. You're welcome.

  • Dusaro

    I found the ebony bow and greataxe :s

  • ShadyCatGames

    what levle do you have to not get rekt

  • stefan stoyanov

    How did you get the lucky dagger twice?

  • Brendan Chwascinski

    I now have my set of deadric stuff I'm level 35

  • David Ramirez

    I got an ebony battle axe😂 still pretty good

  • lordmemnochthedevil

    Does difficulty effect leveling up?

  • Live ライブ

    can you only get these weapons once

  • masuderman

    Okay let's make a video on how to get EBONY bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE. Plus you need to bring invisibility potions, 2 daggers that I won't tell you where I found them, and let's skip the part where I did 90% of the damage to the guy with the Ebony Bow.You're welcome guys! Beginner or not, this is how you get OP weapons as a level 1.Maybe be a little more Beginner Friendly?

  • PsychoGamer2100

    I know what I'm getting first thing when I get Skyrim for Xbox One this October. 3 different games I am looking forward to coming out in the same month and it isn't December. What are the odds? Also the games are Skyrim(duh), Xenoverse 2, and Pokemon Sun.

  • Cat Meistr

    but what about an ebony dagger? that's all I ask for.

  • ledgend gamer309

    on my skyrim the place u have to go to aren't showing up

  • Clorox Gaming

    right when I came in I killed him with my Ebony Blade then he dropped an Ebony Warhammer. :/

  • DutchRiverGames

    The Deathlord with the Ebony Greatsword wasn't there for me..Edit: He had the Warhammer, I play SE

  • Slave Owner Stephen Thompson

    Thank you so much. All I needed was the bow and I got it. I love you ESO. Also, I'm level 35 and I'm fortified as a warrior Mage hybrid. I have 305 armor rating, full Daedric set. Along with 250 base health...And I still got my ass kicked. I had to pause and heal twice and I even got disarmed. :)

  • Colin Bryant

    I actually got a battle axe instead of the sword, but I still got ebony stuff so, yay.

  • Crazy Killjoy

    is this on ps3 too? (I dont have dlc)

  • Zien Walker

    i got an ebony battleaxe! lol

  • Exde

    Doesn't work on Special Edition

  • gosuck adick

    dude they took out a ton of quests it sucks😐😐😠😠

  • Brad

    So i went to this area, and there wasn't any death lords, just wrights?

  • Rikard Weimann

    flickering stops 0:22

  • ThankTheDew

    This vid helped me a lot thank you

  • the beast 1166

    I got hammer that does 33 damage

  • Gabriel Kendrick

    is there a way to get dragon or daedric at level 1? with 2 handed weapons? ps: I never use the one handed too weak.

  • Korbin Noftz

    if you fall in the hole for the blade and are a were wolf transform and use a throwing attack then slash him and repeat when he is dead transform back and boom blade

  • willemle

    hey eso what about an ebony sword?


    your level 5 in the vid so......

  • Captain Corgi

    I just used one of your guides to get chillrend and it made fighting the deathlord sooooooo much easier!

  • Seth revell

    Your on level four eso I saw it when you opened the pickpocket book

  • Blobering

    How come whenever you shot the ebony bow, you would gain an extra arrow instead of losing one?

  • Jay Bay

    What are those daggers you have eso

  • Joseph Nieblas

    instead of a ebony great sword I got A EBONY WARHAMMER

  • Gavin Bullock

    how is someone supposed to avoid the cyclops snowmen in laberythnian?

  • XC31 ROYC3

    there where bars blocking my path

  • KS Yomadafaka

    Did anyone saw that his ebony arrows reload back to 16 when he shots?Is this some glitch or what?

  • pm6550

    I did it about 15 times and I keep finding an Elven bow on him. (I was reloading save from outside of dungeon) I even increased my experience to master level and still no good. Please help.

  • Low

    Did it 5 times at lvl 23 and i get just shit...

  • Arthur King Gamer

    Yes, I won them, but I loss one of my partner 😭😭 I dunno they can died TT

  • Leafs 4Cup

    I'm lv 25 but there was 2 frost trolls

  • Elder Maxon

    Got a hammer and used all my potions to get it

  • Jared Reyes

    i got a bow and a battleaxe

  • Ashlee Hernandez

    I cant do it its too hard i have full daedric armor and battle axe and he still one shots me

  • RedDeadGorilla

    Thanks I got the bow! and the second one dropped a war hammer for me instead of the great sword.

  • HekZz PaZz

    I got a ebony warhameer lol

  • Matt GAMING CO

    Hey everyone could you please make my 2016 by subscribing to mattgamingco HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • Cian Neville

    Can u do this any lvl person

  • GoldenGamer575 Saldivar

    I didn't get the great sword or the bow but I got the battleaxe

  • Brian Caudill

    If you're using the Scoped Bows mod, this bow will be scoped. Mine was, at least :P I just went for the bow and left, didn't get the Two-Handed weapon.

  • Darren Rogers

    love this got both weapons...had lydia with me so it made it easier

  • Zander Godfrey

    Yes three frost trolls purfurble done at level 26

  • Harry Lightfoot

    My hands are litterally shaking from that battle, I nearly died about 40 times. Not even 3 Fire shouts would kill him

  • Thomastron Gaming2

    I found this by myself... huh

  • Most Reezi

    how do you get two lucky daggers?

  • chica x who?

    do they respawn? because I lost my bow (the draugr lord guy took it) and I want to get it back. please answer

  • Alan Moreno

    Is the ebony bow better than the elven bow?

  • booper dooper

    I got Ebony battle axe instead of great sword wtf?

  • Charlie Wakefield

    I got an ebony FUKING battalion axe

  • backfromthedead 2006

    eso a level 1 person wont survive an ounslaut if frost trolls

  • Jamie Tran

    where do you get the double daggers

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