Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

Skyrim Remaster: EBONY Bow & Great Sword at LEVEL ONE (Best Weapons Start Guide)

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  • jeremy strohl

    Is the screen messed up for everyone or just me?

  • Ziggi Kaitai-Martin

    this isnt possible i get one shot by thr deathlord every time

  • Shadrothedragon Walker

    corrsction you have a chance to get the ebony greatsword but you might get the ebony battleaxe

  • Kuken Iburet

    BEFORE I watch this video I call BULLSHIT!

  • shin gojira

    lol with the 3bony bow he 2 shote d me😅😅

  • Technobro781

    im only after the bow, i olny have orcish bows right now, but im lvl 30 and my sneak is maxed out, so this should be easy >:) ill also get the greatsword for some gold, cuz i already have the daedric artifact ebony blade

  • Emily Riley

    I didn't get the ebony great sword I just got the bow and the war hammer

  • Art. Dragon

    I found Ebony Gauntlets here to Im level 20 but I don't think it will be there for most and instead of a great sword I found a war hammer

  • Apprentice Pumpkin

    Look at the city of England, ITS JUST HERE ON THE MAP!

  • youtube gamer

    Who else can see that line that keeps apearing

  • Matthy VG

    im level 5 and did it, took like 40 tries but it worked! the guy with the bow is easy to kill just search on youtube: how to kill draugr deathlord with low level, you will have to keep strafing and it works really well

  • Caleb

    You can always use the traps within the dungeon to hit the deathlord with the bow. I did this when I went after one of the dragon priests, the one who has three deathlords in his dungeon and it worked quite well. Was pretty difficult to do though so watch out for that.

  • Garrett418 Gaming

    The screen is messedddddddd up

  • theoredicalOutside r

    I was actually lucky enough to get an ebony war axe from the one down stairs

  • Steven Hipp

    He one shots me even on lowest difficulty

  • Thomas Ferber

    I got an ebony axe not greatsword time to do it agien

  • JackoWacko Gamer

    I couldnt find the second deathlord

  • Jeremy Wright

    This guide is quite bad. Many contradictions, there is a high chance of the greatsword not being there and if you go in at level 1 you get one shot. Why bother.

  • markinatorr

    He had an ebony battle axe...

  • Rick Grimes

    I got a ebony battle axe

  • Melissa Haeder

    Thank you so much eso you helped me so much I love watching your vids!!

  • Mr Mirazicals

    Gets the bow goes down gets the ebony warhammer opens chest gets elven bow 3 and 1

  • FallenShadow

    heres an really helpful tip just go to where he was giding be4 he defeated the draught then make sure you have all three words for unrelenting force and just push him off the edge into the pit with your shout and then hell die from the fall. then youll find the other draught down there and go to the chest on the rocn if he leaves and just snipe him with your weak bow but dont let him unarm you so just switch to nothing if he tries to. after you killed him then go pick up both the bow and sword

  • Ed Muise

    when you finish the gold claw quest.why do i need pick the lock on the guys door too return the i mistaken.

  • Blake Jacquart

    I got the warhammer but im satisfied thank u

  • Antonio Rosado

    I got one from the chest and one from the deathlord so I just got 2

  • puffy muffin

    You can't get any of these things at level one unless you don't level up

  • James O'Brien

    I also got an ebony great sword and bow also from draugr deathlords but it was a different cave

  • ArkMan 21

    Jesus the guy with the ebony took me so long kill

  • Jedi Master Tal'Akk

    Or you could just go to dawnstar and get in that secret welfare chest.

  • ryan 123

    Adept difficulty, level 4 and taking almost no damage from a draugr wight?

  • Cost Aura

    Don't do this at legendary mode on lv 21 it was hard as XD

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    I kept reloading, and there's no Ebony bow. I have been lied to.

  • mr.gamertag 21

    I did not get a grate sword I got a battle axe 😁😁😁

  • dominic carter

    I got war hammer from second guy

  • Gabe Meyer

    Nice dawnbreaker you got there on the thumbnail

  • blackshadow hunter

    level 1 my fucking ass he kills you in one hit

  • Natalie N

    Am I the only one who got an ebony battle axe

  • Alex Wills

    It got me the Warhammer instead of the sword

  • pok e

    is it just me or are their lines on the video

  • Yvan Herrera

    You should have used TK dodge mod.

  • tyler reid

    I got ebony battle axe

  • Rehab Johnston

    Guys get the vampire or wolf and then do it it's so easy

  • NWABUDIKE bergstein

    Does the screen so that for everyone

  • freak nasty

    Instead of a great sword I got a ebony battleaxe

  • john ray

    Your full of shingle crackers that guy is a one shot kill you can't do this at lvl 1

  • Isaac h. Hoskie

    I went there and it took a while for me to kill them

  • CaptainKobra

    There's a guaranteed chance that you will find it, but there's a small chance you might not

  • Acer Cordero

    why do you have 2 lucky daggers?

  • Rowan smith

    the guy wasn't holding an ebony greatsword for me he was holding an ebony battleaxe

  • knight westcoast

    nice corrupted save...

  • riekkie raath

    How did you get 2 of the valdrs lucky dagger i only got oneSame thing happend with me were you get one staff eye of magnus i got 2?? How

  • Winded karma 5239

    I had to bring my wife Uthgerd the unbroken and the Death Lord killed her😢😢😢

  • Enoch Dennis

    Won't take that long finally he's dead!

  • Inhuman glint

    lol when I did it he nocked the bow out of my hands with the shout

  • Luke wafle

    i tried a million times you only get a warhammer

  • 2KeyMasterGaming

    Great! Now I just have to wait 2 more months to get this game :).

  • colby nelson

    is it just me or did other low level players get one shotted by the deathlord?

  • Paula Himes

    I did this and I got a warhammer instead but I'm still really happy.

  • Royalty games

    when I got to the room with traps on the ground I could not get through because there were bars blocking the path way can you help me

  • Colt Hefner

    Boi I got every thing armor and Weapons from them



  • burrito gaming

    what if u get ebony Warhammer

  • Patriot 25

    5:45 I found a daedra heart

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