Skyrim - Top 5 Kids Who Need Adoption the Most

Not all of them just get around to playing tag. Some are in a constant fight for their lives.

Here I list my "Top 5 Kids Who Need Adoption the Most" in Skyrim. Someone could argue these are the best kids to adopt because of their very poor situations. As such, these can be some of the saddest encounters or locations one can find when exploring.

That's always a peak of interest - sad encounters. And in many are hidden things like Skyrim secrets, or weird secret encounters. Which often lead to fan theories or perhaps your own theory? Although here, deciding who the best children are comes down to some of the hardest decisions, as, generally speaking, the kids in this land don't give off such a good impression. Hm.

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  • Jinx198

    Bethesda won’t kill kids but will force you to watch kids suffer inhumane living conditions

  • Kumbi

    I wish the child-parent system was more fleshed out and each child had their own unique personality.They all have unique backstories but once you adopt them they all feel the same.

  • Sparks Legends

    I wish there were some Argonian and Khajiit kids to adopt. Hopefully we get some in Elder Scrolls 6.

  • Caitlin The Insomniac

    I really wish you could adopt more than two kids....

  • ChesuMori

    When I saw Sofie sleeping outside, in Windhelm, with a serial killer targeting young women on the loose.... yeah, I nope'd her straight to Breezehome.

  • Epic gamer moment

    Me: chasing Lucia around wearing mirraks mask while playing tagGuards ad whiterun:.... k

  • Angel Márquez Oramas

    Kids are immortal, they can handle themselves against a dragon.Argonian kid appearsI'LL TAKE 4

  • Astute Anansi

    Don't kill Constance. She is a really nice lady who does care about the kids, and if Grelod is killed she actually puts them up for adoption (unlike Grelod, who refused to have any of them adopted because she used them basically as slaves).Grelod herself, though... you can literally murder her in plain sight and not even get a bounty for it. This woman is so hated by literally everyone that the law won't lift a finger for her if you kill her.

  • Caz

    It's interesting that Sissel says she has a dream about a 'good old grey dragon.' Did she dream about Paarthurnax?

  • Sir Brucie

    watches videome: :'(also me: goes to nexus to install mod that lets you adopt multiple children

  • TJ Labatte

    I am so confused how do you adopt jarl balgruf

  • Jadan Velasquez Mejia

    But, Constance Michel is kind to the kids, you shouldn't kill her.

  • TheInvisiblBoom

    “Maybe he will grow up to be an adventurer, just like you.”soft crying in the distance

  • Mermaid Boy

    I wish you could adopt Aventus Aretino

  • Dexter Nelson

    I adopt Sophie and Lucia. I grew up doing farm work and construction. I'm actually glad I did because it made me stronger. Anyway, for those of you who want to adopt more kids, check out the Hearthfire multiple adoptions addon. Includes a special house just for more kids and a spouse.

  • Subtotal Aljar

    I usually adopt the boy from Solitude whose parents were imperial soldiers and the girl whose parents were stormcloak rebels and have them call each other brother and sister because I find it cute to bring Skyrim’s children from both sides of the spectrum together...Plus I love the irony

  • Void

    Actually when a guard says "hands to yourself, sneak thief", they're talking to the player. I've heard this multiple times in other places far from Lucia.

  • Merel. 0318

    I've adopted: Lucia and Sofie And When i came home from the dark brotherhood Sofie found a now we have 1 horse, a dog and a fox 😧

  • Moni Loz

    I feel so bad for these fictional children

  • Colton Bowman

    U shouldn't kill Consance Michel those kids at orphanage need someone to care for them they cant do it on their own i mean they are just kids

  • psydeffex

    now do top 5 kids who deserves an arrow to the face. i'm looking at you braith.

  • Dead Weight

    So I adopted two kids at random from riften and then never saw them again

  • spess explorur

    It's a shame we can adopt only 2 children even with hundreds of thousands of gold and multiple houses (in vanilla)

  • Uber Super Everything

    Couldn't you have said top 2 kids to adopt??? Now I'm sad I can't adopt all of them...

  • R3fug33

    I agree with your choice of Lucia from Whiterun. I always adopt her for the same reason. Brenuin is a bad influence on that little girl and I adopt her to save her from a life of begging or worse, alcoholism and possibly crime.

  • haisenju

    I ALWAYS adopt Lucia and Sofie, no matter what account I'm playing on or whether I start a new game. I love them and I prefer the girls over the boys, mostly because their voices aren't that annoying compared to the boys lol

  • Alex Can’t Draw

    sad music playsJust for five dollars a month, you can save one of these Skyrim children.

  • Glee Tenders

    I have Lucia and Alesan waiting for me in my home, perfect little angelsUnlike me, the dark brotherhood assassin/ thieves guild member/ dragon born/ wizard college student/ companion werewolf/ pickpocketing Khajit whose just pissed at not being able to marry Sven

  • Charlie Parker

    For a long time i would go buy Sofie's flowers every day because i didn't have a house for her to stay in. After working hard to be able to afford a house i finally adopted her.

  • Felfolk

    My heart melts every time Lucia says 'mama'

  • min tea

    lucia and sofie actually are my two daughters!

  • gonzalez 01

    If I could I would adopt all the orphansGIVE ME THE CHILDREN!!😭

  • Kawaii Potato

    I want ALL the kids that need adoption. I feel so bad to just leave them with their lives. They are all so sweet too.

  • LucidMutant

    An heavily armored guy with an powerful axe and magical hands walkingKid : WANNA PLAY HIDE AND SEEK?

  • RoundSquareX

    Wow, I am not sure what to think about this detailed analysis. Fascinating that someone could be that involved with a fictional world. I never saw the children sleeping. I didn't realize you could follow characters and find a whole story, gawd this game is massive, how did they make it... Two areas I felt emotions that I felt uneasy about, considering its not real, is for my first companion, when she died in battle I would have to re-load to avoid her being killed, based solely on feeling a loss, I made her my first thane, so that she wouldn't be killed and I could see her again. Then Serena, when she left to be cured of being a vampire, I was so happy when she finally showed up at the Dawnguard Castle. I felt very uneasy about some of the quest lines, I wish I would of known I could have killed the dark brother hood leader on the first introduction, so I went through that line not feeling very good about anything, but just wanted to complete the quests. I did feel something for the kids at the orphanage, I killed that person verbally abusing them before it was a quest line to do so, and I felt bad for the assistant who was afraid of me afterwards. I guess that is why it is called virtual reality, make believe, it can cause emotions as if it were real, but wow I feel more like a robot after watching this guys analysis.

  • Spacecest.Slimes

    I plan on adopting Sessi and Lucial, it hit me hard as i unfortunately came from domestic abuse, no one should have to go through that. As well as growing up in poverty, i was in a similar situation, and id love to save her from that

  • The Channel Of THE BOSS

    I downloaded a multiple adoption mod now there all mine hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahah(evil laughter)

  • Beatrice Neniute

    I wish I could adopt all of these children. :(

  • Anime Lover

    "Thank you very much for wa~Tag you're it! ha ha aha..ha..okay, not into it, sorry I, yeah I'm not either, it's so stupid, stupid"About a couple of seconds later."Ha aha, don't touch me! ha ha, I'm running! aha ha, oh yay!"

  • Christal Wolf

    Tbh, I will always adopt Sophie. I will explain why. First of all: I love children, they're the treasure of life, but we can't adopt every child.Sophie has to live in an evil city, has to sleep on the cold street... with a killer around. It's just too much!

  • Lauren Blake

    I always adopt Sophie to rescue her from Stormcloak influence 😂

  • Narcoleptic Axolotl

    Stop, you're making me reconsider my enchantment table.

  • Antonio Carbone

    1919: in 100 years there will be flying cars2019: Top 5 kids who need adoption the most

  • Ray Hendrickson

    I agree with Alesan, but I would definitely put Sofie as number two, because those two are the ones in the snow-covered cities, and she sleeps outside almost every night. I have seen Alesan sleeping next to the cows in the animal pen at the edge of town on occasion. They are working every day, just to earn their survival, Lucia is at least in a moderately warm city. I'm torn on Sissel. She needs out of that life, but you have the option to kill her father, which will send her to the orphanage, which isn't bad under Constance...

  • Jenna Dion

    Once during the serial killer quest I watched the dude actually STAB SOPHIE, she didn't die of course but it was still like GODDAMN

  • Duck

    Samuel and Lucia are my kids

  • Squishy Bear

    I use Hearthfire multiple adoptions to get Blaise, Sofie, Sissel, Lucia, Runa and Alesan. The boys at the orphanage after Grelod is gone all seem content to stay there with Constance.

  • Savannah the banana

    Sofie reminded me of The Little Match Girl. (Look it up) That's why I adopted her before she met the same fate.

  • Czeji

    I would've adopted Aventus, but I rescued Sissel & Britte from their abusive father instead.

  • De angelo

    When you're dragon born and own like ten houses but can only have two kids

  • Naris_The_Zabrak

    I run three Dunmer siblings (Ranger, Paladin, Mage--Stealth, Combat, Magic) and have them each adopt a different pair.Ranger: Sofie and Lucia at Proudspire Manor (And Heljarken Hall (sp?) )Paladin: Blaise and Alesan at Hjerim (and Windstat)Mage: Twins and Vindril Hall (and Lakeview)The reason I chose to adopt BOTH twins is because I figure the one sister is only being an asshole is because of their dad.

  • Vincent Avinca

    I'm kinda feel bad right know for only adopting a child added by a mod in my current playthrough. It was pretty necessary as well, though.I was about to clean out a lair full of bandits during Dawnguard's radiant quest Preemptive Strike, in which the chief, a vampire, plans to turn his whole gang into vampires. Once I entered the cave in sneak mode (to observe the situation), I noticed a Khajiit girl in ragged clothes hanging around with some of those outlaws.Of course that's not a good environment for a child and she didn't look pretty good, but since she was with the bandits, she would become hostile as soon as she notices me. Therefore I used Voice of the Emperor (Imperials ftw) to calm down everyone and adopted her. She went to her new home immediately and I finished my business there. She doesn't need to be a bandit anymore and I prevented her from turning into an undead, so... yeah me! lolAnd yes, she settled in very well, thanks for asking!

  • Selective Pontification

    Me going to any other merchant: Nah I aint buying your stuff bruh, now give me money for all this crap I don't wantMe seeing Sofie's flowers: I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

  • B1aze

    Funny thing.Blaise is actually my first name.

  • rodericklep285

    they shoulda allowed us to run orphanages and foster homes. I could've provided and had plenty to spoil these poor children

  • Papi The Harpy

    I went through whiterun recently for my first proper playthrough of the game and was heartbroken go hear her plight.So I gave her a gold, and kept giving her a gold each day until I managed to save up enough money to buy and furnish Breezehome.It made me feel genuine happiness hearing her call me mama for the first time

  • jack hammerson

    “Maybe they WILL become an adventurer. Like you.” Bruh you don’t have to get me in the feels like that man

  • Leith Hoseki

    On my first run of the game, I bought the affordable house in Whiterun and I adopted Lucia. Then I adopted another kid from the orphanage in Riften. I'm on my second run planning to live in a different city, so this helps me understand who I can help this time.

  • Fox961

    Before even watching this video I adopted alesan and lucia

  • Ryan Hernandez

    I only had 3 issue with skyrim back when it first began.1. The lag issue was killing me, this included the load screen (but the ps4 version fixed that issue)2.not be able to adopt all the children, considering u can own 1 house in every hold plus 3 the houses u make.( But that would be a issue with the AI/system if u didnt mod it sadly)3. The movement glitches when u ragdoll or when items drop or lay on the ground.( They fixed most of those issues, but not completely)

  • Angelo Adorno

    Sofie and Lucia will always be my virtual kids

  • Im everywhere can we get 1.000 subs???

    I choose Blaise And Sofie Because....Sofie from StromcloakBlaise from ImperialSofie + Blaise = No War :D

  • Matthew Helland

    You know Aventus specifically asks you not to kill Constance, right?

  • Maneme Jeffry

    Top 5 children that need adoption the mostcan only adopt 2

  • EJ Aunu

    Sissel and blaise are the one I'd adopt Blaise-Child of an imperial family now an orphan hustler.💂💂Sissle- child of a abusive family and wants to be an adventurer like us.🐉🌎Bethesda why do you have us not kill kids but have us suffer for their lives?😞💘

  • Faik Tagiev

    Sees videoAdopt more than 2 child mod installed

  • Joey C

    We need khajit/ argonian kids, and kids for every race in generalEdit wow this might be the most likes ever on a comment

  • Evanston Conner

    Actully making a family in skyrim was my first goal

  • Zethras Gorgoth

    I still remember the first time I saw Lucia, in Whiterun; when I heard her story my heart just melted like pudding left out in the sun, and when I found out I couldn't adopt her due to not having a house I almost cried. Yup, I really mean it, let me spell it: c-r-i-e-d. Anyway, I went to desperately look for a house, but at some point I stumbled on Mage Mansion on Nexus. I installed it, go finding it on the Riverwood mountains and told to myself "good, I have a home now, I can adopt Lucia!". I was so happy, I went back to Whiterun running like a kid towards the christmas tree, and as soon as I entered Whiterun I started to look for her. I found her eventually, and I said "I have a house, Lucia, I can finally adopt you! You're happy now, right?". But the dialogues turned me down quite instantly, because for some reason I couldn't use that as a proper player home. Back then I didn't know, but I needed a mod to be able to do so. Oh well, eventually I purchased Breezehome and adopted both Lucia and Sofie.(As you probably already guessed, I have a soft spot for kids)

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