Skyrim: All of the Houses | Prices - Knowledge - Walkthrough |

Today we will be going over all the buy able pre-made houses in skyrim, their prices with upgrades, all the boxes/boxes/sacks, weapon and armor racks, and bookwshelves! I hope you enjoy!
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Breezehome, whiterun: | 0:35 |
5000 Base, 1800 Upgrades, can buy After completing "Bleak Falls Barrow" from Proventus Avenicci or Brill! (Go through the main quest until you're told to go to bleak falls barrow to retrieve something and then after that is completed you can buy the house)
[15 box/chests/Bags, 4 weapon rack, 0 armor racks, 2 book shelves]

Honeyside, Riften: | 2:32 |
5000 - 8000 Base, 4300 Upgrades, Purchased from Anuriel after
completing Skooma Trade. (Speak to Wujetta and give her a healing potion ans talk about skooma trade, talk to the jarl about the skooma trader, kill Sarthis for jarl, return to the jarl, Clear out Cragslane Cavern, then help some people in Riften 3 or 4, you will then be able to buy the house.)
[12 box/chests/Bags, 5 weapon racks, 2 armor stands, 2 book shelves]

Vlindrel Hall, Markarth: | 4:37 |
8000 Base, 4100 Upgrades, Purchased from Raerek after completing a number of quests for the Jarl including the quest to "Recover Hrolfdir's Shield." and help 3-4 people in the hold!
[24 box/chests/bags, 10 weapon holders, 1 armor stand, 3 book shelves]

Proudspire Manor, Solitude | 6:39 |
25000 Base, 11000 Upgrades, Completing "The Man Who Cried Wolf"
and a miscellaneous quest named "Elisif's Tribute" for/from the Jarl.
[14 box/chests/bags, 5 weapon holders, 2 armor stand, 8 book shelves]

Hjerim, Windhelm | 8:26 |
8000 - 12000, 9000, Completing "Blood on the Ice"
and either "The Battle for Fort Sungard" or the Imperial Legion questline. (Either go with the storm cloaks in the civil war mission up till they eventually tell you you can buy a house in the hold, or complete the whole civil war questline as the imperials till you take windhelm)
[28 box/chest/bags, 17 weapons racks, 3 armor racks, 5 bookshelves]

Severin Manor, Raven Rock, | 11:49 |
FREE COMPLETELY, Completion of the quest "Served Cold."
(To start talk to the blacksmith in town and go retrieve his pickaxe, then speak to the man in the mine who had the pick and retrieve his book, after that you will be told that there are assassins in the city and they need to be found, follow the quest until you kill the severin family and the threat to councilor morvayn, you will be rewarded with the house and everything in it!)
[31 box/chests/bags, 23 weapons rack, 4 armor racks, 2 bookselves]
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    Markarth: 8000 GoldSolitude: 20,000 Gold “not that much more than markarth”

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    Another way to be able to get Honeyside, the Riften House, is to side with the Imperials in the Civil War, which makes Maven Black Briar Jarl which skips all that questing. Which also could help if Wujeta despawns.

  • Joshua Borja

    List rating from best to worst IMO:1. Windhelm - Simply the greatest2. Riften - Decently nice and nice location + close to thieves guild3. Markarth - close to dwarven ruins, decent interior4. Whiterun - cheapest, decent, early5. Solitude - just not worth the money

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    With Riften of you join the imperials and take Riften you don't need to do the quest. Same with Markarth but you join the Stormcloaks

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    actually my 1st house was the one in 3:00... I didn't kill my 1st dragon til I was well into my 70's !!!!!!! so that "1st House' was more like my 4th pr 5th house ... but YES most folks would have killed their 1st Dragon early on in the game ... either way I don't like Lidia (or however you call her) sitting in my FAVORITE chair in MY room (ppssstt I mean she HAS her own room)

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