Skyrim's Creation Club is Officially Live - And it's Pretty... meh: A Look at Skyrim's "Paid Mods"

Skyrim's Creation Club is now out of beta and live on PC, Xbox One and PS4, this following community outrage over Fallout 4's own Creation Club and much controversy regarding Bethesda's pricing of the Survival mode add-on. While Skyrim Special Edition's Creation Club seems to boast better quality content than what we've seen previously, much of it still reeks of absurd pricing and low value, however there are a handful of add-ons that feel like they belong.

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  • Gebony」

    1) get a pc2) download mods

  • TheEpicNate315

    Retractions, because I done goofed a couple times: Runes evidently are in the base game (The more you know), "TES 6: Arena" is not a thing, and I said the word "actually" about a dozen times. I probably won't be recording voice overs without a full night's sleep or good cup of coffee again :l Also, another graphics list is in the works, hopefully will be out this weekend...ish.

  • Liam Eady

    Runes, you say? Tell us more about this curious novelty

  • Li Yuki

    You said runes are new?????? RRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEKidding, but seriously runes were in vanilla skyrim and you could run into them in a few dungeons. No one ever used them, however, so I don't blame you for forgetting about them. Hate the creation club, but the spellpack is the most reasonably priced item yet, I still think a tad too expensive but not bad at all.

  • tenko van der kuip

    WOW 100 free credits! Oh thank you Bethesda Overlords!!!

  • andrew decker

    Some wonderful modders made a mod that hides the creation club from the menu and removes it from the game. Best mod ever 10/10 hands down

  • Reggie Vermilion

    Bethesda to Skyrim - KEEEEEEEEP MILKING THIS COW!!

  • Temer1ty

    WARNING: Do not purchase the bow that ruins edge.I used to write deep poetry about how meaningless the world is and how nothing anyone will do matters in the grand scheme but since I bought this add-on I have found myself completely unable to do so.

  • JourneyOfJMFan 1

    Are you telling me Bethesda destroyed the coolest lore in the industry for a few bucks on non-canon skins?

  • gage bowen

    Got survival while it's free, not giving bethesda none of my shekels

  • tenko van der kuip

    3:35 That zombie butt though. Totally worth that four bucks

  • Ryan Mathis

    Oh boy! A 2 handed sword that absorbs magica! Im very willing to pay for that!

  • RPGaming

    Sheogorath is the prince of madness, but Bethesda is the lord of madness...

  • Pokalplayer

    The Elderscrolls IV: Arena? Did I missheard it or am I missing something ? Anyway great Video keep up the great work

  • Alexa Miller

    Frostfall: "Hey, we came up with that alrea-"Bethesda: "Shhhhh.."

  • Anus Potatus

    Survival mode shouldn't cost anything. If fallout 4 and Fallout NV had it on launch, then they should have released it as an update. Also, there are tons of better survival mode mods out there anyways.

  • The Nothing Nobody

    Honestly this is about the...spread of things I was expecting. Bunch of overpriced junk, some 'ok maybe it's worth it' and a couple actual gems that are honestly good to get.BUT the issue isn't in the offering here, it's the middle step we're being forced to do. Namely buying the stupid fake currency Bethesda put out, so that we can actually get them. Cuz that's the real kicker: Fake currencies are a forced step to make sure that they get their money FIRST. See, if you could just buy the items outright like you used to be able to do (funny enough the idea of small DLCs STARTED with Oblivion and stuff like the now infamous horse armor DLC), they only get their money when you bought it, and only got the money for what you bought.Fake BS currency though? They get their money RIGHT then and there, and they don't have to give you shit actually. And I don't mean they don't give you the fake currency, they do, what I mean is that the fake currency has no real world value. It's meaningless, it only exists as a method to disconnect the idea of how much you are actually spending versus how much they charge for each item. They got their money in advance, and so they don't care about the fake currency you just got, it's meaningless nonsense, what matters to them is that they got the real money.So as long as the fake BS currency exists, I can't see myself supporting this whole system at all. It's just too anti-consumer to agree with. If all it was, was a 1:1 thing, where the only money you spent, was directly for whatever you wanted and nothing more, then, even with all the really shitty 'mini DLCs' they are offering, at least then you could just ignore the ones you don't want, and only buy what you want. That'd also quickly show Bethesda what people are not only wanting to buy, but how much they're willing to pay for it.Instead what we have is a corporate-mandated load of crap designed to squeeze all the cash as possible out of it's consumer-base up front, while offering (mostly) pointless and stupid stuff (I more refer to Fallout 4's first showing of 'mini DLCs', because at least Skyrim's ones are offering a bit more interesting things, and even have things that seem worth it), and not even really compensating or even CREDITING the very modders they claim they are supporting with this.And yes, I know that how it's set up is basically like sub-contracted work, and that in any other circumstance they'd never be given credit or any further money beyond that. HOWEVER, this is not just any situation either. Even if they don't pay the modders more, they still aren't even being given credit. Who made the Survival Mode 'mini-DLC'? I don't know. What about that zombie onen? No clue either.Right now the whole Creation Club was marketed to let people trick THEMSELVES into thinking that their money is, at least in part, going to support modders, when in reality it's not, not in the slightest, as they were already paid beforehand to make it. All that money spent is going right to Bethesda, probably ZoS, and nowhere else.

  • Frost Byte

    Dude, what is your mod list? Your game looks fantastic

  • Mikeztarp

    Runes are in the base game.

  • Tarek Chamas

    wow .. bethesda just die already

  • Soldier of Wotan

    Any PS4 player who purchases this is directly encouraging Bethesda to simply stop releasing creation tools for other consoles so that they can push paid mods there too.DO NOT ENCOURAGE PAID MODS REGARDLESS OF HOW 'WORTH IT' THEY SEEM!

  • javvy156 javvy156

    More garbage from Bethesda.

  • Quadrenaro

    I took a look and nothing looked worth paying money for. I got survival for free though. :/

  • zlostnypopolnik

    Noticeable improvement, Bethesda is listening to us... did you drink some hard stuff ?

  • Tensai55

    Basically, the only one I'm really interested in is the arrows - conveniently priced so you have to spend at least $8. I think I'll head over to Nexus and see what arrow mods are available.

  • WrinkleyDog

    Playstation 4 players, do not pay for these mods! We need to discourage Bethesda from these bad practices and paying for these mods does not help!

  • Jeffrey

    Yeah no. Still all overpriced. pennies for armors a dollar for collections and 5 dollars for mini expansions. Gotta price for the other options.

  • Richard Small

    Here at Bugthesda, we're not interested in fixing FO4, releasing new DLC for FO4 or Skyrim, or allowing rival studios like Obsidian to create superior expansions in either series. No, we're going to allow our people to create broken mods like the Chinese Stealth Suit, which we know makes using the Pip Boy while crouched near impossible. Not to mention that horrible aiming. Yeesh. We will also be charging you for those mods and secretly be adding bugs to our patches that make rival mods of the same type unusable. We thank you all for continuing to fund our tyranny like the good little automatons that society has brainwashed you into. Be sure to pre-order FO5 whenever we decide to eventually release it, as well as our next Elder Scrolls game. We won't give you anything in return, but it will help us convince our shareholders of our continued success.

  • Captain Fantastic

    I don't know what Bethesda is thinking asking for these prices for a single weapon or armor set. And opening up the Creation Club with such a lame offering. The correct way to do this is to open it up with a Bang, such as a complete new DLC like Dragonborn. And if you're asking for 5 bucks you better offer a complete set of weapon types and armor instead of just a single item. Those prices are ridiculous. The worst thing is that this malpractice is so blatantly obvious, except to the marketing creeps that seems to run Bethesda now.

  • Sillssa

    Doesnt matter how much content the mod has or how cheap it is, its paid mods. No one wants paid mods, no one half minded buys mods.

  • Sam Gilley


  • The Pac

    Most of these mods need to cost like 25 cents MAX. theres no reason why a full DLC with new Weapons, armor, locations, NPCs, quests, etc... cost 15 to 20 dollars while some of these paid mods offer just a hundredth of that content for a quarter of that price.

  • guymine123

    wait there's no runes in vanilla really I thought they were then again I have like 255 mods and have been playing modded after 10 playthroughs of vanilla and collecting mods over the years from the nexus I guess I got one sometime and they have the EXACT SAME TEXTURE he may be wrong but I wouldn't know I have loads of mods

  • Game Sharkie


  • Logan Harris

    Weren't runes already a thing?

  • MajorMoron

    get chrysamere from the moon and star mod. Looks even better in my opinion

  • wolverine

    Rune Spells already exists in the Original Skyrim.

  • Joe Wickham

    All the way you acquire these items are so damn lazy. Could be implemented with a much more fleshed out quest, but no. Lazy lazy

  • LeagueOfFox

    I still would rather see is elder scrolls kingdom app which is post to be like fallout shelter but in a skyrim world

  • 82MPN

    so... ever item is behind a "go there -> kill -> loot" questAnd Crusader Armor on some random ass Bandits..... insulting.

  • Daniel West

    Killing the netch with a fork is from morrowind, sheogorath makes you do it. It's just a little reference

  • HanFyren

    Just commenting to tell you that I am happy that youtubers buy these bad mods so we don't have to.

  • Sir Billius

    Are the arrows included on a leveled list? That would be interesting but I kinda doubt it.

  • Arc Darkstar

    Oh all the mods are shit or poorly implemented, what a surprise. Forgive me but if a mod asks you to "kill some bandits" to acquire the items then it's not a complete mod and is just a goody pack to cheese your play-through.

  • studio of greatness

    You know the rune is vanilla right

  • Hysterical Genie

    Runes were in base game...

  • Abdullah Saurus

    Runes are in the base game Nate! ;P Better than Fallout 4's and with a bit more price tweaking (More in the vein of what you said), I think it'd be fine imho. They have one good one (Survival) and the others if priced better (3oo for Oblivion armor and 150 for all the weapons with 200 for the staff of Sheogorath and 300 for the Zombie Mode, keep Survival mode 500), I wouldn't have any complaints. They'd be well priced and value for money and this would encourage more people to buy because of the low prices and they'd feel like buying all of them would be value for money aswell cause it'd be a lot cheaper than it is right now to buy all of them.

  • LordMunchkin

    Paid mods? I seriously worry about the future of TES VI. Will they put a pay wall on the mod tools?

  • Liquid Tension2

    I think 5 dollars is a decent price but consider the other shady shit and that there are free alternatives I wouldn’t spend a penny


    I kind of love how Bethesda chooses to introduce these potentially cool ideas--what if zombies invaded Skyrim? Wouldn't THAT change the game!--only to immediately back off and say "Whoops, sorry, just meant to say you can summon a zombie that will die three seconds after you summon it because it's just one zombie. That'll be $336."

  • Alice Liddell

    1st RULE: You do not talk about CREATION CLUB.2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about CREATION CLUB.

  • Amskon

    I like and hate it at the same time, but do find some of it useful because i am a PlayStation 4 user.

  • Daniel Mitchell

    Got the CC update yesterday and now I can't use parts of Frostfall and Campfire. Not saying that the update is the reason but it sure seems odd that the problem happened after the update

  • Leon St.

    Well at least they didn't put lootboxes in.

  • Danil Shirnin

    PS4 users let me tell you DONT get the new magic spells mod! There are mods known as phendrix magic world which are currently available and the creator was able to work around the limitations in order to make a bunch of cool spells that are either the same or even better than what bethesda is offering you. so in a nutshell, none of this is worth it.

  • Tom

    Free vs Paid................I wonder what most will pick?

  • Legion Recruiter O'Gare

    They are going in the right direction...

  • superllamaking

    Bethesda raised the price of the survival mod so that people would freak out, then they lowered it again to look like they listen to fans (which clearly they don't). In reality, it was all a game to them. They knew what they were doing.

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    Crusader thing (knights of the nine) armor and weapon pack is nice2 armor sets and 2 weapons and its 500 credits, thats kinda worth the price

  • Nifty

    I bet those mods are gonna get cracked and given as torrents.

  • anthony clarke

    All the way back in The Elder Scrolls IV: Arena. Really?

  • Kuyosaki

    >arcane arrows which were in previous games>reasonable pricenoputting some additional codes in arrow hit scripts is not worth a penny and it's already free on nexus

  • Whiterun Guard

    I'm not gonna lie i really want that mudcrab armor

  • thebunnyrules

    Tried addon today. it's missing the thirst need which is a deal breaker for me. Also, having to wait for camping / hunting paid mod to get the complete experience isn't convenient for me.

  • Simmius The First

    I sort of understand creation club for consoles but for pc what the hell is bethesda thinking.

  • Caizer

    I bought some of the creation club things because I’m on ps4

  • Vanitas

    "In Skyrim, when the sun falls the dead rise." That is criminally misleading.

  • Whiterun Guard

    Still 20 times better than fallouts 4 creation club

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