5 Things You Didn't Know about Hearthfire DLC

Hearthfire does have a few amazing things!
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  • Ivan Moraes

    Step 1: get a wooden sword to legendary levels.Step 2: give it to son.Step 3: tell him to go play with Braith.

  • HIGH

    3:39 when you scream so hard you make a fish pregnant...

  • Ci'jun

    after an outrageous amount of lifetime I spent in this game, I never heard of these Salmon roe... Well, here we go again, creating a new Character...

  • Dream Wolf

    my personal favorite part of the Hearthfire DLC?If you get 2 girl children, you have a chance they will bring home foxes...as pets....

  • Artie Gatsby

    "hearthfire isn't really DLC"I'm sorry, is it not content I downloaded?

  • Gotis

    I gave my son a legendary Dragon bone dagger enchanted with fire called Alduin's Tooth. Then he asked me for a wooden sword.

  • George Teale

    Fun fact: If you're a vampire you can construct a coffin in the basement

  • Andrei Dragostin

    Til dragonborn's shout makes fish horny

  • ChobinoftheFunk

    "The weakest weapon in the game is the fork".Somewhere on the battlefield, a bewildered Dovahkiin is fighting with his dinner fork. Pity him.

  • Hermann Fegelein

    Make an overpowered wooden sword.Rename it to Pencil of Doom.

  • Jeff Cavaliere's Red Marker

    I love how we all play a 7 year old game

  • Killo

    “Hearthfire isn’t DLC.” Oblivion added horse armor as a DLC, this is massive in comparison.

  • St Johan

    People that judge Hearthfire in comparison to the other DLC's are the type of people that judge books by how good they are as hats. Hearthfire was not supposed to add an exciting story line.

  • Sircreepington9th

    Step 1: Obtain a salmon row by any means necessaryStep 2: Buy the house with the fish hatcheryStep 3: Put salmon roe in hatchery Step 4: Wait for the salmon to spawnStep 5: Fus ro dah the salmon in the hatcheryStep 6: Make waterbreathing potions from the roeStep 7: Repeat steps 4-6

  • cobrakingofeart

    correction: YOUR wife hates lakeview manor. lydia, my wife, loves it. "the fresh air is great"

  • Trover

    Lol the wooden sword build should be called the Syrio Forrel build

  • The Expert

    5:28 Congratulations king of Morrowind you just got cucked by a bard

  • 39amelie39

    I'm pretty sure I once married an Orc and he was perfectly happy with Lakeview Manor, especially because it "thoughens up" the children or something like that. He liked the fact that it was a bit more dangerous there.

  • maximaldinotrap

    Nightingale Inn? It is Nightgate Inn.

  • sarcasm boi

    But I love the HearthFire dlc....

  • Damn DirtyApe

    7:40 I laughed my ass off. Vilod is an entirely different character from the girl he had a crush on, the only reason he got confused is because Ralof's sentences was worded in a weird way. Lol

  • fl1x

    7:40 Vilod is a man who makes mead, Vilod is not the girl who Ralof used to be sweet on.

  • Jakob Swanson

    Timestamps for Impatience:#1 0:40 - Salmon Eggs are useful, waterbreathing#2 3:56 - Easter Egg#3 5:44 - Wooden Sword is a weapon (no shit)#4 7:30 - Bottles o mead with juniper berriesThere is no 5. As far as I can tell at least.

  • RPG Is Life

    To me, the Hearthfire DLC is a perfect end of adventures story for the Dragonborn, you have defeated Alduin, you have saved Winterhold, you made the Thieves Guild great again, you made the Dark Brotherhood great again, you've gained respect throughout every single Hold as Thane, you have served every single Daedric Prince, you've defeated Harkon, you've defeated Miraak, and you have defeated the Ebony Warrior, and now that that is all over, you can now build your own home, settle down, and live out the rest of your days with your wife and your children, truly the perfect end to the Dragonborn's storyline.

  • Pyxxi Styx

    i can agree to the point of lakeview manor being a bad spot for a family.. lol . the first time i built it and moved my family in, bandits and mercs would casually spawn inside my house and attack me. x.x even my partner.... even if its a small spawn glitch (maybe) , its a funny one.. i haven't come across the other 2 locations as of yet.Also random civilians wandering through my home like its a part of the walk trail, when you speak to them- they act as if you've walked into their homes after hours... a very confusing interaction.

  • Luke Leary

    Fertility Shout Learned

  • tyler gray

    "Deh"? It's "DAH" you nimrod

  • Nelekmaar

    Wow, i had never even heard of that Salmon Roe Ingredient before the video, thanks ! Now i can cheese the game in even more ways.

  • BadgeurM0B

    historical story, Miyamoto carved a wooden sword from an oar, he then used the sword in the duel and killed his opponent with it,

  • ZeroFiveSeven

    #3 was basically:The DLC adds this sword, which is mostly useless in combat... But you can CHEAT to make it NOT useless!

  • Korra Royal

    Blue Mountain Flower + Blue Butterfly Wings + Giants Toe. Another recipe for an insanely expensive potion. Unfortunately finding Giants Toes can be a pain in the ass. They can spawn in the Hearthfire Homes (Trophy Room), Jorvasker. But I usually just kill giants at every opportunity.

  • PinkFluffyTurtlel

    When I got the fork, I enchanted it with a powerful shock enchantment. I killed so many bandits with that thing XD

  • Carter Feeler

    Every time I quick travel to Lakeview Manor, either a giant or a bandit chief are trying to kill my kids.

  • Word of Mouth

    At Lakeview, a giant ran off with my cow twice (killed my chickens too). Then bandits kept coming back and attacking from inside my house. Not fun...

  • Jacob Pettit

    Bruh I had no clue there was more house you could build, I’ve been playing this game for like 5 or 6 years.

  • Tim Mower

    You say the other ones are better but for some reason I have much more memory of this DLC.

  • Yendal

    They should have had a maid that cleaned up all of your junk...Mod please

  • Phyankord

    NONONONONONONO. hearthfire IS a DLC. you see, there is a clear cut difference between DLC and EXPANSIONS. hearthfire is a DLC, dawnguard and dragonborn are EXPANSIONS.

  • Hermann Fegelein

    Nobody:Toddy boy: Let's turn Skyrim into Salmon Simulator and charge people for it

  • Lucien

    Who painted the giants nails

  • Eris Everblight

    This is actually my fav dlc followed by dragonborn and dawnguard. Also if you marry an orc they'll love lakeview but hate most of the city homes

  • Michael_Liddle

    Flames can be used on the salmon jumping up the waterfall, doing it like this will get you atleast 5-10 roe at each waterfall

  • Tyler Newman

    First time I've watched a "X things you didn't know about..." videos and actually learned new things in a long time. I know this video is a bit old, but props!

  • Abby M.

    I hate DLC's that feel like DLC's. /: Still played them tho

  • amoredheero

    yeah opened the door door to exit my lakeview manor and that dang giant was standing right there. Crushed me before I could even move.

  • Trase Thompson

    Hearthfire is a DLCWhere as Dawnguard and Dragonborn are expansions

  • Skellitor301

    "Hearthfire is not a real DLC"Really? Because I'm pretty sure that fits the definition of what a DLC is, Downloadable Content. it's content you otherwise would not have in the game. Not to mention, there is no clearly defined rule as to what can be classified as "enough content for a DLC" and what isn't, it's entirely subjective. You should state your argument more accurately, and say that "the Hearthfire DLC isn't what I expect in a DLC package, there wasn't enough there for me to be satisfied"

  • maeganmonster

    Can confirm Lakeview Manor has crazy stupid enemy spawns nearby, I once stepped out the front door and was immediately KO'd by a giant.

  • Linkdarkside

    Not a real DLC?i think you meant not a real expansion.

  • Väeski

    Okay, I have played Skyrim for a looong time now but I have never even seen salmon roe. Guess you always learn something new. Thank you for this video!Edit: Also, if Skyrim really is based on real life Nords, I think you pronounced "Heljarchen" correctly because that sure sounds Scandinavian-like. Trust me, I would know as a Fennoscandian.

  • Username

    "Let's just get right into the point : Hearthfire is not real DLC"DLC means Downloadable Content, You DOWNLOAD Hearthfire don't you?

  • Good Memes

    (Hel-Yarchin_hawl) that is how you pronounce it

  • OnlyZombie Queen

    I have a Lakeview Manor. I got attacked by a giant, a dragon, bandits and even tigers. My son found a skeever and ask if I could let him keep it

  • The_Cat

    the way you pronounces llewellyn made my welsh heart crack

  • Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz

    That explains the giants hanging in front my Lake View Manor. I'm just glad that the children and Ysolda are immortal.

  • LUKA

    I'm a bit late but the fork isn't the weakest weapon. It's a pickaxe named Rocksplinter, it does the same amount of damage per hit , but swings slower

  • That 1 Gummybear

    Nightgate...... It's the nightgate inn, I'm furious

  • Tabari

    "Nightingale Inn"Reads map on screen: Nightgate InnGOOD JOB!👍👏

  • EmmiJadeShow

    I really like Hearthfire, actually. From a roleplaying perspective, it's gold. Just because it was different doesn't mean it was bad?

  • Cashflow51

    I love the Armor display bug All the free armor you want from one set of armor

  • Who Knows

    I don't even own Skyrim anymore but I had thousands of hours in it, owning all DLC, and never knew about Salmon Roe. Well damn, guess I need to buy it again.... I don't think I've ever seen it on sale though.

  • Aylbdr Madison

    I always thought the Nightingale Inn would have been a town since it is midpoint on one of the main North South roads smack between a few cities, and a few hundred yards from an East West main road crossing the North South road, providing an obvious spot for a rather sizable town. I need to go download a mod to fix this oversight now, lols.

  • Jon dow

    Hi MrRhexx thanks for this video pleas do a lore videos on WerDragons & catastrophic Dragons.thank you.

  • Jon dow

    Hi MrRhexx thanks for this video pleas do a lore videos on WerDragons & catastrophic Dragons.thank you.

  • Matthew Lambert

    my wooden sword does over 72894 damage

  • plenkman

    Hearthfire IS DLC. Dawnguard and Dragonborn were EXPANSIONS. Know the difference.

  • Gacha Person

    Lydia was my housemeed or whatever and she glitched really bad and there were 2 of her. My game was completely fine, and I could talk to the Lydias as if she were 2 people...

  • Elvenbred X

    samon row can be gathered also from hanging samon on racks like in the riften fishery !

  • Lucien

    tfw you give an npc 500 gold and take it all later in exchange for a few diamonds

  • Sonny

    Salmon roe, nordic barnacle, garlic...

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