5 Things You Didn't Know about Hearthfire DLC

Hearthfire does have a few amazing things!
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  • Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz

    That explains the giants hanging in front my Lake View Manor. I'm just glad that the children and Ysolda are immortal.

  • Gotis

    I gave my son a legendary Dragon bone dagger enchanted with fire called Alduin's Tooth. Then he asked me for a wooden sword.

  • Ci'jun

    after an outrageous amount of lifetime I spent in this game, I never heard of these Salmon roe... Well, here we go again, creating a new Character...

  • Sircreepington9th

    Step 1: Obtain a salmon row by any means necessaryStep 2: Buy the house with the fish hatcheryStep 3: Put salmon roe in hatchery Step 4: Wait for the salmon to spawnStep 5: Fus ro dah the salmon in the hatcheryStep 6: Make waterbreathing potions from the roeStep 7: Repeat steps 4-6

  • Andrei Dragostin

    Til dragonborn's shout makes fish horny

  • Ivan Moraes

    Step 1: get a wooden sword to legendary levels.Step 2: give it to son.Step 3: tell him to go play with Braith.

  • Hidden Desire

    Funnier fact: The girl he had feelings for can be seen saying death to the stormcloaks in the intro

  • Dream Wolf

    my personal favorite part of the Hearthfire DLC?If you get 2 girl children, you have a chance they will bring home foxes...as pets....

  • Jorne De Smedt

    Hearthfire is not a real DLC?Let's see...DLC means Downloadable Content.Hearthfire has content, which is downloadable.I think that counts as DLC.Just as much as paid mods count as paid mods.

  • Carter Feeler

    Every time I quick travel to Lakeview Manor, either a giant or a bandit chief are trying to kill my kids.

  • David Blalock

    Still waiting for some to develop a proper Kingmaker storyline. One where you have to/get to rebuild Helgan, establish it as the seat of power in your hold. Gather a garrison of forces. Marry Eliseth or Ulfric, overthrow either or both, or forge alliances with the Jarls to gain their support in the Moot and become high king via diplomatic conquest. In other words a well thought out set of quest lines that allow you to put yourself on the thrown either through diplomacy, treachery or force of arms.

  • Trover

    Lol the wooden sword build should be called the Syrio Forrel build

  • Jakob Swanson

    Timestamps for Impatience:#1 0:40 - Salmon Eggs are useful, waterbreathing#2 3:56 - Easter Egg#3 5:44 - Wooden Sword is a weapon (no shit)#4 7:30 - Bottles o mead with juniper berriesThere is no 5. As far as I can tell at least.

  • Adrianna Hubbard

    I just need to know why Karliah's eyes are purple! If both grandparents were dark elves, what was her father😭

  • Iain Hansen

    I swear on my life this is true! Like seriously nobody believes me and I haven’t been able to find anything on it on the internet but please take me seriously!On my argonian character I decided I would explore the ocean north of winterhold and almost at the north eastern most tip of the map I got attacked by a giant slaughter fish! Like huge, bigger then the player huge! It killed me and I’ve never been able to find it again. Has this happened to anybody else?Edit: my god this comment got a lot of replies, though we don’t seem very close to finding the truth

  • Hunter Cowart

    The only thing that bugs me is that the display cases don’t work like normal ones

  • 39amelie39

    I'm pretty sure I once married an Orc and he was perfectly happy with Lakeview Manor, especially because it "thoughens up" the children or something like that. He liked the fact that it was a bit more dangerous there.

  • Spectra Dusker

    OMG I gave my adopted daughter Sofie one of those Juniper Berry Crostata D: I am the worst mom in Skyrim

  • Anthony Cournyer

    I personally really liked hearthfire. I mean i was pissed when i heard i had to pay for it, but it was like 10 bucks and you could get a cool cheapish house early as hell. Was really nice.

  • Jeff Cavaliere's Red Marker

    I love how we all play a 7 year old game

  • Ultra Instinct Shaggy

    5:28 Congratulations king of Morrowind you just got cucked by a bard

  • Damn DirtyApe

    7:40 I laughed my ass off. Vilod is an entirely different character from the girl he had a crush on, the only reason he got confused is because Ralof's sentences was worded in a weird way. Lol

  • PinkFluffyTurtlel

    When I got the fork, I enchanted it with a powerful shock enchantment. I killed so many bandits with that thing XD

  • P0T10N

    i can agree to the point of lakeview manor being a bad spot for a family.. lol . the first time i built it and moved my family in, bandits and mercs would casually spawn inside my house and attack me. x.x even my partner.... even if its a small spawn glitch (maybe) , its a funny one.. i haven't come across the other 2 locations as of yet.Also random civilians wandering through my home like its a part of the walk trail, when you speak to them- they act as if you've walked into their homes after hours... a very confusing interaction.

  • RPG Is Life

    To me, the Hearthfire DLC is a perfect end of adventures story for the Dragonborn, you have defeated Alduin, you have saved Winterhold, you made the Thieves Guild great again, you made the Dark Brotherhood great again, you've gained respect throughout every single Hold as Thane, you have served every single Daedric Prince, you've defeated Harkon, you've defeated Miraak, and you have defeated the Ebony Warrior, and now that that is all over, you can now build your own home, settle down, and live out the rest of your days with your wife and your children, truly the perfect end to the Dragonborn's storyline.

  • Luke Leary

    Fertility Shout Learned

  • Sea Salt

    But I love the HearthFire dlc....

  • ReZisT Lust

    I married, adopted a kid, got a pet went on a stroll, killed the wife, cast ressurect dead in front of the kids & with the wife walked out to the fishery dock. Before she romantically faded into dust ☺😐😔😢😭💘

  • Ralf martinez

    This is why i hate that they call everything dlc , it is a dlc , but its not an expansion like dawnguard or dragonborn

  • Dylan Cunter

    Llewellyn is pronounced "chlewellyn" because its a Welsh name

  • Bible Man

    I knew there was something in karliah's eyes

  • Nelekmaar

    Wow, i had never even heard of that Salmon Roe Ingredient before the video, thanks ! Now i can cheese the game in even more ways.

  • HIGH

    3:39 when you scream so hard you make a fish pregnant...

  • Jim Jam

    Hearthfire is a DLCWhere as Dawnguard and Dragonborn are expansions

  • ChobinoftheFunk

    "The weakest weapon in the game is the fork".Somewhere on the battlefield, a bewildered Dovahkiin is fighting with his dinner fork. Pity him.

  • Lucien

    Who painted the giants nails

  • LUKA

    I'm a bit late but the fork isn't the weakest weapon. It's a pickaxe named Rocksplinter, it does the same amount of damage per hit , but swings slower

  • Sparkyjohan

    People that judge Hearthfire in comparison to the other DLC's are the type of people that judge books by how good they are as hats. Hearthfire was not supposed to add an exciting story line.

  • The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua

    It may not be as expansive as Dawnguard or Dragonborn, but I love the Hearthfire DLC. I just love designing a house and coming back to it from your adventures and filling it up with everything that you've collected from your journey.

  • Tim Mower

    You say the other ones are better but for some reason I have much more memory of this DLC.

  • cr3at1v3_us3rnam3

    The mead with Juniper Berries isn't part of the Hearthfire DLC

  • DreamOf Memes

    I gave my children juniper berry crostatas ._.

  • The Annilators

    It also doesn’t really compare in price

  • amoredheero

    yeah opened the door door to exit my lakeview manor and that dang giant was standing right there. Crushed me before I could even move.

  • good dog

    Did not know about the Salmon Roe.

  • jtomally9681

    I have had all three locations bought and the kids and spouse all seem to love Lakeview Manor. There are some differences between the kids and spouse with the other two, but it's nothing like it would be in a town such as Riften.

  • Future Priest Patrick

    7:44 he said Vilad made the mead, Vilad is a man, u can see him talking during the execution scene.

  • Alex Moonbeam

    If You know any true sons and daughters of salmon tell them to head up to salmonhold ulfric salmon wants to see them.

  • Sebastian Seba

    is this... overgrowth soundtrack?

  • Jindorek

    you can gather 9 salmon Roe by standing on the rock in the middle and using flames spell to cook them as they swim past. majorslackattack did a pure mage build that exploited the new potion's value.

  • Michael_Liddle

    Flames can be used on the salmon jumping up the waterfall, doing it like this will get you atleast 5-10 roe at each waterfall

  • EmmiJadeShow

    I really like Hearthfire, actually. From a roleplaying perspective, it's gold. Just because it was different doesn't mean it was bad?

  • ChinoVendetta 849

    lol Fus Ro Dah solves everything

  • angelstarrlovesyou

    hearthfire is my favorite anime DLC

  • Irene Parkin

    I never knew about Salmon Roe.I'm going to get some.

  • sirenia

    trouble is if you don't use alchemy in your character build.

  • LordMalusDCLXVI

    Is it downloadable? Yes.Does it have new content? Yes.Can you actually obtain this? Yes.Well, that means it's real DLC.

  • Cashflow51

    I love the Armor display bug All the free armor you want from one set of armor

  • Brent Delong

    Who else was freaked out the first time you saw the mannequins walking.

  • Scarlet Viking

    “Eating this pie may infact cause kidney problems....”Continues by eating more than humanly possible

  • a Loyal Theorist

    Still bigger expansion than most of the sims 4's

  • King Redemption

    Why dont you have any graphic or texture mods??

  • Bible Man

    6. A forgotten vanilla feature

  • DarkRider117

    You know that was actually a good video

  • Naruku2121

    Huh, for my playthrough I just had to have the luck to choose the most dangerous area out of the 3...Since I'm new to playing skyrim I decided my Dragon Born to have naive dumb-luck to justify any less 'optimal' decisions a new player would make. Sometimes it works out miraculous other times he some how stumbled upon the final DLC segment had to learn to git gud on island filled with death at every turn yet still stumble on the power to defeat the first Dragonborn of legend, only to still loose the plot and resolve to try and help people only to some how make things worse for others especially when Vampires are involved, some one close got killed by guards in Ivarstead due to a random Vampire attack in Ivarstead that he ended up killing 4 guards. Then as he got better, he tried to resolve things better and when he went to Riften another Vampire attack citizens of Riften attacked and eventually started to attack each other so he tried to use Bend Will to calm them, but that seemed to only pause them before truly turning on each other.He just walked through piles of bodies basically guards and any NPC's that weren't essential like shop keeps like Grelka among any others. And any of the essential ones just take a knee for a moment jump back up and start killing guards. So of course some one that's doomed to inadvertently bring death would make prime real-estate choices for a would be family.

  • Bible Man

    Oh god oldrimI want it

  • Sclapers McWufstruuh

    i can wait for elder scrolls 6, i mean 2 - 3 years i kind of have to

  • AnimeFiend176

    I'm pretty sure that the snowberry crostata would also be poisonous. Good thing the kids in this game are unkillable. On the other hand..... Balgruf's kids.... "Here Dagny, I baked you a special treat, since you can't find a satisfactory sweetroll."

  • Dakota Reilly

    The spouse reaction to the home location is based on their voice type, for example Ysolda enjoys living in the lakeview manor area as opposed to someone such as Aela.

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