Skyrim Remastered: WHAT RACE to PLAY? (Top 10 BEST RACES Special Edition Character Build Guide)

Skyrim Remastered: What RACE to PLAY? (Top 10 BEST RACES Special Edition Character Build Guide)!
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  • Sorcus

    One thing I love is seeing new players seeing Giants for the first time and being introduced to the Nord Space Programme.

  • Beau Looker

    "The orc has no abilities"....."The orc has the unique racial ability" ...Umm okay

  • MajinGohan

    Me: let's go GiantsGiants: sigh not another noobMe: Starts to shoot fireGiant: Smacks hammer downMe: Body starts to fly in the airTrue story guys

  • Freaky Tiki crafts

    Khajiit+gloves of the puglist= punching Alduin's nose

  • єvєrchday αtrσcítchTM

    Breton = English/Scottish/IrishNord = Scandinavian/GermanicImperial = Italian/Roman/Spanish

  • Kowloon Beats

    Am I the only one who just chooses race as a form of role playing?

  • Machetefaceslap

    Irrelevant, they are all Dragonborn lol

  • Gage Sharp

    For the khajiit don't forget the "Gloves of the Pugilist"

  • Finn Bazz

    I remember when I first got Skyrim on my Xbox 360 and I remember when I thought it was a bright idea to take on the Giants when I was level 4. The results were terrifyingly beautiful.

  • Our lord and saviour Waluigi

    Turn on subtitles on 3:41“Oh I got a disease, I’ll just kill myself at a shrine”

  • AIW Wrestling

    I ALWAYS pick the Argonian because I just love lizards. #ArgonianForLife

  • 10,000 subscribers without a single video

    I always pick High Elf because the High Elf males no homo are the most visually attractive.

  • ShionKun

    Here is what i think is the best race and classBretonSneaky ArcherZephyr BowTrue Dark Brotherhood ArmorSlow Time Shout (All Three)Max Sneak, Archery, Light Armor

  • Matt Scallon

    Picks imperial joins stormcloaks

  • GAMER TC21

    tbh there is no point of choosing a race to make an actual build they are just for role playing if this was Dark Souls where it matters for the first 100 hours but for Skyrim it's pure planning and skill

  • Brian Sheehan

    Imperial for me.Voice of the Emperor helps as a primarily stealthy character, and Imperial Luck for finding significantly more gold.

  • Joshua Guina

    I Choose Nord Cause True Nord Never Back Down

  • Wolfieboi

    oboy, can't wait to play another 2000 hours of this.

  • Gilang Baswara

    Best mage : high elfBest thief : argonianBest warrior : orcBest versatile : imperial, bretonBest cuteness : khaajit

  • Brett Parsons

    Three best races?1) Dunmer2) Argonian3) NordEP Scum for life 🚩

  • Gershal

    resistance to disease has actually become useful thanks to the survival mode from the creation club

  • help I peed

    "I do suggest you just pick what's cool"oh good, I did it right

  • Hilbert França

    For me it would go:1st Orc: best race for melee characters by far, can also work for an assassin, the racial power helps in desperate times2nd Breton: Gotta give it to them. The magic resistance goes well with any build3rd High Elf: Best race for mages by far4th Reguard: Srsly, they're the second best melee fighters, the adrenaline rush is too good5th Nord: They're really good with 2 handed weapons and their power is nice6th Argonian: Their power is still useful and can make a great tank7th Imperial: Ok, i dont really like them but the extra gold makes life easier in the early game, shitty power tho8th Khajiit: I really love them but they're not that good. Unarmored is a niche and if you want to play that way they're the best race but otherwise shitty power unless you use that realistic lighting and whatnot9th Dark Elf: Srsly? 8 damage per second seems good but gets useless prettt fast10th Wood Elf: Command animal really? Worst power ever, purely for roleplay or if you consider that initial boost in archery but cmon, even orcs are better archers with their power

  • TheGaming Owen

    Who else chose argonian

  • Doctor Too-Much

    can not help it but everyntime i see skyrim i feel like im coming home

  • Kaylee Keen

    I always pick khajiit because I go for looks, and let's be honest, the little perks you get from your race never help you...

  • Josh Fiorentino

    You can get night eye with every race, just turn up your brightness

  • Yeasty Yeastington

    Me: Im going to create an interesting character!Makes an average looking Nord and makes focuses him on melee

  • Fathan Al Azka

    So racist !!!!I love it

  • MacTpk

    I’ll be Breton I’m already BretonWhat about the wood elfI’m already wood elfI’ll be argonianNerf argonian Your right so red guardI’m already red guard

  • Viziro

    "When you do need underwater breathing"I assume he's talking about fishMe: You "Fus Ro Dah" the river.

  • snek

    Here's how I'd honestly rank them:1. Orc. Their greater power breaks the game, no question. You can abuse their power with assassin builds to get 6x bow damage, or (with the dark brotherhood gloves) a whopping 60x dagger damage. By far the best greater power in the game- doesn't matter if it can only be used once a day, it lets you one shot everything. Also works wonders when combined with elemental fury + dual wield. Really the best choice for warriors and assassins alike. 2. Altmer. The only race that gets five levels in something. Those extra 5 levels in Magicka can be spent elsewhere to give you a build that has a nice boost to magic that other builds wouldn't, or it can be used to keep a Magicka lead no other race can hope to match. This allows them to use multiple schools of magic effectively (since you have a limited number of fortify school enchantments) and makes them the best choice for Mages. Their greater power is okay as well, but not fantastic if you use potions. Highest potential of any mage.3. Breton. Their greater power is the second best in the game, allowing them to severely turn the tide in any magic fight. Their passive is also a nice resistance that can stack well with other sources without the need of much enchanting to reach 85% resist. Though they have a lower potential than their high elf counterparts, their defensive capabilities make them easier to play.4. Nord. 50% frost resistance is insane, and an early game Fear spell is fine enough- certainly adaptable.5. Dunmer. 50% fire resistance is insane, though their greater power is only useful for certain character types. Ranged characters will never take advantage of it, but it is a solid DPS boost to melee characters. 6. Redguard. 50% poison resistance should not be ignored. This is actually insanely useful against Falmer who dish out TONS of poison damage, as do Charus who are frequently found with them. The stamina regen ability is also nice for sustained power attacks. One of the better choices for a warrior dps class. 7. Bosmer. Again, 50% poison resistance is actually very good. 50% disease resistance is negligible, but convenient enough. Their greater power is fine if you don't want to seek out the animal allegiance shout, and is at least very flavorful. Their starting bonuses are actually worth noting since they can perk into Archery twice before perking into anything else, meaning you can start the game with pretty high bow damage.8. Argonian. I love Argonians so much, but all of their abilities are fairly minor convenience perks. Waterbreathing is enjoyable just for the sheer freedom it provides, but potions or enchanting can easily grant you waterbreathing (enchant a hat of water breathing for extra confusion). 50% disease resistance is negligible. The best thing about them is their greater power which is insanely helpful in the early game against particularly tough enemies or crowds, and especially if you choose not to invest in alchemy. The slightly higher unarmed damage is useless since Khajiit exist.9. Khajiit. My favorite race, but by far the most narrow. The night eye ability really should be a passive that you can turn on or off instead of a power that you have to keep recasting- it's inconsequential in a game as bright as Skyrim.I never feel the need to use it even on low light settings. The claws ability is powerful, but narrow. Khajiit are the only choice for an unarmed build, as the extra DPS lost for not picking Khajiit is insane (17 damage loss compared to most races, 12 when compared to Argonians). In this one area the Khajiit excel, and they excel in a way no other race can ever hope to- but if you're looking to make any other kind of build, avoid the Khajiit. 10. Imperial. What do these guys even do? 2-10 extra gold from time to time is negligible, even in the early game where you would theoretically use the gold to snowball into better equipment early. It's just a non-ability. Voice of the Emperor is an early game Calm spell, which is.... fine? It's not bad, certainly, but it's not particularly interesting and it's fairly useless later on. Overall, I'd say unless unless you plan on using Breton, Altmer, or Orc, it's not worth caring too much about the individual racial passives and powers. They're all fairly minor compared to how you allocate perks and how you allocate magicka, health, and stamina.

  • drewskie 1996

    To me human races are boreing in this game

  • Jabari Emanuel

    My fave 3 races:Dark elves, Khajiit & Bretons! No particular order

  • Zsombor Horváth

    WHAT?! I'd put argonians at least to top 3 m9

  • EJ Aunu

    What the tip three should have been 1. Khajiit2. Argonian3. Breton

  • Nameless Seven KnightGX

    Me 1, Khajiit 2, ArgonionFinal, Breton

  • Born A RepublicanTrooper

    Imperial and High Elf superior races don’t @ me

  • Jarrod A

    here a point the fast health regain if play skyrim right only need it 1 time per day (in game day)

  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Please do not take me for a Thalmor, i'm not racist I swear XD

  • Not Amused

    If you put the gloves of the pugilist (found in the Ratway) on a khajit, you do 32 damage. Freaking sweet.

  • Trusek .

    My opinion:1. Orsimer2. Bretons3. Dunmer/Nord4. Altmer5. All the rest

  • Corzappy

    Mehrunes' Razor: 11 DMG + Assasins Blade: 165 + Shrouded Gloves: 330 + Berserker Rage: 660 DMG Per sneak backstab.

  • Calvin Brown

    I just picked redguard because they looked the coolest

  • RunNGun

    This video was probably the most racist video I've seen that wasn't intentional

  • Erza Nugraha G.

    pick high elves, use one handed and bow assasins build, run pretty fast because altmer, join imperial and slain all thalmor that u see 😂

  • ArtsyFartsy

    I'm a kajiht and she's just the cutest Lil thing.Especially when she commits murder and steals everyone's stuff.UwU♡

  • Charles Burrows

    They really need to put more racial traits in the next game, like in the imperious mod. Imagine something like this.Nord: 50% frost resist, Power attacks cost 25% less stamina, power attacks grant health Regen for 10 secondsBreton: 25% magic resist, gain 30 armor when magika is above half, absorb magika from spell damage taken (25% of it)Altmer: Increase magika pool by 10%, enchantments last 50% longer and are more potent, kills with spells give magika 20% increase to magika Regen for 10 seconds.Bosmer: increase Poison resistance by 50%, increase damage done to non men and mer by 25%, Sprint and sneak 20% faster.

  • Poke2swag 7715

    Im a proud argonian, worshipper of Talos, and loyal to the empire. I am effective with one handed weapons, sheilds, and healing abilities. I only use heavy armor

  • Zixea

    Khajiit has wares if you have coin.

  • Thomas Devlin

    Each racial bonus should come in the form of a percentage bonus rather than initial levels, that way instead of simply getting a head start that goes away after a few levels, characters specialized for certain playstyles would actually end up being better off in the long run

  • NerdyGamerGal

    Every time I make a new character I reference this video! Thank you for making so many helpful guides 😄

  • Shinobi_

    Wood elfs best archers Redguards best Pirates Orcs best hulksNords best vikingsKhajiit best theifs/BrawlersImperial best BallersHigh elf 2nd best WizardsDark elf best vampireBreton best Knights Argonian best deadpools

  • Ejderha Draws

    Boi everytime I play Skyrim I almost rarely get a dragon that breathes ice what?!!! I go with Dark elf because everything felt easier to do but i'll try out some other races and see

  • 1989 ِ


  • Planet Narwhal Animations

    Great little tip for leveling up ur stealth quickly!PC: get 2 objects the size of a key on ur keyboardWait till nightWhile someone's asleep, crouch by putting the first object on ur crouch keyand ur next object on ur W key ( make sure ur close to themundetected in a corner) and I will LVL up to 100 within an hour( real life )But in the in game morning you will have to reset the cycle coz people will be awakePS4/XBox: get a rubber bandWait till night go to a bedroom when someone's asleep Place the rubber band over the controller Make sure ur crouching and undetectedGet to a corner and you will level up quicklyMake sure the rubber band is pushing on the left stickAnd wait...Once again u will have to reset the cycle in the morning!And to prove I'm not a thirsty B/$4! There's no reason to like!

  • Thor Boysen

    Well, i think the dark elves are much better than rank 6...!

  • Gendo Ikari

    Best race? Breton. Flexability and a general resistance to magic is great.


    According to this guy 8 points of damage for 60 seconds (8 X 60) is 460 damage. 8 X 60 is 480 my friend 😂😂

  • Comrade Pingu

    I actually found the argonian underwater breathing ability to be quite useful the first time I played. I was able to escape Riverwood after accidentally murdering Gurder

  • the diamond adventure

    The top 10 race of etath

  • Video Soup

    I sware i shouldve watched this vid before i started the game

  • KindaGud Gamer

    Worst day ever...I just accidentally saved over my lvl 59 orc..But my lvl 41 Cat and 45 dark elf are okie

  • YourFriendFoxy

    11:03 "the orc has no abilities""So why is it in the number two spot? It has the unique racial ability called berserkers rage

  • DraugrBreath 12

    Hey Dunmmer should be like 3 or 2!!!!

  • Jack 36912151821242730

    You have no idea how Skyrim game mechanics work you should just give up

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