The Elder Scrolls VI: AKAVIR (Top 5 TES 6 Locations - Bonus)


Akavir Lore Series:

Hey everyone! Today I'm bringing you guys the second and final bonus location on my top 5 potential locations for the Elder Scrolls 6! In this video Akavir is discussed as a potential location for TES VI.

To give you all an overview of this series, it is a 5 episode countdown in which I consider provinces such as Black Marsh, Valenwood, Summerset Isles, etc. In each video, I'll be discussing the merit of each location and speculation on the chances it will happen. I will NOT be considering previous locations (with the exception of High Rock and Hamemrfell, as those were not completely covered in Daggerfall), but I'll make a few comparisons to previous settings, and Morrowind, Cyrodiil, and Skyrim will be referenced when pertinent.

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  • Weehoo 2

    dude...Akavir is so mysterious. It's like the Asia of Nirn. It'd be so cool to have it be showcased in a main quest or DLC

  • Il Cazzo

    I think it's better if akavir stayed a mystery

  • Mind Your Own Buisness

    I don't think Akavir's a good idea, it is too large, there are only 4 races, 1 of these races if a literal snow demon, I wouldent imagine their being what Tamriel considers "civilization" for much of these huge chunks of land and it wouldent make sense at all for the overarching Great War plot that the TES series has going for it, I would save Akavir for AFTER Tamriel is done, maybe if at all.

  • Jamie Bradish

    Akavir is supposed to seem very Asian right?

  • Kieran Rice

    Akavir will not be tes6, we haven't had tamriel fully explored yet

  • 4everlol4life

    What about being a spy from Tamriel infiltrating Akavir, perhaps keeping your identity secret would be a big part in the game and a challenge though. Eh just a random thought :p

  • z

    Basing TES6 in Akavir would be the biggest mistake Bethesda ever made.

  • Masturbatory Tales Of Wonder


  • Valeyard6282

    Men DID live on Akavir. The Akaviri crusaders that invaded Tamriel? Their architecture is very Japanese inspired. Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim is an Akaviri structure. The samurai-style blades armor is Akaviri as well as their katanas that you find in several Elder Scrolls games.

  • BostoRox

    no mention of the Akaviri blades in Skyrim?

  • Nerdvana'sDomain

    The last time I was this early there weren't any "last time I was this early comments" a beautiful thing

  • AtriasNaradan

    I think the Tsaeci wasn't really half snake half human in body...because otherwise people of Tamriel would just compare them to Lamias that are already exist in Tamriel. The full humanoid description of Tsaeci is more than likely to be the case, maybe with just their skin or eyes that's resembles snakes. Another thing to take into consideration is how Tsaeci soldier's skeletons found on the game Oblivion does have 2 legs and humanoid looking. Not to mention they descended from the Ehlnofey, which every race descended from Ehlnofey shown so far are humanoid. No beast races from Tamriel was descended from Ehlnofey.Also the word "eating" could mean making all the humans of Akaviri to join the Tsaeci nations, or turning them into Tsaeci (they're described as vampiric, and vampire can turn people into one). While the Dragons probably eaten the same way Dragonborn on Skyrim do it, by absorbing their soul after death.

  • Cancerous commenter

    I don't really want akavir as TESVI I would much prefer a game in the southern provinces or hammerfell

  • Fear of Unknown™

    Man, your videos are AWESOME. Good job, your voice in background is something of hypnotic!

  • Roshank Redemption

    Schedue for the next few days (VERY TENTATIVE):Saturday - Nintendo discussion video (It is somewhat pertinent to any fans of Bethesda, you'll see what I mean tomorrow)Sunday - No videoMonday - I will try to release an episode of the Oblivion Saga, but depending on how much time other videos take, this may have to wait until Thursday.Tuesday - Special Fallout Video (to honor release of Nuka World)Wednesday - Final episode of Top 5 TES VI Locations. I really want to release this on the last day of summer, for reasons that many of you may have already anticipated :)Hopefully I can meet the schedule, depends on how much time editing takes this weekend. Thanks for the support and sticking with me, everyone! :D

  • Petr Ševčík

    I clicked just for the dragon lol clickbait! :D

  • D.L.'s Studio

    Super misleading title, you should title it possible to 5 elder scrolls locations.

  • LoneW0lf11

    I'd like to point something out which could potentially be a good plot for an Akaviri game. I'll simplify it because I'd rather not write a whole essay but basically there is some speculation as to what exactly is meant when we read that the Tsaesci "ate all the men". Some speculate that this means that human culture was entirely dominated and consumed by the Serpent folk and men became their slaves. Basically there could still be men living on Akavir, though only as a slave race used only for menial tasks and for war. If, and I stress if, this is true then a rebellion by mankind on Akavir could be an awesome story, particularly if it took place at the same time as your speculated second invasion of Akavir by Tamriel.That's 100% speculation though, but I think it would work really well.

  • Brubri

    what about the nerevarine going to akavir and never heard from him again

  • L.ucid

    This guy would be such a good voice actor for the snake people

  • prizmo

    so tired of waiting for es6 even though skyrim remastered has come out i don't know what to do i've played the shit out of skyrim and oblivion and am still playing morrowind and eso doesn't appeal to me i just want es6 by 2017 but it probably won't happen....

  • Alchemist Gaming

    It's confirmed to be Vallenwood

  • joe dh

    I think it's unlikely because I think they want to finish tamriel first because there is so much they haven't done and they were probably saving valenwood and argonia because they would really hard to do with shit technology

  • safetyinstars

    Who else noticed that almost every single ES game begins with you in some form of prison? Arena=Imperial Prison Daggerfall=Not sure Morrowind=Prison Boat Oblivion=Imperial Prison (again) Skyrim= Execution/Prison Carriage ESO=Coldharbour

  • Old Bloo

    It is an undecided era, but the Imperial Legion has invaded Akavir, like in the past (or maybe it is the past) and your character is on board an Imperial Vessel bound for a port in one of the regions in Akavir, when it is ambushed by enemy ships and you character is knocked off the boat, and is the then saved by a small life boat heading to shore. You wake up a few hours later after a long nap to recover from the battle, only to start what could be the greatest adventure you could imagine. I think that the war with the Legion is necessary to bring races we are used to and that we love over to akavir, and to compile a large variety of races. You would be free to start as the opposing faction or the Legion. The intro could stay the same only alternate which faction you were assisting in the ambush. Those from Tamriel could join the Akaviri forces, and the Akaviri could then pledge allegiance to the legion. But why force your character to side with anyone, the choice would be up to you.

  • Samuel Hoffmann

    Akavir = Aka*VI* r = elder scrolls VI . Not fool proof evidence but would kinda be like what they did with oblivions title screen. Would be interesting.

  • iquaniqua

    it would be cool that if we pick a non-native race we travel there for the starting tutorial quest, but have an unique starting quest for each race

  • WafflesInTheHouse

    They would never do dragons again for a sixth game.

  • Bob Birdsong

    We're not going to have an entire Akavir game. It would probably be split up, like earlier games.

  • Adam R Brewer

    i feel that in a future game (maybe during an invasion) you could start out on a boat that is on its way to invade akavir along side a shitton of other ships (think d-day) but right as the shoreline becomes close in view of the target the entire fleet is wiped out (whether by weather or mages it dont matter)and you are one of a few lucky survivors who makes it ashore. you would than have to deal with the races of akavir hating you (with a few friendly people but not many) for being different. your goal would be to try to make it back to tameriel and maybe you would find other survivors on your journey. This would allow you to be any of the traditional races while making you explore a new land in a way that most of us never would have before. idk i think it would be pretty cool

  • KingTurtle

    Elsweyr is the only region you can't visit in ESO and the over 200 kinds of Khajiit that roam it would need a lot of upgrades from the current Skyrim/fallout engine. Bethesda said they will need a lot of upgrades before the next game but they are carefully working on it. 2 plus 2 equals what?

  • Jeff Mousseau II

    They could just shrink the continent like they do with other games, and put all that shit you talked about into a HUGE game, cuz they keep getting bigger. Just look at ESO (even tho its not technically bethesda)

  • Peter Andersen

    Just want to get the same feeling as I did with Oblivion back in the day, never could get into Skyrim. :D

  • Steven Hill

    With a reference to the Werewolf fellow in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath when he said: "He was a Kahjiit Monk, Master of the Whispering Fang Style." I think Martial arts should be in the next Elder Scrolls game. Seriously what's fun about just punching all the time? Imagine citizens marvelling at Bruce Lee style antics. Would make for a lot of fun kicking the town guards backsides at the same time! Yeah!

  • Jamie Bradish

    Akavir is supposed to seem very Asian right?

  • Darth Cuddlefluff

    "Tsssaessci raidersss." I think you're a snakeman.

  • the4thdimention

    why is the thumbnail a picture from a 6/6 red dragon creature from magic the gathering. I'm pretty that's what it is. however i could ve wrong

  • Nick Firzen

    Maybe these special storms and bigger, more detailed area of or maybe the full Akavir could mean the new technology they told. Also new engine.I'd like to see one day the whole Nirn as one game! Imagine if they designed an engine for long life (capable of evolving new technologies and graphical enchancments) with the assets they need, then keep supporting and updating its game(s) by adding to it new full games for years! DLC&Remaster together would be the future of games, ever expanding franchises, updated as long devs and publishers wish, even for decades!...I know the engine part of it already a thing, but not this way!!

  • Skengis Khan

    why has no one modded like whole maps in skyrim

  • funny haha

    I think akivir would be a good dlc setting

  • YKUU

    Me: I Remember that magic card. Something burning dragon as i recall.

  • Peter Lervik

    really, an MTG dragon for the thumbnail, find something relevant to the games...

  • Gab C

    Immediately notices the Magic The Gathering Card Thumbnail

  • Andrew Culross

    It seems pretty ridiculous to speculate about this.

  • moegi

    ayyy this would be pretty good

  • kwadwo baidoo

    I think the tseasi are humans that resemble east Asians and that contracted a form of lycanthropy that turns them into snake peoople which is the warrior form they use when in battle as their human form is too weak. the peasants and slaves are human, the aristocrats and warriors turn into snakes when in public to show their power as does the tseasi leader

  • bornofmaya92

    Tsaesci = JapanKa Po Tun = ChinaTang Mo = Siam/Southeast Asia and the PhilippinesKamal = Mongolia (with snow)

  • Vorbeck

    the Nerevarine is surfin' in Akavir waves

  • Necrom

    Oh, yes, and you play as the nerevarine.

  • JackAKA Kreanxx

    If Akavir is not the setting for es6, then at least let us play as akaviri races. Who's with me?

  • Connor Phillips

    Akavir would be awesome for a spin off series.

  • SpaceCoastDragon

    Tang Mo would be an amazing setting, and something pretty unique for TES. Though, Bethesda would need to do some serious upgrading to swim mechanics for it ;)

  • Alan Sarkis

    I have an idea like this.Bethesda ended elder scrolls series and started a new one in the same universe on Akavkir.

  • EzBLaze BAW

    The best Elder Scrolls should be"nirn unlimited"

  • James Christofer Trepus

    How awesome if Akavir is the location in the next game, now that would be so cool. I could only hope.

  • You probaly couldt care less for what i have to say

    I really would not enjoy Akavir, there is still so much to see in tamriel. Akavir could mayby be a seperate series or something??

  • Edward Oliveira

    video. good. High rock poem better

  • Daniel Renwick

    I hope that there is some men on Akavir and that the Tsaesci didn't eat them all (because if this is a location in ES6 I prefer to play as a human)

  • RandomGamer 77

    I would say that the timeline of events for the next few games will be Escalation to Second Great War, Second Great War, A weakend Tamriel is Invaded by Akavir, Tamriel Invades Akavir. Thoughts?

  • VincentXP

    I thought jungles were erased from the timeline?

  • Blade of Nexus

    I would love it if you could travel all over Nirn and will be able to forge alliances to end the story line in multiple ways, like have some of the provinces of Tamriel fightin among themselves and the same with Akivir, but you will be able to befriend the leaders and could construct a war against a new power that will be coming from somewhere darker than oblivion! Damn, I just thought of that on the spot!

  • The Shape Gaming

    I think TES 6 should start off where skyrim left off, you are still the last dragon born and tamriel is in ruins bc of the civil war, which tamriel is in a huge mess so the tiger dragon decides it's a perfect time to invade and you go to akavir as the dragon born to stop the invasion of tamriel...or have it be in argonia and KO PO TUN invades and tosh raka must vs the dragon born....idk that would be a amazing story if done right and kind make intervene within alduins as well

  • Fireblaze 299

    I'm really sorry, but I'm kinda cringing every time Akavir is said.....

  • R Lester

    The next game will likely have extensions, DLCs that allow it to do much as skyrim has, remain interesting. So it is probably that it will involve other lands, like how skyrim dragonborn DLC was set on solstheim, so other games will likely have these extensions too. It is possible that valenwood and may elsweyr with be the setting of the next game. In that case there may be an expansion including the sommerset isles or even the islands to the south populated by sea elves. If the 7th game is argonia, big if, then a great time to introduce the akaviri(or whichever type/kind) as invaders who are locked in a war with the argonoans and the hist, meanwhile large areas of argonian are occupied and the armies not engaged with the argonians are pushing through various regions. Maybe this will cause the Khajiit to turn on the domoinion as they see ka-po tun as their time to rise to rule Tamriel. just a few ideas, I don't know.


    Akavir would be an AMAZING setting for an Elder Scrolls game for so many reasons:- All Akaviri artwork, weapons and armour have a very Eastern Asian theme, contradictory to the mostly European themes of most Tamrielic cultures, (Norse Vikings for Nords, Roman for the Imperials, Central European for the Bretons)- There is very little known about the people there and what is happening there, giving a full game there so many possibilities- New races- A change in style and pace from previous Elder Scrolls games I could go on and on, but I think that since almost all of Tamriel has been explored, whether it be a full game set on one country or in ESO, I think we've seen enough of all the Tamrielic cultures, so a game set on an entirely new continent who's culture is a complete mystery would have so much potential

  • Shadow Princess

    while watching the video I had a potentially great idea of how they could merge the stories of both Tamriel and Akavirso, the game would be set in possibly a distant future where there was already an Akavir invasion and then, as we all know, story likes to repeat itself and the Tamriel races joined in a massive invasion against Akavir so the races you could play as would still be those of Tamriel but the game would be set in AkavirTamriel races for the occasion would mostly join themselves and put aside the hate between each others and fight at full force against the Akavir races...mainly the Serpents since they already are enemies anywaysduring the game you'll discover about the new places and races, why and what happened during their invasion in Tamrielthis idea would possibly, if well done, be a good bridge between the 2 continents and the races living in them also while your play race should be most likely a Tamriel one to keep the continuity nobody says there's no way to make possbile alliances with the other races, the one that would most likely accept such alliance would be the monkey folk since they are alwyas attacked by the other races in Akavir...and you know what they says "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"maybe not as TES 6 but who knows, maybe one day they'll do something similar ...

  • War Ninja

    I just noticed no Nirn map shows lyg. We know it's on Nirn. But where on Nirn? And Akavir doesn't have any known Elder Scrolls. Unless you're on an expedition from Tamriel or Tang-mo to get an elder scroll and get it out of Akavir so it doesn't get into the wrong hands.

  • Otávio de Toledo

    Let's seeTigers, monkeys, snakes, Warring States...That sounds a hell lot like China to meAnd the Akaviri Sky Temple in Skyrim have that asian-ish sort of archtectureSo, to me, Akavir is really like Asia in Nirn (and the Blades do used katana like swords)

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