EA's STAR WARS Trailer (E3 2016)

EA's Star Wars E3 2016 Trailer
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Take a look at what’s going on with some of the amazing Star Wars projects our teams at EA are working on now, including DICE, BioWare, Motive, Visceral Games, Capital Games and our partners at Respawn Entertainment. These experiences will explore different Star Wars eras in different gaming genres on different platforms.

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  • multihunteroable

    RIP Ragtag and Visceral Games


    Ends Life after knowing this isn't coming out after the 1313 cancel

  • Ohvist Small

    Sooo... Disney... You decided to give LucasArts the axe: cancelling a SHITLOAD of otherwise good games that were in the works such as Imperial Commando , Force Unleashed III , BattleFront III Galaxy in Turmoil , and Star Wars: 1313 and I said nothing...Then... You decided to give Electronic Arts the EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to make Star Wars Games, making a deal with the Devil of the Gaming Industry that everybody on both sides of the gaming industry from Game Developers to Game Players universally despises , a company that has managed to become the first in history to earn the coveted Golden Poo Award for " Worst Company in America " in both 2012 and 2013; beating out normal contenders like Bank of America and Wal-Mart by large margins. A company that is SO Anti-Consumer that they implemented an Always-Online Mode for Sim City to try and keep the game from being hacked into... only for some hackers to get into the game files and steal the game assets to make an OFFLINE Mode Mod for the same game... A company that is regularly investigated by GOVERNMENT AGENCIES for underhanded business practices like Underage Gambling and Overworking their own Employees, and I said nothing...Then... you go out of your way to close down the actions of a small-potatoes independent studio of less-than 20 people that were working for free on a fanmade Graphic Conversion mod for Knights of the Old Republic , one of Star Wars greatest games that was ever released under LucasArts, a Mod that would help bring the rich and beautifully-woven story of the Old Republic Era into the Unreal4 Game Engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQejchImVMo ...And WE. SAID. SOMETHING !Now... 6 years into your deal with Electronic Arts, and only 2 games to show for it, both of which are flawed, broken, despised, and rejected by the Fandom Menace for the reasons previously mentioned! And now, Electronic Arts has closed down the upcoming Star Wars Game known only as "Project Rag-Tag" and we are frothing at the mouth for THEIR show of arrogance and YOUR show of ignorance!So now, Disney: what are YOU. GOING. TO. DO!?!

  • uncleben

    Never before? Ask that to Radical’s Battlefront II

  • Minimeister317

    I think these following years of gaming are gonna be absolutely incredible.

  • Entertainment Access

    Enjoy this new trailer!


    2:45 Nazi Deutschland?

  • Master Xehanort

    2:44 the new Single Player game from Visceral !!! Finaly :D

  • Discord-Chan

    Redspawn's game is gonna be so good

  • Debbie Clarke

    Star Wars open world RPG please

  • Yassir Rossel

    This video is full of lies! Is amusing xD

  • Delta fit

    "EA has some nice cancellations in the works..."

  • Grant K

    And then they murdered battlefront.

  • Vasi27

    Stig Asmussen was the Writer/Director of God of War/s...too bad Rag Tag is now defunct boo

  • Finn Chapman

    Hey look! a graveyard!

  • dr34dbolt

    Anyone know the piece of music that plays during the Respawn segment? As in, which SW movie its taken from?

  • Alex 64a1787

    So when will this Game be released?

  • Karsten Von Fjellheim


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