My top 10 destruction spells in Skyrim. Enjoy :D

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  • Futurerogue3300

    The freeze spell is way better than ice spike because ice spike only does 7 more damage but freeze slows the target extremely and combined with ignite, it is overpowered

  • Bartu Dündar

    The lightning storm is best because first of all only a couple of enemies in the whole game has lightning resistance whereas frost and even fire resistance is many. But even dragons doesn't have lightning resistance meaning it does more damage than any other spell. Moreover it doesn't make a sloppy mess and possibly make you lose important items.

  • Sterling Carle

    My favorite was the Fweezth spell

  • wasted acidzz

    What is the mod called in the Tumbnail with the two beams

  • burninghalls

    Now I just need to find where to get these spells.

  • Robin VDSnickt

    I think thunderbolt should have been on this list

  • Haleophant Green

    ...God I forgot how boring spells in vanilla Skyrim were.

  • gc huebner

    what if you were to combine master destruction spells with dual casting?

  • Skipster999 90

    I dont agree with half of this list

  • Colin Cockburn

    Mike Tyson plays skyrim?

  • Zachary Terry

    Why are you putting the frost spells in front of the fire spells so much stuff in Skyrim is immune to frost in Skyrim

  • Félix Sylvestre

    Those are nice thpellzz

  • BoardGaming- Ark

    Lol frost is better the blizzard

  • Storm Mann

    Which is the best element? Fire, ice or lightning??

  • Mr. Otaku Productions

    I thnk he meant 'Betht destwucthon spellths in thkyrim'

  • Jaxon Osborn

    what is the ice spell on the thumbnail?

  • The Harambe

    Who else came here for the thumbnail

  • Benjamin Hewitt

    to get the coolest spell on pc (dragon breath) use the console command player.addspell 030265a3 and if that doesnt work (because the first 2 numbers may be different for you) use the command help "dragon breath" then enter the spell id it gives you

  • cj kott

    Watch my awesome skyrim videos at cjkott

  • Robert Campbell

    u should do battle born or graymane

  • Saber Alter

    I tell you what. dragon aspect +Max one handed skill tree+ Elemental fury + any one handed = god.I'm killing dragon priests in like 5 sec and I'm only lvl 25.

  • NBK Fuze

    Can u get the lighting storm from that guy in whiterun in the castle? Im new :)

  • Alexandre Guerreiro

    i think lightning storm should be renamed Kamehameha


    Some one stole mrrhexxs thumbnail

  • Liam White

    the storms arent even good

  • kias playz

    what is the magic on thumbnail

  • yes

    Stuff light incinerate, thunderbolt and ice spear beat most of these

  • Finlay Leask

    smike i agree lightning storm is very good low cost but high damage

  • Sah Dude

    I love the fweeze sthpell is my favourite sthpell in sthkyrim iths pretty badathss.

  • Brodini Got Magic

    It should of been called ice storm not blizzard.

  • Branden MCcarty

    what is the fire and ice beam in the picture

  • SteelTSSteel

    Whats better?? werewolf or vampire lord???

  • Tomas Neliubsis

    Lightning Storm is probably only number 1 'cuz it looks like a Kamehameha.

  • Laura Turkia

    where can I find the lightning storm spell, it looks really badass 🙊

  • Spooder Pig

    bruh how can u rank the ignite spell soooooo low? it's like the very best spell imo

  • Un Noticeable

    Doesn't even put an expert spell, grumble grumble

  • Bobby John

    am I the only one when I use firebolt I feel like goku

  • Korbin Noftz

    what was the plant one called

  • Alika Ostermiller

    so ingeneral first is better than fire? (except for lightning storm)

  • stunt monkey

    the only thing bad about the master destruction spells is that they take a year or two to cast

  • Κωστας The Greek

    Can you tell us a trick for unlimited magicka? (no mods)

  • mylittle melanie

    Damn, i already got the master spells

  • RCBM Mines

    Was beginning to think you had no love for shock spells, but of course Lightning Storm takes the top spot

  • ThePolarclaw

    what were the spells in the thumbnail?

  • Schwarzer Tee

    what doeth the thpell freethe do again?

  • peger

    Ignite is my is my number one. Literally melts everything. Even Ebony Warior and Karstaag had no chance. With the proper perks you become a god.The only downside is you need to be wearing Ahzidal's Ring so you can't use self enchanted ring.

  • JD

    m8 you need some speech therapy

  • Zer0 /

    Incinerate? Thunderbolt? Chain lightning?I use incinerate a lot

  • RCBM Mines

    Was beginning to think you had no love for school spells, but of course Lightning Storm takes the top spot

  • Joshua Aguilar

    Do u need mods for this spells?

  • Brandon zerothree

    During the quest un-earth-ed? Its just unearthed

  • Jaw_Jackk

    A lot of factorths that influenths the magicka cotht 😂😂😂

  • vlad5501

    can someone please explain where i can get these spells?

  • Dragongamer

    I love this guess voice how he pronounces stuff

  • Pj harwood

    You sound like Prismo from Adventure Time

  • N emmett

    i dont really do magic but seeing that last spell makes me want to try

  • Fusion

    I love it when they get flinged

  • Matthew Kim


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