My top 10 destruction spells in Skyrim. Enjoy :D

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  • Colin Cockburn

    Mike Tyson plays skyrim?

  • Garrett Yelton

    Anyone else yell "kamehameha" when they use Lightning Storm?

  • Sterling Carle

    My favorite was the Fweezth spell

  • *Dire Thunders your Waifu

    ...God I forgot how boring spells in vanilla Skyrim were.

  • Lumer Arkenstone

    Lightning storm= Kamehameha!

  • WarmageRagnar

    Not sure if anyone pointed this out yet, but Ignite is THE most powerful Destruction spell in the game due to a programming flaw. The damage-over-time effects of each individual cast stack upon each other. So considering how cheap this spell is, you will be rocking Legendary Difficulty no problem with this spell, just by casting it in fast succession. Totally worth the quest to acquire it, for that reason, considering how underpowered Destruction becomes at higher levels, and it also gives the element of Fire more identity, actually 'burning' for a while rather than dealing instant damage.

  • Tomas Neliubsis

    Lightning Storm is probably only number 1 'cuz it looks like a Kamehameha.

  • Almanator

    I'm loving these top 10's, can you please do this with conjuration, illusion, alteration, and (maybe) restoration?

  • ChaosHacks

    Now I just need to find where to get these spells.

  • jack 1v1

    one thing smike, just remember quality over quantity

  • T Bird

    I tell you what. dragon aspect +Max one handed skill tree+ Elemental fury + any one handed = god.I'm killing dragon priests in like 5 sec and I'm only lvl 25.

  • Alexandre Guerreiro

    i think lightning storm should be renamed Kamehameha

  • Andrew Markus

    What are those spells in the thumbnail?

  • Narwhocalypse

    How to have destruction spells cost 0 mana: Get lvl 100 enchanting and max out the first perk and get every perk in the middle column. Last perk is optional. Get a chest plate, helmet, ring, and necklace. Get destruction 25% less cost for all and make sure to use grand soul gems for all of them. Hope this helps!

  • Isaiah Seno

    Top ten boots? I could only assume the Azhidal boots will be in it.

  • LP Productions


  • GumGum User56

    Top 10 enemies including bosses

  • superman4ever0311

    lightning storm...aka Kamehameha

  • stunt monkey

    the only thing bad about the master destruction spells is that they take a year or two to cast

  • James Sjurset

    Top ten funny npc sayings

  • CycronPlays

    Top 10 dungeons or followers please

  • Le Doge

    Why does his character have to be naked?

  • Pj harwood

    You sound like Prismo from Adventure Time

  • jh007x

    How about a top 10 ''boss fights''? it would be great! 

  • Vincrand

    What about chain lightning o_O. I used to spam it like crazy against multiple enemies.

  • Dire

    Top Ten Elderscrolls Lore Stories.

  • Hobo Joe

    top ten summons and/or top ten most powerful enemies.

  • Ole Uncle Ben

    top 10 interesting npcs

  • Trolltime 454

    i, pretty sure over 100 said this but dude ur voice so anoyying

  • Brad Wall

    Smike is one of my favorite youtubers because he doesn't mess around, he gets straight to the point and there's not many youtubers that do that.You're awesome Smike.

  • Kitsuko - san

    You are not a player that use mage build do you? Every mage user knows that master level destruction spell is basically useless because 1 it cost so much magicka2 it will damage / kill your follower or normal people.3 it takes time to get 100 destruction and when you get to it , you only get to play 3 useless spell. it's just better to take your other categories to level ( I recommend the enchantment )4 it does get useful but the chances are 30 %And to all those who wanted to use mage builds, basically every master leveled spells is useless . So stop wasting your time and just level up those skills to level 75 so that you can use the best spells every categories got with them and NEVER ever bring a follower with you because you'll end up killing them . Trust me , all master level spell is useless.

  • Schwarzer Tee

    what doeth the thpell freethe do again?

  • Enemyr000

    this lightning storm remember me of infamous 2

  • Zer0 /

    Incinerate? Thunderbolt? Chain lightning?I use incinerate a lot

  • The Mighty Bros

    how do you get the lightning storm?

  • TheKaptainkon

    The lack of storm spells is concerning.

  • The End of All Creations

    I Play Skyrim VR, and i can't wait to use Lightning storm :3

  • Dave

    666 dislikes ? Welcome to YouTube 2018 everyone

  • Kyle Zanski

    Keep making more Skyrim top 10's and gameplays. Keep up the good work!

  • Logan Williams

    Ignite is the strongest spell

  • Seth Myers

    Lay off the peanut butter bro.

  • Holmium Studios

    Get scaled magic, and you can use Firebolt to kill top-level enemies absurdly quickly.

  • Nikola Đorđević

    lighting storm definetly deserves number 1 place and thats where i agree with ya, but blizzard, umm not, 4 or 3, skyrim is place where most of ur most dangereus foes are resistant to frost, , drawen machines, trolls, and most most dangereus: draugurs (counting in dragon priests) id put fire storm on 2sc place, but anyway, this is all yur opinion, nice work

  • Un Noticeable

    Doesn't even put an expert spell, grumble grumble

  • moist faucet

    I like lightning storm. more controrable...

  • 1God1Fury

    even simple magic bolts are better than master spells. Such a wayste of mana and skill perks...

  • A-Man

    Where are the lasers!?!

  • Doggey

    Umm, fireballTest is the best one.

  • Chillbot17


  • watermane2000

    (Sees master spells on top)I KNEW IT.

  • Reilly Clements

    Ignite should be at #1, it’s broken and can do thousands of damage easily

  • AgentSchaap

    Lightning storm is not really handy to use. You have to stand still a long time.

  • Drivalord

    guys how in the name of oblivion can I aquire 992 magicka

  • João Neto

    top 10 harder enemies to beat

  • Normal Rick

    What were the spells in the title the one with the 2 small beams of fire and ice

  • Bobby John

    am I the only one when I use firebolt I feel like goku

  • Jaw_Jackk

    A lot of factorths that influenths the magicka cotht 😂😂😂

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