Skyrim: Top 5 Best Mods of 2018 - The Elder Scrolls 5's Biggest Mods of the Year

Skyrim is certainly a game that has proven to have a long lifespan and much of The Elder Scrolls 5’s success can be attributed to it’s massive modding community. Years after Bethesda Game Studios moved on, dozens mods have still been releasing daily, providing Skyrim with a continuous stream of content and updates. Today we look back upon the last year and pay tribute to The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s best mods of 2018.

Project AHO (PC/Xbox One)

Lucien (PC/Xbox One)

Immersive World Encounters (PC)

Tools of Kagrenac (PC/Xbox One)

Andromeda – Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim (PC/Xbox One)
  • Lucien

    Mod it till it crashes

  • Universall

    How's it going Nate, it's Guys here.


    Ok no lie I was going to ask when you were going to do another mod list

  • Rebelzize

    Do one for upcoming mods so we dont feel left out ;)

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    Yet Another 10 Best Mods That You May Still Have Missed On Skyrim NexusPlease Nate, make it happen.

  • Peak

    What's the most broken item in Skyrim?The lockpicks

  • Legionista Kałacha

    Me: one more modSkyrim: im dying

  • Jan Krajnc

    Back at it again with the murdered to death aint' ya?

  • Kumbi

    When your game has just turned 7 years old and it's still outperforming most games currently coming out.

  • Luke Skywalker the 2nd

    This list is super awesome! I have never installed the mods in any of my playthrough's before, but now I will definitely check every one of them out!!! :)

  • JackSpad3s

    Lucien is such a great mod. I'm sick of all the anime big tiddy follower mods but thankfully characters like Lucien and Inigo exist

  • jwhitely7

    I saw a gamer tag nakednate312. Anything you want to tell us

  • ReZaHydra

    Couldn’t think of a good pun for this. Glad I’m not sworn to carry your burdens Nate.

  • Quinton Nguyen

    Wow I can’t wait to hop on my ps4 to download these new mods they look sick! (insert sarcasm)

  • Fishy Trash

    Fun fact: The face sculptor will not change your face if you’re a vampire

  • Lachlan Browse

    Did he just call the heart of Lorkhan basically a powerful stone ... he just called the heart of Lorkhan just a powerful stonehe just called the vessel of one of the oldest god’s power. A vessel so powerful that it’s raised three Mer back to godhood just for hitting it the right way. A vessel that wiped a whole race of Mer out of existence for hitting it the wrong way. A vessel that holds the planet in order and if removed would have unimaginable consequences ... a powerful stone

  • Khajiit

    The longer we travel the roads of Skyrim, the more empty this land seems.

  • Brite Bomber

    Me: "I'll just download all these mods that enhance and add a whole lot to the game"Todd Howard: "Halt you have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people" Adds Creation ClubMe: "Weird flex but okay" doesn't use Creation ClubTodd Howard: " Am I a joke to you?"

  • Lil Hungry

    I’m gonna make a mod when ever you kill someone they don’t grunt it’s gonna say “Murdered to death.”

  • Burnavier Messi

    Man us Ps4 users are missing out on so much

  • Galimeer5

    Are you telling me that a level 70+ Dragonborn who wears the remains of dragons he's slain as armor, has several followers with him at any given time, and every significant guild and organization at his disposal can get knocked out by some slavers?

  • Matt Kacar

    You should start saying that skyrim is a small game

  • Combat Medic Mercy

    It's been a year...? Feels longer than that, lately

  • Teemu P

    Will any of these mods murder Nazeem to death?

  • Zaboo

    Didn't say anything about Skyrim being a pretty big game 0/10

  • Demonblade

    i dont even have skyrim on pc im just here for the voice

  • Honest M'aiq

    Howard sees modsBethesda : *shakes intensely*

  • Jackson Lewison

    All of these mods have a better story then fallout 76

  • Blixen

    Now I want to play Skyrim again.. its that time boys, see you in a month.

  • Honest M'aiq

    I want a murdered to death mod , #makeitreal

  • Rift Guard

    Why is there no good mods on PS4? Just like there isn’t any interesting people in Morthal! Hahaha

  • StewNoodle

    Even if a video is made about Dora the explorer Nate would find a way to fit in "murdered to death"

  • The Mechanist

    112 mods running on my Skyrim, and counting! Up next for Bethesda coming 2020! Skyrim 2 remastered in new game engine!

  • Dino Senpai

    And nothing for the ps4...?? Does someone want to get murdered to death.??..

  • itsKhro

    Inigo's cameo was neccessary. The god of follower mods. Maybe all mods. Gonna be fun grabbing them both now! 1 Mage, Inigo Archery'ing, and me running in head first :D

  • TheJourneySquad

    Nate , your videos are so good and you were a huge reason in why I started my YouTube channel I’m super small right now, but I hope one day I can get to your level!

  • Dark Metal 62

    sigh... now i have to get pc

  • Liz Humphrey

    None for PlayStation 😔

  • emanuel stornello

    Skyrim is immortal, Not diablo.

  • garryson361

    Don't you guys just hate it when you have something that you want to sell, but there is nobody with enough money?

  • Redoran

    I shall stay early for th-GETS MURDERED TO DEATH

  • Rogue Gamer117

    But how many modded characters can be murdered to death

  • Mr. BeatsMachine

    Came in expecting to nod knowingly about all the entries on his list because I had them alreadyLeft going off to download 3 of these XDWell done

  • Subhan Arif

    Sadrith Kegran is my favourite

  • Ladybug Lover152

    Are nexus mods safe in your guys opinion? Or even nexus? I was wondering because it seems all the great mods seem to be on nexus and I’m just worried if it has any viruses

  • LegoBlock

    Never really played around much with mods, but after seeing this list it makes me wanna jump back into Skyrim even tho I've sunk countless hours already into it, cheers Nate :)

  • Eli_1911

    I installed a weird mod that made all random bunnies in the world disappear, but claimed to fix a regular crash. Didn't have a crash for 300 hours with 200+ mods

  • Ben Leblanc

    Stay arrow stay is a huge one for me, and the one that corrects arrow damage and flight I can't play without. Stalhrim is my favorite material in skyrim and fits it cold harsh climite so well, it dumb its arrows should do the most damage since they are in my opinion the most difficult to make and get consistantly.


    This game is so great I have a computer dedicated to my Skyrim mods.

  • Imperfect Cell

    What’s your graphic mods???

  • EPIC GAMER 666

    Can't wait for fallout Miami

  • Dúo Bizarro Bizarro

    I didn't enjoy AHO as much as I would like to, I mean... If it was the first "adventure mod" that I tried, I'm pretty sure it would be awesome (and it is, don't get me wrong), but I started with Undeath, and maybe it doesn't have that much maps and new areas... Yet it doesn't grab your hand at all. (And the high lvl requirement just makes you enjoy it even more)And for companions... My favorite one was Sofia, it was funny for a couple of months, giving her alcohol, marrying her... But I decided try Inigo, and he is just on another league; keeping it short: Inigo isn't your typical follower AT ALL; you can only decide what you give him for use, and even then he will tell you that he want his own weapon back, or his little pet.EDIT: Oh, the "Thief Stone" of Andromeda is a good way to earn "easy" money at the start of a game (well, you can use the console commands too)

  • Manehisshithead -•

    I hate it that ps 4 doesn’t support these big mods

  • A Tree

    Ps4 mods are pretty bad but atleast i have some tree mods

  • Clockwork Apostle

    Cant play on pc anymore because I modded it to death with over 400 mods.... And I cant be arsed ro reinstall and start all over again, both with my playthtoughs and my mod list....

  • Owen Squelch

    Who remembers when Nate did Minecraft video's?

  • Sunbropooks

    My PC exploded from to much tiddie mods


    Have to say I prefer vanilla standing stones to the Andromeda ones :/ they aren't balanced when compared to one another, are all pretty similar, and the vanilla ones seem a lot more useful for their intended purposes.

  • FangTheWarrior

    Couldn't think of a meme today. Maybe I might shoot a adventurer in the knee.

  • That One Ring

    did you say Two thousand Nateteen?

  • KoruptDawg

    [cries in Playstationese]

  • AwesomeFirefly

    Seeing a thanes hold Escort a prisoner.... Eh? Better murder the thanes hold to death

  • Jacqueline Grey

    Inigo was in your video but only in relation to another mod... You need to include Inigo's mod.

  • Joe Nesvick

    So I had Skyrim on PS4. Got XB1 for backwards compatibility and better Skyrim mods. May need to eventually get the PC version. Bruma is great, but I doubt all of Beyond Skyrim will fit on XB1I got project AHO, but haven't experienced it yet. It suggests another mod involving a spell you get from reading a book, so I'm waiting to find the book before enabling it. It's in the archmage quarters? I have to progress thru the colleges of Winterhold quest-line? Perhaps I should pickpocket his key for that required key door (or open his inventory with tailor's measures and remove it).I tried out Falskaar and noticed the orange patch on the lumber mill, despite having color patch remover. Ick! Seems like another reason to upgrade to PC, unless Falskaar get's its own color patch remover.

  • Gavin L

    Finally! Another mod vid! When u get a chance can u do a top 5 oblivion mods?

  • father time

    mod your game until you will never be bored again

  • RareTV

    The Lucian quest area looks like a Fallout Vault, i assume that was on purpose? xD

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