Guns vs 1in Thick Steel Armor

1 inch thick AR550 steel vs a multitude of BIG guns!!!
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • ImAnderZEL

    Damn man congrats to 1 million subs! Feels just like yesterday i saw your strange shotgun loads and you had less then 10k subs :D

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    i would not want this guy to be my enemy

  • Attercop

    This is the 500 Magnum. I hate shooting this gun.Shoots it in every videoLove your videos man!

  • cedrion_penn74

    The officer was like dang he got more guns the we got at the station

  • Corrosive Moon

    Never get tired of the bolt sound in a barret 50cal

  • BDaniel

    "Are those even legal? Cmon man, this is America!" ~ Best quote 2016.

  • Galaxy Cucumber

    I could never shoot you guys... you barely missed us with a tank

  • JJTEB Gaming

    I like how you have a twin brother that is a cop

  • DernipoGaming

    Shoot some trees or wood with the incindiary rounds

  • Nick Steven

    Dude you have to try s.l.a.p. rounds against that armor people give a like

  • Atharva Avhad

    This is America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • James Corrigan

    Roses are red Violets are blue Demo ranch is cool Read more

  • Alex Mckillmore

    "and this is my new gun" he says in almost every video it seems.

  • Unknown Potato

    6:49 it looks like he got a marker and colored th tip

  • Hydro

    Wow the biggest cal. I shot was a 223. Or a 45. Idk which is bigger pls tell me Edit: it was a green tip 223. And a hollow point 45. And I’m 12

  • John Doe

    I'm actually kind of surprised the 50 AP didn't pierce it. The slow mo and sound was great though :D

  • tbhunter000

    3:50 why is that long scope on a 7.62x39mm

  • Charles Smith

    S&W .500 Magnum Wristwrecker

  • Sean Michael

    Just listening to the rack back of the bmg gives me a hard on I want that gun!!

  • chills-in-heart Gamer

    1:35 "That's some hard stuff, and it's super thick. We've played with this before."

  • Tommy LmaroaL

    Would've been better if you had a slow mo camera

  • jhg dvSDv

    10:38 paranormal activities

  • R3con The survivor

    Hey to anyone out there who's better than guns then me why do they not make bullets out of steel why did they make them out of lead inside of Steel my thoughts are if you have a steel bullet it's harder and is going to penetrate more

  • Insert name here

    Remember when you decided shooting guns and your house was a good idea

  • Devin Dean

    Demo ranch starter pack:•50 BMG•"Green tips were almost banned"•500 Magnum•watermelon

  • Adolf Hitler

    50cal will go trought that plate if that plate not be free stand. You need but that plate front of tree, wall or something

  • Niloc Rekkab

    Imagine shooting a squirrel with that last gun and bullet.

  • Benjamin Hofeldt

    Please fire dragon breath rounds

  • Gianni Catello

    And it's super thicccccccccccccccc

  • 1 Million Subs with out any videos?

    That intro has me dead🤣

  • A Whole-Lotta-Flies

    I would like to see a 1x6 on your knew ar so could have a better range optics

  • Joshua Graham

    I was jerking off to the sound of that bolt carrier 6:58

  • 00fster X

    Hit so hard that's what she said

  • Lil Kim

    I didn t understand what did officer said last?

  • Dy1ingGir4ffes

    Instead of "this is America baby" it should be "this is Texas baby" you don't see shit like this guy is hauling here in Cali

  • Hitesh Sajnani

    Dude buy an AWP pleaseeeee

  • Max Sonke

    It's superr thicc.

  • Patrick Star

    It's Thic not thick

  • Jhoshua Wolfox

    Got it, with that armor you do not get killed by bullets.. but by falling backwards and hitting your head into something.

  • Abdallah AMD

    Demolition ranch should buy an automatic custom hk416

  • Avihoo Ilan

    I think they picked the wrong guy to advertise shaving kits

  • RJK Films

    I made a good decision wen I decided to subscribe to u

  • The Hunt

    Cop: What type of concealed pistol do you have?DemoRanch: Just a 500 magnum.Cop: I don't even want to know whats in the back.

  • Jason Johnson

    Where does he live like what state

  • turtleownage

    I wish a single 9mm shot went through, I would have loved to see Matt's reaction when the weakest round went through super heavy steel.

  • XBLspartanx170

    we have silver tipped ammo for a reason. its to kill those pesky werewolves and vampires.

  • Hannah Robinette

    Hay matt would you rather get shot with 500 magnum or 50 cal

  • Ballistic Machinist

    Matt I bet I can make a round for that 50 BMG that will cut through that plate like a hot knife through butter. not only that I think I may even be able to get a 50CAL blackpowder rifle to put a hole in it as well. we need to talk :)

  • greengeckoking

    The first get 9mm out of the Scorpion looks like elas evo ar in r6 siege

  • ABigBoi ThatGames

    What does the tracer round do

  • Grayson Jumpman

    6:13 , don’t catch you slippin up

  • Minty Panda

    I love all your intros

  • Ashley Homan

    Matt character is hilarious!

  • Josephi Krakowski

    I can't help but notice that your aim is really good

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