Guns vs 1in Thick Steel Armor

1 inch thick AR550 steel vs a multitude of BIG guns!!!
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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,
  • BDaniel

    "Are those even legal? Cmon man, this is America!" ~ Best quote 2016.

  • Attercop

    This is the 500 Magnum. I hate shooting this gun.Shoots it in every videoLove your videos man!

  • Visible Confusion

    i would not want this guy to be my enemy

  • kieran O'dea

    Man that maroon AR is gorgeous.

  • John Doe

    I'm actually kind of surprised the 50 AP didn't pierce it. The slow mo and sound was great though :D

  • DernipoGaming

    Shoot some trees or wood with the incindiary rounds

  • Lixdy_ Gutter

    2:09 world of tanks: we didn't even scratch them!!!!!

  • G-Kooly


  • Corrosive Moon

    Never get tired of the bolt sound in a barret 50cal

  • chills-in-heart Gamer

    1:35 "That's some hard stuff, and it's super thick. We've played with this before."

  • Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge Doge

    Demo Ranch: Yes I have about 12 guns in the carCop: He’s to American....

  • Niloc Rekkab

    Imagine shooting a squirrel with that last gun and bullet.

  • Black web

    Him: thinks umm, 12? maybe.Cop: silence, then rips ticket up and throws his ID's back to him i hate my job

  • Devin Dean

    Demo ranch starter pack:•50 BMG•"Green tips were almost banned"•500 Magnum•watermelon

  • AssaultToad

    shoot a chickadee with a .50 BMG A.P. round

  • Hydro

    Wow the biggest cal. I shot was a 223. Or a 45. Idk which is bigger pls tell me Edit: it was a green tip 223. And a hollow point 45. And I’m 12

  • miguel silva

    What if the .500 Magnum had a stock?

  • Benjamin Hofeldt

    Please fire dragon breath rounds

  • trevsumm229 SCS

    loads 50. bmg cing chuck sounds so nice

  • Rayota

    80 in a 60?"11 mph over the speed limit"? ok

  • IvVikingBoyvI YT

    Reload sound on the 50 BMG is sooo nice ❤️

  • Trevor Stevenson

    My next door nabors has a 45/70 revolver

  • Alex Mckillmore

    "and this is my new gun" he says in almost every video it seems.

  • hitmy dms

    I could never shoot you guysThx man much appreciated

  • Jack Brabson

    That intro has me dead🤣

  • Grayson Jumpman

    6:13 , don’t catch you slippin up

  • cedrion_penn74

    The officer was like dang he got more guns the we got at the station

  • Venom Here

    Dude if he keeps doing this the US government can make some armor because not many guns were that effective even though they must be.

  • Sky_stider223

    1:14How thick is that paper Lol I think it might stop a bullet

  • Void Walker

    That intro o god i loved that intro

  • Alwayswatching

    I have a steel plate in my binder

  • Jhoshua Wolfox

    Got it, with that armor you do not get killed by bullets.. but by falling backwards and hitting your head into something.

  • Thomas Foy

    At 50 bmg I would think the concussive force alone might be able to kill someone


    ATN X-Sight 4K PRO for the scope

  • XBLspartanx170

    we have silver tipped ammo for a reason. its to kill those pesky werewolves and vampires.

  • tobias11122

    ^would have liked to see a raufoss 50bmg on this :(

  • Galaxy Cucumber

    I could never shoot you guys... you barely missed us with a tank

  • qwert yuiop

    The Trijicon Accupoint 1-6x is the scope you should use

  • Feedthug frog vexx

    Him "And its super thick" Me "ITS PINK.....And also thick"

  • ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔSCP039ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ

    You need to use a Anti Tank Gun on it Lmfao

  • Dominican Dragon

    You remind me of deadpool. Sarcastic and a great shot. Respect from Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

  • John Cronin

    Try this app-It's called weapon field strip.

  • Hannah Robinette

    Hay matt would you rather get shot with 500 magnum or 50 cal

  • Mike Hunt

    9:45 Ha-ha-ha! The best joke ever!

  • Igor Kralnova

    7:19 Thats what she said

  • Adolf Hitler

    50cal will go trought that plate if that plate not be free stand. You need but that plate front of tree, wall or something

  • lewis _

    Dang, over three years late for the free shipping 😭😭

  • The Hunt

    Cop: What type of concealed pistol do you have?DemoRanch: Just a 500 magnum.Cop: I don't even want to know whats in the back.

  • Boris Minev

    5:53 It smells like woodshop here... hahha. Man you

  • Tim Kidd

    Lt. Dan was handsome back in the day!

  • greengeckoking

    The first get 9mm out of the Scorpion looks like elas evo ar in r6 siege

  • ImAnderZEL

    Damn man congrats to 1 million subs! Feels just like yesterday i saw your strange shotgun loads and you had less then 10k subs :D

  • Fony

    You will survive a 50BMG but your ribs wont survive.

  • Devid Konwar

    Bro! Do you have servu BFG 50A sniper rifle of 50 cal?? is much more power than other 50bmg sniper rifle..

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