The Elder Scrolls Online New Cinematic Trailer (PS4 - Xbox One)

Get ready for "The Siege" with this new ESO cinematic trailer !
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The Elder Scrolls Online New Cinematic Trailer (PS4 - Xbox One). For PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac ! Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Game News Official (GameNews) ! The Elder Scrolls Online Cinematic Trailer (The Siege).
  • Dillan Walburn

    So racist making argonians pull the cart

  • Captain Cuh

    Where's J'zargo when you need him?

  • Herminipper

    lol he took an arrow to the knee but kept on going

  • Smarty Smart

    Now make skyrim multiplayer

  • Regina Ahn

    minus some of the creatures, it looks like Lord of the Rings...

  • András kozák

    Hope she kills that mage or whatever he is...

  • Tony Gasperetti

    very cool. but the frame rate is making me sick.

  • Daniel Matricardi

    Skyrim sempre kkk  TESO TRAILER 100000 views                          SKYRIM TRAILER 1000000+ views kkkkk skyrim forever

  • FullmoonEffects89

    fuck the game. just make a movie

  • Mikey Fine

    From the comment section I learned that any war that uses swords and magic automatically makes it Lord of The Rings

  • twinslive

    With all this, they should make movies, not games lol.

  • Alex Maia

    Who are these characters?? Any1 please?

  • Patrick

    I love these trailers. And it's actually nice to see more non-human races animated in such high quality.

  • Victor Vazquez

    Shmandalf2 weeks ago "Too bad the game itself didn't turn out as amazing as people thought it would. I played for like a month and got sick of how unbalanced the PvP was and how glitchy things could get. Its not a bad game by any means, but it was way over-hyped as the "MMO to replace WoW" type of thing."Thats just the pc and mav game. But when it comes for the ps4 and the one, it is going to be way better than what you think.

  • Donovan Siordia

    So 2:19 isnt a elder scroll's kerrigan?

  • Ifeedchickens TV

    Cool trailer. Too bad the game it's advertised is bullocks

  • Jordan Leonardo

    Thats very good if you make a film or a movie , i'm trust thats will be a good story movie

  • Jordan Leonardo

    Thats very good if you make a film or a movie , i'm trust thats will be a good story movie

  • Haris Doon

    Am i the only one who thinks that it's looks like Lord of the rings type stuff? O.o

  • HanoverFiste3

    What the hell is going on?


    OK this isn't the same game as the ps3 is it? IT LOOKS SO DIFFERENT

  • Mr Hocky

    c'est quoi les béstiole au début c'est l'ombre du mordor ou quoi

  • Xtreme 87

    aww no arrow to the knee D:

  • WorseThan You

    Hmm hat game does this remind me of oh thats right world of warcraft the shouldnt have made this game

  • charlification74

    What is the point of elder scrolls online, we already have an elder scrolls and it's not like you can play with real people on elderscrolls online

  • CrashZipper

    good trailer, but game shit

  • That_Roman_Guy

    Is the Empire destroyed?

  • Macrocosmus Seid

    Clash of Clans, now on PS4 and X-Box One With wizards, Archer queens and new troops like The scoundrel!

  • Edgar Fonseca

    la decepcion mas grande que hizo bethseda.... :(

  • Harley Perez


  • Sahamir Koden

    If the game would be so cool as the trailer i would be soo happy

  • Unnamed Soldier

    HAHAHAHA nada que ver con lo que es en realidad el juegooo !

  • TheDarkWolf HD

    Where's dragonborn khajitts nords the wizards of high hrothgar ulfric stormcloak wood elves and daedric admour

  • Veronica Arreola

    I heard this game really sucks and I LOVED Skyrim but u don't know unless u actually play it.

  • Denton FUU

    3:57   - 0.5 sec smile3:58 -  my turn 4:01 - who cares ........................4:35-4:47 - pvp  duel 4:48 - crash  ( :( - no duel )

  • arkhamangel

    Is that cyridill and is the evil elf duded an aylied

  • Lisik Cherri

    что на русский так и не собираются переводить?

  • Dboss_698

    i want to be that dude with the bow in skyrim because in skyrim i`m a member of the nightingales and my archery is 82 and this dude is like my version 2.0 :)

  • Ana Romano

    As far as i see i dont think ill like the skryim better than v love skyrim

  • Uranium Potato

    I had high hopes for amazing graphics for this ps4.. But so far i havent got it. Im tired of cinematic trailors and kinda just want to see what the actual graphics are. For example i had never played Diablo before in my life. And when i saw the trailor for Diablo 3 i was mind blowned at how amazing it was. Then i see the actual gameplay graphics and bam horrible. I feel like this game will do the same..

  • Apple

    The wanders of tamriel!

  • TurtleStew

    Strongly reminds me of LoTR

  • pyro111100

    So.. when is this game coming out? I know they made a crappy knock off game, but when is this one coming out?

  • Adrian Ramirez

    the amount of lotr comments are to damn high

  • Emprator Z

    first time i thought its the lord of the rings game ! but u know man the trailers are breath taking ! but game play is so fucked up

  • kuya_mencias

    So many argonians, they are freaking racist.

  • Joshua Muniz

    when the fuck does this come out on xbox one?

  • ThugTruth

    these character just represents the three alliances ;)

  • Groot

    Molag bal is argonian or high elf?

  • Johnny Somark

    I bet if they made a movie of Skyrim's main story - defeating Alduin, people would be like "Ahh! I did that too(with tears of joy)" I know I would..Anyway, all the fans would very much appreciate it if it were to happen... I think ;)

  • Kyungbae Kim

    This is more like a real movie!!

  • wanderingbufoon

    I hope they do those YouTube movie series like Halo Forward Unto Dawn

  • Trucatking

    the pack MUST diiiiiiiieeeeee

  • Jae Brown

    Wish the actual game looked like this

  • Starwave

    To all you dickheads saying this looks like lotr, buy glasses. Where are the rings then? Where are the black flying dragons? Where are Treants? dumbasses...

  • CobraVenom27

    Yeah, LOTR much? Come on bethesda,

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