Xbox One "FORTNITE" Console Unboxing (Eon Skin Bundle) Battle Royale Solo Victory Gameplay

Unboxing new Fortnite Eon legendary skin bundle Xbox One S 1TB console. Includes 2000 V-bucks. Solo victory royale. Xbox One X gameplay.
Nintendo Switch Fortnite Helix skin bundle
PS4 Pro Fortnite Royale Bomber console
Samsung Galaxy skin phone
Ultimate Fortnite unboxing

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  • TheRelaxingEnd

    What's your favourite skin in Fortnite? (so far)

  • FKSll_TOXiC

    Like si eres pobre y te ilusionas con estos vídeos, y te preguntas que hace con todas esas cosas :v

  • shazia mazhar

    Ur lucky u run into the noobs like if u agree👇

  • herdie umusig

    who wants this 3 skin bundles? (nintendo,xobox and ps4) like if you want these 3 skin bundles and im sure it will dream come true:)

  • semka

    Накидайте лайков чтобы америкосы думали что я что-то топовое написал)

  • Mr.PoZiTiV4iK Cool

    Why does he never build (like if you noticed)

  • Marcela gamer

    Quem e br ae deixa o like

  • Fernando Antonio

    The way he cuts is so satisfying!!

  • Audley Maynard-Reid

    1 min and 30 seconds in and i like this guy XD

  • ZarBoot DZ

    GG for that epic victory without building xD

  • Finney

    6:14 Replay Button for Glider6:146:146:146:146:14

  • Crispy Clips

    3 million subscribers and he should do a hand reveal

  • Nebar Gaming

    Its so eazy to win in fortnite with xbox one s or ps4 proLike if you aggree👇🏻 👇🏻

  • Jayden Cline

    The relaxing end, do you really like Fortnite. Because I do. I'm not as good as you. I get about a kill in every game

  • Clap_ Clapper

    Can u build (not being rude)

  • Falcon Hawk X

    You're good at fortnite 🎮👍

  • Darth Prime

    I am PS4 player. I came here for peace. I would like Xbox and PS4 unite as one. Our real enemy is PC players.

  • Carlos Manuel Garcia San Luis

    Veo este video siempre y nunca me aburre 😂🤗

  • Vakaris Morkunas

    Could you get the skin, glider, pickaxe and 2000 v-bucks now

  • Glitchy gaming

    This is the most relaxing channel I have ever seen and litrelly you are the best in fortnite

  • Victor Amaral

    Was the gameplay also recorded on Xbox One S ??

  • Loser play3

    whats next :Pc Fortnite edition bundle

  • Bush HK

    You good my friend TheRelaxingEnd

  • Reap Hers

    5% of comments: why does he not build not noticed yet95% of the comments: HOLA COMO STAS YO JUGAR FORTNITE TAM BUEN

  • Luke Cribbs

    I act like u when i un box things

  • Esma Yilmaz

    Red knight, lynx, durr burger(girl version), drift|

  • ѕilver ѕakura

    im getting some real creepy vibes when you are opening it

  • Benjamín Oyarzun

    Like si crees que este tipo es muy ordenado


    You're not a player, you are a monster to Fortnite.

  • gæ fag

    My favourite reviewer no words just how to basic but less destructive

  • ICY _Panda14

    Renegade raider even do I don't have it

  • S •

    Fortnite asmr ? ps I have that skin and it’s sick I got my first solo win with itEDIT: I mean my first solo win on Xbox

  • RyanNovaTDN

    this things literally IN MY LIVING ROOM updatingyes I'm a lucky one

  • faucon légendaire

    Hey, you are very so rich To buy every things🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  • lyerboi noi

    Best relaxing unboxing

  • JJ Boi

    Hey birthday here I come!

  • Spectre

    This dude has like 20 of each console lol

  • Dark Moon

    Good vidio im want eon skin return

  • Godisko123

    So theres now a controller bundle too that says Eon outfit + 500 vbucks. I might sound dumb but you only get the skin right ? No backbling no glider no pickaxe?

  • O B C Y

    Team Xbox (one,s,x) ? Team ps4 ?

  • Zakry Wallace

    2:58 the snack that smiles back do yall here it😂🤦‍♂️

  • Yahir

    First!reloads the page3,754,000 views

  • ItzErbz Official Løpëz

    Getting my xbox one S this weeknd ! 😱 so excited to play me Some Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • BMC life 19

    Why does he always make unboxing videos satisfying

  • Moe Thagod213

    Weird flex with the knife but ok,😂😂

  • Dr Bleach

    Man your videos are great definitely subscribing to this channel BTW liked the video <3!

  • Squiro Squiro :v

    I have the Xbox One SBut not the Eon pack...

  • Daily Wolfie

    Asmr WHO!! Sry I had to😆

  • BattleRoyale Player

    WoW , Insane! An Unboxing an Fortnite Gaming Clip! Love it

  • Βασίλης Καϊάφας

    13:19 ammos of scar are 666 Edit: This comment will surely lost

  • SpaceFoxy I


  • amuplay iPad

    My favorite skin is P.A.N.D.A Team leader 🐼

  • francisco salgado

    I'll have it this June yay

  • Jajukween

    You had me the second you rubbed it with so much excitement lol lol

  • Ethan 55

    Gosh dang asmr unboxing here boys😂😂😂

  • basti__muller

    I have never seen that skin ingame

  • Br미구엘

    My favorite skin is renegade raider. I dont have this.😥

  • Filip Roglekov


  • LES_GAMING 360

    My Favorite Fornite Skin Is Drift

  • Faye Parker

    I got this exact Xbox today for Xmas and is it just me or does fortnite take FOREVER to downloadAnd yes I liked my own comment cos no one else will💋

  • Jagannath Moorthy

    Pc,switch and mobile vs Xbox and PS4

  • Jehon006 Ljivareka

    Thanks for the code of game pass 🤣 I'm Joke 🤣

  • Fulmine -X

    My favourite skin is Drift

  • RichardB08

    my favourite skin is Raven

  • Frost biteboi

    Did you guys see that snipe on the purple omega it was amazing

  • Evan Daspit

    Let me clarify.So you get a card with the code in the box of the Xbox and on the card is a code that you redeem in the Microsoft store to get the Eon bundle???

  • Hanaan Malik

    I have the Xbox one s In my dreams

  • Janardhan Yerra

    you are the best player i have ever seen

  • immortals xd

    That looks like genji from overwatch

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