Xbox One "FORTNITE" Console Unboxing (Eon Skin Bundle) Battle Royale Solo Victory Gameplay

Unboxing new Fortnite Eon legendary skin bundle Xbox One S 1TB console. Includes 2000 V-bucks. Solo victory royale. Xbox One X gameplay.
Nintendo Switch Fortnite Helix skin bundle
PS4 Pro Fortnite Royale Bomber console
Samsung Galaxy skin phone
Ultimate Fortnite unboxing

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  • TheRelaxingEnd

    What's your favourite skin in Fortnite? (so far)

  • Crispy Clips

    3 million subscribers and he should do a hand reveal

  • Heroicos 97

    Soy el unico español??

  • Nadia Kromah

    I'm getting it for Christmas cant wait

  • Mr.PoZiTiV4iK Cool

    Why does he never build (like if you noticed)

  • ThiccSugar 0_o

    0:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:520:52 0:520:52Selling replay buttons for 1 like

  • FKSll_TOXiC

    Like si eres pobre y te ilusionas con estos vídeos, y te preguntas que hace con todas esas cosas :v

  • Fuzzy Tuber

    My Favorite Fornite Skin Is Drift

  • Vakaris Morkunas

    Could you get the skin, glider, pickaxe and 2000 v-bucks now

  • Loguardian 64

    I LOVE FORTNITE !!! But the skins could be a bit cheaper

  • Darth Prime

    I am PS4 player. I came here for peace. I would like Xbox and PS4 unite as one. Our real enemy is PC players.

  • 4:20 `

    Was the gameplay also recorded on Xbox One S ??

  • Dawn Roberts

    Your better than me at fortnite

  • Star Wolf19

    I have a Xbox one s and the fortnite bundle I am so happy.

  • MC Games

    I just ordered this bundle from best buy and i’m getting it soon im so exiteddddd

  • ѕιlνer ѕαkυrα

    im getting some real creepy vibes when you are opening it

  • David Gaming

    Will u have the skin for ever ?

  • Rafael Andrade

    IM getting one for my Birthday


    Can u build (not being rude)

  • _xxxoskieskimxxx_ log

    Fortnite battle royale me fan

  • Marcela gamer

    Quem e br ae deixa o like

  • Ma Mayar

    My Favorite skins is : 1. The Reaper2 . Dark Voyager3 . Elet agent4 . Nog Ops5 . Raptor6. Black Knight7. Sparkle specialist ( S2 ) This is My skins

  • CLIP Journey

    Default is my favorite (stop bullying defaults 2019)

  • Kasty Williams

    You so good at fortnite

  • Zakry Wallace

    2:58 the snack that smiles back do yall here it😂🤦‍♂️

  • Loser play3

    whats next :Pc Fortnite edition bundle

  • semka

    Накидайте лайков чтобы америкосы думали что я что-то топовое написал)

  • Erbs687 Løpëz

    Getting my xbox one S this weeknd ! 😱 so excited to play me Some Resident Evil 2 Remake

  • FonderGaming 45


  • Waststful Animations

    That moment you buy a regular Xbox one s and realize that the Fortnite bundle costs the same amount

  • Mood •

    Fortnite asmr ? ps I have that skin and it’s sick I got my first solo win with itEDIT: I mean my first solo win on Xbox

  • Louis The Gamer

    Founders Glider ???!!! Is that exclusive to Eon bundle ???

  • lek Berisha


  • Dr Bleach

    Man your videos are great definitely subscribing to this channel BTW liked the video <3!

  • Mined ED

    I have the Xbox One SBut not the Eon pack...

  • Aslam Shaik

    Drift is my favourite skin

  • LPS bon bon

    The reacting edge fortnite skin confirmed

  • Alexander Vargas

    Why does he always make unboxing videos satisfying

  • Joaquin Vega

    Cuando te das cuenta que sin construir es mejor que tu

  • Hanaan Malik

    I have the Xbox one s In my dreams

  • BattleRoyale Player

    WoW , Insane! An Unboxing an Fortnite Gaming Clip! Love it

  • St.Ocean

    this things literally IN MY LIVING ROOM updatingyes I'm a lucky one

  • Fin Maps

    Bruh. Are you from Finland / Sweden / Denmark / Norway / Iceland / Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania ?

  • yu yu

    Does this bundle pack incluyes Save the World?I have already bought this Xbox but it did not come with Save the World.

  • Zechrome The Pro

    Where did he get Rose Team Leader & Warpaint from?Edit:Do you get challenges to upgrade this skin?

  • Kermit1 SadFrog

    Você joga muito.You play much.


    Who want it Like:skull trooperComment: dark bomber (or other skins)

  • Eliziah Brown

    Who ever disliked, my question is what are you smoking?

  • GhostKanal

    Think you forgot to put *asmr edition) in the title

  • Monckey Ratch

    Muchas skin favor ITE ID the DJ llama

  • Eric Toh

    I always loved the Xbox but ever since I heard that you need Xbox live gold, I started hating it

  • Yahir

    First!reloads the page3,754,000 views

  • Vincent Gonondo

    Thanks I appreciate ur unboxing very much

  • Cyborg Cyborg

    My faurite fortnite skin is a leviatan

  • mxella

    im getting the eon pack one I'm so excited!!!!!

  • amuplay iPad

    My favorite skin is P.A.N.D.A Team leader 🐼

  • Fizzy Clan

    LIKE=Default REPLY=Skull TrooperHEART=Default dance

  • Thomas Tran

    You and others make fortnite seem so easy


    Like: XboxDislike: Nintendo SwitchComment: Ps4

  • hhhb gshhe

    Your good 👍 your a pro man you can kill ninja, dude nice

  • Logan Catlin

    This dude has like 20 of each console lol

  • faucon légendaire

    Hey, you are very so rich To buy every things🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍


    Fav skin is John wick I just missed it started season4 and got omega

  • Dj Raj

    Its Fortnite one Xbox And not Xbox one fortnite🤣

  • Migo

    I have never seen that skin ingame

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