Skyrim: 5 Special Followers You Should Not Let Go in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a land ripe for adventure, so why not bring a friend? The Elder Scrolls 5 offers no shortage of potential companions and followers for the Dragonborn to recruit throughout their travels. Many of these allies boast incredibly unique backgrounds or personalities that are definitely worth exploring. So today we’ll be taking a look at five special followers you shouldn’t ever let go in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    I could never take meeko on as a follower, I would be stressed the entire time if he got touched.

  • Lloyd Turquoise

    I’m pretty sure calling a khajit a “furry friend” would get you shanked in Elsweyr.

  • Richard Reavis

    "J'zaargo is Not your test kitty!"

  • Arsenal 15

    Oh god jzargo . I made the mistake in taking Lydia to the college of winterhold and he accidentally hit me with a lightning bolt and Lydia murdered him to death

  • Jai-M VidZ

    Serana: Am I a joke to you?

  • msoulforged

    "sadly we can't bring meeko's old master back". Me looking at my conjuration spell list: "hold my skooma"

  • Arthur Kimes

    One thing about Erandur... on that initial quest you're actually his follower. His level is 50% higher than yours and he's telling you what to do.

  • Otto von Bismarck

    One of my favorites is Cicero because of his insanity. I just love the quotes he makes randomly

  • Yu Katsuragi

    Jzargo: my best friendErik the Slayer: my sonSerena: my unmarriable loveLydia: don't know.

  • Neal Sterling

    I tend to go alone, since i almost always accidentally kill any followers or they just stand in my way in the first place.

  • Alison Watkinson

    I was once travelling with Meeko when we encountered a large bandit encampment and were quickly swarmed by bandits. I was having a hard time fighting 3 of them at once and lost sight of Meeko when he ran off to take out one of the others. I eventually defeated my adversaries and wandered around some more, discovering a bandit archer who was quickly dealt with. Still no sign of Meeko, although there was no sign of any more enemies nearby. I began to stray further away, searching for him, until I eventually spotted a grey, furry corpse in the distance. I approached slowly, mentally preparing myself to say goodbye to my loyal companion. But when I got there, it was just a dead wolf. I continued to look around for Meeko, still fearing that he may have been killed, or the game just bugged out and I lost him, when suddenly I heard a bark, turned around and there he was, running toward me. One of the most joyful moments in my hundreds of hours playing Skyrim.

  • Matthew Romero

    Your skyrim looks nice. What visual mods are they?

  • Amanda S

    "5 special followers you should not let go in Skyrim"Me: "oh.. okay. Nice. Come on Lydia let's go!"

  • doomsdayng

    My personal favorite follower is Jenassa. She has a lot of personality, a lot of interesting dialogue about a variety of places you might visit, and she dual-wields. Plus, I think she is one of the hottest Dark Elves, pre-mod. Also, I am a huge fan of Farkas and Vilkas, depending on whether you want a two-hander or one-hander. Vilkas is a bit better because he's tougher, but Farkas has a cool beard, and he's hilarious.

  • Aylbdr Madison

    Do NOT get Teldryn Sero as a companion...He will kill everything, and steal all your glory. Your game effectively becomes The Teldryn Sero Show. :(

  • lil katt

    Another title: 5 followers you shouldnt offer to botheia

  • Calutious

    I'll never stop using Cicero as my followerHe thinks he's dedicated to me, when really, I'm dedicated to him

  • Scoobydoo 196308

    What about the ultimate wifu Serana she is beauty she is grace she will shoot ice in your face and she is really powerful

  • Peachy

    Meeko: But master... before you go... I have to know, was I a good boy?Meeko's master: No... you were the best...

  • • Ulcania •

    "H u h?"~Lydia

  • Mark Culbreath

    "Dragonborn huh? Was it your Ma or Pa that was the dragon?"--Erik the Slayer

  • Carl Truscott

    J'zargo stresses me out. Whats the point in no level cap if you're only gonna use SPARKS? Like, all the time. Only Sparks. Forever.

  • Naglis Navickas

    Am I the only one who gets followers which magically pull bows out of nowhere

  • SuGmA HaWg

    Lydia, she takes my load,However she may phrase it

  • Mark BrownLow


  • John West

    I think serana from the dawnguard dlc should have been on this list.

  • Eyesis

    That intro " it has everything and wants to kill you. " Skyrim = Australia confirmed

  • Cole Jenkins

    Erik the Slayer has always been my favorite follower second to Serana. Has a more interesting personality than others, and I like the fact that we're ushering him into adventuring. I like to think years down the road he'll have made a real name for himself, earned the name "Slayer", and tells tales of the mighty Dragonborn, his close friend whom he owes everything to

  • Madison Myers

    I wish I'd discovered the dog before. I'm level 30 now. If he fights with me now he'll die. I won't risk that. He can just be a pet. One to protect the children.

  • M’aiq the Liar

    You forgot the best follower. His name is M’aiq. M’aiq is cool. M’aiq loves fighting. M’aiq once had fire in his hand, and accidentally burned himself. M’aiq is a pro.

  • Ludra FireLion

    I have killed erandur for the artifact, J‘zargo by accident and never found meeko. My game is so broken

  • NewCreationJason

    Jzargo looks beautiful in this video, what mods are doing that 😳

  • Lawrence Montgomery

    i've gotten rockjoint a hundred times, i always thought it was like a cold

  • Chocolate MetalMilk

    I dissagree with the lack of jenessa on this list

  • Zidzan

    “Eric wants to be hardcore but his dad won’t let him.”

  • PlayboyBert

    What about Derkeethus, the only argonian follower in the game and a hidden quest to find him

  • Les Ken

    I like valdimar, housecarl of mothral. He's loyal, eager, free, and shoot giant ice spikes. Best of all, when he kills someone, they sometimes go flying.

  • Carpe Noctom

    Well about number one... He may or may not be dead do to a deadric artifact collectorAlso my heart goes to Aela

  • Geralt of Rivia

    I swear tomorrow I'll start skyrim again and play another 1000 hours

  • Pixil Wolf

    I honestly hate J’ZARGO But he be awesomely annoying

  • Kavin West

    You used one of kharjos dialogues for jzargo the one about someone sneaking up on them

  • Nothing

    Wanna mod that can make meeko into a blade with dog blade armour.

  • ajb 2226

    You said that juib was in the dragonborn dlc but it was the dawngaurd dlc that was when he was introduced into skyrim

  • Mr. Lord Cat

    #1 Lydia she can carry your burdens ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Andrew Johnson

    The "ruins of a fort in cyrodill" quote by erindur might be a eastet egg to varimina's quest in oblivion

  • Lucas Barbosa

    Kharjo was my FAVORITE follower in the game. He was the best at tanking

  • Lauren E

    'sadly we can't bring his owner back'Haha that's what you think Scub nate! I'm a master necromancer

  • Pause

    Best follower.1:Has your back2: will wait all of eternity in one location no matter the circumstances.3:Understands doors4: Calls you "freind"5: Can carry you burdens.6: Put arrows in a knee

  • AnakinFan57

    These characters sound amazing.... to bad I’m too Lazy to switch from Lydia for the rest of eternity.

  • Captain Awesome

    "Sadly we can't bring Meeko's old master back."-Breathes heavily through tears as the console opens up

  • Lucas santos

    I thought it would have an honorable mention to Cicero, feels :c

  • farrinracer

    I swear to Talos, you just heard Teldryn pronounce Jiub's name, and you still managed to mispronounce it. Congrats, Nate.

  • Lucky_ramen

    Frea will always be my fave. Girl saved me from Centurians and Giants😅😩

  • despacito 1000

    Why cant we revive the dog owner guy with zombie spells stuff

  • Lancia DE

    I sent Meeko home after a lot of reloads. My wife, Aela, doesn't like Meeko. She always says "stupid dog" or of the sort. Try finding me a wife who likes dogs.

  • Bianca

    A mod that let the player make up a character, play till at some point send them away so you can start the game with your main dovahkin character and you get the first character as a follower.I would love to see how this can become an epic mod as you level the follower, make choices for the mod to determine the follower's starting position and characteristics. (of course they may be as mute as the player character but the dialogue options will depend on the choices you made. i.e. thieves have low morality, killer have little remorse, mages have in-depth knowledge etc.) Heck, there may be opportunities where the mod will ask the player what the follower would say to add to the library.Just a side note: if such a mod were to exist I do hope it could host a webpage where users could add their feedback or show off their followers so other users can either download the files or vote on.

  • Ninjaboss is bored

    6:28 I believe you mean Dawnguard 👌👌

  • TheDashingOne123

    J’zargo has been my favorite follower since the game came out, he’s a beast!!!


    2 out of 5 of the best followers are Dark Elves. Coincidence? I think not. DUNMER SUPREMACY

  • A D

    Let's see, my favourite followers would have to be...Serana, Teldryn, Kharjo, Illia, Rayya, and despite her being quite temporary, Katria.

  • Wolvenhammer

    Mjoll the Lioness is my hands down number one favorite.

  • Honorata Frej

    Fun fact: Teldryn is Nerevarine undercover. That's why you aren't able to take off his helmet and he meet Jub, first npc you meet(as nerevarine) in morrowind. Just joking. I'm 99% sure that's not true but think about it.

  • Yarnne Antierens

    I took Meeko as a companion for like a minute, then sent him home, where a loving wife, two children, a housecarl and a bard awaited him. Also, I really hope they will immortalize Shirley Curry in TES VI like they did with Erik.

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    "These pants will make J'zargo's hard-on stand out."

  • oomcheck

    NPC: Jee uhbNate: JibNPC: ...

  • lassenlautta

    J'Zargo level was patched, however you can use console on any NPC follower to have same level as you. setlevel 1000 0 1 100

  • Ba'aler

    I remember when I first met Meeko. it was a cool but clear morning and Faendal and I were having a brisk early morning stroll out of the Morthal. It was not long before we crossed paths with a wolf pouncing upon a rabbit on that frozen cobbled road to Dragon's Bridge. The predator had not noticed us yet and I knew that it was likely two or more packmates would be found not far off. A brief nod to my Bosmer friend was all that was needed. We decided to press our advantage. I hunkered down in the road concealing my self behind a snowberry bush and Faendal took up a position on the other side of the road surveying the hillside for any movement. My bow had a good draw weight so I selected one of the iron arrows I keep for just such an encounter. Knocking the arrow I took aim. The beast had his back to us so I loosed my string. The god's must have intervened because I felt my spirit leave my body and sail through the air after the missile. This was a strong bow indeed and the arrow nearly passed through. Spirit now back in my body my eyes scanned the scene for the other wolves but no movement was seen. Cautiously we crept forward. I was just about getting complacent and stood up as I approached the kill. That's when I noticed it. Ahead just off the right side of the road, half concealed the unmistakable canid form. "Lying in wait for us eh? Clever girl!" A quick hand gesture to Faendal brought him in as I quickly set another arrow, drew and fired. Over the sound of the string slicing air I heard "That's not..." With a wet thud my arrow landed its mark cutting and crushing ribs and lodging itself into the heart. I looked back at Faendal perplexed. He merely shrugged. We ran up and it was not a wolf but a dog. "Damn." I thought to myself, "I killed some guy's dog." Wanting to save a little pride and cover my mistake I turned to Faendal. "At least it was a clean kill 'm'right?" He nodded silently pulling an iron dagger from his hip. "You uh, you gonna eat that?" He quipped.

  • Mad Max Rockatansky

    Jenasa is the best follower in early game. Her dual weliding, high damage output and awesome archery skills makes her better than Lydia and Ungerth. With a followers mod, having all 3 of them never fight in your life 😂😂

  • James Samblin

    You all forget the best and most obvious. Kharjo all the entire way.

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