SCORN Official Trailer (2017)

Official teaser trailer for Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...
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SCORN Official Trailer (2017)
Release date : 2017
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  • Lee Vincent

    I guess ill stick to tentacle porn for now

  • RonitAholic

    Ummm Yummy, I got hungry after watching this,True KFC trailer!

  • Damjan Plamenac

    What I was expecting Prometheus to be

  • RykersWorld

    A horror game for vegans maybe

  • TanookiHD

    Clearly very Alien/Giger inspired. I'm interested.

  • Deivil007

    can u imagine playing this in VR?

  • Dale Climate Controlled Cookie Cutter Chance

    Well umm...this looks very...atmospheric?

  • MrBerg4ever

    What it feels like to chew five gum...

  • It's Cowboy

    1:00 looks like me on a Monday

  • Nomad Colossus

    WTF! If you like raw meat with no skin then you will enjoy this game xD.

  • Bart Welch II

    Giger and Bekinski had a kid and turned that shit up to 11, and then that kid had hot, wet angry hate-sex with Hideo Kojima. Aaaaand, here you go.

  • DieterGebieter: Reviews, War Thunder und mehr

    Great Teaser, but thats a very old one, so dislike for fake clickbait title.

  • John Bernbaum

    Looks like H. R. Giger designed the scenery and Zdzislaw Beksinski designed the characters...A mashup of Giger and Beksinski, just need something from Francis Bacon to complete the horror

  • HELL SPOONtheJojoMain

    WowPeople sure have weak nerves for meat zoneTrust meVirtual gore is noting compared to real life gore.

  • Vampiric Coffee

    Something about the music and grotesque visuals shakes me violently in a most profound way, like watching the inside of soul scorned by the it's time running trial after trial. I can't describe it, but it mesmerizes my thoughts and pulls me in through the flesh stained vacuum tube it provides. If I had to compare it to anything, I feel like a man descending into the heart of darkness.

  • Boris HrenPopadesh'

    H.R.GIGER'S FEST))))

  • Viridus

    Why so many dislikes? This looks really interesting!

  • Mandra Mastur

    i really love the music so perfect with the surrounding, best horror music

  • Jan St.

    Imagine how that place would smell...

  • Universal Doc

    Finally , a game that looks promissing !

  • Samuel Weinstein

    When you land on LV-426

  • Frank Stendal

    You got Cronenberg in my Geiger!You got Geiger in my Cronenberg!Two gross tastes that taste gross together...Yes, I'm going to get this because I'm a sucker for both of those things.

  • Raylockthehellion

    This game looks like it's going to be terrifying, yet masterful. And even the trailer shakes me to my very core. This game looks interesting, and it tackles a theme that terrifies me. Mixing organic and inorganic material. Flesh and muscle mixed with metal and mechanics.


    wow se parece al arte del fallecido dr Giger 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Kaz Blackwood

    I cant wait to see and play this game, it looks so atmospheric and gets me that Lovecraft feel I love so much

  • Flávio Bossa

    This is one of the most disturbing trailers ever made for a videogame... like it or not the music and the trailer makes anyone feel abit unconfortable, like were watching something from a nightmare. I really can´t wait to see this game being released, i want to play this game for sure. This really have potential to be one of the best horror games ever made,

  • Stupid Vids

    I've always wanted to see how it felt to be on acid without the acid, thanks.

  • Dansk Pro GMO Forening

    Why would i play something that vile? Why would i force myself to play a game, that has no description, but unpleasant?!!? where is the logic=qbeaver47?!

  • La Rue EXE

    I've had sleep paralysis for 11 years and Everytime I'm about to have an episode my dreams turn into a world similar to this except everything is black, I'm truly terrified at how similar this is!

  • Flugmorph

    thats some HR Giger shit right there, i love it!

  • Bell's Theorem

    Powered by H.R. Giger's reeling brain.

  • chixi3_Nici

    They definitely inspired from H.R Giger!

  • Richard Howford

    People who think this is disturbing clearly haven't lived. This is wonderful.

  • Jonathan Kelly

    I don't think I'll be letting my 6 year old play that one...

  • MrGrimmFrog

    If Alien, Doom and Dark Souls had a baby

  • Sam Potts

    The protagonist doesn't know if the walls are made of flesh or he is made of walls. This is what it's like to be a gingerbread man in a gingerbread house.

  • Veteran Soul

    18K vegetarians disliked

  • elcabezon veintidos

    oh man, this makes me feel so awkward!

  • Lemmo

    Arby's. We have the meat!

  • Russkiy Indus

    I see no difference to our world.

  • Cadillacula

    Thinking Cronenberg's lawyers are probably more excited about this trailer than gamers.

  • Daniil Kaizer

    WTF did I just watch?! Anyone else feels the same?

  • Friglite 2006

    This is why you must wear a condom.

  • Metal Ram

    Who felt like meat based products after this? Should I be worried?

  • Alex Vazquez

    "This looks disturbing" isn't that the point of creating an atmospheric work of art?


    Is this a movie or a game ? I'm lost someone help

  • BallsToWalls

    U jbte, napalio sam se, ovo je bolje nego srpski film

  • Dr. Riq

    that was fucking disgusting get the fuck out

  • Jflowization

    Jesus Christ the comments of normies not knowing this is a game is outstanding and seriously guys? Thinking this shit is gross and from people who have fucked up minds and BLAH BLAH BLAH MY SATAN WORSHIP cmon.

  • Unicorn Fan club

    what the hell is this it's disturbing

  • TheBlackShinobi

    This is what your insides look like after taking drugs.

  • Gunold Dump

    When vegans realize they are meat.

  • Dio Brando

    Not recommended for vegans

  • jelica vitas

    WTF is the purpose of this game like really lol?!?!


    Heavily H.R. Giger influenced... Not sure if this will be a good thing? Hope they execute it well, and the gameplay is as interesting as the art.

  • Evans Meki

    they really tried very hard to make it as much disgusting as possible....

  • Akseli Mantynen

    Anybody here from Pewdiepie ?

  • TobiasBoon

    H.R Giger would be proud of this.

  • Ñīssî Tym Production

    Who else didn't understand a shit in this trailer?

  • Booty booty booty booty

    WTF happend here... I remember that the 95% of the tumbs were up ...Who are those fucking idiots that dislike such an unusual and, maybe, great game... I seen worse things on the interenet ...

  • Idibre Umingu

    Nece ova igrica nikad da izadje

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