SCORN Official Trailer (2017)

Official teaser trailer for Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...
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SCORN Official Trailer (2017)
Release date : 2017
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  • Viridus

    Why so many dislikes? This looks really interesting!

  • Damjan Plamenac

    What I was expecting Prometheus to be

  • jelica vitas

    WTF is the purpose of this game like really lol?!?!

  • Deivil007

    can u imagine playing this in VR?

  • RamiFive4Five

    Everythng was ok until 1:53 Yep that's a gun alright , why guns, always guns.

  • Yaroslav Schekotov

    Очень на стиль HR Giger смахивает!

  • Philbert jupatho

    i cant believe have spent my good precious three minutes watching this shit, is t some kind of a joke?? jeeeeeeezzzz, so boring

  • Anil Gauniyal

    join a big business a small capital 8010669718

  • Zhenya Scherbyna

    Прикольно. Будем ждать

  • Inna Uk

    Can not you see: it is the incipient worms in the host's body

  • Samuel Weinstein

    When you land on LV-426

  • Adflictus Coeur

    This looks more fucked up than Agony

  • Hamish Taylor

    that game look dope af boyyyy

  • Vince Bundaberg

    It's kind of feels like living in a Nightmares from the Parallel Universe.

  • Mohd Ahmed

    Attack on titan? Anyone?

  • the gamer

    This gave me nightmares

  • _Drexliz _

    Reminds me of the Nightmare realm from Bloodborne

  • neetch

    wow this got a lot of views..

  • Sujith Sai

    are those d*cks @2:43 ?does anyone feel the same ?

  • Grm Wingman

    No thanks I'm okay

  • LömberdecTV

    Graphichs don't have details.

  • Steve F

    Sif you'd waste your ammo on that squirmy looking fella.

  • Nicholas Kurtz

    These Arby's commercials are getting out of hand.

  • danijel124

    This movie was shoot in my digestion system xd

  • Robert Wagstaff

    looks like a version of hell


    How nice, a new game to inspire a whole generation of children to grow up and become Jeffery Dahmer Spawns. Isn't that special?

  • 10cdav23

    If the flood took over and became more sophisticated

  • tracer jaino

    This is how vegetarian people are born good job

  • HinataMisery

    How the hell do people think up shit like this? Did they have really fucked up lives to begin with or take some really strong hallucinogenic drugs to see or dream this shit. I've played quiet a few horror games like Dead Space, Doom, Alien Isolation, and Jericho, but this doesn't seem to compare to any of them at all. This is the first trailer (for a game or movie) to legitimately creep me the fuck out. I feel I would have nightmares if played this game and I hardly ever have nightmares.

  • Andy Klassen`' Eclipse

    Hahaha lmao Wow. Really great work.. stopped watching just as soon as buggy buddy loaded the ....clip ? In his.. gun? Just to express how empresed I already am with peoples ability to be completely disgusting yet still some how allow a sense of creativity :) completely weirded out <-This is level 13 weird

  • John Bernbaum

    Looks like H. R. Giger designed the scenery and Zdzislaw Beksinski designed the characters...A mashup of Giger and Beksinski, just need something from Francis Bacon to complete the horror

  • Flugmorph

    thats some HR Giger shit right there, i love it!

  • Parmajohn Butler

    What a tick sees in your pubes lol

  • Rotsuoy

    Delicious. Giger would have loved this game. Rest in piece you god of nightmare fuel.

  • walkrunfallsleep

    Reminds me of a Tool music video

  • Khai Studios

    I thought this is a movie but a game.... it's still bizarre and grotesque.

  • Leonardo da Vinci

    Nope sorry still not vague enough.

  • im a potato 234

    who let giger design videogames

  • Cheezit Jesus

    is anyone else reminded of halo 4s flood?

  • Gav

    This looks like a really shitty doom / halo knockoff

  • Gennaro xander

    1.27 why to show legs and d**k of the guy?

  • super yukie

    the game where it gives the most trypophobia

  • Kerstin Wolff

    New Tool album anyone?

  • EnvisionerWill

    Geiger meets Cronenberg; fuckin' A.

  • Hammad Haider

    this is so terrible & scary

  • Cadillacula

    Thinking Cronenberg's lawyers are probably more excited about this trailer than gamers.

  • pamfeuer S

    very gigerish, this is what covenant should have been like :(loved the valve(steam) and unreal logos in the end!!

  • Mike Alexander

    The guy at 1:35 looks so cozy and snug. Almost like he spends his life attached to his bed or something.

  • Mike Kojoori

    They've taken HR Geiger's world and brought it to life! Fan's of dystopian and abstract concepts will appreciate the experience. I've always wanted to be immersed in such a world.

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