SCORN Official Trailer (2017)

Official teaser trailer for Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...
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SCORN Official Trailer (2017)
Release date : 2017
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  • Mysterious Squirrel

    Looks like the work of H R Giger. I thought he died though.

  • shrum

    What's up with all this dislikes?!

  • Jan St.

    Imagine how that place would smell...

  • Jamezu Hollar

    Played enough deadspace to be smart enough to shoot it.

  • Renato Sousa

    GIGER would BE VERY PROUD !!

  • KJris DeWitt

    Doom + Silent Hill = this...

  • Mark Nutt

    i think this is what hell looks like

  • Richard Seddon

    This is going to be a fun game, i sense a light hearted-ness, playful aspect in this game.

  • Joaquim Vaz Pereira

    Well 2 disgusting games next year. This and Agony.

  • Nikola fucking Tesla

    An H.R. Gieger wet dream.

  • sir Reinhardt

    that gun reminded me of the tooth pistol from Existenz.

  • Halkras12

    vegetarian's greatest nightmare

  • Nomad Colossus

    WTF! If you like raw meat with no skin then you will enjoy this game xD.

  • MrFreeGman

    Tool - Schism anyone?

  • ADDMcGee25

    Guys, STOP saying this is somehow "stealing" or "ripping off" H.R. Geiger. Fucking... Stop.The developers have openly stated they take INSPIRATION from Geiger, as well as Zdislaw Beksinski. You edgy little shits don't know what you're talking about, you're not exposing the artistic crime of the century, stop embarrassing yourselves.

  • Chad Kovac

    I hope it's not just a bunch of puzzles.

  • LittleWeirdo

    reminds me of Alien's style

  • Decaticon Lord

    Wait th-THIS IS A GAME?! I thought it was a movie lol

  • Navjot Singh

    can anyone explain . what fuck is this ?

  • Tim Scrivener

    This should be called Giger and not Scorn. If this isn't Giger's work, it's a close rip off.

  • Jarethenator

    What's with all those dislikes?

  • Sadistic Cannibal

    This is so fucking disturbing looking... AND I LOVE IT!

  • Liz Guereque

    Call this a game it looks like a big planet of meat

  • Wakon

    Welcome to the lowest levels of hell.

  • seahawk fan12

    this is like warframe combined with prey

  • Roi Davidsen

    lol thought it was a movie, then 2:07 this sucky cgi character came walking

  • Bell's Theorem

    Powered by H.R. Giger's reeling brain.

  • Stelio Macumbe

    Why are aliens portrayed as either ugly, demonic or monstrous creatures?

  • YiaM

    I'm sure this game will cheer me up when it releases.Seriously though, this game looks like my kinda game. Can't wait.Such Giger, much wow. Much meme, very dead.

  • Battle Royale

    Rick and Morty: Cronenbergs!!!

  • Dakota Jackson

    Scorn vs. Agony, which amazing art style horror game you think will be better

  • shun

    i must be a sick bastard to want to play this game :^)

  • Juan López

    Seems to be weird for the sake of being weird.

  • Paulo Claro

    Did Geiger design this or it is inspired in his work? Either way, insta-buy!

  • Andrew

    Looks like Tyranids. I'm going to need two bolters for this heresy.

  • إسماعيل محمود

    A reality where everything is biological in its own way interesting.

  • Logan Brosnahan

    This is going to be the most incredible horror game of 2017.

  • A Quintero

    Looks like a Tool video 😁

  • nobulle

    I didn't original universes could still happen in 2016.

  • Jermilia

    Aliens's's (Alien 5 )

  • coberon zephile

    so let me get this straight.SCORN here is all about fucking alienshit mutation .while fucking AGONY is all about devil's and shit. right?

  • Black Lotus

    This reminds me of the flood from halo

  • axel stoner

    Such a shame he never lived to see this

  • DKOdonny

    Oh ok this is a video game. First I thought this was a movie trailer and I was like WHAT!?!? But it make more sense now

  • iCelestialWolf

    This is fucking disgusting

  • Bryan514

    "I hope you enjoyed your tour of the H.R. Giger Maternity Hospital."

  • Atta Ur rehman

    0:55 shivering of cold

  • SF8008

    Looks like Freddy Krueger had a baby with Alien

  • javix8888

    Does some one know what it is about? is that world another dimension? maybe a kind of hell? another Universe maybe? I need answers

  • Atty J.J.


  • pantsuck11

    The scariest thing is the game will never be made. 😱

  • Ninja Plays Games

    The game looks gross as shit and It better have good gameplay before I play a mucus covered hero or what ever it is. And all CGI with no gameplay is a red flag for me.

  • tres2112

    it would take more than bloody phallic symbols and gigantic pulsing vaginas to convince me.

  • dxschlereth

    there better be a TOOL song in the game

  • Lucky Ducky

    pause at 0:17Those things look like my veiny penis

  • Jonas Köbele

    When h.r. Ginger makes a game

  • Nyerguds

    H.R. Giger: The Game?

  • jdvicvega0

    110% inspired by H.R giger. i wish his artwork would of caught on sooner

  • YouTube Blogger

    wtf is this SHIT!! lol

  • Dardan

    why so many dislikes ;-;

  • Eduardo Carvalho

    So much H R Giger influenced game

  • King greatness 8o4

    otherwise that looks outrite disturbing

  • Nikke DosE

    Hope this is fucked up and mindblowing horror , i eat mushrooms so i like messing up my brains.

  • Neil Nadelman

    It looks like a David Cronenberg film that somehow ate an H.R. Giger art book.

  • Gul'naz Kavill

    it's game or film?

  • Jeremy Mine

    So...  This movie is about FUCKING NOTHING!  Awful trailer!

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