SCORN Official Trailer (2017)

Official teaser trailer for Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...
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SCORN Official Trailer (2017)
Release date : 2017
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  • Mandra Mastur

    i really love the music so perfect with the surrounding, best horror music

  • RonitAholic

    Ummm Yummy, I got hungry after watching this,True KFC trailer!

  • Anil Gauniyal

    join a big business a small capital 8010669718

  • Omair Ahmed

    feels like Half Life series

  • Raylockthehellion

    This game looks like it's going to be terrifying, yet masterful. And even the trailer shakes me to my very core. This game looks interesting, and it tackles a theme that terrifies me. Mixing organic and inorganic material. Flesh and muscle mixed with metal and mechanics.


    I am interested in this because the vastness of its intended? dimension leads me to more dreams.

  • Epicat999

    Meanwhile, on Phyrexia...

  • Dj Ripper

  • da bezt goku

    Attack on Titan FPS confirmed?

  • Aaron Richter

    david cronenberg would luv this game

  • Invalid Username

    H.R Gigers sex dungeon

  • S. Howe

    HR Giger would be proud.

  • thanuj singaravelan

    looks very HR Gigerish...

  • ::: SledgeHammerMovies :::

    Giger meets Cronenberg

  • Inna Uk

    Can not you see: it is the incipient worms in the host's body

  • Floofi Muff

    This game looks so cool... 👾

  • Axol The Axolotl

    Zdzisław Beksiński: The Video Game.

  • Philbert jupatho

    i cant believe have spent my good precious three minutes watching this shit, is t some kind of a joke?? jeeeeeeezzzz, so boring

  • Mary Rivera

    n atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...

  • Night Owl

    This looks more fucked up than Agony

  • Hamish Taylor

    that game look dope af boyyyy

  • TheDennys21

    This is really hard to masturbate to.

  • Jeff Larsen

    Okay, you've got an environment. What are you going to do with it that's interesting? Is there a compelling story, a hook of some kind?

  • Black inferno

    Check out profile for killer videos ikonz gangster Squad representing new world order not for kids

  • bladewolf VII

    They don't expect a big player base though, or do they?

  • Sam Potts

    The protagonist doesn't know if the walls are made of flesh or he is made of walls. This is what it's like to be a gingerbread man in a gingerbread house.

  • Solidatermx

    I clicked on this and got Wolfenstein II...

  • the gamer

    This gave me nightmares

  • Ara marcel

    original movie full war of the planet apes

  • Ľubomír Kompiš

    Well, I did always want a better way to explore the places I dream about.

  • Red_Soul8888

    Looks cool but it's a bit to much

  • Sosig

    Excuse me WHAT THE FUCK?!Anyway it’s interesting tho, looks like tonight I’m going to have an adventure of this

  • Marv lottie

    Im getting Alien vibes - this looks brill! Nice to see something new and curious.

  • Adam Mills

    Does anyone know what the story for this game will be about?


    This is absolute horror for vegans

  • Yaa Boii Kenjii

    What's this about I really wanna know

  • Hollis Averitte

    I need to know what is even going on

  • Stefan Tiosavljevic

    This trailer is like from music videos of band TOOL

  • Hasty Moose

    Why does it feel so depressing :(

  • Rin Rin

    I'm... amazed but disgusted at the same time.

  • jelica vitas

    WTF is the purpose of this game like really lol?!?!

  • DarkCry

    The ambient music is really great

  • Jeff Bourland

    So I imagine this is what H.R Giegers colonoscopy looked like.

  • ThePixelitomedia

    Looks like if HR Giger make a game :D

  • Timmy Flaherty

    The video games industry is rammed with demons working hard to affect human minds.

  • Luis Zambrano

    Powered by the MEAT ENGINE.

  • nostro miestro

    this makes me want to not cook my calf's liver with onions tonight and maybe try it raw instead

  • Alex Vazquez

    "This looks disturbing" isn't that the point of creating an atmospheric work of art?

  • Amy :D

    Looks like this game plays inside of hell in satans body

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