SCORN Official Trailer (2017)

Official teaser trailer for Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...
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SCORN Official Trailer (2017)
Release date : 2017
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  • shrum

    What's up with all this dislikes?!

  • sir Reinhardt

    that gun reminded me of the tooth pistol from Existenz.

  • Jarethenator

    What's with all those dislikes?

  • Mysterious Squirrel

    Looks like the work of H R Giger. I thought he died though.

  • Joaquim Vaz Pereira

    Well 2 disgusting games next year. This and Agony.

  • MrRysiek4561

    If Alien, Doom and Dark Souls had a baby

  • Bell's Theorem

    Powered by H.R. Giger's reeling brain.

  • Captain Velveeta

    DAMMIT!!! This looked like such a promising movie...silly me ¯\__(ツ)__/¯

  • KJris DeWitt

    Doom + Silent Hill = this...

  • Chas Sinclair

    I've had girlfriends scarier than this ......

  • Joosua Anttila

    This looks cool. Why so many dislikes.

  • Liz Guereque

    Call this a game it looks like a big planet of meat

  • Betonoszlop

    What is that great amount of dislike? Can't bear the horror b!tchers?

  • Tim Scrivener

    This should be called Giger and not Scorn. If this isn't Giger's work, it's a close rip off.

  • Jermilia

    Aliens's's (Alien 5 )

  • seahawk fan12

    this is like warframe combined with prey

  • coberon zephile

    so let me get this straight.SCORN here is all about fucking alienshit mutation .while fucking AGONY is all about devil's and shit. right?

  • Adib Amsyar

    isnt this looks like Prometheus movie??? the landscape is kinda same

  • Lyonne Maria

    This looks booring 😒. More Dislikes please

  • Amour Tueur

    I really hope this is one console. it's like shit I see in my dreams lol

  • Anus Mangler

    this seems more like zdzislaw beksinski (esque) than giger

  • candy Krith

    H.R Giger he created merchin &humanoid and bio..

  • NigerianRocker

    like some biomechanical nightmare...

  • Savior Blaght

    This game's trailer is let me feel excluding, but I will expecting the game going to be

  • Eduardo Rivera

    How the hell does everyone know about H R Giger all of a sudden? lol! Man....FUCK video games nowadays is all I have to say...

  • Manol Glishev

    Too much Giger on their mind :)

  • AntiC4mper

    AAAAAAAAAAAAA KILL WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DieterGebieter: Reviews, War Thunder und mehr

    Great Teaser, but thats a very old one, so dislike for fake clickbait title.

  • theodore tait

    This doesn't look like a horror to me, no originality, start coming up with more frightening concepts.

  • Orkan

    Whats up with all the dislikes?... is there something i dont know?

  • Sanguine Phantom

    The design of the background has obviously been made by the same dude who designed the alien saga

  • dxschlereth

    there better be a TOOL song in the game

  • Jonny Rockets


  • Jonathan Viana

    Queria saber que porra é essa...

  • Gargie396

    If you could walk into one of Zdzislaw Beksinski's paintings it would sound like this trailer.

  • javix8888

    Does some one know what it is about? is that world another dimension? maybe a kind of hell? another Universe maybe? I need answers

  • SkullReaper 22

    Is it a game or a movie or...

  • Billy The-Kid

    This should have been the home world of the Alien in the movies.

  • Lucky Ducky

    pause at 0:17Those things look like my veiny penis

  • Rudro Dey

    though... my CJ in San Andreas can run faster than this

  • Istvan Alexander

    So when is the movie coming out? ;-)

  • Alexole Eya

    I hope it will be also on PS4..........

  • Jonathan Kelly

    I don't think I'll be letting my 6 year old play that one...

  • Sinsearach

    This is pure and unbridled Zdzisław Beksiński.

  • K Male

    Looks like someone's vision of Hell. No thanks.

  • BeenieBombYT

    Glad to see Tool got a videogame

  • Patrick Butler

    Looks like every other FPS, except the texture pack and sound makes me want to throw up.

  • Xelou Hatsune

    It's look like a new race of Halo haha, so cool :D

  • demon_slayer 246

    can't wait to play it when it comes out

  • vjrei

    It reminds me an old Atari St game called Captain Blood.

  • Dunk BEDS

    this looks amazing. But damn is it creepy looking

  • jelica vitas

    WTF is the purpose of this game like really lol?!?!

  • Paul Turner

    Turrican 2 alien level!

  • Brandon Torrance

    Is this a game or movie

  • Shier Carnation

    Did no one think of flood from Halo?

  • Glenn Hatch

    Most horrific/disgusting thing to ever exist!

  • thebenna beast

    The "NOPE" train took me straight to porn after clicking on this

  • cullen nowell

    needs some polishing for sure. Seems cool though.


    i wouldn't watch this it doesn't look to good

  • Saimoni ilimotama

    It's not even April, may, June

  • Laurenana57

    I feel stupid, I thought this was a weird CGI movie at first. I was like this is kinda like a video game and then ya

  • Mohammed Abdullah

    Gross. Do something better with that talent.

  • Dreamdecipher 1994

    Horror itself is not invented by Giger alone. Scorn will be a great game.

  • Aaron Hay

    Is it that freaky game

  • Eric F

    I can't even tell what this movie is about. A dead give away that it stinks.

  • rizqillahzaki ahmadi

    who ever made this need help

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