SCORN Official Trailer (2017)

Official teaser trailer for Scorn, an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe...
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SCORN Official Trailer (2017)
Release date : 2017
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  • Mysterious Squirrel

    Looks like the work of H R Giger. I thought he died though.

  • Jarethenator

    What's with all those dislikes?

  • Bell's Theorem

    Powered by H.R. Giger's reeling brain.

  • Joaquim Vaz Pereira

    Well 2 disgusting games next year. This and Agony.

  • MrRysiek4561

    If Alien, Doom and Dark Souls had a baby

  • Guilherme Brasil

    This looks like H. R. Giger took LSD and got wasted at a rave party in Slovakia.

  • Daniil Kaizer

    WTF did I just watch?! Anyone else feels the same?

  • Tim Scrivener

    This should be called Giger and not Scorn. If this isn't Giger's work, it's a close rip off.

  • Hit-marka

    Well we really Cronenberged the shit out of that!

  • Jonny Rockets


  • candy Krith

    H.R Giger he created merchin &humanoid and bio..

  • jelica vitas

    WTF is the purpose of this game like really lol?!?!

  • Sanguine Phantom

    The design of the background has obviously been made by the same dude who designed the alien saga

  • RykersWorld

    A horror game for vegans maybe

  • Matty Royds

    Still shows nothing from a game that's not even close to being finished. This new trend of showing games in pre-alpha, and then getting people to purchase them as "early access" is disgusting. I know this is not the case in particular here, you can't buy this game right now in its current state. But it's not going to be done this year. Why not wait until there is new footage of actual gameplay to bother showing it off?

  • SkullReaper 22

    Is it a game or a movie or...

  • Ramses Malony

    Giger will be proud of it

  • ASMR KurdishMeridian

    2:13 That's What The Looks Like After A Lot of Deep Battle Inside Inner Earth

  • N-uclear_Assasin

    Will this be on Xbox One?

  • Metal Ant

    Who felt like meat based products after this? Should I be worried?

  • super gaming IL

    what a fucked up game we have in now days (send me a copy please) 2017 now

  • Brandon Torrance

    Is this a game or movie

  • Tala Memmott

    I have never seen this fetish before.

  • Jared Prymont

    The premise of this game is 'what would it be like if skin was never invented?'

  • Lucas Flangon

    Wtf is this it looks fucking dog shit man

  • Chloe Relova

    When I first saw the thumbnail I was like " Attack on Titan season 2?"

  • wangjin wangsa

    I disliked it..stupid trailer. Lmao

  • Rachel Paige

    I hate this video YouTube please take it down just when i though Saw was bad this is worse when it comes to showing too much meat

  • Saputra Ramana

    i dont mean about this trailer ....

  • MattDoesNotVlog

    If 40K Tyranids could be an fps...

  • Lautaro barrientos

    ... i´m a little bit hungry._.

  • muai thai



    2:20 ooaah, it's a gaaame...

  • Leo F

    Looks like a Tool video

  • Rhys Clark Film & Media

    this is some real H R Giger shit

  • Diego Solis

    New Tool album?!?!?! oh... wait no...

  • jonathan

    I feel like I'm watching a tool music video!

  • Gargie396

    If you could walk into one of Zdzislaw Beksinski's paintings it would sound like this trailer.

  • Emma Mori

    every vegetarians worst nightmare😂

  • Viridus

    Why so many dislikes? This looks really interesting!

  • Asylum117

    It's like Alien and Silent Hill had a baby.

  • David Glynn

    I want to go camping on this planet in my one-man tent frying sausages over a campfire...

  • Munteanu Florin

    a grotesq and horifing game.

  • MNightTomalan

    I'd be very, very disappointed if that gun doesn't turn people into a third trimester foetus from 30 yards.

  • Alonso Peterson

    This has been the worst trailer that I've ever watch in my fucking life I swear bro wow it's so crazy I can't believe it men

  • Robert Black

    it makes you wonder about the sickness in the minds of those who create such demonic imagery...

  • Z1Blue

    Uuuum yeah I think I will rather wait for System Shock reboot in 2018, thank you!!!

  • Nate Goldman

    Mostly H.R Giger with 2 parts Cronenberg and a sprinkle of H.P Lovecraft.

  • flash_ Anvesh

    half life game trailer.i thought than I thought youtube hanged..ohh no.its a scorn something

  • Me

    Not recommended for vegans

  • 倭文叶

    What's this?TV game?

  • Jflowization

    Jesus Christ the comments of normies not knowing this is a game is outstanding and seriously guys? Thinking this shit is gross and from people who have fucked up minds and BLAH BLAH BLAH MY SATAN WORSHIP cmon.

  • Sinsearach

    This is pure and unbridled Zdzisław Beksiński.

  • Corphest

    no corn having ass-faggots

  • Lt Sprinkulz

    Sooo...gameplay is probably boring because they spent their budget on magnificent art design...remember games like Quake and DooM which pulled this shit off and still had a video game attached to it?

  • Orkan

    Whats up with all the dislikes?... is there something i dont know?

  • DrakosLord

    Good to see a seemingly Beksinski-Giger-esque inspired artwork for the game. It looks beautifully amazing until the gun part. Is this gonna be a FPS, really? What a dissapointing thing if that ends up happening.

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