Erza Scarlet's Sword & Armor (Fairy Tail) - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

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Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you've never seen before. This week, the team recreates Erza's Sword and Armor from the Anime classic Fairy Tail.

Let us know in the comments below which weapon you'd like to see us build next!

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Kerry Stagmer - Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer - Swordsmith
Ilya Alekseyev - Master Armourer and Engraver
Sam Salvati - Blacksmith
Lauren Schott - Goldsmith and Casting
John Mitchell - Fabricator

Filmed on Location at Baltimore Knife and Sword

Series Created & Directed by Andy Signore

Series Produced by Brent Lydic

Episode Build Directed by CJ Schmidt

Line Producer - Phil Rogers
Production Manager - Benjamin Montague
Office Production Coordinator - Brendan Kennedy
Post Production Coordinator – Amanda Arellano

Director of Photography – John Hale

Story Producer — Dave Cross
1st AC/Red Cam Op – Jason Remeikis
Gaffer – Steve Scott
Grip - Danny Balsamo
Swing (Demo) - Joey Bruce
Production Coordinator - Katelynn Zimmerman
Runner/PA – Hugh Taylor
1st AC (Red Cam) – Jeremy Hall
DIT – Nate Spivey
Set Medic – Celeste Bowe

Edited by — Patrick Burke
Lead Assistant Editor - Matt Zimmel
Stunt Coordinator / Stunts – Casey Kaleba

Head of Post Production - Michael Gallagher
Thanks to our cosplayer Christine Connor!
  • Skitteryboo Speedpaint

    ERZAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! If I was any character in Fairy Tail I'm positive Is be Erza because of how goofy and serious she is at times. I also have stage fright and I'm far off but close to my friends at the same time so, I think I'm Erza. 😸

  • Avraham Arrobas

    How about you make Lucy's gate keys?

  • Vivi Artist

    I wish they sell this ;-;

  • Faizan Ahmed

    hey make zuku's dual swords from avatar

  • The demon mirajane

    Could you make zoro swords from one piece please =<

  • Jan Schukraft

    please build Captian America´s shield

  • Lucy Heartfilia

    Wow......Erza's really popular😅She deserves it😊

  • BlingXGaming

    i want to buy this armor :3 she is amazing i love erza :D great work

  • Marcellius Tiongco

    I bet Ilya's true last name is Targaryen

  • Adel Vee

    Rose Quartz sword and shield please...... 😊😊😊😊

  • Sir Mirko of the filth

    the war from warframe give me a lasershow xD

  • Cairo_Kirin - King Of Consoles

    Here's an idea. If you are making armor, maybe the saiyan armor from Dragon Ball Z.

  • Aithanh Lam

    just saying its not cartoony it's anime

  • Stealthy E

    All I want is AWE me to melt the 1,000,000 YouTube play button and create a YouTube sword

  • Nathan Rivoire

    Please do frostmourne from hearthstone

  • βEᗩsŦ ρŁya Clan

    this dude deserves sword play button

  • john kozdron

    You should do a full set of knights armor that would be really cool to see

  • Ricky Capada

    Can i buy that cuz it so cool can i XD

  • Donny Vo

    Welp you're ready for the apocalypse

  • Der Mate

    Whats about Kiritos Blade or his Blades

  • Petra Lustig

    I've never seen something so awesome and I'd love to see those pieces of art for myself. It's just amazing what you did!!!

  • Jack Clayton

    I love the armor builds

  • Omar C.Z.

    what if... try with Maka's Death Scythe from Soul Eater? it can be wonderfull

  • Monica Wang

    Mika's sword from Seraph of the End

  • Llama

    i wanna see these guys at a cosplay weapons/armor expo

  • newnemesis666

    Dante's scytheand btw, which is the most expensive armor/weapon you build so far?

  • Amin Amaev

    In America you forge sword, in Soviet Russia sword forges you

  • JesusHentaiChrist Thighs

    Kind of pissed that they didn't cut a strawberry cake with the sword

  • AnimeStorm04

    Erza is not the strongest that is taken by gilldarts and possibly mirajane

  • Luna Bell

    at least I know there's more than one way to use oil

  • Riley Bittle

    Please make Dave Strider's Sword from Homestuck

  • Emmerson Lorentz

    All I can think: dang that cosplayer lucky.

  • Arctario

    they missed the arm guards! the armor is incomplete!

  • Jackson Gitchell

    Kings Chastiefol for seven deadly sins please!!!

  • J Prakoon

    Shin-ah's sword from Akastuki no Yona/Yona of the dawn!

  • happy pancake

    Do more erza plz since she has a lot of armor

  • wh am

    dayum they'll be ready for the zombie apocolypse

  • Nirzon AHMMED

    make vergil's yamoto

  • Life'sSimple Ways

    Make Yato's regalia from noragami it would be so cool, also put yukines face on the sword :D

  • chandler Echols

    I would love to see the sword made off of Conan the barbarian

  • cameron hughes

    Erza's flame empress sword

  • Frostfeather of Windclan

    First video I've watched by them! I subscribed right away!

  • DeathTheGirl 2826

    I want to be a blacksmith now

  • zeljko pozgaj

    Everything is great but cosplay is soo bad

  • Natsu and fairytail are my heroes

    I thought this was a gag at first glance at title but you guys are the real deal!😍

  • Stefan Buckley-Lewis

    Bleach's Shuhei Hisagi's Zanpakuto, Kazeshini

  • Seth Conley

    Pearl's Spear from Steven universe

  • Serinafalls 266

    I mainly came here bacause of fairy tail I saw erza and I clicked

  • Luciana Kagamine

    I wish I could make one of these (._. )

  • Galaxy Cat

    Freaking love fairy tale

  • DemonChild

    if they only sell these in stores

  • Elizabeth Feirouz

    i cant even draw Erza's sword ;-;

  • JediMasterStarkiller

    do undynes spear from undertale

  • natsu Marvel

    I wish I have that sword

  • TheBaka3000

    Do Guts' Berserker armor. Hell, why stop there, yall should also do Griffith's armor (post eclipse).

  • Hau Li

    Uoc di duoc mot bo giap nhu vay

  • Francisco R

    Attack on titans sword

  • holly inouye

    please make attack on titan sword!!

  • eden camacho

    Make Rave master ten commandments

  • diana cruz

    Have you made something out of Attack on Titan yet?

  • Ethan Lefkowitz

    She is not the strongest. don't pretend you know about Fairy Tail if you haven't met my main man Gildarts.

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