Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

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This was our own arrangement of the main theme from Skyrim Elder Scrolls which was composed by Jeremy Soule. He is an amazing artist and it was amazing to work with such fantastic music.

Arr. Tom Anderson -
Edit: Ben Lieberman -
Mix: Bill Hare -

There was some "confusion" over my "race" in this video lol, so...after some deliberation and feedback from fans I have chosen to be a Breton bard.
  • Wreck Wrack

    "Daddy, can you tell me a bed time story?"Me: sheds tear "Our story begins at helgen..."

  • Numidium

    13,305 people disliked this, are Miraak's cultists!

  • mousikopsaxtiri

    0:46 Can't climb it? Use a horse! xD

  • J'zargo

    Have you mastered the expert level destruction spells yet?

  • Camillo Iscariota

    I was in my second year of high school when I first watched this. Now, I moved country and I'm in 3rd year of University. Time flies. Skyrim stays.

  • Edgar Costanzo

    I used to be a singer like him, then I took an arrow in the knee

  • Tech Coyote

    I would wear those costumes in public. No joke!

  • CatBlueVids

    why r u guys wearing LEATHER and HIDE armor?!?!!? talk to Alvor in riverwood and try makin' or buying some iron or even steel!

  • Toxic Kitsune

    I used to be an adventurer like you...Until I took a violin to the knee.

  • Bread Dreams


  • wijtzemovies nijhuis

    she looks like lily from how i met your mother

  • Smoltato

    13,262 dislikes = 13,262 Alduins.

  • Zeuseus6609

    Aaaaand now I want to play Skyrim again. There goes my Uni productivity. Oh well it's for a good cause.

  • Allen Ray

    Fantastic fan made music video. Wonderful and enchanting soundtrack. Never Gets Old.

  • Kirk Schexnayder

    Great Job. Completed. Up A Level!!!!! :)

  • Landon_The Robloxian

    Nunidum you said something like this so im gonna retry it lol 14 THOUSAND DISLIKES MUST BE THE STORM CLOAKS

  • pavan kumar

    The fact that this video has 14K dislikes makes me wish Alduin's wrath upon humanity.

  • Ianus

    3:03 "No more, I yield, I yield!"(gets up 2 seconds later and tries to kill you)

  • Leadi El Acera

    She gets to cosplay with her own style of delivering the music. Thumbs up, Lindsey.

  • Jordan Robb

    Lindsey the legend and Dragon Born

  • Ian Mattice

    ❤wish I could give it a million likes❤ Amazing!!!!!!


    I love how she uses her violin as a weapon!!


    the epicness of the chorus legit made me tear up

  • H of The Stage

    Today is Lindsey's birthday and I have a gift for her on my channel so if anyboy can help me get in touch with her so she can see what an inspiration she is to the world, it would mean the world to me! Go and check it out!

  • CraftivitE Plays

    Please tell me this is what I hear all the way through skyrim..cuz I love this!

  • Gabriel Carballo

    I just cant stop watching. Really. Its sad almost no one has that deep music taste. In fact, almost no one is a deep person, just a internet friend that lives upon 8482848288 km far from you

  • Alistar Cyprian

    Bethesda please replace the original song with this.

  • Animated Movie

    yeah he is he got cold look at his nose

  • Ann sara Parsh

    I dont get the point of the video. Is he chasing her or something? Or are they just walking around looking mysterious? Thats the only thing about this video that annoys me

  • Jones Jones

    And these Song... Peter and Lindsey are something so nice and lovely. i really dont know what to say.. year after year.. im Just listening and i cant say nothing.. it is Just a wow..... :)

  • Julian Santana

    everytime i get reminded of ow great skyrim is i have to go play it at least for a couple of hours

  • Damien Nutz

    i love skyrim and Lindsey Stirings music and when a found this i was very happy

  • Matthew Forster

    I just love prayer hollons and Linsey stirling.

  • FodSpeed

    Restoration is perfectly valid school of magic, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Elliot jobe

    Me and my brother love this song

  • MzX


  • croki crokita

    way can t i like this song more then 1 time ofk when i was young i took an arrow to the knees

  • Clint Smith

    When you her her play it makes you want to move even if your (OC) OVERLY Caucasian

  • Nomadeu

    13k of people that disliked this never been to the cloud district

  • Fooglemon

    The master of the Thu'um... I think Parthuunax might have a new friend.

  • Tony Staeger

    Peter, this is such a classic video and thank you so much for bringing this one up again. I’ve actually been on a Peter Hollens nostalgia trip lately and have been watching so many great videos that you’ve done over the years. You’ve done so many great colabs and solo pieces and as always, your Capella arrangements are really outstanding. I recently just started recognizing some of the really cool vocal “cymbals” that you do. It makes me realize that I may never really fully appreciate all the amazing work that you do, but I hope to. Your videos, new and old, are all so fantastic and you have so much talent!! Thank you!! #Hollensfamcommunity

  • blackiebear2

    Aww look at the fighting bandits ^u^

  • Elise Xuereb

    This will always be my favourite Peter Hollens / Lindsey Stirling collab <3 <3

  • maru tori

    BGM and video are amazing. Amazing cool

  • william wolk

    Hollens Family member. I like any version of this song that you do. It's one of my favorites.

  • Scott Courtney

    Came back to enjoy this vid and music...again...after a long work day. I needed my Skyrim moment.

  • Peanuts :3

    I got goosebumps from this

  • Douglas Huddleston

    I mean is this a bard vs bard fight now?

  • NyGmAGaming

    if skyrim had multiplayer..

  • Shadow Apple

    Please , tell me , where you buy this costums ?????P.S Sorry fo my bad English

  • Rebeca Robles

    I really love it! 😭❤Their customs reminds me of Hiccup. Lindsey should do a cover of How to Train your Dragon! Please 😍😭Like for Lindsey to see it <3

  • Rizqi Rahmadika

    Mrs. Lindsey i really love ur hairs here <3

  • Charl van der Merwe

    Light bulb moment: Lindsay, Peter and Jonathan Young need to team up. I would love to hear that! :D

  • Star_Gaze

    New weapon added, violin, power. To smooth dragons and get them on your side to fight against your enemies

  • Jordan Robb

    Lindsey you are a Beast


    Do Shinsuke Nakamura's Theme please lol

  • Jones Jones

    dovakin dovakin.... old good Times. Skyrim is till the best game 2017.

  • Gregg Acuff

    I want to see Lindsey Stirling Skyrim Special edition :P

  • Maycon Ranthum

    I'm brasilian. Im Brazil i say simply: MUITO FODA!!!!

  • Leo Leo

    Брутальный дрыщь и девочка со скрипкой ахаха

  • Chris Gerrard

    I use to sing like that until I took an arrow at my throat

  • Maks Pirkl

    Кто после видео King Dm?

  • Wonderboy1972

    Beatiful song and video. I like Skyrim game, and your video is very beatiful

  • Zambie Pug

    More views than the offical trailer...

  • Incestuous Retard

    how do i get in her pents

  • Shadow Strike

    am i the only person who thinks he's way to scrawny to be dovakin

  • JRcoh

    that npc is very skinny

  • Thegreatjewkowski

    that dudes attire doesn't look right with his pipe cleaner arms

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