Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

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This was our own arrangement of the main theme from Skyrim Elder Scrolls which was composed by Jeremy Soule. He is an amazing artist and it was amazing to work with such fantastic music.

Arr. Tom Anderson -
Edit: Ben Lieberman -
Mix: Bill Hare -

There was some "confusion" over my "race" in this video lol, so...after some deliberation and feedback from fans I have chosen to be a Breton bard.
  • Wreck Wrack

    "Daddy, can you tell me a bed time story?"Me: sheds tear "Our story begins at helgen..."

  • J'zargo

    Have you mastered the expert level destruction spells yet?

  • Numidium

    13,305 people disliked this, are Miraak's cultists!

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    0:46 Can't climb it? Use a horse! xD

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  • Firemonkey7729

    am i the only one that thinks this is perfect for when your in battle on Ryse Son of Rome

  • Amber-Willow Summers

    May I use this for a skyrim mod I'm working on?

  • The GalacticSeaHorse

    This was beautiful. Well done both of you!

  • Abc 123

    The man sounds like he's burping for the first 20 seconds.....

  • Yeaeku

    i used to be a bandit but then i took a violin in the knee

  • Lars Kok

    dus a small quest peopel see him as your leader

  • Myuutsuu85

    That was quite beautiful.

  • INeedBlue

    Where is the love button?????

  • Chaitanya Negi

    srly u can kill some1 with a violin stick?

  • Thomas Aitken

    I'm a big fan of Skyrim and loved this. Awesome job!

  • Lonely Moonbeam

    I love how happy Lindsey is while playing. It really makes my day :)

  • Edgar Costanzo

    I used to be a singer like him, then I took an arrow in the knee

  • xDWRx YT

    she is from the bards college

  • Unknown Creator

    13k dis likes? You grrrrrrrrr shame

  • JMuslc

    Dye her hair white and have her play Ciri in The Witcher movie! She's so cool! Love you Lindsey!

  • Lara daigneault

    I loved this it was great.

  • cameron forster

    what's her 2 handed at

  • Zoe Mateo

    Bro, you're not gonna survive with that studded armor.

  • MeAndMyThoughts

    is it depressing if i sang along with the song???

  • Shadow Strike

    am i the only person who thinks he's way to scrawny to be dovakin

  • Bringer of Death

    love the first person pov and spells lol. good video guys

  • Blood Prince

    The best video of Lindsey Stirling.

  • Anthony Cordeiro

    this music is my Skyrim menu '-' ...

  • Karlo Rajner Mamic

    thats why you should like so the hates wont be seen

  • Giss Smile

    this renember me headhunterz :-)

  • Lars Guddal

    less of the dude and more of the hot chick

  • Ivan Faria

    Oh My!! Is this video the perfection?

  • Musical LOL's Channel of random crap

    What is it? DRAGONS?! :D

  • strom taylor

    my new favorite song for life

  • DD vd linden

    if you have bad commends i suggest u do IT yourself !!!

  • Nivens Games

    By Malacoth's Big Toe!!

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    yo traveller, give me some mead

  • Queen Glory of the RainWings

    13K dislikes?? Get out of here haters this stuff is cool

  • Chiqui907

    He has a sword to fight with but she fights with her beautiful music

  • XT007

    cool, i played 3 times, good video, good music....i am ... i cant write my emotions :D

  • KuningaPower

    Not as powerful as original

  • hamid boudja

    I Love Skyrim... FUS RO DAH. Thanks For Lindsey & Peter It's Wonderful !!!

  • Raven

    this is exceptionally well made, the only problem is it doesn't cut as deep, with the bellowing feeling, it doesn't fill u with the sense of pride and valor thst the real version does

  • ziotuni

    When you smile, you enlighten the world

  • Anastasia

    And after this video we understand how important it is for choirs to have many people with different voices (high and low) coz these just get lost in one another (in my opinion)

  • hi bob

    I used to be an adventurer like you until I took a bad meme to the knee # deadmeme

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  • Lexie Buskey

    I used to be able to fight with a violin like you... until I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Metlas Khaled

    hhh gg verry verry good i love thes .

  • CatBlueVids

    why r u guys wearing LEATHER and HIDE armor?!?!!? talk to Alvor in riverwood and try makin' or buying some iron or even steel!

  • Roman Yurgin

    Куто, десять из десяти

  • WoodenYouKnowIt

    Overdubbing again and again can be so much fun! With the right recording equipment, any musician with a good idea can get his/her creations down where others can hear them.Also, I have to say that I probably really need to visit Utah again. It's been so long that I've been there that I've forgotten what an absolutely beautiful paradise it is. All of your videos that have been shot there all come out looking so fantastic.

  • Raihan Malabar

    better than the original song

  • Paul Talec

    This is scandinavian music.

  • James 99

    One voice, one violin, 120 tracks. Oh, and a drum track as well, I wonder who played that, or was it electronic? Still no mention of it.

  • Joosep Kõressaar

    Skyrim doesn't belong to the nords or mer.... Skyrim belongs to the Lindsey Stirling for now. ;)

  • Svein Grimstad

    I think this was the first video I saw with her. 127 videos on the playlist, I could easily see all of them with no rest, cause it's addictive. In a very good way. Think I've seen maybe just 25%, looking forward to see the rest :-) Very stable quality in all her videos.

  • Badazzgamer43

    Brings me back this dose. Back when Skyrim was a fresh new world. May sovengard take me when i fall. Though given my power level thats almost asured to never happen.

  • Arc Lun

    Can someone tell me what language is the vocal, it sounds so stunning, love these guys.

  • -Bounty

    Les français manifestez vous!

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