Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

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This was our own arrangement of the main theme from Skyrim Elder Scrolls which was composed by Jeremy Soule. He is an amazing artist and it was amazing to work with such fantastic music.

Arr. Tom Anderson -
Edit: Ben Lieberman -
Mix: Bill Hare -

There was some "confusion" over my "race" in this video lol, so...after some deliberation and feedback from fans I have chosen to be a Breton bard.
  • Arely Sanchez

    I used to play the violin like that... but then I took an arrow to the knee

  • bay KARACA

    Skyrim never be forgotten.

  • Phandom! at the Chemical Fall Out

    Ok, Skyrim is one of my favorite games, and this made me love it EVEN MORE

  • Subspartan09 5

    So excited for Friday skyrim remastered comes out

  • jonathan chandra

    suddenly there is a new update on Skyrim , New weapon added: Violin

  • Selman Ciftci

    Nordic Swordsman with a weapon made of steel loses to a bard with a violin bow, seems legit to me.

  • Erin Rogoff

    I listen to this as I write my book. It's a science-fiction fantasy book that's over 200 pages right now. This music gives me both hope and inspiration for several battle scenes between the characters. I hope to publish my book when I'm done with it, but not yet. My time will come, though. I know this.

  • FADGhost70

    Is that CBBE or UNP???

  • The Dippin American

    I used to be able to move like that, but then I took an arrow to the knee(sorry)

  • Taylor Brown

    okay now you're officially my favorite person

  • Falen Tarstection

    I would love to see Lindsey in Ancient Nordic armour, or Forsworn armour. ;)

  • Henry Dare

    i think she like videogames xD

  • Nizaris1

    Surely she's a Breton...

  • Ray M

    but shes wielding a "bow" and arrows :C and using the bow as a sword XD I think she is mixed up with her equipment :P

  • Stefan Nilsson

    She is a true nord daughter of Skyrim!

  • Roileen The Virtuoso

    3 Words, 8 Letters. Say it and I'm yours.

  • AgentOfXiRo X

    You have no idea how much I was dancing around my room like "I though the lyrics were different" having a mental break down

  • Bradley Burke (Scrible_Scrable)

    Its that new Sound Mod for the upcoming Skyrim remake

  • Julien Lefaix

    This one is so amazing. Really good work, I vibrate when i listen this. Thanks for sharing, thanks for thoses moment of peace.

  • Jeffrey Schwanke

    No vikings helments= I commit suicide

  • fullstars

    Epic weapon - Stick for violin :D

  • JarinDL

    One handed increased to 67One handed increased to 68One handed increased to 69

  • Eder Leon

    I miss playing violin so much, it's so sad ;-;

  • mukkaar

    Its awesome... but its lacks mods!

  • 劉香腸

    Their place seem like extremely chilly

  • Matthew Smith

    for some reason the violin at the start sounds like a voice (not the guy)

  • Cardinal De Richelieu

    This is even better then the original version!!!!!

  • Reactor

    wow that girl tho, very nice violin

  • FrostyBlue23

    I saw the new trailer for Nintendo's Switch and it had Skyrim featured on it, along with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and other games! Again, sorry for posting this Lindsey but I thought I'd let you and others here know! :D

  • Eric mikal

    I wonder if they took a arrow to the knee after this .

  • CuppaWolnir (Mega__Deus)

    As someone who used to play the violin (smaller than the viola with a far less diverse pitch), I really have to commend her for her flitting around while playing it. Seriously, quaver spam while stationary was pretty difficult for me, I can't begin to imagine what it's like when you're spinning around the place.

  • TheZacdes

    Awesome voice peter..POWER!!

  • Gyrobend

    anyone else here after they sky skyrim in the Nintendo Switch trailer?

  • A.K.A Matt

    There is only one Skyrim track better than this

  • Orkan A-dov

    how can you dislike !!!!!??? Aren't you afraid of the KING ULFRICh !!!!???

  • Yến Nhi Nguyễn

    How can lindsey find such a beautiful place to make her video

  • SMG Comics

    It would have been super cool if she used a violin a bard would used

  • KawaiiVulpix

    Who else can imagine Lindsey as a wood elf? I know I can

  • Leuin Urso

    do Bad apple from touhou series?

  • Josh M

    how felt sorry for the two when they were in the snowy forest?

  • xeronik69

    ah Skyrim, those were fun days while it lasted. it's awesome that Lindsey did this though, i see she has a taste for epic fantasy :) i wish i could date a cool girl like her.

  • Jack Marshal

    Their armor looks like it was made from dollar store table cloths

  • Odee “Oz” Dillon

    He has a KILLER VOICE!

  • Danny Stuivenberg

    I feel like slaying a giant

  • Mats Johansson

    So may fails, dova waer not gloves and his sword whas on the back !

  • Dealwitit

    Hey, you wanna know what's probably not a good idea? Blocking a sword with a violin bow. Hey, you wanna hear another not so good idea? Blocking magic with your sword. Oh yeah, a third not all that great idea. Fighting with the person you're making the music video with.

  • Blaž Koritnik

    Beautiful location. Where was this shot?

  • Satoru I

    Isn't she a Mormon?

  • ZniszczyćSługusów GangStalking


  • Adam W.

    Amazing cover. What I see? Fire on the Snow and ancient theme. For me - best idea ever.

  • Paul Wang

    I like the coin purse from the bandit xd

  • Livin4thelamb

    Confession: I blast this at unhealthy levels with my windows down while cruising.

  • Dragonking0001

    Ok I just have to know is the dude singing the song or just moving his mouth when the times is right and why do the costumes look like piece's of carpet just put together with scraps :/ ByetheBye  BIG FAN LOVE IT

  • Mia Virtue

    l can't get enough of her she got talent.

  • Loucas Baudin

    not epic like the original but rstill really cool . (not sure of the grammar, french guy)

  • aspin1979

    An incredible musical performance nearly ruined by chintzy costumes.

  • Brienna B.

    Does anybody else know the lyrics and the translation?

  • Trash Can

    /rolls around screaming/ tHIS IS AMAZING HECKIN FUS RO DAH

  • Cyph3R

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like an elf?

  • RaiVpl

    Skyrim - The Best RPG in history!

  • Gjuro LicBe

    props to the guy that learned the dragon language for this

  • Oliver Il Mito

    You're the Best Lindsey

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