Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens

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This was our own arrangement of the main theme from Skyrim Elder Scrolls which was composed by Jeremy Soule. He is an amazing artist and it was amazing to work with such fantastic music.

Arr. Tom Anderson -
Edit: Ben Lieberman -
Mix: Bill Hare -

There was some "confusion" over my "race" in this video lol, so...after some deliberation and feedback from fans I have chosen to be a Breton bard.
  • Ray M

    but shes wielding a "bow" and arrows :C and using the bow as a sword XD I think she is mixed up with her equipment :P

  • Erin Rogoff

    I listen to this as I write my book. It's a science-fiction fantasy book that's over 200 pages right now. This music gives me both hope and inspiration for several battle scenes between the characters. I hope to publish my book when I'm done with it, but not yet. My time will come, though. I know this.

  • Stefan Nilsson

    She is a true nord daughter of Skyrim!

  • Falen Tarstection

    I would love to see Lindsey in Ancient Nordic armour, or Forsworn armour. ;)

  • Jeffrey Schwanke

    No vikings helments= I commit suicide

  • cancerous comment is coming

    where do i find a violin stick in skyrim ?

  • Cardinal De Richelieu

    This is even better then the original version!!!!!

  • Øystein A.

    Wait, is that a stalhrim violin of blocking?

  • Jacob Moyer

    But wait... That's not how you fight with a bow.

  • yari AJ

    how felt sorry for the two when they were in the snowy forest?

  • abram martinez

    2017 and this game Elders Scroll Skyrim is still a legendary game to stand the test of time and Legends within!!!

  • Essex Class

    If only i can unsee/unhear the misheard version...this would've sounded better than it did for me...still REALLY great though...but i still hear was it henry who stapled my heart to the floor regardless XD

  • Bailey Sullivan


  • Zaidagamer One

    I want to see lindsey in a movie as main charakter

  • Arc Lun

    Can someone tell me what language is the vocal, it sounds so stunning, love these guys.

  • José Lema Cruz

    that guy who sang didnt knew the lyrics

  • Redgamer 4959

    13,048 people got Fus Ro Dahed off a cliff.

  • SaevusMors

    im see the secret: "master bard".. :Olvl 20.

  • tac0906

    I think my ears just came

  • Nicholaus Edward Wijaya

    I am aiming my arrows for your knees.

  • christian Funk

    lindsey is a great and perfect woman :)

  • Alex andru

    so cool this song, and their version is awesome :)Plus the video

  • DerpTuRtle

    aren't those drums I hear during the song?They said only violin and voice :p

  • Mr_666 Gaming

    i have a mod of skyrim where i can change the background music, and this is what i have 24/7 xD

  • SMJW27410

    This was epic but you should have done a shout. That would have been amazing! Js <3


    I want use this Song in my Zumba Class 😏

  • Anton S.

    Why not put more than 1 like! From me +100 likes!!!

  • Rafael Zamora

    I love the music 🎶 it's so great 👍🏻 and how did you I love skyrim

  • aa a

    الاغنية نفس قنات بداية 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • A Magic Chicken

    but there is one they hearin their tongue she is BonvahziinThe Bard's Unknown.

  • SmashedWorm64

    looks like a Bretton, if they are they should be a bit cold

  • r3koFresh

    who goes to the bards college ?

  • John Miller

    Ok a battle song with dancing in the!

  • TheBellaBubbles

    Nice filming at Bridal Veil Falls. I always think it's funny how it's closed all Winter but no one cares (including me) and goes there anyways.

  • Mitchellwicklander

    peter sang this beautifully he also sang loch lomond with is pretty too

  • GoldenGlider

    lol she fights with her violin stick

  • Palidano

    May I use this music in my videos? I'll give you credit for the music

  • No Smoking

    У неё тело cbbe или lb?))

  • Andrés Molina Cano

    teach me how to play the violin :v

  • not possible

    NEED U at Gothic meets Rock 2017?!

  • Peta Bednár


  • Connor Bigg

    Just decided to watch this again and now I've just started a new playthrough of skyrim XD

  • Emma L

    0.0 don't break the bow stringOh and polka dots? XD

  • dogsrule123 321

    that not how you fight in skyrim

  • Ruby Rose

    They look so cold, LOVE YA LINDSEY!!!

  • octavia trikru

    skyrim is my favorite game once i saw this I almost screamed I love you lindsey

  • Rainna and Lillian S.

    Anyone else still watching 2017.?

  • Lietuva Talinn

    Throw back to when she actually played the Violin in her Videos for longer than 15 seconds (also she looks beautiful with brown hair)

  • Serenity Jamison

    I love your costume Lindsey and your violin.

  • byNastrix

    Who's watching it Febuary, 2017 ? And play's Skyrim ?

  • Roadstar1602

    I'm no expert on medieval combat, but I feel like the person with the sword would have an advantage of the person with a violin bow.

  • Cyph3R

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like an elf?

  • Smilin Troll

    as a gamer i love how you included the ingame view there with the health, stamina and magica bars. IT WAS AMAZING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yagfysky

    Love this video, love this channel, love this piece, but as someone looking into a career in linguistics, the mispronunciations in this video bother me. And this is a made up language.

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