Skyrim's Bugs In Jars SOLVED - Elder Scrolls Detective


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls Detective Series!

In this video we investigate and put to bed, once and for all, the Bugs In Jars found throughout Skyrim. Truth = 10:10

Be sure to leave any idea for future TES detective videos in the comments! They can be from any game in The Elder Scrolls universe.

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  • Camelworks

    This thing bugged me for 6 years. I dug deep and found the truth. You probably won't like the answer but it's around here - 10:10

  • Galimeer5

    5 unique bugs in jars as part of cut content, but 24 god damn Stones of Barenziah.

  • Zac Fitzgerald

    He takes 16 minutes to tell you there's nothing to them and it was a cut idea.Go enjoy something else with the time I've saved you.You're welcome.

  • Invertin

    What I find really funny about all the conspiracy theories is how hard they focus on the runes, the locations of the jars, the numbers or letters or whatever that they think they've found...Literally nobody ever mentions the actual bugs. Like. None of the theories out there. None of them make any connection between the bugs themselves and anything.I mean, I'm sure, as an unfinished concept, it doesn't matter anyway. I just find it amusing how focused the tunnel vision became that they focused on all the clues except the BIG FLOATING ANIMATED ONE.

  • Animash

    This is just hilarious! WHATEVER Bethesda ever does, it will be like, millions of people wasting their lives analysing it. So on some Skyrim players deathbed, her daughter sits next to her. Player: My darling. I have lived a long life. I have lived a good life. But I have a simgle regret. My soul will never be at peace before I know the answer. WHAT DOES THOSE FREAKINGS BUGS IN JARS MEAN ???Daughter: Mom.. I looked it up on the Internet. I searced for long, and at last I've found the truth. They don't mean a goodamn thing.

  • ThylaSkull Studios

    I have a question. What's in brynjolfs satchel? Just before going to the the ragged flagon for the first time. It's been years and I can't find the key to the satchel.

  • Shirley Curry

    Thank you for giving the location of each one! Now I finish placing them all in my house.

  • Safina

    They are the coordination of bigfoot's location in GTA San Andreas.

  • Triston Youens

    I'm working on an addon of what I thought the bug in jar quest would have been like lol

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalin

    Imagin trying to find to real life age old questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the meaning of life? Imagine if the God theory was right and we asked him and he said, ehh nothing I kind of made you humans on a whim I did have an idea in mind but I found it too much work and left leaving you to your own fate. Imagine how many religious people would lose their minds.

  • Zyph_Legend

    actually, if you take the symbols from each jar, turn them into images, merge them all together, apply a negative filter, then a black and white filter with full contrast, then convert it into binary with black pixels being 0, and white being 1, then take every 2nd prime, convert it into text, and cut out every 2 and 5 letter, you get the message "You solved my mystery. Good job."

  • Tears of Lethe

    "Scattered seemingly randomly" I think where they were placed makes sense - the Bee was found at the honey farm, the Butterfly was found in a place that's constantly spring, the Moth was found at dusk glow cave (moths are nocturnal) and the Torchbug was found at frost*flow *light house (torches provide heat, and the bug is luminous). The dragonfly throws me off though.

  • Ghost Hyperhex

    13:10 is where you'll actually find your answer. Don't waste your time on the video. It's a ton of unnecessary filler to get to a simple answer which just bugs me.Pun intended but really, don't waste your time on this video unless you enjoy long stories with filler

  • caitlin venable

    The creator of Inigo has his own story attached to the bugs in jars and I love it! XD

  • OtaDaiGan

    I ended tamreil, now i can't go on skyrim and i'm crying

  • Josh Fox

    You're not done Camel. There's an artist out there somewhere who knows what the plan for these was.

  • Ryan Pfleger

    The Skyrim players: how about you add some of the unfinished content to the game to give us more stuff to do? Bethesda Games: ummm.... ELDER SCROLLS 5 SKYRIM DS EDITION! The Skyrim players: oh cool...

  • Tyler Durden

    Even it is a not really satisfying answer it's definitely the most realistic one :/ Bye Bugs in Jars I am finally over you

  • Zezolman 4

    Try to take them to the thief guild. If stones of berzerian are in skyrim. Idk i only found the butterfly im too lazy to hunt a jar of bugs

  • halokat

    Lol. The tenacity on your search for answers is amazing.

  • pyromaniac000000

    Do one more deep dive about this. Find out who the developer who made the jars is, and find out what the idea behind them was. If they mean nothing, what were they intended to mean?

  • Christian Noyes

    They are the coordinates to Jimmy Hoffa’s body. And the bugs secretly represent those responsible for his death.

  • mac deradder

    you made a 5 minute explanation into a 16 minute video... good job man.....

  • mamneo2

    I'll put these jars where I put the fact that you cannot exterminate the Stormcloacks Camps even after defeating Ulfric along the Empire, EVEN after General Tulius asks you to help him defeat those bloody and persistent camps...#SkyrimIsAMasterPieceWithNoFlawsWhatsoever

  • frank cruz

    Thank you for doing this I'm curious about what these bugs mean

  • aScreamForYouAll

    Find the artist and find out what the original idea was!

  • Esoteric Jesus

    “Illuminati confirmed!” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sarah Gracia

    This just brings up more questions: What was the artist's idea?

  • Dylan Hamilton

    I think the letters spell out the insects in dragon language (skyrim lore?)

  • oxymoron02

    I know this is an old video but FYI, Joel was technically answering the question, "You must know the answer to this", not, "Is there a story behind the bugs in jars?"So his, "Yeah", to me read more like, "Yeah I know the answer to if the bugs in jars mean something".

  • Dylath

    Now, we must contact the artists and find out what the plan was

  • Max Imilian

    Thats Why i love Bethesda :D xD ! Cut Quest -> Art never changed -> Community curious for 6 Years xD just a great Story thanks for the Vid Camel ;D

  • Pxro

    Why did you put Oblivion Music over a Skyrim Video?

  • QueenBrunette

    br33z13 seems fairly specific down in the comments. Extremely plausible specific as to what the omitted element/quest associated to bugs in a jar.This topic will probably "bug" to the end of your days.

  • Lockedsss s

    They've always just been nice collectibles for my kids

  • host meme review?

    New in creation club: bugs in jars, new quest only for 9.99

  • Daymusik

    I can honestly say I have NEVER run into a single one of these bugs in jars >.< Does that make me a bad player?(I have collected all of the Lusty Argonian Maid books, though :3c )

  • AlphaKing 2324

    Found this really interesting, the build up and over all the 6 years story. Very well made. Thank you Camelworks! Keep up the great vids! :)

  • Xecryo

    5 bugs and 5 schools of magic. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • Panzer Priest92

    I know the truth behind the bugs in jars!People in Skyrim just like bugs, dude.

  • MJPK

    it's a representation of all bethesda games, them being buggy

  • randy bowen

    why do skyrim youtubers use oblivion themes/music?because oblivion's better.

  • Mashiro Shiina

    Thanks for timestamp, I watched the full video just because you gave us a timestamp

  • vindurza

    I always found the amazing mod Inigo's explanation for them to be a lot of fun

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    Nice,me and bro was wondering what they was for.....Thanks for shineing some light on this

  • Jack Schwartz

    Okay, they're the remnants of a cut idea. But what was that idea going to be?

  • King Masterlord

    I always figured they had something to do with Rune's real name, there's no answers for that either.

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    i think I am gonna design a Quest Mod just for the Bugs in Jar who grand reward is absolutely nothing...

  • Mikhael Dovakhin

    Remember the 4 missing mages of winterhold.Another unfinished quest.

  • aenimis

    This video made my day, thank you. So glad to get answer of any kind.

  • Mr Commentary

    I'm actually quite sad When I found out about this like 4 years ago I was so curios and the final answer is that it means Just nothing 😭

  • M. Dwayne Steckley

    Okay, confirmed and probably THE answer.So, I checked Nexus and found no mods related to the jars. How about it modders, can someone give us a quest. Maybe with a reward like being able to use each jar as a lure for that type of alchemy item. Catching bugs for potions is a pain as it is.

  • Jack Felder

    Clearly DKT (4-11-20) indicates that the Dragonborn must smoke weed in 2011

  • Mermaid 89253

    I wish he covered Graenolf’s awesome theory!

  • Raggeird 076

    I'm just wondering how those bugs are still alive seven years later.An EPIC seven years that is.

  • MR. Darkie™

    Who would win?A 30,000 million player base consisting of dedicated internet theorists orSome buggy bois?

  • Raveknight95

    Well my mind can rest easy cause I sure you ran it through the dragon language as well^_^

  • Dandjix

    Or maybe its the name of the bug in nord language....

  • RubberDonky

    That sounds like something a synth would say.

  • Thewifeswapped

    How do you not have more subscribers?? Your content is amazing.

  • Rappy Lives Matter

    Ah, but see, you ceased your detective work just short of pursuing yet another potential lead. Now it's time to track down the "artist" in question and ask them what they had in mind!

  • Adreian Martinez

    @Camelworks THANK YOU! OH GOD! FINALLY I can die peacefully...

  • andrew Desi

    This video is honestly 'me when I need to reach that 1000 word count'

  • ImWholeWheat

    I found the butterfly but i never thought twice about it, i still have the butterfly in my invetory

  • ExclusivePillow

    You see folks, these bugs were trapped in jars by a group of horrible Nordic Raiders. You can help them to escape, but you'll have to pay $99.99

  • J.D. Willemsen

    So, I spend an intire year one these bugs. Hoping to find an superb item. Yet, to now find out they meant absolutely nothing.Now that’s bugging me.

  • Nathan Walker

    did anyone try translate them with the dragon runes.

  • LSB


  • koi

    Is guess you could say the games.... pretty BUGGY

  • Darkside Royalty Lore

    Wouldn't be surprised, if they made a return in the next Elder Scrolls game, likley doing nothing as well, just as one of thsoe fan things.

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