Skyrim's Bugs In Jars SOLVED - Elder Scrolls Detective


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls Detective Series!

In this video we investigate and put to bed, once and for all, the Bugs In Jars found throughout Skyrim. Truth = 10:10

Be sure to leave any idea for future TES detective videos in the comments! They can be from any game in The Elder Scrolls universe.

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  • Camelworks

    This thing bugged me for 6 years. I dug deep and found the truth. You probably won't like the answer but it's around here - 10:10

  • Galimeer5

    5 unique bugs in jars as part of cut content, but 24 god damn Stones of Barenziah.

  • Zac Fitzgerald

    He takes 16 minutes to tell you there's nothing to them and it was a cut idea.Go enjoy something else with the time I've saved you.You're welcome.

  • aScreamForYouAll

    Find the artist and find out what the original idea was!

  • MR. Darkie™

    Who would win?A 30,000 million player base consisting of dedicated internet theorists orSome buggy bois?

  • Invertin

    What I find really funny about all the conspiracy theories is how hard they focus on the runes, the locations of the jars, the numbers or letters or whatever that they think they've found...Literally nobody ever mentions the actual bugs. Like. None of the theories out there. None of them make any connection between the bugs themselves and anything.I mean, I'm sure, as an unfinished concept, it doesn't matter anyway. I just find it amusing how focused the tunnel vision became that they focused on all the clues except the BIG FLOATING ANIMATED ONE.

  • Shirley Curry

    Thank you for giving the location of each one! Now I finish placing them all in my house.

  • Rappy Lives Matter

    Ah, but see, you ceased your detective work just short of pursuing yet another potential lead. Now it's time to track down the "artist" in question and ask them what they had in mind!

  • Glenmoral-Ocean


  • br33z13

    What if they originally intended the idea for the Bugs to be the key to some alchemist's lair. You would have to get all of them, then go to an unmarked location on the map. Upon reaching the location there would be a cave or something which would lead to a ruin. Once inside the ruin you would have to make your way to the end of it, but in your path there would be a series of nordic puzzle doors on each level that you would need to solve. The puzzle pieces would have the symbols on them that are on the jars.Also on each level there would be clues as to which symbols go in which order (things like "he who works for the good of all and dies among his waxen halls. He who glows like the starry sky, with his soulmate he does die") which would indicate that the correct sequence is the symbol on the jar with the Bee, then the symbol on the jar with the Torchbug. Each level would have had different clues and different sequences which you would have to piece together to proceed.At the end of the dungeon there would have been a sealed chamber with the skeleton of a dead alchemist that had been there for over a millennium. A book with a ton of the writing identical to the writing on the jars, and plans to make an elixir of immortality, but before he could finish it a tiny earthquake caused a piece of the ceiling to fall onto the alchemy stand, breaking the bottle and mortally wounding the alchemist who died shortly after.The bugs in jars were collected by alchemists and wizards who had heard the legend and were all trying to decipher the puzzles in the dungeon. The reason for the insects? They hold significance on Mundus. The Torchbug represents the day, the Luna Moth represents the night, the bee represents Mankind, the Butterfly represents the Elves, and the Dragonfly represents the Dovah, or dragons.It would have been implied in various journal scraps that these insects were the key ingredients in the Elixir, along with one other ingredient that cannot be found on Tamriel anymore as it went extinct hundreds of years ago. This makes the Elixir uncraftable. The reward for this quest would have been something like a ring which gave a boost to potion effects while wearing the ring (destruction spells 25% stronger would have been amplified to 50% stronger, heal 150 HP to 300 HP and so on).

  • Jon Fox

    I'm not satisfied. I mean, I believe the story, but I want to know more. Who was the artist responsible? What was the unfinished quest? These are things I must find out...

  • Darkside Royalty Lore

    Wouldn't be surprised, if they made a return in the next Elder Scrolls game, likley doing nothing as well, just as one of thsoe fan things.

  • Animash

    This is just hilarious! WHATEVER Bethesda ever does, it will be like, millions of people wasting their lives analysing it. So on some Skyrim players deathbed, her daughter sits next to her. Player: My darling. I have lived a long life. I have lived a good life. But I have a simgle regret. My soul will never be at peace before I know the answer. WHAT DOES THOSE FREAKINGS BUGS IN JARS MEAN ???Daughter: Mom.. I looked it up on the Internet. I searced for long, and at last I've found the truth. They don't mean a goodamn thing.

  • Jarlaxle Baenre

    AHAAA!!! I JUST WON $20!! one of my friends made some preposterous theory about the bugs in jars, to which I replied "it was probably just a quest or hidden design they halfway scraped or never fleshed out" and he bet me $20 he was right. Thanks Camel

  • Ghost Hyperhex

    13:10 is where you'll actually find your answer. Don't waste your time on the video. It's a ton of unnecessary filler to get to a simple answer which just bugs me.Pun intended but really, don't waste your time on this video unless you enjoy long stories with filler

  • Sorcha the raven

    Ok, so for every jerk complaining about wasting 17 mins of their lives watching a video that explains an in-game thing that means nothing... 1) Camel took the time and effort to explain why the most known theories around it are wrong, one by one2) At the beginning of the video he said he would post a time marker for you to get to the conclusion3) He dealt with this topic in a previous video4) Subs actually asked him for a TES Detective video on thisSo if you feel like you wasted your time, it's your own goddamn fault. And maybe YouTube'sEdit: if there's nothing to it, then that's it. Stop complaining about it, for Sithis' sake

  • Aaeren A

    Now the next mystery to solve: WHAT WAS THE IDEA FOR THE QUEST INVOLVING THESE JARS????!!! LOLOL WHO TF BROUGHT THIS IDEA TO THE DEV TEAM AND GOT REJECTED AND WHAT WAS THEIR IDEA FOR A QUEST INVOLVING THESE???Tbh, they probably just want to remain anonymous now after they've seen their failed quest turn into a massive, frustrating, 6 year long conspiracy theory lolol.

  • Luke DelVecchio

    Always hoped they were somehow connected with Rune's mysterious ass backstory

  • Zyph the Niko

    actually, if you take the symbols from each jar, turn them into images, merge them all together, apply a negative filter, then a black and white filter with full contrast, then convert it into binary with black pixels being 0, and white being 1, then take every 2nd prime, convert it into text, and cut out every 2 and 5 letter, you get the message "You solved my mystery. Good job."

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalin

    Imagin trying to find to real life age old questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose? What is the meaning of life? Imagine if the God theory was right and we asked him and he said, ehh nothing I kind of made you humans on a whim I did have an idea in mind but I found it too much work and left leaving you to your own fate. Imagine how many religious people would lose their minds.

  • TheFireWolfJMV

    That is... disappointing...but hardly surprisingThanks for clarifying it though

  • ThylaSkull Studios

    I have a question. What's in brynjolfs satchel? Just before going to the the ragged flagon for the first time. It's been years and I can't find the key to the satchel.

  • Safina

    They are the coordination of bigfoot's location in GTA San Andreas.

  • Dave Ryan

    The truth is actually 13:10 - 13:22 if you wanna cut out lots and lots of nothingness...

  • J Qarrillo

    have a like, for the closure I didn't know I wanted.

  • Zezolman 4

    Try to take them to the thief guild. If stones of berzerian are in skyrim. Idk i only found the butterfly im too lazy to hunt a jar of bugs

  • CheeseMaster27

    The symbols are actually letters from an old First Nations language in the Yukon called sulviniuk. When put in the right order it spells “Skyrim”

  • Christian Noyes

    They are the coordinates to Jimmy Hoffa’s body. And the bugs secretly represent those responsible for his death.

  • krudmonger

    This is a seemingly common problem about theories and conspiracies about so much fiction; people will speculate endlessly on why a character did a thing, or what the fate of someone or something is, or where it came from and why, when all too often the answer is simply, "The creator/designer wanted a thing, so they put it in the game/story/movie/show/etc. The end." But it's still alarming to me just how often I discover that some writer/director/showrunner/designer will create something mysterious that they themselves have no real plan/idea as to what the answer to that mystery is. (J.J. Abrams was good/notorious for that.)

  • Lord Black

    Clearly Sheogorath concocted this conspiracy, making us spend years trying to figure out the meaning behind these cryptic symbols, potentially thousands of unique answers but when the truth dawns....they mean absolutely bugger all. All this effort, all these ideas in which people spent ages working on, they have no meaning, just the remnants of a scrapped idea...

  • Donald Jardine

    Maybe they would have to do with each type of dragon IF there was a quest with them

  • Tears of Lethe

    "Scattered seemingly randomly" I think where they were placed makes sense - the Bee was found at the honey farm, the Butterfly was found in a place that's constantly spring, the Moth was found at dusk glow cave (moths are nocturnal) and the Torchbug was found at frost*flow *light house (torches provide heat, and the bug is luminous). The dragonfly throws me off though.

  • Maverick Mason

    They really should have put the idea in the game.

  • Chris Parsons

    Wow...I never gave a thought about the damn things other than it would be nice to put them on my mantle in my house...LMAO@the conspiracy theories about the bug jars. Seriously, I never noticed the letters on the lids all this time.

  • Josh Fox

    You're not done Camel. There's an artist out there somewhere who knows what the plan for these was.

  • Mermaid 89253

    I wish he covered Graenolf’s awesome theory!

  • Amy Carter

    You know what's weird? I found two of the jarred butterflies. However, I never did get every single jarred insect. It does seem that the torchbug in a jar requires the Dragonborn DLC though, unless I saw the location wrong (looked like a Solstheim locale).I never really paid much attention to the jarred insects, just shelved them. I found the bee, two of the butterflies (I found another jarred butterfly in one of the many holes-in-the-wall in northern Skyrim but I don't recall precisely where), and the moth. There's a mod out there that allows one to throw these jars and release the bugs, but it just allows one to harvest common alchemy ingredients. A waste, honestly (since once the jars are broken the bugs inside are killed instantly). The only part of said mod that makes it worthwhile is the unrealistically loud but satisfying crash, if you're that much of a fucking sadist, lol

  • ItzPhate YT

    I still believe that the characters on the jars still mean something.

  • Rodney Miller

    looks like it was to be some kind of alchemy quest, lik the red nimroot

  • pyromaniac000000

    Do one more deep dive about this. Find out who the developer who made the jars is, and find out what the idea behind them was. If they mean nothing, what were they intended to mean?

  • C-long johns

    This is the Skyrim equivalent to the Dark Souls Pendant, you’ve been Miyazaki‘d for 6 years, Lol

  • Mister Argenr

    I wonder if they never mentioned exactly what the half-baked idea was because it wasn't anything good or if it's something they might revisit in another context. Reminds me of the F-stop stuff from Portal 2 and how they actively avoided mentioning how the titular mechanic worked because they wanted to revisit it someday.(If i ever make a Skyrim mod, i should totally alter the bugs so if they're all in your inventory at once you get taken to a texture-perfect replica of the Arena sewers...Like the dragon masks, but less useful.)

  • Carol A A

    I find this answer perfectly reasonable, there's that thing in the mage college with the missing apprentices that seemed like it was also supposed to be a quest but didn't make to the completed game.I imagine there must be many others examples of almost-quests in the game

  • Code Name

    I still want to know what these things could have been. With that being said, can you ask which one of the devs created these and find out what the story was going to be? Thx <3

  • Kawausly

    New in creation club: bugs in jars, new quest only for 9.99

  • LSB


  • Timothy Von Varella

    Funny I've been playing skyrim for years and I've only known about the bee in the jar I've never seen the other bugs until today now ill just have to go collect the rest,

  • RubberDonky

    That sounds like something a synth would say.

  • andrew Desi

    This video is honestly 'me when I need to reach that 1000 word count'

  • Jack Schwartz

    Okay, they're the remnants of a cut idea. But what was that idea going to be?

  • Khorne

    but the qeustion now is what was the artist intention who made the bugs in jaws

  • Celty McCladden

    Am I the only one that noticed the echo in his audio?

  • Metal Thunder

    It's not a bug, it's a feature!

  • Little Rosie Boy

    Sigh.. now to get back all the way to goldenGlow estate -~-

  • vindurza

    I always found the amazing mod Inigo's explanation for them to be a lot of fun

  • Battle Tude

    I am surprised there hasn’t been any quest mods made with these bugs in jars yet myself. Sounds like a ready made alchemist quest in the making.

  • Clayton Yarbrough

    The creatures are sealed there with a magic that obviously keeps them alive. Brilliant.

  • Accendare

    I`m still pretty sure the bugs in jars were thought to be part of a quest including Rune, a thief of the Thieve`s guild. He tells you the story, how he got his name and he doesnt know his real family, but thats about it. A letter in the Thieve`s guild can also be found about his unknown roots. Would be intresting what kind of quest it could have been tho...

  • Nate

    Wow. It's funny. This was actually my main belief behind the mystery ever since this thing started. I remember speculating the same thing. Because Skyrim's development is filled with half-baked, half-finished assets and guests. Why would this be any different?

  • William Roberts

    these are the five evil bugs of Bethesda studios, each representing a type of bug or "glitch" within the game. clearly.

  • Flyshy 8

    But what's the cut quest idea?Thats what i wanna know

  • reborn_silence


  • MJPK

    it's a representation of all bethesda games, them being buggy

  • koi

    Is guess you could say the games.... pretty BUGGY

  • Mona Miller

    idk if this needed to be 16 minutes of staring at the jars

  • caitlin venable

    The creator of Inigo has his own story attached to the bugs in jars and I love it! XD


    But the real question is.... what would the cut quest lead to?! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!

  • Dylath

    Now, we must contact the artists and find out what the plan was

  • Sea Life

    10 months later thinking about bugs in jars

  • Jason Barber

    I don't buy it. If it really was nothing. Why would they keep it such a secret? Why would they let players speculate for years with no hints at all?

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