Portal Done with 15 Portals in 13:47 - Least Portals

This is a segmented speedrun of Portal done with 15 Portals in the time of 13:47.640. This is the least amount of Portals that you can finish the game with. No scripts, hacks or cheat protected commands were used in this run.

Timing starts when the crosshair appears and stops as soon as the crosshair disappears after defeating GLaDOS.

Runners in order of appearance:


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Discussion Thread

  • boom toll

    creates a miracle of science to test patientpatient proceeds to use radio to get through test, using almost completely ignoring miracle of science before killing you

  • S-S-Snake

    Hey at least we get this nice relaxing music as he uses it to scale walls :)

  • gud boi

    12:21 does chell have a voice?

  • J. Trent Pettus

    When mom says you only have 15 minutes to play


    The most impressive part is where you hold the doors open with a radio, the precision of getting the throw just right is mind-boggling

  • Sir Waffle

    "Please move quickly to the--"already in the elevator

  • Gameplay

    90% of the vid is just him climbing that one wall

  • Grimm 0127

    12:38 Glados: I’m going to kill u Fnzzy: if u can catch me

  • DealerCamel

    I don't pretend to understand how the hell any of that was possible, but well done.

  • Penfold8

    That radio was definitely NOT made in China.

  • Dylan Tallchief

    glados: come overfnzzy: but I cant make any portalsglados: my parents aren't homefnzzy: 9:24

  • Andrew MG

    Sometimes I don't even know what the hell you did. I see the gun shooting a portal to nowhere and suddenly you are inside the elevator.

  • Alex Awesome

    When you think he’s just messing around with objects but really he’s making his run 10x as fast 😶

  • Shootco

    Portal a game about physics.

  • Lewis Elvin

    Who needs a companion cube when you have a radio

  • Sir Waffle

    "this next test is impossible, don't make any attempt to solve it"already solved

  • CreamyMiLK

    Nokia must've made that radio...

  • Squidhater101

    8:50 "...the rest of the test and... uh... *realisation*"

  • WhodaMama YT

    "This weighted companion cube will accompany you through the test chamber. Please take care of it." smashes cube against every wall

  • FatMonkey 4

    Well that went from 0 to 100 before I was prepared

  • LumbeyLumbey

    When the fastest way to complete a portal game is to barely use any portals

  • Bandito Dorito

    1:06So this is the power of ultra instinct?

  • Kevin Gauthier

    "I feel sorry for you really because you're not even in the right place. Good people don't end up in here."Done 3/4 of the map

  • Pieteek

    0:00 Ouch! SpeedRun! I would like to make my own!1:06 What the fu... I would better no...

  • just a noob lol player

    when the vitamin gummy kicks in

  • Avery Nuccio

    GladOs: "this next test is impossible" *throws radio to jam door"

  • C-O-D-E R-E-D

    After watching this video, I think twice when I see a radio

  • Doncho

    The radio is my favorite character in the Portal franchise.

  • Jason Juneau

    Tiger Woods: "I can make a hole in one on a par 4"Shell: "I can throw a radio precisely in between a set of doors from a mile away"

  • Isaac Moore

    "Ok now... "'Already in next elevator'"Congrats? " 'In next elevator again'"OK I GIVE UP"'done with game'"-__-"

  • portal _manus


  • Gucci Goat IV

    Friend: arguingMe: "But can you do this!"

  • MLG normie destroyer 11

    Technically it took me like 4 years to beat this game. It was at my moms (I live with my dad) orange box was at my dads most of the time, I got stuck on the companion cube level and stopped playing for like 4 years until like 3 weeks ago I got bored and beat the game at my moms house. This guy beats the game in 13 minuets with 15 portals and radio wall jumping. My life is ruined. 😑

  • danila aldoshkin

    game startsi don't think, it take so long to make a cup of tea.coming back and game ends😂

  • Moliminous

    NOW YOU'RE THINKING WITH... A small and reasonable amount of portals!

  • Daniel Entz

    W A R P S P E E D A C H E I V E D

  • the crew of cool


  • SpaceRabbit617

    (slow claps)Oh good, my slow clap processor made it into this thing.So we have that.

  • Blizzrobe

    I will never be able to do this stuff ever

  • AlexDaBeast !

    1:01 That's was some matrix shit

  • ChrysOtaku

    Is the game just that broken that you can flip through walls like that if you have the radio?

  • Shawn Lim

    This is the only guy who truly beat Glados

  • Random Names

    I'm going to crouch hop backwards to go faster.

  • TheEmeraldGamer

    Im stuck on 16 there are no glitches so he will probably struggle tooUse 2 portals and gets through it in 5 seconds Crazy

  • Vyzix725

    10:00 Who needs elevators when you've got a radio?

  • Vida Norbert

    "<quote>"already <insert something here>

  • Little Boy Lando

    So the radio breaks the game

  • xI Carmine

    1:07 - 1:12me: defuq happened? O.o

  • Blue

    Guys I blinked, what happened?

  • M_ylane

    How isn't it an even number of portals? This video main objective is confusion. The logic is a lie!!!

  • Paynamia

    Wait, why where the cores already there in GLaDOS' chamber?EDIT: OH, THE TURRET.

  • Shark Tooth

    That’s the greatest radio ever

  • Fantomfeed

    The cake hasn't even baked yet

  • TC6IDM

    9:14 bro talk about a kobe 😂

  • The Week Program

    Companion cube? Nah companion clock

  • Danity

    Jesus? Are you back already?

  • K.o.R

    0:17 What the hell kind of control setup is that?

  • Moon Tide

    Me: god can you explain this. God: ...

  • Ali0The0King

    U forgot to put S-E-G-M-E-N-T-E-D in the title ...Probabley spelled it wrong ...

  • ben bot07

    It really pisses me off to see all the uneducated little bastards accusing this run of being made using hacks/cheats. There's a difference between hacks and exploits. It's simple, really. Hacks involve altering the game's code or adding additional code, while exploits are included in the game without any alteration of code.

  • PeachMuffins

    When the vid started I thought he was just goofing around and then he grabbed the radio and jammed the door. HE WASN'T DESTROYING EVERYTHING BECAUSE HE WAS BORED, HE WAS A BEAST PREPARING FOR A SLAUGHTER.

  • 赤月さん

    This guy is crazy lol, flying through walls like a ninja XDDD

  • Ian Johal

    4:50, when your late for school

  • DesmondDoes

    "Come over."Chell: I can't I'm stuck in a lab."My parents aren't home."THIS

  • AshPlayz- Gaming and more!

    "The next test is impossible"Clock radio : "Oh really"

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