Portal Done with 15 Portals in 13:47 - Least Portals

This is a segmented speedrun of Portal done with 15 Portals in the time of 13:47.640. This is the least amount of Portals that you can finish the game with. No scripts, hacks or cheat protected commands were used in this run.

Timing starts when the crosshair appears and stops as soon as the crosshair disappears after defeating GLaDOS.

Runners in order of appearance:


Special thanks to:




Discussion Thread

  • The Creeper King

    Don’t you just hate it when your test subjects begin climbing the wall with the radios?

  • Oivatank

    Glados: “The portal gun is Aperture’s most advanced piece of technology that cost countless resources to make and will change the wor-“Player: “Oh hell yeah a radio!”

  • Sebastian Klein

    "This next test will take a very, very long time." is already in the elevator

  • Nycto amv

    Buy the game from steamComplete it within 15mins Return it back..Edit :- never got this much likes

  • shadowgirl765

    GLaDoS: the only thing you broke... Is my heart.Me: And the entire game.

  • Meing Cintron

    As soon as I saw the runner throw the radio at the door which stopped it from closing, I knew this was some next level stuff.

  • Jeremy PSN: I__am__Redeemer

    He's glitching so hard, I thought that radio was gonna pop out of my screen and hit me in the face.

  • Violet Universe

    Glados: avoid the floor, it is deadlyChell: proceeds to clip through floor and seven other walls

  • Zoko Dog

    Glados: This test is not possible.Player: Uno reverse card

  • Evan Page

    Gf: hey babe come over Me: I can't I'm stuck at Aperture Science with only 15 portalsGf: my parents aren't homeMe:

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Imagine watching the camera feed, your test subject wakes up and immediately starts beating the shit out of their radio with a clipboard

  • A low yeeter

    Glados: i will have to inform you that this room is impo-Subject:*already in elevator*

  • BurningBuns

    This version of the game should be called Elevators

  • Oblivious Potato

    (casually flies out of the map to the end)GlAdOs: Good job.

  • BlackIce86

    "You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum"Yeah I'd say so too

  • Fantomfeed

    The cake hasn't even baked yet

  • Eh Eh

    This was 1% intro, 80% what, 19% clipping through things you shouldn’t. And it’s all 100% awesome

  • Ray Weaver

    gladys: remember when you were at the fire pit and i- oh wait you weren’t thereplayer: screams in radio

  • Adam Zielinski

    Glados:"That wasn't supposed to happen"Best way to summarise this

  • Danny BRITZMAN

    Spectacular. You appear to understand how the ground effects momentum, or more accurately, does not.

  • Emile Blum

    Player starts levitating up a wall and the elevator music from the radio was just the right touch.

  • Aidan Tucker

    Glados: There is no escapeChell: 7:04Glados: ...

  • csZipy

    Glados: This next test is impossibleFnzzy: throws a radio and jumps backward fast

  • Dolgie Progruzki

    GLaDOS:"...in 3,2,1"portal opens GLaDOS: blink GLaDOS: " wot "

  • b

    not knowing about portal speedrun tactics, in the beginning i thought he was just really angry at the radio

  • Jupiter

    GLaDOS: please move quickly to the elevatorThis person: does it in 0.01 seconds.

  • Adam King

    Me through the whole thing:“Wait... what?”

  • Lawfulpotato

    "Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit?" - Glados"When the what?" - Fnzzy

  • Don Kikon

    When watching speed runs I normally learn tricks.Me after watching this video:I'm I Stoned?

  • Fade the Opossum

    me and my dad watched this and screamed the whole time hoW THE  FU C K

  • Oblivious Potato

    Sound effects if the video in a nutshellBlaH Blip BloaH Bla-WElL doNe

  • Zane Lee

    Nobody:YouTube: Hey let's recommend this 3 year old video to this dude

  • Real Gibby

    When the runner plays portal 2. GlaDoS: oh it's you

  • Trevor Gonzalez

    when they glitched the radio and clipboard out of the starting roomHaha, cool, I guess you gotta do something to entertain yourself while Glad0s talks. 5 seconds later._______.

  • CriticalGames 1

    4:27Glados : this next level is impossiblewarps through the door

  • Bulat Yunusov

    The voice there is just like: "In this level, you have to complete thanks for completing the level"


    No other person has destroyed A Companion Cube that fast, you MONSTER!

  • Comical Tornado

    "If the laws of physics no longer apply in the future, God help you."

  • KitTheBeast

    "Despite your behavior the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart"Yeah and y'know, PHYSICS

  • Insert_Name_Here

    I finally found a guide to help me with all the radio locations

  • Erik Kálmán

    That radio was only placed there because of this guy

  • Enchilordo

    I imagine Chell with a panicked expression on her face like “GOTTA GET THIS DONE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE AAHH” like at 13:45 with the cores

  • Erich Damer

    4:26 "this next test is impossible, do not attend to solve it"Skips puzzle

  • Robert Cox

    Guy: only use 15 portals.These people: a small price to pay for winning portal

  • Georgia Bennett

    Flies through the air at the speed of light and ends the test chamberGlados: Splendid.

  • ChawaSushi

    Glados: impressiveMe: no shit man he just completed the stage facing backwards

  • chicken65

    That one Programmer who thought it would be fun to put radios anywhere.


    As soon as I saw the Runner begin their run through portal I thought I am watching John Wick movieBadass af

  • Rer

    **Bank Robbery:**Suspects: We want to leave bank without gun shots and with one of kidnapped personPolice: Alright, u have around 10 seconds to leave bank with kidnapped personSuspects: 13:07

  • YourContradiction

    This was 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to break their game...

  • Jesse "SuperWaffle57"

    "this next test could take a very very long time"finishes it in less tahn 10 seconds

  • SweetLemonBun

    3.. 2.. 1...0.5 sec laterme: HOLY SHI11TT!!! HOW DID THEY DO THAT

  • Some scorchy boie

    Glados: welcoming playerPlayer: violently banging a clipboard into a radio

  • CyanTheMarbleRacer

    Just gonna do an accelerated backhop-Oh. I'm at the end of the game.

  • Fin HK

    The aperture laboratories radio device will help you with your testing

  • Jesse Jay Deckersen

    He really did euthanize his companion cube faster than any other test subject

  • Nighthawk

    good old Portal.writing and environmental design? 10/10exploit prevention? not so much.

  • Darciukas

    GladOS: Welcome to thi...GladOS: Oh you're already done

  • megaman2000ish

    "Mom, Can I play some video games?""Sure, but for only 15 minutes"

  • Pycan

    Mother: we have to go in 15 minutes sonhold my beer

  • ltsrrpp

    Cs players WISH they had this kind of movement.

  • Some Random Animations

    this looks like 100 percent hacks, but i know its not.and that is what scares me.

  • Jaocb Hall

    My girlfriend said I finished quick but god damn.

  • Doctor Q.

    Lessons we learned:1) Portals are crap.2) Radios are the most advanced technology in the world.3) Cameras really ARE vital testing apparatus to speed runners.4) Walking backwards and jumping makes you unbound by gravity.5) Walls don't work.

  • Michael Brown

    i can just imagine the report saying: The test subject was so fast the camera's couldnt catch footage of it.

  • nuscup soup

    5:50 this man said"/gamemode 3"

  • Rain In The Clouds

    You need a block to past this testThis guy: Hold my radio

  • Miner 15101

    Glados: how fast are you going?!?This man: yes

  • Balys

    How long have you been training for this run?

  • TLS Spirit

    FnnzyGoesFast: *Speeds backward*Me: "Moon walk!"

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