Portal Done with 15 Portals in 13:47 - Least Portals

This is a segmented speedrun of Portal done with 15 Portals in the time of 13:47.640. This is the least amount of Portals that you can finish the game with. No scripts, hacks or cheat protected commands were used in this run.

Timing starts when the crosshair appears and stops as soon as the crosshair disappears after defeating GLaDOS.

Runners in order of appearance:


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Discussion Thread

  • BoomToll

    creates a miracle of science to test patientpatient proceeds to use radio to get through test, using almost completely ignoring miracle of science before killing you

  • lamJoe Joe

    What this video contains:1% intro5% bunny hopping through the tests94% elevator

  • The Creeper King

    Don’t you just hate it when your test subjects begin climbing the wall with the radios?

  • Enyshkidysee Shkadahey

    I one upped you I DIDNT beat portal and used over like 1000 portals

  • Luck Den

    How it feels to chew 5 gum

  • Sir Waffle

    "Please move quickly to the--"already in the elevator

  • Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    (Player:I found a way to fly )(Physics:How)(Player:dropping and picking up an item that is under me)“Physics left the chat”“Radio joined the chat”

  • Anime9001

    Glados: I've got a surprise for you in 5....4....3....2....1...every glados piece is sitting in a line next to the incineratorGlados: WaiT! ThiS wASn'T SupPoEd tO HaPPeN!

  • Parker Orr

    4:10Any contact with the chamber floor will result in-Flies to the elevator

  • tyler 35

    warps through wall“You’re not even going the right way”

  • Dylan Tallchief

    glados: come overfnzzy: but I cant make any portalsglados: my parents aren't homefnzzy: 9:24

  • Parker Orr

    12:50 excuse me what the hell

  • 1,000 Subscribers With No Videos?

    I blinked for 1 second and he already beat a level wat the fack

  • Thunder74 !

    No nut November side effects

  • Cheeky Cheeto

    10:00 is this what they callELEVATOR MUSIC ?

  • Sir Waffle

    "this next test is impossible, don't make any attempt to solve it"already solved


    7:01 you're kidding me......right?

  • Wub

    Perfectly understandable reaction to what just happened 4:50

  • Yuarkok

    Honey, the dinner is ready.Hold on mom i have to finish Portal

  • Osmium

    This video would benefit greatly from a commentary track or annotations explaining wtf was going on with some of these tricks.

  • Avery Nuccio

    GladOs: "this next test is impossible" *throws radio to jam door"

  • Pradana 467

    "Remember when the platform is sliding into the fire pit?"Yeah, me neither

  • Jeff From the overwatch team

    12:05You're not a good personCLIMBS UP A WALL WITH A BARREL

  • Cameron Berry

    "Press Mouse 1 to use Blue Portal"Hold my beer

  • MulyMan

    So are we just gonna let 7:05 slide???

  • S-S-Snake

    Hey at least we get this nice relaxing music as he uses it to scale walls :)

  • ViperSniper - GadyukaSnayper

    "finally, you have found me"ignores and jumps around the room like a maniac

  • Techno YOLO

    GLaDOS:Don't you remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit?Fnzzy: what fire pit?It was at 11:06

  • Oh Yeah Yeah

    It makes the game look so pointless and have no storyline😂the ending seems so clueless😂

  • Sacha Buelens

    Who needs a companion cube if you have a companion radio?

  • Moliminous

    NOW YOU'RE THINKING WITH... A small and reasonable amount of portals!

  • Miranda Summers

    Imagine this from GLaDOS' point of view. Test subject furiously bangs clipboard and radio against glass until they break the laws of reality.

  • draven RR

    when you test subject might possibly be jesus

  • 梟akira

    13:23 gladios:the only thing you mangage to break so far is my heart.me:you sure about that?

  • TurboFromThatDumbSnailMovie

    I'm at a loss for words at 12:49

  • Blizzrobe

    I will never be able to do this stuff ever

  • Mateus Costa

    12:20Turret, timidly, afraid: "Are you still there?"Proceeds to rape it to climb up a wallSeriously, the team effort here was amazing.5% of my game time were the elevators. They're 95% of yours.

  • iFlameZz

    glados: places trap turretfnzzy: use it to flyglados:...

  • Vinicius de Oliveira

    10:08 Did you just flexed on me?

  • OldGaming Chattech

    What is the real enemy in portalThe elevatorDun dun dunnn

  • LumbeyLumbey

    When the fastest way to complete a portal game is to barely use any portals

  • Shylink Derpderp

    6:15 This test took take a very very long time does it in 5 seconds

  • Aden hui

    Red Bull gives you wiiiiinngs.

  • InsaneASock Jr.

    GLaDOS had an entire plan to kill chell...I winder how GLaDOS felt when chell killed her in 6 SECONDS

  • TheEmeraldGamer

    Im stuck on 16 there are no glitches so he will probably struggle tooUse 2 portals and gets through it in 5 seconds Crazy

  • Mikołaj Kolbuszewski

    Bae:Come overChell:Can't i'm doing puzzle'sBae:I got cakeChell:

  • ochoaboyy

    7:05 yep that works...

  • Atomic Gamer

    His name in the bottom left changes to jukspa when in the wall 10:41 sorry just Reed the discripton my bad

  • flister fish

    I want to speed run portal!Sees the controlsNevermind

  • K.o.R

    0:17 What the hell kind of control setup is that?

  • Nick Schmitz

    10:35 people just totally ignored this

  • Alex E

    the phrase "What? and how?" comes to mind

  • michael palermo

    Now do it blindfolded in 12 seconds with 1 portal

  • Gustavo Santos

    <insert confused Jackie Chan meme here>

  • LeonidasGFX

    So... waiting in the elevator took more time than actually rushing the stages

  • dark jonas

    when you played this game 52359283523562563 times

  • Seth Alcott

    “Now that you are in control of both portals, this next test can take a very, very, long time.”completes it in 10 seconds

  • Nobody

    "I love you like a speedrunner loves the radio in Portal"

  • megaman2000ish

    "Mom, Can I play some video games?""Sure, but for only 15 minutes"

  • draven RR

    when test subject forgets there is physics

  • Austin Hinton

    Clipping through the nth dimension!

  • GameIvan46

    the only part of a speedrun where i don't have to train is the first relaxation vault minute...

  • Hee ho

    12:17 prepare for turret rocket

  • Kārlis Ozols

    I have played this game once and it took 2.5 hours to complete it and now Im watching some kind of witchcraft where some guy dodges everything and bugs the sh*t out of this game and completes this game in 15 minutes... Nice....

  • Event Horizon

    How to advertise glitches and bugs as features 101

  • iNeon Gaming

    “This next test is impossible”Already at elevator

  • Diego L.G.

    Video content percentage:99% waiting in a lift1% jumping at speed of light over radios

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