Transforming Skyrim: Our Mod List Edition

Thanks for watching us Transform Skyrim!

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Vivid Weathers

Realistic Water Two

Enhanced Vanilla Trees

Unbelievable Grass Two

Vividian ENB

Noble Skyrim 2k

Real Roads

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Windsong Character Overhaul


Drachis Argonians

aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Hvergelmir's Armor Retexture - HAR

i7-4790k 4.0Ghz CPU
16gb RAM

Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Reekabo

    0:39 Has anyone realised something in the background that grabs your attention? :^)

  • Nuriel

    How to kill your framerate: a tutorial.

  • Daniel Nicoletti

    I don't even play Skyrim but these videos are so comfy

  • Jan Janowski

    I'm so glad you killed those two japanese abominations.

  • Saška Prpić

    Get's back from school and completes all the homework and studyingWell time to play Team Fortress 2 with my friends!Sees new Brodual videoSpends next 3 hours modding and playing SkyrimSorry guys Skyrim is love Skyrim si life.

  • VintageRKO

    HAHAHA Yes! keep the weabos stuff out of Skyrim

  • Sweeney 93

    Would love to see a brodual playthrough of Skyrim!

  • Toby Sweetman

    For those with low-end hardware like myself try out enhanced saturation, it offers a huge improvement in colour and has 0 performance lost, I use it and it looks like I'm using an ENB.

  • Stripnieks

    you didn't add pc specs!!

  • Solus Aurum

    It's been a minute since a good ol skyrim video

  • fableboy10

    This is how Skyrim SE should've looked like.

  • Kevin Neira

    I was on your channel a second ago

  • Josh Dobis

    Psst... I know who you are. Hail Sithis!

  • Realmodesty

    And now I realize how much I want a good PC.

  • waste of time

    I miss modding but I don't miss all the frustrations that come with modding.

  • dicker9

    6:46 no fucking way I played like that for 2 years...

  • Lord Starscream, True leader of the Decepticons

    I HATE anime doll mods, but not because of how these mods are (which in my opinion are still very lore-immersion-realism breaking), but because how they deteriorate the reputation of female mods in general. There are tons of non-skimpy non-anime female mods out there, yet they're always overlooked due to these mod's reputation.Anime was a mistake.

  • Stefan Denchev

    0:40 I see what you did there!

  • KarMagick

    This video dropped at the perfect time, my pc parts are getting here tomorrow :D

  • art miral

    you're the best mod reviewer for skyrim fo4. no need for pathetic clickbaits.

  • largelysubatomic

    for the ultimate grass mod make sure you READ the mod description and add the lines they tell you to skyrim.ini. If you don't you will lose like 20 fps.

  • The Bearman

    Brodual needs to make more transforming skyrim vids

  • Grey Crimson

    Is Vivid Weathers compatible with Climates of Tamriel?

  • OGBlazer

    I don't see your pc specs.

  • Sachi Game

    I might re-mod my game again with these videos once i'm done with this playthrough i'm on. I think next time I'll focus more on content mods while having far fewer but much larger graphic mods. I've got close to 200 mods installed right now. So check this, I stay a little over 50 FPS in Whiterun typically and here are my specs:i7-6700K @ 4.0Ghz16Gbs DDR4 RAMNvidia GTX 970I actually just upgraded to that processor recently, I was getting worse performance before, likely because my GPU was being bottlenecked by my old CPU. I'm planning on getting the GTX1080 in the next few months. I'd like to be optimistic that, that will improve my performance further, but from what I've heard it doesn't make much of a difference because of how horribly Skyrim handles resources. Anyone else have an opinion on that?(Also to clarify, no, I'm not getting a 1080 for Skyrim, I'm getting one to future proof my VR headset)

  • Taco Libre

    I'm on time! Anyway, Brodual, I'm just know getting Skyrim on PC because I've been a console gamer for a while, what are the basics for modding this game?

  • Nyxnik

    can't wait to mod the shit out of the special edition ;3

  • Tappers

    Isn't skyrim supposed to be cold. As in theye is a reason that the grass isn't all green a covered in flowers?

  • KoyasuNoBara

    Okay, I'm new to the modding Skyrim thing, what's an enb?Edit: Got an answer, thanks.

  • g n

    Omg the specs are the exact same as mine PC!

  • ancalime1991

    Your channel alongside MxR are the best channels covering Skyrim mods on Youtube! (I would also put Gopher on that list, but he has no current series on Skyrim mods.)

  • sunttu333

    Great video, especially at 10:05Great little detail

  • Grant Walker

    Are you guys done with your other channel BDmods?

  • Nathan

    I wish all of this was in a collection on steam... I wish the steam workshop had as much capability as this stuff too...

  • El Sopa Cartoons

    TFW Brodual will never showcase ICBINE 4 ;'(

  • quaked cracked

    HI the unbelievable grass two is hidden..

  • TheBranchez

    Why did you choose Vivid Weathers over Climates of Tamriel? How are they compared to each other?

  • Sterb Derb

    Please.. Can you do a video like this for the special edition? I've been playing the regular copy for a long time, but lost my copy and decided to get the special edition, but the shortage of mods is still real.

  • Cole Jenkins

    Been a long time since I played, but I'll be sure to keep this list in mind when I decide to play again. I'll definitely be cleaning out all of my mods for some new ones, and try to keep it less cluttered. What I love most are Mod's that are essentially "Vanilla Enhanced". Some like to mod their games into an unrecognizable state, but I very much prefer to compliment what the developers had envisioned

  • Panus Il Grande

    The long wait is now over! Anyway great choice for weather and enb the colors are amazing, brodual you have a very fine taste! Thanks for this video as well, I'm gonna do a new mod organizer profile for this mod list and add a few of my own mods.

  • The Third Crusader

    Those are some expensive specs.

  • Ishmael

    I really like how the production quality and seriousness of your videos keeps improving, but at the end you always have that one or two clips that make me chuckle haha.

  • Alydris

    "Like most of the major weather overhauls, Vivid destroys your frame rate."FTFY

  • Wololo l

    Yay tons of graphical mods i can't install without loosing half of my FPS!

  • SaucySpaceFries

    Question! What are your PC specs?

  • Nathan Ware

    Is there an issue with Noble City's Markarth sign-chain textures? Maybe something related to SMIM? They seemed to show up purple in the video.

  • Maglor

    I've been waiting so long for this video, thanks!

  • Armoured Productions

    I was just playing skyrim. Then I decided to take a break and eat, when I came back this was uploaded. Timing

  • fairysoul

    I would add Rustic Clothing to the list ^^

  • Elder Maxson

    +Brodual your channel is great. Have been watching your content for a very long time. Why not make videos on different games too. That would be great. Your presentation is very articulate.

  • Adam

    Brodual, I have a problem, when I try to use an EMB it doesn't work anymore. it used to work but then I messed with my Skyrim files and changed a few things because of bleak EMB. My PC can handle it but I just can't get it to work. I also tried re downloading my games and checking the game cache. btw I use mod organizer

  • Fallout Night

    0:39 Anyone else that My Little Pony in the background?

  • Lukas Tran

    Is it me or all Skyrim videos have very little dislikes?

  • B. D.

    ''We don't want any Japanase Dolls'' SICK BURN VlogXR!!

  • ThePieMan

    What settings are you using for unbelievable grass two?NVM it's been hidden....this sucks

  • chris winter

    Watching these videos gets me nads pumped for the PC ill be getting in a few months once I have the disposable income.

  • dicker9

    what type of lighting mod should I use instead of Vividan ENB?

  • G K

    Can a gtx 1050 handle this?

  • dotdotdot

    Do ANIME themed Skyrim in the transform Skyrim series! That would be awesome! There are so many stupid anime themed hairmods and stuff:p Show me a Skyrim in which Apachii Skyhair actually fits in!

  • Josiah Carberry

    Mod listing starts at about 1:25 for the inpatient people :)

  • ☣ BioHazard ☣

    How about a transforming the vanilla as Immersive as possible. Transforming Skyrim into Immensely Immersing Immersive Skyrim. That would be the best :)

  • Durruti

    yea, uhm...I'm just going to keep modding FO4 and wait a month for Bethesda to give me their skyrim graphic overhaul...thx was, relevant?

  • Daniel Gerber

    I see now where the developers must have gained at least a portion of their inspiration for an enhanced edition of Skyrim. Mods have managed to retain the original style of the game in almost all aspects while improving the overall graphics. You have done a magnificent job in your choices however... The visuals you've provided look a bit too soft and smooth. There are many surfaces and simple meshes that need to pop out more like your choice for the roads; even in the low-res 'Vanilla Skyrim', the textures made surfaces appear to have more texture. The textures you picked provide finer details at a close range but they seem more like flat wallpaper on some surfaces at a distance. If I could rely entirely upon meshes to create an authentic looking surface then these textures would work fine, but realistically I'll want textures that still stand out as a dynamic surface at a distance to maintain the illusion of realistic surfaces.

  • Chris Klee

    Is it just me or is this just one single person? I mean it is BROdual, but I cannot hear the other one.

  • GameLife

    What is your ini setting on Unbelievable Grass 2 set to +Brodual?

  • Gabby Alcantara

    Will a gtx 1050 ti be able to handle this? I'm planning to buy one in the next few weeks.

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