Transforming Skyrim: Our Mod List Edition

Thanks for watching us Transform Skyrim!

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Vivid Weathers

Realistic Water Two

Enhanced Vanilla Trees

Unbelievable Grass Two

Vividian ENB

Noble Skyrim 2k

Real Roads

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Windsong Character Overhaul


Drachis Argonians

aMidianBorn Book of Silence

Hvergelmir's Armor Retexture - HAR

i7-4790k 4.0Ghz CPU
16gb RAM

Musical Lore - Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Daniel Nicoletti

    I don't even play Skyrim but these videos are so comfy

  • Jan Janowski

    I'm so glad you killed those two japanese abominations.

  • Nuriel

    How to kill your framerate: a tutorial.

  • Reekabo

    0:39 Has anyone realised something in the background that grabs your attention? :^)

  • Saška Prpić

    Get's back from school and completes all the homework and studyingWell time to play Team Fortress 2 with my friends!Sees new Brodual videoSpends next 3 hours modding and playing SkyrimSorry guys Skyrim is love Skyrim si life.

  • Sweeney 93

    Would love to see a brodual playthrough of Skyrim!

  • Solus Aurum

    It's been a minute since a good ol skyrim video

  • Toby Sweetman

    For those with low-end hardware like myself try out enhanced saturation, it offers a huge improvement in colour and has 0 performance lost, I use it and it looks like I'm using an ENB.

  • Josh Dobis

    Psst... I know who you are. Hail Sithis!

  • Realmodesty

    And now I realize how much I want a good PC.

  • Stripnieks

    you didn't add pc specs!!

  • largelysubatomic

    for the ultimate grass mod make sure you READ the mod description and add the lines they tell you to skyrim.ini. If you don't you will lose like 20 fps.

  • VintageRKO

    HAHAHA Yes! keep the weabos stuff out of Skyrim

  • art miral

    you're the best mod reviewer for skyrim fo4. no need for pathetic clickbaits.

  • Kevin Neira

    I was on your channel a second ago

  • fableboy10

    This is how Skyrim SE should've looked like.

  • Stefan Denchev

    0:40 I see what you did there!

  • RazoRaptor

    If anyone is wondering the FPS hit with all these mods installed. I have a GTX 660Ti, 8GB RAM and i5-3470. Vanilla I get 50-60 FPS outdoors, Modded I get 20-30 FPS outdoors. So that's a 30 FPS hit. I goes down to 16 FPS during heavy snow.

  • waste of time

    I miss modding but I don't miss all the frustrations that come with modding.

  • The Bearman

    Brodual needs to make more transforming skyrim vids

  • KarMagick

    This video dropped at the perfect time, my pc parts are getting here tomorrow :D

  • Wololo l

    Yay tons of graphical mods i can't install without loosing half of my FPS!

  • g n

    Omg the specs are the exact same as mine PC!

  • Alydris

    "Like most of the major weather overhauls, Vivid destroys your frame rate."FTFY

  • Grant Walker

    Are you guys done with your other channel BDmods?

  • ancalime1991

    Your channel alongside MxR are the best channels covering Skyrim mods on Youtube! (I would also put Gopher on that list, but he has no current series on Skyrim mods.)

  • Nyxnik

    can't wait to mod the shit out of the special edition ;3

  • sunttu333

    Great video, especially at 10:05Great little detail

  • KoyasuNoBara

    Okay, I'm new to the modding Skyrim thing, what's an enb?Edit: Got an answer, thanks.

  • Sachi Game

    I might re-mod my game again with these videos once i'm done with this playthrough i'm on. I think next time I'll focus more on content mods while having far fewer but much larger graphic mods. I've got close to 200 mods installed right now. So check this, I stay a little over 50 FPS in Whiterun typically and here are my specs:i7-6700K @ 4.0Ghz16Gbs DDR4 RAMNvidia GTX 970I actually just upgraded to that processor recently, I was getting worse performance before, likely because my GPU was being bottlenecked by my old CPU. I'm planning on getting the GTX1080 in the next few months. I'd like to be optimistic that, that will improve my performance further, but from what I've heard it doesn't make much of a difference because of how horribly Skyrim handles resources. Anyone else have an opinion on that?(Also to clarify, no, I'm not getting a 1080 for Skyrim, I'm getting one to future proof my VR headset)

  • Maglor

    I've been waiting so long for this video, thanks!

  • Tappers

    Isn't skyrim supposed to be cold. As in theye is a reason that the grass isn't all green a covered in flowers?

  • Grey Crimson

    Is Vivid Weathers compatible with Climates of Tamriel?

  • Ishmael

    I really like how the production quality and seriousness of your videos keeps improving, but at the end you always have that one or two clips that make me chuckle haha.

  • Cole Jenkins

    Been a long time since I played, but I'll be sure to keep this list in mind when I decide to play again. I'll definitely be cleaning out all of my mods for some new ones, and try to keep it less cluttered. What I love most are Mod's that are essentially "Vanilla Enhanced". Some like to mod their games into an unrecognizable state, but I very much prefer to compliment what the developers had envisioned

  • Fairawen Plays

    Love this! Thank you, as always, for your comprehensive breakdown. :)

  • INeedADoctor

    amazing lists of mods. Lore friendly and satisfying. Thank you =)

  • Sgt Sammy

    This is amazing and I applied all the mods you listed! Thank you so much!


    good video but it should be called Transforming Skyrim (Graphics/visuals) since nothing else was transformed

  • fear the wiener

    How will i do with a FX 6300 + R7 250X(Hopefully RX 480 in a couple months)

  • Axel Xirics

    Dat "Killing MxR" reference is just awesome. Made me laugh XDAlso wow. I always thought that the modlist was huge. But this is less than i am running atm :OWell, i guess less is more in your case. BRAVO! :D

  • mistah jc denton in da fresh

    how well would all these mods run on a rig with an I3 6100 and a gtx 1050 ti w/ 8gbs of ram

  • matthewlev13

    Love your videos! I always get excited when I get the notification

  • Sri Ram

    Are you guys on Windows 10? My Windows 10 Skyrim is extremely unstable

  • Rhys Black

    1:12 that angle made me a lil' Queezy :(Great vid, though! <3

  • Raven Wings

    How much FPS on I5 6600k Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 16 GBB DDR4 CL14???

  • Mister Finnster

    New subscriber, here. Great vids. I've really enjoyed what I've seen from you so far. I'm looking forward to the remastered Skyrim, as this will my first time experiencing mods with the game. Again, great work!

  • Random Zen

    Does WSCO work w/ RaceMenu =O ?

  • mas

    #makeskyrimgreatagainrly nice vid, thank u much.

  • glorytogodemperor 45

    I've been binge watching you and now you treat me to a new vid. Made my day man keep up the good work.

  • Balveric

    Natural Lightning Vivid Atmospheric is alternative ENB to middle config.

  • SmaugBaggins

    Really Love this Thank you Brodual you guys make the best mod videos

  • MunkeyChips

    Brodual, what are your PC's specs? Thanks, guys.

  • Petyr Baelish

    Did you install SMIM after noble skyrim or after

  • Hilbert França

    May this channel never die. Keep up the good work as always brodual

  • Marshall Leigh

    Will my: AMD FX6300 16gb 1600mgz Asus Strix (R9 I think) 380x 4gb be able to handle this load at 60fps

  • Rishabh Bapat

    I really do love the transforming Skyrim series, please do more!

  • Sam Edgar

    Nice vid! Thanks for putting this up. Have always been curious as to your mod setup.

  • John John

    Can i run this with an 970 + i5-6600k +16gb DDR4?

  • Jonestown Juice

    This was a great video, thanks. I'm going to use these mods plus some survival mods for my next playthrough.

  • Quizzmet

    This is exactly the type of video I've been waiting for, and I'm glad Transforming Skyrim is coming back!Long time viewer of your channel, and Transforming Skyrim is my favorite mini-series to date.

  • XtremeProGamer

    is i7-4790k 4.0Ghz CPU16gb RAMEVGA GTX 1070 SC GAMING

  • Vincent Garcia

    anyone know how well the 1060 would handle this? (or if it wouldn't)

  • ThieflyChap

    Definitely going for Windsong & the beast races mods. I'll skip the ENB I think but I'm also nabbing the weather mods. :)

  • RandomName45

    "WSCO" makes it seem that men are using some kind of makeup. SkySights by fadingsignal looks alot better in my humble opinion.

  • Watchman Willowyre

    Should I install the Vivid Landscapes mod or Noble Skyrim?

  • Jan Čurda

    Hello guys my specsi5-6600R9-39016GB RAMWhat ENB/mod combination would you recommend for the best visuals/performance?

  • Alexandro Figueroa

    Will you be reviewing mods for Skyrim on xbox one?

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