How to make +1436% Fortify Smithing Potions - Skyrim Guide

Remember, you need at least 2/5 Alchemist, 1 Physician and 1 Benefactor to help get this glitch going. Its VERY easy if you start at level 1 and just put your first 4 points into Alchemy.

The Fortify Restoration bug in action. Again, use it if you want or dont... However, this will save you from having to spend any points in alchemy/smithing/enchanting because you can make Stupid strong armor/weapons as soon as you start the game if you wanted.

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  • SenseiKai

    Things you'll need:Soul GemsItems with Fortify Alchemy enchantment (it would be better to look around stores, I remember I got some gauntlets from Ballimund in Riften)Perks from Alchemy Skill Tree:Alchemist (2+/5)PhysicianBenefactorIngredients for potions (amount depends on you):Fortify RestorationAbecean LongfinCyrodilic SpadetailSalt PileFortify EnchantingHagraven ClawsSnowberriesSpriggan SapFortify SmithingBlisterwortGlowing MushroomSnowberries

  • The Lord and Saviour, Catto Christ

    Thanks to you, my twin wooden swords "Key" and "Peele" are ready to kick ass.

  • Rotten Flesh Gaming

    2015 and I'm still playing skyrim and it looks like I'm not the only one

  • U L T I M A T E O w O

    Just to share my experience: I just killed a Legendary Dragon on Legendary Difficulty in one hit with an Iron Dagger.


    TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE THIS GLITCHOne good strategy to boost your time for using this potions while on the Arcane Enchanter and Smithing Table is to find all 3 words of the Slow Time shout, and use them all just as you consume the potions.

  • Sean Rook

    being that op tho kinda kills the fun... anyone agree?

  • Isaac Vincent

    I got my Dragonbone bow to 130,000,000,00+ damage, and the game crashes each time. is that normal?

  • James King

    A few tips from experience:0. Use the agro vendor regen trick to find the ingredients you need fast.1. Make 4-10 enchant potions first time through so you have plenty of time to enchant.2. Don't make your alchemy gear too OP or your enchantments could crash the game. +10000% alchemy is more than enough.3. If selecting enchants is crashing the game, use petty soul gems and select them BEFORE you select the enchantment.4. Your first 4 enchanted items should be a full OP fortify alchemy set. That way you can make more enchant potions if you need them.5. If your gear is not OP enough, use the fortify resto glitch a few more times with your better alchemy gear.6. If you don't have dual enchantment, put your enchanted gear in your favorites so you can switch gear fast.Fun things to do:1. Use the fortify resto glitch on an amulet of Talos with a high resto potion. You will have instant shout recharge. This should last until you take the amulet off.2. Get the gloves of the pugilist enchant on something. Kill dragons with a single punch.3. Using your OP alchemy gear, you can make paralysis poison that last days. Use this on annoying NPC's that wont die.4. Selling high enough value potions will level your speech to 100 instantly, you can legendary speech to do this over and over. You can use this to get to 81 in a matter of minutes.

  • Caveira Main

    Anyone still playing se in 2017 ;)

  • Kien Nguyen

    hey guys, I can confirm that this still works (jan/3/2015)you need 5/5 alchemist, Physician and Benefactor. I used only Muiri's Ring (15% alchemy).Here's how i went through it:1.equip the ring2. cook the fortify resto potion3. drink it, while on the menu, dis-equip and reequip the ring4. go make the potion repeat. 

  • lesky1mw

    Skyrim's version of Oblivion's game breaking chameleon exploit

  • Hans von Grimm

    This is kind of gay. If you're going to take advantage of bugs/glitches to make better armor stats then you might as well save yourself some time and just go to the command console and make your yourself invincible... Same effect, same type of cheating in lot less time.

  • jayden cross

    I don't understand I am lost

  • Zonia Flx

    This might ruin the game for me I can't die anymore

  • Nick D.

    It's July 27, 2017, and I can confirm that this still works.

  • Galaxy Bomb

    You did all that and did not show us you 1 hitting a flying dragon? I always wondered if they just fall off the sky like a poptart hitting the ground. 🤣

  • Andrew Carney

    Was worried it only worked on PC, thanks for this, I got my armor rating up to 293,368!

  • MissedThePart


  • Dokkan Dbz Boss

    2017 still playing skyrim

  • James Caine

    How do you get a full 28% on your armour??? I can get max 9

  • Cars Simplified

    That is not a small number! That is a big number!

  • Tony

    350 damage 1 shots everything... 7,000 is just overkill....

  • T4lyX

    The highest enchanted gear I could make was 1576455% before it started going into minus.

  • BBerry

    I maybe somehow in some universe i made the potions effect %25125127037 and now when i try to enchant them it crashes.Help?

  • shaggy

    tried this today on ps3... its not worked for me. i made potion, took off stuff, drank potion then put stuff back on and its not worked.

  • Minecraft fgt

    It worked! Holy moly first time ever! Now I can make my overpowered weapons. (;

  • J Fett

    Let's hope this works on Xbox one for remaster

  • John Doe

    Everyone this still works on all versions (PC, PS3, Xbox360). This will never get patched. The only problem I have with this only on the PC version if you make too high percentage potions you might CTD (crash to desktop).  STEPS: Remember, you need at least 2/5 Alchemist (I prefer 3/5) , 1 Physician and 1 Benefactor to help get this glitch going. Make sure your 4 pieces of gear heave have at least 8% Alchemy enchant on each piece, make the potion, take the gear off, drink the potion, and re-equip the gear. Then repeat the process over until desired results. Also great video xBeau keep up the excellent videos!

  • mollymouse01

    its not patched for xbox 360. just done it

  • Andy Sny

    why lock picking??? so easy in this game

  • river rat

    i actually spent hours doing what the video says, then i realized that i didn't need to because i have the pc version. if u have the pc version, all you need to do is type '~' to bring up console command. then type 'player.setav smithing 100000'. this will give you 100,000 smithing skill level, which will allow you to craft armor and weapons with legendary strength, just like in this video. don't worry, it won't crash the game. you can do the same with enchanting skill in order to enchant your armor and weapons with high enchants. you can fortify sneaking on armor high enough to make you invisible to enemies. and it doesn't have to be 100,000. you can set it lower to keep your game still competitive, or you can set it higher to make your strength really crazy. the best thing is, with the console command method you don't have to worry about all those dang potions or their 30 seconds time limit. you can take your time when you do this and do it right.

  • Th3FiGhtEr03

    Can't you just create a fortify alchemy potion, drink it and then create another one, drink it and another one???

  • Moon Man

    I need help where can I find armor that increases the crafting?

  • svent t. røine

    Whats the fun with this?

  • Lil ashen one

    It didn't work for me the first time until I make some research and there is actually another ingredients for fortify restoration : Yellow mountain flower.. But.. You need dawnguard DLC and it can be found in Ancestor glades east of Falkheart hope this will help someone :)

  • SOAG19

    Just tried this, and I can confirm this works even on Skyrim: Special Edition (3/31/2018)

  • howard biel

    that's cool but why would you want to play if you can't die? take all the fun out of it.

  • Larry P

    Yep, still works as of this comment - now i realise why you shouldn't abuse it too much.1 hitting legendary dragons is too op, even on legendary setting

  • Doo Lee

    where can i get the materials please "liked"

  • Penton E

    2018 and this game still kills it

  • ofai69

    does this work on the new special edition version?

  • leo luther

    You could technically have enchanted an item to fortify enchanting and smithing while in this roided up state, right? So then you never have to do the potion thing again.

  • FuhrerArrow

    It’s patched doesn’t work anymore

  • zenoist2

    Fortify smithing ingredients are1.blisterwort2 glowing mushroom3 sabre cat tooth4 spriggan sapany 2 combined should work.More ingredients than 2 might be better but I havent tried it.

  • tjdiddy

    How does fortify restoration increase how good a potion is?

  • PromiserOfDeath2

    If you have the USKP this loop won't work the only way to fix it is to download the mod (Revert Restoration Fix for USKP) on Nexus.

  • Reva

    It went up one percent on my alchemy gear, but higher on my other enchanted stuff. Anyone know why?

  • jaylen lundy


  • Blood Falcon Fantastic

    i wasted 3 hours trying to do this. oh well.... another skyrim fail.

  • Aurora Willeachurface

    I love your channel c: Your voice is amazing lol. Idk why but it is so listening to the video isn't hard to do like other gaming channels c: When I get some money, I am definitely gonna support you!

  • paddotk

    I don't get your explanation.. You use the word 'quaf'(?) a lot, and I have no idea what you mean by that.

  • Danny Ewing

    worked august 7, 2015 thanks Beau

  • 自殺Apples

    Does it work on Xbox 360? I have no dlc's 😐

  • Dominic Campbell

    A neat trick to this, is to have the ingredients for a smithing boost potion when you're doing the enchanter, and get them all at once, as well as having the exact number of ingredients that you plan to use for it.  That way you don't make any mistakes because once those ingredients run out, you know to move onto the next potion in the list that you're making.Since I was using the enchanting video as my reference, I combined this and that one, so when I stepped up to the alchemy table I already had abecean longfin x9, a blisterwort, cyradilic spadetail x2, hagraven claw x10, salt pile x9, snowberries x12, and spriggan sap x3.(9)longfin+(9)salt pile x9 using the method in the enchanter videothen (12)snowberries+(10)hag claw x10 once I got to that part(2)spadetail+(2)snowberries+(2)+(3)spriggan sapfinally (1)blisterwort+(1)spriggan sap.39820 max enchant boost (several enchant potions, that was the highest one), 159279 smith boost

  • Matthew Campbell

    the max armor cap is about 520

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    does this not work if you dont have the perks? i spent over an hour preparing...once i finaly started it didnt work for in the numbers didnt increase past like 10% for each of the pieces of my alchemy gear

  • xSilentKhaosx

    I love how looking at Skyrim videos, everything seems to have needed patching. Wtf did the developers do? Sell the disk first and then finish making the game later?

  • Joshua Estis

    I have a bow with -2 billion damage

  • Valmor Hack

    It still works on Skyrim Special Edition! XD

  • Mark Speight

    whats even the point in breaking the game like this, i don't understand, its the same as a god mode cheat.. it must ruin the fun of the game. lol

  • Aaron2708

    doesnt work on me anymore

  • Lunar exotics

    I suggest not to do it because it is game breaking

  • Blaise Sepac

    is it me or does this guy sound like spider bite from ngtzombies

  • christo naser

    Does this still work? I'm on Xbox 360

  • Shiva Murary

    2017 December. Still playing.

  • Steven L

    Ya just don't hear 'Quaff' enough nowadays. I applaud your vocabulary good sir! Unfortunately, doesn't work in legendary edition unless one of my mods is blocking, likely Ordinator.

  • That_One_Guy 395

    does this work on console?

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