How to make +1436% Fortify Smithing Potions - Skyrim Guide

Remember, you need at least 2/5 Alchemist, 1 Physician and 1 Benefactor to help get this glitch going. Its VERY easy if you start at level 1 and just put your first 4 points into Alchemy.

The Fortify Restoration bug in action. Again, use it if you want or dont... However, this will save you from having to spend any points in alchemy/smithing/enchanting because you can make Stupid strong armor/weapons as soon as you start the game if you wanted.

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  • SenseiKai

    Things you'll need:Soul GemsItems with Fortify Alchemy enchantment (it would be better to look around stores, I remember I got some gauntlets from Ballimund in Riften)Perks from Alchemy Skill Tree:Alchemist (2+/5)PhysicianBenefactorIngredients for potions (amount depends on you):Fortify RestorationAbecean LongfinCyrodilic SpadetailSalt PileFortify EnchantingHagraven ClawsSnowberriesSpriggan SapFortify SmithingBlisterwortGlowing MushroomSnowberries

  • Rotten Flesh Gaming

    2015 and I'm still playing skyrim and it looks like I'm not the only one

  • The Lord and Saviour, Catto Christ

    Thanks to you, my twin wooden swords "Key" and "Peele" are ready to kick ass.

  • U L T I M A T E O w O

    Just to share my experience: I just killed a Legendary Dragon on Legendary Difficulty in one hit with an Iron Dagger.


    TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE THIS GLITCHOne good strategy to boost your time for using this potions while on the Arcane Enchanter and Smithing Table is to find all 3 words of the Slow Time shout, and use them all just as you consume the potions.

  • Keaton Smith


  • lesky1mw

    Skyrim's version of Oblivion's game breaking chameleon exploit

  • Isaac Vincent

    I got my Dragonbone bow to 130,000,000,00+ damage, and the game crashes each time. is that normal?

  • James King

    A few tips from experience:0. Use the agro vendor regen trick to find the ingredients you need fast.1. Make 4-10 enchant potions first time through so you have plenty of time to enchant.2. Don't make your alchemy gear too OP or your enchantments could crash the game. +10000% alchemy is more than enough.3. If selecting enchants is crashing the game, use petty soul gems and select them BEFORE you select the enchantment.4. Your first 4 enchanted items should be a full OP fortify alchemy set. That way you can make more enchant potions if you need them.5. If your gear is not OP enough, use the fortify resto glitch a few more times with your better alchemy gear.6. If you don't have dual enchantment, put your enchanted gear in your favorites so you can switch gear fast.Fun things to do:1. Use the fortify resto glitch on an amulet of Talos with a high resto potion. You will have instant shout recharge. This should last until you take the amulet off.2. Get the gloves of the pugilist enchant on something. Kill dragons with a single punch.3. Using your OP alchemy gear, you can make paralysis poison that last days. Use this on annoying NPC's that wont die.4. Selling high enough value potions will level your speech to 100 instantly, you can legendary speech to do this over and over. You can use this to get to 81 in a matter of minutes.

  • Galaxy Bomb

    You did all that and did not show us you 1 hitting a flying dragon? I always wondered if they just fall off the sky like a poptart hitting the ground. 🤣

  • Larry P

    Yep, still works as of this comment - now i realise why you shouldn't abuse it too much.1 hitting legendary dragons is too op, even on legendary setting

  • Caveira Main

    Anyone still playing se in 2017 ;)

  • Nick D.

    It's July 27, 2017, and I can confirm that this still works.

  • Blood Falcon Fantastic

    i wasted 3 hours trying to do this. oh well.... another skyrim fail.

  • Sean Rook

    being that op tho kinda kills the fun... anyone agree?

  • Lil ashen one

    It didn't work for me the first time until I make some research and there is actually another ingredients for fortify restoration : Yellow mountain flower.. But.. You need dawnguard DLC and it can be found in Ancestor glades east of Falkheart hope this will help someone :)

  • Dokkan Dbz Boss

    2017 still playing skyrim

  • Kien Nguyen

    hey guys, I can confirm that this still works (jan/3/2015)you need 5/5 alchemist, Physician and Benefactor. I used only Muiri's Ring (15% alchemy).Here's how i went through it:1.equip the ring2. cook the fortify resto potion3. drink it, while on the menu, dis-equip and reequip the ring4. go make the potion repeat. 

  • Tony

    350 damage 1 shots everything... 7,000 is just overkill....

  • Zonia Flx

    This might ruin the game for me I can't die anymore

  • Andrewgames420

    I did this, and my power is still unmatched. Thank you!

  • Andy Sny

    why lock picking??? so easy in this game

  • Crow Emrest

    max what I had was armour with +41% Alchemy/smithing. my Two-handed/one-handed/archery got +60% dmg when I was done. too bad the game glitched on me with my weapons. it was on console (xbox). so no's actually really easy to do.

  • tridan khau

    Thanks bro. Now I'm just one hitting everything with wind shear. You just earned yourself a sub

  • T4lyX

    The highest enchanted gear I could make was 1576455% before it started going into minus.

  • Muhammad Amin

    Damn..I do it too far i think..Now my weapon damage is -290k

  • Venim

    i over did it haha >.> i have op health now im immortal :3 but i left my weapons alone to keep it fun

  • Siddhant Bhardwaj

    are there other ways to increase the item stats??started playing 3 days ago <3 skyrim

  • Minecraft fgt

    It worked! Holy moly first time ever! Now I can make my overpowered weapons. (;

  • The Sour Lemon

    Does it work on legendary edition for Xbox360

  • Jacob Winners

    I did this the hard but legitimate way... I created a F-enchantment potion then created a decent F-Alchemy enchantment set of armor Then made a stronger. F-enchantment set which I make a stronger F-Alchemy potion with. Then use that stronger potion to make a stronger F-enchantment set with.. I just keep repeating this!

  • 666mpb

    Does not work anymore on PC as of today (October 12th 2015). Nevermind, back to playing the game without breaking it for me I guess.But I am running unofficial patches and other mods, so cannot have it all I suppose.

  • Soul Fiend

    A bug like this takes a lot of time and effort to find and perfect, I really can tell that you are dedicated to helping other players, this was an awesome video and I impressed man. Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate it!!

  • PromiserOfDeath2

    If you have the USKP this loop won't work the only way to fix it is to download the mod (Revert Restoration Fix for USKP) on Nexus.

  • Felipe Perez

    I did this 20 times... it corrupted my file ;-;

  • Dylan1oo

    Is it patched cause it won't work for meI'm on Xbox if that's the reason

  • Ethan Stansmore

    Thanks man ^.^ needed a good walkthrough of this glitch. Now at last my suplex assassin will be able to suplex people.

  • Maksymilian Karbowniczek

    LOL, my Ice blade of the monarch now does 13579 damage

  • Ninjowy

    {(((o)))} what have you done?! That was amazing!! My brain... bum

  • joshjarvis86

    Wow..!!!! That was close man! Crazy.. even I was on the edge of my seat! Really, really nice stuff! Props to you!

  • Christian Bates

    i just did it an it worked perfectly, thx for showin us how to do that

  • xDarkTeddyBear

    I got all the way up to 168978%! WOW


    It's one hell of an exploit.But at the same time it ruins the game if someone were to be too greedy with this glitch.I tried this myself today, still works and really fun just to mess around with on armor and such.

  • Mark Ryan

    Excellent video, very helpful. Crazy powerful at the end of all that!!

  • Yuuji_Eucliwood

    pretty sure this is patched on xbox 360

  • Carl Domigan

    My game broke at a certain point. Oh man that was funny.

  • Ty M

    Look at me! I'm dr. Zoidberg! Homeowner!

  • Bradley Romano

    MadGameCowe- He used 3 ingredients to make the potion stronger!

  • Cappin Kirk

    Thanks been trying to find a good vid on the fortify restoration walkthrough.

  • Shade Silver

    does this work on console?

  • Venim

    you talk good :3 only video that had subtitle that matched what you were saying

  • zenoist2

    Fortify smithing ingredients are1.blisterwort2 glowing mushroom3 sabre cat tooth4 spriggan sapany 2 combined should work.More ingredients than 2 might be better but I havent tried it.

  • Sweet Melody

    Perfect... Now i can plan Delphine and Esbern's death...U say that paarthunax must be killed, ur my enemy. Funny, im lvl 143, and hasn't been able to kill em yet.

  • emy bal

    i did mines but it only keeps adding by 1 percent

  • paddotk

    I don't get your explanation.. You use the word 'quaf'(?) a lot, and I have no idea what you mean by that.

  • Spiderpig 61900

    lol just did fortify resto glitch and gain so many levels thx man.

  • Inderdeep Singh

    Hey does the resto loop work on legendary edition for X box

  • The Cat Gamer

    Is there an infininte amount of fish(wats da fish name)

  • Ian Argenti

    Why can't anyone put what ingredients u need in the video so halfway through I notice I'm missing something

  • Vincent Manoli

    Omg plz read the description it helps I thought it didn't work it does

  • Tyre 216

    Great video! Tried this and now my weapons are overpowered lol

  • Ray The Reaper

    Could i get dragon scale at level 67 smithing & 20 alchemy?

  • xSilentKhaosx

    I love how looking at Skyrim videos, everything seems to have needed patching. Wtf did the developers do? Sell the disk first and then finish making the game later?

  • Luke Ahern

    Still working as of 6/12/16 👍

  • SnakeHips

    xBeau Gaming Where can I get good alchemy armour for it because I can't find any

  • Chase Garity

    01/02/15 also confirming that this still works. Thanks for sharing the video

  • ProdigyAE

    Nice and I got a 110000 weapon damage on my bow and my mace of molag bal

  • Joel Hamilton

    Thanks for the video!!!! GOD bless and keep you and JESUS loves you!!!!

  • Matt Finn

    Resto doesn't work on 360! My armor stops and so does the potion at a certain %! Need Help!

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