Vampire Castle Roof Exploit and Gate Skip (Glitch fix) Skyrim PS4 I Xbox One


Sometimes the GATE (not door) at Castle Volkihar will not open for you even after you have rescued Serana. This usually requires you to either start a new game or if on PC to use console commands.

Things you will need:

- Horse
- Become Ethereal shout
- Whirlwind Sprint shout

Run at the wall shown in the video while on any horse and you will fly up to the roof. Dismount at the location shown to clip through the roof. Spam the Become Ethereal shout as you dismount. While the buff from this shout holds, you won't take any damage. This includes fall damage. Finally, simply use the Whirlwind Sprint shout after climbing the hill to fly over the door.
  • Mike Morgan

    When the game cheats you you cheat the game

  • erik mokhtarpour

    lmao i camt beleive this actually worked for me. haha shout out to Bethesda for messn with my groove

  • Liam Hesmondhalgh

    For anyone who is stuck with the wooden plate glitch, try using the platter. It works loads better but if you do use the platter, try to make sure you run into the back of the platter, not the front.

  • Beelzebob_Music

    take the mod: Volkihar Castle Main Gate Bugfixyou can play again =)

  • Juan Deag

    Thanks dude, I was so desperate after 100 trials and failures of the wooden plate glitch

  • Marcel Roberge

    It's sad that Bethesda knows about this but won't fix it. I can't get in with plate glitch and I don't have the shouts to get down from the roof if I took that glitch. Yet they find more and more platforms to sell skyrim on. Soon there will be mobile skyrim ffs.

  • Venom 387

    I just can't get in to her house it is not the gate glitch

  • Aaron Harris

    Oh my god thank you!!!!

  • Caarlouzz .-

    Me has salvado mi partida, muchas gracias bro! Laikazo y me suscribo

  • CaleGaming

    I can't say its the best way ive seen but it was fun to watch :)

  • Jacob Harley

    Dude you are a pro this worked for me thank you so much can't explain how much this aggravated me this video was a big help

  • RAM

    Thanks for the help man. I can't believe that it really worked!

  • Elijah Kershaw

    I made it 223 likes now

  • JShadow

    I hope this works on switch

  • Jessica Fisher

    I'm playing on PS3 and can not get throw the door can anyone help please?

  • Berto Bawl

    guys do u have a solution for lord harkon bug. the one when he doesnt transform? he didnt even "yaaaaa owwww"

  • StealthBlade98

    lmao i never knew you could get on top of the castle like this, sadly i don't have shouts purposely avoiding dragons so unlikely this will work. I'll have to use the platter glitch if this happens :)

  • Yousef Alghareeb

    Thank you! It worked last night

  • Will Harwood

    You can reload from when you reached the dock btw.

  • Micah Fogo

    Thanks You so much this is the only way

  • Devin Ciobanu

    Best glitch have ever happened

  • Runningspecter1999

    The glitch works, but I can't open the other door behind the gate. I'm on ps4. I basicly broke the game.

  • BattlingDust

    Helped a lot. Thanks so much ;)

  • ZerooBat

    Thanks, man, really. Use it on my Xbox one.

  • Rebecca Z

    Worked on Xbox One....once in the gate-house, I entered through the main door and Serana appeared behind me. Thanks for the fix 😀

  • Christian Totherow

    Thanks for the video I guess but for me the gates open it just won't let me go through the door

  • Leto85

    Well, that's certainly one way to get in.What race are you playing?

  • Harry Basson

    doesn't work for me do everything the exact same just having none of it manage to get onto the rood that's all

  • Phantom Pain450

    Can someone help me, whenever I go inside there's a big fight, and whoever they are fighting won't die and I can't pull out my weapons

  • Jimi Kay-Deskati

    Cool i have this problem

  • icecream9478

    Is it possible to do it with out shouts?

  • Dawson Southers

    Thanks that helped lots

  • Ghost Pretty

    Guys I have a problem in my skyrim I also have a video what the problem is but I Need help plz help me.btw I did not complete the main story and I have mods active

  • Alexii J

    I dont mind this glitch at all, atleast i will have two followers now, and Serana is actually pretty god especially when she renimate corpses

  • Franco Fara

    The gate opens to me :v my problem is that the door won't (I'm in PS4)

  • alduin121

    Thanksssssss yesssssss fuck bugs thanksssss

  • priscila rivera

    hey ! I really need your help, when I began the quest Bloodline and finally brought Serana home, as we enter the castle everyone begins to fight. I've reloaded, waited, restarted- basically everything but they STILL fight ಥ_ಥ please help it's so annoying

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