10 Things You Didn't Know about The Pale

Treacherously cold! Empty wastelands of snow! What's in here?
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  • Lakiss Kettle

    The Dread Father Sithis is a she?

  • jaspr1999

    The Brinehammer might be the ship that brought the Night Mother and Cicero. Cicero does say that he wasn't feeling too great on the trip and an empty ship would be prone to crash upon the rocks.

  • Nena Caliente

    Murdered to death Wait wrong video

  • xAngoryx

    Jokes on you Rhexx, this was 11 things I didn't know because I didn't even know there was an area named The Pale shaped like a boot

  • Noodle Boi

    I guess being a Blade is a...Fultheim job

  • Scott Glennon

    Vampire: "We've done it, every last Vigiland lies dead, and their hall is in flames!"Vampire 2: "Yeah, let's steal their carpet!"

  • Tyler Wolfguard

    The Pale, the Italy of Tamriel. It's there, but no one really notices it.

  • Blode Kont

    Cicero came to Skyrim on a ship....... read his yournals..

  • Conor Gillespie

    In some strange way because it was so "empty" I found my time exploring the Pale very interesting and enjoyable but at the same time I never felt comfortable and was always on edge.

  • Sammuel howard

    If I could remake Skyrim, I would make the North cities bigger and more ancient looking, and populate the north more. Of course I still think Skyrim is one of the best games ever made but in hindsight it could have been even better!

  • Arturo Hernandez

    This was SUPER informative, good shit

  • Geert Matthys

    The Pale rocks, modders put loads of quests there because of the room. Falkreath is the suckiest province

  • Blode Kont

    LOL you mention the key of a bandit from Raldbthar when killing Alain Dufont, having the Irkngthand, but then when you get to the ruins in 6 Irkngthand itself you simply neglect to mention it..

  • Lusiggy

    Didn't know wood elves were witcher fans

  • Potato Priorites

    2:05 don't forget that he will attack you completely unprovoked if dressed as a thalmor

  • Gunnaid

    I think Cicero was aboard that boad, and it shows how he got to skyrim with the night mother.

  • Martin Stanek

    Long quality video as always ty MrRhexx!!! are you gonna make a video on your thoughts on Elder Scrolls 6 someday????

  • eimantas

    #1 The fact that it existed

  • Gary Taylor

    Did you just call Sithis....the Dread Father....a she??? Blasphemous dog! May you face judgment in the void!

  • Dillon Salmond

    You could recite the entire bible in reverse and I could still watch the video just to listen to your voice.

  • Logan Lee

    Just an off topic note, but some evidence that the dragonborn is a reincarnation of tiber septim (like many believe) is a little side quest at the old hroldan inn in Skyrim. Check it out if you don't know about it, it sure surprised me when I stumbled upon it today.


    Hey everyone. While talking about mysteries i believe i have found out a clue considering the Quest : In time of Need. The quest with the alikr and sadia dillema. If you ask the characters about an explaination the alikr will say tha sadia betrayed Hammerfell to the Thalmor. If you side with the Alikr and then you visit Markath while it is under imperial control the Thalmor there will attack you immediately. I have tried this senario 3 times and always works so i believe that it is confirmed. Sadia is a thalmor asset and the alikr warrior are honest.

  • Anønymøus Urie

    I found Ciceros cart in my very first play through when I knew nothing of Skyrim and I found it very odd XDD

  • Guillermo Ibarra

    Did you just assume Sithis gender bro?

  • MasterOfMelons

    I actually visited The hall of the Vigilant before it was destroyed. I murdered everyone in there and stole their shit. I guess I did the vampires job for them.Also I stashed all the bodies in the basement.

  • ItsIxel

    What I would want to do is just recreate the cities in Skyrim, like making Solitude much larger. Like having multiple villages spread out across the mountain side, somewhat close to Castle Volkihar. Of course, there’d be a minor vampire issue, but who cares. I’d also attempt to stretch Solitude out towards the Thalmor Embassy, as the Thalmor might want to keep a closer eye on those who run Skyrim. Next, Morthal. I think that a disaster should have happened to Morthal, and not to Winterhold. Maybe half the city got engulfed by the swampland. Dawnstar should have a more rich history, and shouldn’t be pushed aside as a minor city tucked in the harsh snow of Northern Tamriel. Winterhold would regain all the parts that fell during the Great Collapse. Winterhold will be Skyrim’s capital if the Stormcloaks win, and Ulfric would become Jarl of Winterhold and High King of Skyrim. Then Windhelm would have similar issues as it does in the game, Nords discriminate against the Dunmer for being Imperial spies and not taking a side. Markarth would become very interesting. I want Markarth, deep down under the city to have a massive unseen Dwemer civilization, and that would be where the Dwemer were hiding since 700 of the 1st Era. The people of Markarth would be completely oblivious to this, obviously. And Markarth would be the 2nd battle in the Civil Ware. Farkarth would be the first battle in the Civil War, as knocking out Farkarth would not allow the Imperial Legion shipping supplies North to Skyrim, unless it goes through Hammerfell and to Markarth. Whiterun would be much larger and richer. Kinda like how the Mongol Empire conquered the Silk Road, they’re in the center of Skyrim and would get a ton of trade opportunities. And, Dragonsreach would not be made out of mostly wood. Rather stone and various types of other metals. Riften would be much smaller, as I think Whiterun hold would stretch further into the Rift. Ivarstead would thus become part of Whiterun. And Helgen wouldn’t be the site of a dragon attack, rather a new village apart of the Rift. Riften would become a part of the Imperials immediately, thus Whiterun would belong to the Stormcloaks. Raven Rock would also be given the Island of Solstheim as her hold. There would be a large project to return the island back to what it once was before Red Mountain exploded.

  • murasaki rin

    What, no mention about how Cisero, a member of the dark brotherhood, carted the nightmothers body over to skyrim via ship? He was transporting very precious, very secret cargo (the nightmother), so it's not too big a stretch to think that maybe, just maybe, that was the ship Cisero was on. That he potentially killed the crew to keep them quiet about the voyage, or even to get rid of anyone who might have seen him cleaning the body, and thus seen the nightmother.Anyway these are just my thoughts, I have no access to console commands, so this is just my personal fan theory.

  • Kyle Forbes

    Isn't sithis a dude?

  • dusansa98

    Did you just call Sithis a she? You have invoked the wrath of Sithis

  • djtazzyjeff

    You missed the fact that the statue mercer is on top of in irkngthald, is an easter egg in reference to the original dungeons and dragons players handbook

  • ddrlear

    I so heard nutsack instead of knapsack.

  • ColdStorag3

    Hey Rhexx, are you ever going to continue the LorePlay series? I loved those video's and was really sad you stopped making them :(. PS. You have the perfect voice for all of your lore videos :D keep up the amazing work <3

  • Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

    You sound like the type of dude I'd steal lunch money from

  • Daniel athey

    You sounded genuinely excited to talk about sithis :)

  • Harry Kollmorgen

    Rhrexx I’ve had this question for forever and have never been able to find an answer. If the player could actually read a spell tome, what would it say?

  • Wolf

    I remember when you were at 4k subs lol.

  • JCI1990

    I was chopping wood in the pale one time at the lumbermill kinda close to windhelm and three people walked up to me (bandit npcs who were hired to kill me because of some quest I completed) They all started to attack me and tehre was nothing I could do to stop my guy from chopping wood. I don't think you can exit out of wood chopping once you start. So they killed me and i remember that I hadn't saved my game and I lost a ton of progress and money. I was so mad. Always remember to save... Especially before chopping wood in The Pale

  • Spiritmon Pendragon

    Interesting. No wonder Ulfric wanted to take the crown from Borgas Tumb. Anyone who wield such item became a big deal to be considered a true High King. Very interesting indeed.Awesome video man. Also, I have a suggestion of video: Things you didn't know about the Companions Guild. That theme came to mind when I doing the questline of that guild, and I doing the mission with Aela to kill some Silver Hand. In of the rooms I find the corpse of a werewolf, and in one of the pots I found Brian Hearts. Then came a crazy theory: What if, the Silver Hand was doing experiment with Werewolves using the same process the Haggraven do to create Brian Hearts? I mean, the most better way to get rid a group of Werewolves is using a army of Werewolves slaves. It is probably just a random item, but it is strange such item in that place.

  • explosiveCoconuts

    "Irkandlalamb" - MrRhexx 2018

  • Chris Nagoya

    I didnt even go to falkreath yet, and im level 27

  • William Garrison

    Tenent number 6 Never call the Dread Father a she. To do so is to invoke the wrath of sithis

  • HowToGainTime

    What are you talking about "20 things I didn't know about my pale" it's over there in the corner filled with sand! To build sand castles you gotta know everything about your pale, the ins and outs, the diameter, the circumference, the radius, how far the middle of your handle is from the actual pale. C'mon man I already know all these things, I'm an expert!

  • Goku Black

    Fulthaim(butchering namd) was indeed blades member and best clue is in DB quest where Astrid makes you kill one if the possible contracts. One if them is fulthaim and that guy becouse if that name was kidnapped by mistake, the fulthaim that should have been there is the blade member, contractor most likely being thalmor

  • j3oid V

    Please, for the love of Talos bring back the lore plays. I need Captain Dreads in my life.

  • mike hall

    i wake up at 10:00 and i get on the pc and i wach this i love this chanl

  • Thor's Hammer

    Can you do a powerscaling challenge video on the Daedric Princes?

  • Prōphecy

    plz stop saying obleeeeeeeevion in your videos

  • Azure Gamer

    Does anyone else question why the bandit had a key to a dwemer dungeon for the thieves guild, could there have been a secret door that he took the key to or could there have been a secret passage from one to the other so the dwemer never had to go above ground to put themselves in danger, or did they just forget to get rid of a key and threw a bandit in with it

  • Lets Play Skeledragon9

    Can you please not do a long ass pause between each number of the top 10s?Otherwise, I love your videosJust found your channel today!

  • TheOneTrueCactusGaming

    This is just a theory but in ciceros journals you can find he was on a boat with the night mother and the brine hammer may of been the ship he was on it may explain the book within in the chest although this theory may be wrong

  • Ysgramor

    Funny story, when borgas stepped inside Shor's Hall, i didnt recognize him, so when he said he was part of Ysgramor's lineage (He didnt know me either, we didnt have sculptures and statues then) I punched him on his guts and almost threw him from the whale bridge.. Lets just say it wasnt the best of introductions..

  • Myriam Ouellet

    0:19 put the subtitles on 😂 "the elder scrolls skyrim" turns into "foolish girls skyrim"

  • Russell Finley

    i've traveled from every corner of the desolate pale to the next, because i'm an explorer by nature and that's what i do. i know there is barely much of anything out there, but i want to see it, on the off chance i might find something interesting. i love skyrim, it's the greatest game i've ever played and seven years later i'm still not bored with it.

  • Bartu Dündar

    By the way, if you wear Thalmor armor in the Nightgate Inn Fultheim attacks you.

  • Holly Williams

    I watched this whole video thinking you were going to talk about an area in Skyrim shaped like a "butt," but no, you said "boot." I am highly disappointed. But I like your videos. Subscribed.

  • Cole

    Fultheim also attacks the player character of they are a high elf dressed in thalmor robes

  • Curious Giraffe

    I've been watching you for years. what happen to your voice? and your tone. sounds kinda high pitched. Idk. good video though

  • That One Ring

    what's the Music called around number 9

  • That One Ring

    also what is the music at number ten

  • hans

    You sound like you're on helium sometimes.

  • M-rek

    those silent pauses between every point are pretty awkward and they are just long enough to make me want to skip forward a bit but they are around 4 seconds long so the 5 second skip you get when pressing the right-arrow-key is already too far and I have to go back and embrace the silence. Was that on purpose?

  • Phil Dicks

    Sithis is male, the Dark Mother is female.

  • Suman Roy

    MrRhexx will you do these kind of videos in future for oblivion as well? I'm eager to know more.

  • MythologyandRelegionIknow OSkyBlivionRim

    Or he killed a blades member and took the sword.

  • Spacerogue

    Might have been a good idea to use the bookcover mod, its kinda sad to see this unique book with such a drab and generic cover.

  • Skull Kid


  • Loki Ro

    The sithis book is probably there because the devs didnt wamt it to be inaccessible of you destroy the DB this means you can still get the "read 40 skill books" trophy

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