Skyrim - Top 5 Playstyles


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we take you through our top 5 playstyles ranked in order of our personal preference.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Saul Moses


  • Xiablo

    me at the start of every new character: im sick and tired of playing a sneak archer/assassin i will try to play as a mage for a change.half an hour latersneaks around with a bow

  • Blixen

    My playstyles: 1. Stealth archer2. Stealth archer3. Stealth archer4. Stealth archer5. Heavy armor, two handed.

  • Poseidon

    I’m always a two-handed heavy warrior, I never die and I can walk into a group of bandits and not worry about damage. No blocking, I just keep slashing. I like to imagine it being like real life. You’re a bandit at his favorite outpost when out of nowhere one random dude shows up in some weird ass armor. You shoot him with a couple arrows, but he just keeps going. Arrows sticking out of his body everywhere, your buddies are whacking him with their swords and he doesn’t stop, nothing can stop him. And those beheading kills with a warhammer? 👌🏻

  • Toreole 2

    5??? There is only one tho? I have completed 7 playthroughs as stealth archer as only style, and now youre trying to tell me that theres more than that? No way.

  • The Optimist

    The best playstyle is using conjuration and companions to amass an army that lives only to serve your will.

  • The Sentinal

    You made me wanne play skyrim again thank you very much :)


    Yo where all my telekinesis sweet roll launchers at doe Maybe inefficient as hell but I have the ability t say i killed the ebony warrior on master difficulty with that method so ya'll can suck it

  • Colton Fox

    I always find myself being a Nord heavy tank just because that fits the Dragonborn.

  • Heydan Gain

    Class - Holy Paladin Race - Breton Major skills - Restoration, Alteration, Heavy armor, Enchanting, One handed, Smithing

  • Solar _

    My favorite playstyle is download so many mods the game is nearly unrecognizable and you can hardly take a step without your game crashing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Diane IsMyName

    I love builds without crafting. Crafting is not only tedious to me, but it results in characters becoming OP, which is boring. Wish there were more no- crafting builds.

  • Torbero

    6:13 half of the population in Nirn just cease to exist.

  • Vijeo_ GamerMC

    I'm currently playing an all-out (just do something!!! Sort of playthrough lol) playthrough. But, my next playthrough I'ma do a Ranger playthrough (idk if a 'Ranger' playthrough exists yet ('-') ). I'm gonna try and base it around the rangers from the book series: Ranger's Apprentice by John Flanagan. If melee, dual wielding daggers. At ranged, I'ma use a bow. Or maybe (haven't decided yet) instead of dual daggers for close-range, I'll go for a sword and dagger (my dad's preference). Plus, my armour will be light armour.Main Perks: Sneak and archery.Side Perks (like side projects): One-handed and light armour.And, I know, I know, it's very similar to the sneak-archer playthrough, buuuuut... WHATEVER.Please reply if there are any flaws in this build up!

  • SwifTBuddY


  • Saya Sakisaka

    My favorite playstyle is easily the Dovakiin, dragonbone battleaxe with dragonplate armor and the Jagged Crown (sneak drop it into ralof's inv and take it out later to complete quest and get to keep the crown!), play main questline and stormcloak faction mainly. Whirlwind, Cyclone, Fire Breath, Dragon Aspect primarily, chaos damage and absorb health on the axe! Resto and Alteratiton for buff and heal!

  • Skadi

    Yall know everyone starts off as the hero dovahkiin. Then they discover DB, thieves guild, sneak and archery...

  • Drunk Penguin

    I love skyrim so much that every time I start a new character I want to do everything and can't decide lol

  • SpunChii

    You have got to love this game in all it's buggy glory

  • Lios Stainer

    My playstyle right now is a pacifist merchant and it is hard as hell.

  • Aleksa Manic

    Im a mage-archer-swords vampirelord...should I become a regular high elf again?

  • Sam White

    I wanted to be a sniper but ur useless in a dungeon😭😭😭

  • imabeapirate

    conjure up the bow with silent casting, and snipe everthing like a sneaky ninja.

  • Adam Xei

    I call my favorite playstyle "the loud assassin". An invisibility using battle axe wielding maniac. Paired with the weapon aspect shout and the whirlwind cloak spell, and you have a secret hurricane.

  • netherrealmshero

    The real best playstyle is finding Nazeem, saving the game, killing him, and then loading the game so you can kill him again.

  • Jonenoh Spencer

    🔴 REDGUARD (Best one-handed race - with their own mini-preview for every stealth and unsteath action ) - ONE HANDED, STEALTH ASSASIN (NO-SHEILDS) VAMPIRE - LORD - MASTER MAGICIAN (illusion, restoration & alteration*) - all light clothing no armour used - and no Destruction an Conguration perks (these are never upgraded) - I focus on illusion and alteration spells to use my own enemies against themselves - with a few shouts from the DLC Dragonborn...I used to love conjugation the most but i realized it took a lot of time just trying to cast arch-figures...unless am fight dragons..

  • Andy Shroom

    I chose the death to the dark brotherhood questline then made them murder each other

  • Rudolf Kartoffel

    fist only khajiit? anyone?

  • Helaric

    I'm a bit of everything. I use all magic except illusion and when it runs out I use either a 2H weapons or 1H + Shield, if at distance I use bow while crouching then switch to magic and so forth.

  • Venneroth

    Why does Ysgramor have a shield and a battleaxe? Did he use Wuuthrad one handed? Probably. No wonder the Snow Elves were toast.

  • Dloin

    i call the heavy armor + conjuring build "the debt collector" :D

  • Singed

    REAL RUN CHALLENGE. The game becomes very interesting. Play on Legendary difficulty obeying these 10 rules:1- You only can carry one type of equipment (one 1 hand-weapon, one two-hand weapon, 1 armor, 1 ring, 1 shield, etc).2- Companions can't carry your shit.3- No potions can be picked, nor created. You can only carry ingredients if you wish, and eat them. The cure is only with food or the spell restoration that you gain in the beginning of the game.4- No upgrades in sorceries like conjuration or destruction: you can only use scrolls.5- Forbidden to steal anything, unless if it is a mission or required for something.6- Don't kill any innocent people or pacific animals, only those that are a treat to you, like wolves for example.7- Don't farm levels, for example: sneak or lockpick. Just play as normal.8- Build your house, not buy one.10- You can save anytime, and can fast travel. Without this is boring.

  • The Fisting Tree

    All heavy armour, deul weild a hammer or axe, high health, high stamina, low to mid magika (for atronochs incase you get in a pinch), also have your archery skill tree really high along with duel weild and heavy armour in skill tree,(optional: upgrade sneak) get a heavy armour with bows doing +20% at least also have chest plate enchanted or wahtever it is I found mine in a dungeon wich gives you +50 health the other armours can be whatever. And the get the best bow and just any armour that is better use it

  • Minus w3niger

    Just going pure Battle Mage, and burn all those draugrs down, fire balls are realy effective and do a lot of dmg in late game too, If u cant just burn them, just get help from fire atronarchs and the fire tuum

  • Apresa resa

    5. Sneak archer4. Sneak archer3. Sneak archer2. Sneak archer1. Sneak archer

  • Michael Denison

    For me, my absolute favorite build is using the skills Destruction through Block:Destruction - offensive magic and elemental damageRestoration - healing, my favorite abilities in gamesAlteration - defensive magic and utilityEnchanting - weapon and armor augmentationSmithing - weapon and armor creationHeavy Armor - pure protectionBlock - shields are my favorite "weapons"Looking at the skills and where they lie on the Guardian Signs, I am exactly between the Warrior and the Mage, which I find immensely satisfying.I've never like pure specialists in RPG's, I've found I gravitate toward hybrids, and the "Magic Knight" as it's generically referred to is my favorite.I am much more capable if I can "switch" tactics, i.e. if the enemy is resistant to magic I can proceed to introduce my fist to their face, if the enemy is immune to pointy or blunt objects I can proceed to light them up, burn them down, or freeze them through.I always find myself going back to a shield equipped and a healing spell ready. I'm not opposed to Archery or Two-Handed, and Sneaking is useful for gathering information...but at the end of the day, when the chips are down my cleric-paladin-esque setup is my go-to.

  • Blake Bauman

    I have a question for all you guys out there.I see everyone listing there different play-styles, different builds, etc.From my perspective, creating a specific build, let's say, stealth mage, then starting again after playing that for awhile as something different, let's say, stealth archer, seems a bit purposeful...if you get what I mean. Why would you play awhile as a character only to leave that one and start another? It just seems like you're building up something only to leave it a little after. For example, it seems as though to me that getting maybe 2, at the absolute MAX 3 characters, exploring all of Skyrim, doing everything there is to do, etc. seems good, because you're not saying to yourself "Okay I'll play a bit in this guy then I'm out to start again." You're not leaving all your hard earned progress by the road.So, in question form, what I'm trying to say is this, why is everyone doing that? Starting as one thing then leaving that and starting again as something different a little bit after? Isn't that rather pointless?Just for a little background, I played Skyrim once, for 60 hours, that save got deleted, so for about two months I did my best to get it back, gave up on that, then started to prep my next play-through with tons of mods, then, through a strange turn of events, my old save came back, but I didn't want to play it, I wanted to start fresh, so I did, with tons of mods that messed with my game, plenty of lag, and soon after that I realized I didn't have enough time to play Skyrim like I did in my first playthrough. In however long it is, I'm going to start again. And I'm starting to prep what I'm going to do. I might to one playthough as my classic character, a tank, heavy armor, two handed, block, bow for med range and for damage only, not stealth, you get the idea, then after that, do a very different playthrough, maybe a pickpocketing stealth bow mage.I'm having somewhat of a dilemma choosing what to do though, because I feel like if I do that, for the first playthough If I do everything, all the guilds, everything in Skyrim basically, I will be doing the mage guild as something I'm not really supposed to be, a heavy armored warrior, but I feel like If I don't do everything on that playthrough, than that one is meaningless for the most part because I'm saving alot of Skyrim for my next playthrough, so this one is just a means to an end.I think I'll end up just doing everything, the mage guild, the thieves guild, everything on both the first and the second, so that way I won't be thinking to myself, "Okay, I'll do that later on my second playthough." thus downgrading this one and what I can and cannot do in it; I don't want to turn it into a grind, a "Okay, once Im done with this playthrough I'll move onto this one..." Kind of thing. I want to be able to take my time, where I'm at, and enjoy.Your guys thoughts? Have you been in a similar situation? How did it work out, is what I'm thinking about really not a problem?Thanks.

  • Killercoldice22

    How does he stay invisable and what the heck is night blade???

  • theawesomeguy

    maybe there should be a new one of a kind build like a illusion archer?

  • Len VDL

    Am, I the only one who plays as a khajiit unarmed master?1. +15 unarmed damage for khajiit2. Get gloves of the pugilist3.Crank up your heavy armor, get iron fist perk,4.enchant your heaviest gauntlets with the pugilist' enchantment5. Murder every thing with your hands

  • MDDG - Mitosis The Game

    2 one handed weapons + heavy armor, and just kill every enemy :D

  • daan boer

    dual wielding swords heavy armor shadow warrior love it!

  • Sickle Ogle

    late to the party, but I'll throw my two havoritss in here. 1 Is the forge mage, you ficuse on knowing and maxing all the weapon types, use bound weapons, enchanted light ir heavy armor, and take a few other perks like quiet casting. Its a very fun and inyeresting change of pace2 the artificer, this us a build themed around dwemer tech and the artificer dnd class, you will use maxed out dwemer weaoons, the aetherium staff, light armor, and a little magic here and there. The build plays similar to a ranger as you use bows, and melee combat, but it has the twist of dwemer tech. You spend the game either hunting down, or creating your own high end gear, and try to go for a steam punk feel with it, for example you dont use heavy armor, but you might use the visage as a weapon in combat. You can also side with the dawnguard and use some if their relics like the run shield as it fits the theme as well.

  • A Frederick

    I'm always an imperial, be it light or heavy, I use a sword and a bow. Maybe a shield now n then

  • Yeenosaur

    #1. Stealth Archer#2. Stealth Archer#3. Stealth Archer#4. Stealth Archer#5. Stealth Archer

  • Shannon Randolph

    Love the classic Sword/Shield Heavy Armor character focused on smithing. I also have a Destruction Magic Necromancer (Conjuration and Ritual Stone) and a greatsword weilding, Violent Murderer who kills everyone he comes in contact with (he's also a highly skilled pickpocket with 90k and an affinity for archery). Currently working on a Heavy Armor character that uses two-handed battleaxes exclusively, while utilizing Destruction spells for mid-long range combat and Restoration to keep him at his best. He is a Breton whose mother was drained by a vampire from Castle Volkihar, not far off the coast from their family farm in North-Eastern High Rock. He is a moral man with a taste for justice. He sides with the Imperials, but does not agree with everything they're doing so he's not too far off from Neutral really. Wish roleplay was focused on a bit more in these games. Oh well!

  • jose 123

    I am the best dual dagger assassin

  • blvckgucci

    I'm a bit late but I just saw the video, so might as well drop a comment.I really enjoyed my last two playthroughs, which are as follows:1. I decided to mix things up a bit and go for a heavily hybrid build. I specialized in heavy armor, one- and two-handed weapons, sneaking, restoration, alteration, block, as well as crafting skills like alchemy, enchanting and smithing. Developing so many skills wasn't easy at first, but turned into a very enjoyable playstyle, being available to adapt to any conceivable situation.2. With this one I decided to challenge myself a bit. A stealth archer, which isn't very challenging in its own right, but with only melee weapon being a dagger, as well as not wearing any armor, only clothes and robes. So I specialized in sneaking and archery (obviously), but also in pickpocket, alchemy, illusion and alteration. Especially the pickpocket and alchemy combination was really fun, with the perk that allows you to poison people by putting vials of poison in their pockets.I have over 1000 hours in Skyrim, so I have tried many more different playstyles, these are just the 2 most recent. Cheers!

  • Tim Huffman

    Thanks for this video. I haven't played Skyrim since 2011/2012, and now with the recent media hype at E3, I'm going to install it again but play it vanilla version (no mods). Seems like it's been forever, so this video (along with the comments below) really gave me a lot of good options to consider different play styles to think about. Thumbs up

  • Random Panzer

    Hello! Do you have time to talk about our lord and saviour, Talos?Why did I get likes wtf

  • Jack

    My favorite is just the angriest looking nord with a really big sword and an even bigger voice. It's the Storm Cloaks' dream. With a mod or two, my dude's a master of the voice with abilities that vanilla players wish they had, and he's also a bard because a) it's funny, and b) it was in the same modded skill tree as the voice skills. In The rp, he's the meanest, truest son of Skyrim, a devoted student of the voice (because the voice mod adds repeatable quests that enhance voice powers), and his greatest desire to gain more power (with the exception of becoming a werewolf or a vampire, because he wants to go to sovergard), therefore, his lust for battle is, for a lack of better words, unquenchable, and because of that last one, banditry while traveling the roads isn't an uncommon behavior for this guy. To be honest, he's kinda just a straight forward murder hobo. He generally wears heavy armor (something that looks Norse as well), but at one point, the voice powers are powerful enough for him to wear anything and you can even fight with just the shouts. Needless to say, I find it pretty entertaining to just be the brute.

  • Jeremiah Fisher

    1. One handed weapon and restoration 2. Stealth archer3. Wizard assassin4. Over powered enchant/smith/alchemist (anything is possible)5. Dragon Lord

  • Stormbladekiin

    Stealth archer - The RKO of Skyrim. Agreed lol

  • Supergirl Gamer

    Every time I start new game, I'm always a heavy armoured tank, with a sword and shield. I tell myself I should try something new, but I can't change my play style, it's engrained in me and it's a classic.

  • fuck off

    This list is pathetic. Styles 4 and are literally in the same style of play: Vampire Nightblade.

  • FuRy PeAcH

    Ive created my own its calledUriels Overgrown petYou play as a kajiit Main weapons Uriels bow and sheild with dragon sword with any enchant mentUriels full set of armor any helmetFeel free to do any questHelper to allConpanion recomended serana for the blood for bowSidded with vampireworship all godsObtain lots of artifacsHAVE FUN

  • joey dahl

    I usually do a shadow assassin with both bows and sneaking behind enemies but I also try to have my heavy armors and two handed leveled for those moments when you have to be armored and dealing a lot of damage

  • Lrd. Suckme

    The last one is a spellsword. That would be it, I think.

  • Creased Horizon

    I can never keep to any build. I always end up doing a little bit of everything. Mostly because none of my good characters can help but to join the theives guild and dark brotherhood and all my bad characters still run errands for everyone and helps the people. I also always play as nords because im not really into the other races except Bretons.

  • Ryder Nigga

    If you haven't played a two-handed Nord who fights for the Stormcloaks and hates all the elves, you don't even know what playing Skyrim is...

  • Old Sport

    be breton have 25% magic resistanceget "agent of mara" perk and have 15+ points of magic resistancehave master perk in enchanting upgrade your armor to have infinite mana for restoration spells and upgrade again this same armor to have so much magic resistance use best magic ward and be practically immortall for magesyou are god for mages you can just rape them

  • Toxic Gaming 50

    I use heavy armor with 1 handed and magic (usually a restoration or destruction spells)

  • Ad Victoriam

    No companions. No magic. Only my blade and shield with my dog. Legendary difficulty.

  • Nick Yerick

    Ebony mail with Flame Cloak, and tank it up. Walk up to people and just stand there and watch them die!

  • Emma Kilgore

    1.sneak archer2.sneak archer3.sneak archer4.sneak archer5.warrior

  • Eric Weiler

    I play a variant of the conjuration warrior. I start out a fight with bound seord in one hand and flame atronach in the other. While my flame atronach mixes things up in a large froup of enemies, I either rush in with bound sword, or stay back and use my magic.

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