Skyrim - Top 5 Playstyles


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we take you through our top 5 playstyles ranked in order of our personal preference.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Lord Fuccwad


  • Blixen

    My playstyles: 1. Stealth archer2. Stealth archer3. Stealth archer4. Stealth archer5. Heavy armor, two handed.

  • Neil Dodd

    Most of the time when I make new characters, I go with the classic 'Nazeem imposter build'. I create a redguard male character, I then go straight to Whiterun and assassinate Nazeem. I steal his clothes and items and live peacefully in the cloud district. It's always fun at the start, but I find it hard to level up, considering how Nazeem is someone who never engages in combat or crafts items. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to make this build more effective?

  • Drunk Penguin

    I love skyrim so much that every time I start a new character I want to do everything and can't decide lol

  • Skadi

    Yall know everyone starts off as the hero dovahkiin. Then they discover DB, thieves guild, sneak and archery...

  • Clayton Weyl

    The best playstyle is using conjuration and companions to amass an army that lives only to serve your will.

  • Lesi Lonkai

    1. Conjuration Archer2. Conjuration Warrior3. Shield and Sword4. Stealth Archer5. Illusion Controller Someone still playing this game?

  • AyeOzZy


  • Poseidon

    I’m always a two-handed heavy warrior, I never die and I can walk into a group of bandits and not worry about damage. No blocking, I just keep slashing. I like to imagine it being like real life. You’re a bandit at his favorite outpost when out of nowhere one random dude shows up in some weird ass armor. You shoot him with a couple arrows, but he just keeps going. Arrows sticking out of his body everywhere, your buddies are whacking him with their swords and he doesn’t stop, nothing can stop him. And those beheading kills with a warhammer? 👌🏻

  • Colton Fox

    I always find myself being a Nord heavy tank just because that fits the Dragonborn.

  • Torbero

    6:13 half of the population in Nirn just cease to exist.


    Yo where all my telekinesis sweet roll launchers at doe Maybe inefficient as hell but I have the ability t say i killed the ebony warrior on master difficulty with that method so ya'll can suck it

  • DSU Beats


  • Heydan Gain

    Class - Holy Paladin Race - Breton Major skills - Restoration, Alteration, Heavy armor, Enchanting, One handed, Smithing

  • Xiablo

    me at the start of every new character: im sick and tired of playing a sneak archer/assassin i will try to play as a mage for a change.half an hour latersneaks around with a bow

  • Hamza Feroz

    1. Spellsword2. Sword and Shield3. Spellsword4. Spellsword5. Spellsword

  • SpunChii

    You have got to love this game in all it's buggy glory

  • Tony der Echteアンソニー・パベル

    The coolest build in my opinion is unarmed as khajit with enchanted heavy gauntlets that increase your unarmed damage and the heavy armor skill that adds the armor of your gauntlets to your unarmed damage.

  • Diane IsMyName

    I love builds without crafting. Crafting is not only tedious to me, but it results in characters becoming OP, which is boring. Wish there were more no- crafting builds.

  • Amy 14444

    I use heavy armour and I sneak kill enemies with my bow, and then once I'm detected I use my sword and shield for close range. (I'm still on my first play through, people do still play)

  • Fierce Mushroom

    I tend to play a solid mage character, only invest in magic perks. No armor, no weapons, no non-magical perks, no sneaking, and most importantly no followers.

  • Andy Shroom

    I chose the death to the dark brotherhood questline then made them murder each other

  • An4rchy FTW

    1.Autism Cat2. 13. 24. 35. 4

  • Solar _

    My favorite playstyle is download so many mods the game is nearly unrecognizable and you can hardly take a step without your game crashing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hunter Trecartin

    Me: adds mod with saurons maceMe: YOU WILL ALL FLY BEFORE ME PEASENTS

  • Sam White

    I wanted to be a sniper but ur useless in a dungeon😭😭😭

  • rick24lb

    My playstyle is standing around taking screenshots and selfies with Lydia.

  • Eric Weiler

    I play a variant of the conjuration warrior. I start out a fight with bound seord in one hand and flame atronach in the other. While my flame atronach mixes things up in a large froup of enemies, I either rush in with bound sword, or stay back and use my magic.

  • Yeenosaur

    #1. Stealth Archer#2. Stealth Archer#3. Stealth Archer#4. Stealth Archer#5. Stealth Archer

  • 1000 Subscribers With no videos

    Illusion assassins here!

  • Adam Xei

    I call my favorite playstyle "the loud assassin". An invisibility using battle axe wielding maniac. Paired with the weapon aspect shout and the whirlwind cloak spell, and you have a secret hurricane.


    5. The Gravewalker, ripped straight out of Shadow of Mordor/War and it’s practically me raising dead and controlling every person possible so they betray one another. 4. Kratos, just keep using Heavy Armor and dual swords, axes, or maces with an orc. 3. Legolas, it’s an up-close archer build that uses the slow time shout to help out with killing people before they know what hit them2. The Nude-it, it’s a combination of Nudist and Unit. Using the Kajiit for a hand-to-hand build with nothing but Daedric Gauntlets to fist people to death with.1. The Arrow of the Eclipse, it’s a Conjuration-focused assassin that also uses illusion to mess with people. Using both bound dagger and bound bow with the occasional use of Mehrune’s Razor for that extra flair for the looks. This last one is my favorite when mixed with either the Nightingale armor set or the Ancient Shrouded Armor armor set. It’s my favorite.

  • Kiwi

    Nordic Viking + Destructionaxe sheld and FIRE

  • netherrealmshero

    The real best playstyle is finding Nazeem, saving the game, killing him, and then loading the game so you can kill him again.

  • Rpg alien

    maybe there should be a new one of a kind build like a illusion archer?

  • Vans Pans

    cmon guys, we all know the most op build is light armor theif, one handed weapon, and magic (destruction anf illusion)

  • Yissnakk Jr

    Wait, there's builds?No seriously though, I never went with specific perks and always only picked the perks I wanted and needed, and I never stay consistent either.

  • Venneroth

    Why does Ysgramor have a shield and a battleaxe? Did he use Wuuthrad one handed? Probably. No wonder the Snow Elves were toast.

  • james gregg

    My favorite development is the Stealth Ranger, a sort of Multpurpose Assassin using Summoning spells(Conjuration), and stealth spells(Illusion), Master of Blade and Bow, if a good Avartar, then the Restoration skills is a must, with the Dwemer Rifle(Lore Friendly) Mod makes this Character a deadly Opponent.

  • Grey Son

    My personal favorite is controller. Conjuration/illusion with some light stealth. Sneak around, get a handle on the situation your about to engage, position yourself properly, lob a few Frenzy spells, and throw in some summons to finish things off. For RP purposes, I'll often leave one bandit alive with a calm or fear spell...….. can't spread a reputation without a witness....

  • Ragin Lemon

    Hmmm maybe I’ll try out some of these builds...all my save files 100 sneak 100 archery

  • Eric Holley

    I usually do sneak archer. Buy right I am playing sword and shield and it is rewarding! Right now I have the spellbound shield and black mail ebony armor and they perfectly compliment each other. With low level enemies you don’t even have to use a weapon the blackmail kills them for you

  • Apresa resa

    5. Sneak archer4. Sneak archer3. Sneak archer2. Sneak archer1. Sneak archer

  • Nikola Miklic

    I started as conjuration archer and ended up as assassin because there is no need for support when I 1 shot everyone

  • Hajile

    I always choose a spellsword theif, it's a mix of all of the main builds

  • BanzaiSoldier117

    I used to be a spellsword, then i picked up a crossbow and hid i the shadows stabing my opponents from a distance, watching as their lifeless body falls to the ground for an eternal rest.

  • Dreamdecipher 1994

    Special Daggers (for example that "Mehrumes Dagon Blade"), Bow & poisoned Arrows.Use your brain & intuition!

  • Random Panzer

    Hello! Do you have time to talk about our lord and saviour, Talos?Why did I get likes wtf

  • What’s hanging boys?

    I didn’t even have to know the name of the sneak archer build to accidentally turn into one

  • Helaric

    I'm a bit of everything. I use all magic except illusion and when it runs out I use either a 2H weapons or 1H + Shield, if at distance I use bow while crouching then switch to magic and so forth.

  • Arkodex116

    In my actual/first playthrow i went for a destruction spells with one handed weapons, and as my only playthrow it's my favourite

  • Shawn Wilkerson

    1.dual wielding maces heavy armor2.sneak archer light armor3.dual wielding swords heavy armor4.sneak dagger light armor5.mage robes

  • Lios Stainer

    My playstyle right now is a pacifist merchant and it is hard as hell.

  • Jake Murray

    I've never beaten the game or did much variety but so far my favorites are these1. Stealth Archer Theif (armed with a bow, one handed sword and some potions)2. Traditional Knight (with the one hand sword and shield and it course his horse)3. Duel wielding berserker (carrying two one handed weapons)

  • Stephan Sinyard

    Nothing does it for me quite like a good Breton Conjuration Battlemage.

  • Sarah

    I actualy made my female tank warrior a conjuration warrior. But now with 700 damage on my one handed sword its kinda only to make the daedra fight weaklings for me so i dont have to bother with them xD or as meatshield when i fight op npcs like karstaag or even worse, the ebony warrior

  • ShishigamiLP

    1. onehanded warrior with conjuration2. twohanded dragonwarrior(Axe, shouts)3. Sneak Archer of any type (sneak magic is also really dope)4. onehanded battlemage5. survivalist (illusion, speech, sneak, paralyse/drain enchantments, alchemy) mostly for roleplay6. Console-commands god with all them perks. eat legendary dragons for breakfast. atleast thats one save to test out mods :p

  • The Guillotine

    The top play style of all “I don’t what I’m doing so I’m guy kill everyone I meet”

  • Sickle Ogle

    late to the party, but I'll throw my two havoritss in here. 1 Is the forge mage, you ficuse on knowing and maxing all the weapon types, use bound weapons, enchanted light ir heavy armor, and take a few other perks like quiet casting. Its a very fun and inyeresting change of pace2 the artificer, this us a build themed around dwemer tech and the artificer dnd class, you will use maxed out dwemer weaoons, the aetherium staff, light armor, and a little magic here and there. The build plays similar to a ranger as you use bows, and melee combat, but it has the twist of dwemer tech. You spend the game either hunting down, or creating your own high end gear, and try to go for a steam punk feel with it, for example you dont use heavy armor, but you might use the visage as a weapon in combat. You can also side with the dawnguard and use some if their relics like the run shield as it fits the theme as well.

  • Troy Addict

    I like being a healer Have like 2 followers and healing them why they fight And one hand weapon and shield And contouring up monster to fight for me and bring new dead ones to fight for me at the same time And just basic mage class just a lot of magic attacks that’s all

  • Kyle Ma

    I'm a shield and sword person and a illusion controller but I am also a stealthy person

  • thomas neal

    Enchanting is best playstyle can literally do anything I want and be awesome at it immediately with a simple enchantment

  • Clash With Jessi

    My favorite is Warrior Mage

  • D E U S

    I always end up being a heavy armor battlemage, switching between magic, dual wielding and shield and sword.

  • Len VDL

    Am, I the only one who plays as a khajiit unarmed master?1. +15 unarmed damage for khajiit2. Get gloves of the pugilist3.Crank up your heavy armor, get iron fist perk,4.enchant your heaviest gauntlets with the pugilist' enchantment5. Murder every thing with your hands

  • McMan86

    I literally got a 300 and a half minute ad

  • Cody LeCompte

    My play style stealth archerstealth archer stealth archerstealth archer dual wielding berserker , last resort.

  • Flava Ninja

    I use a ice themed nord. Heavy armour, one handed, block as well as ice destruction, ice creature conjuration, ice shouts etc. Use full wolf armour gear.

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