Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox - 5 BEST Mods to Download #3 (Console Mods)

Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox - 5 BEST Mods to Download #3 (Console Mods)
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Skyrim Console Mods Playlist :

Check out the Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods & Xbox Mods Below!

Rayeks End - Mini Hideout
(Xbox) (Only mod form the video that isnt on xbox)
Water and Terrain Enhancer
Better Loot (Treasure Hunter Edition)
Instant mastery
Dense Grass
Phenderix the archmage artifacts

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    Keep it up!!! You're the best YouTube for skyrim and fallout!!! You're amazing!!!

  • Chtaz ManianDevil

    funny. I just downloaded all these without watching the video haha

  • Cesar Julca SIGN IT NOW

  • Abraxas Alazam

    Please keep this going man.

  • Tartus Maximus

    its disapointing that theres so many cheat mods

  • memezare dreamz

    can you make another fallout 4 ps4 mods

  • Captain Nemo

    Is Unbelievable Grass Two able to come to console? Are they strong enough?

  • Raven 3-1

    sooo, are any of these really ps4 mods? or are they all xbox?

  • Kjell Bjorge

    Rayeks End is my Honey Hole. I have over 374,890 septums in there right now! I love this little home. I think its better then any vanilla game house you can get.

  • genXd4d

    Thread under the Rayeks End mod states XB1 version is OTW.

  • LJ Smith III

    lol did teddy just 4-0 you on FIFA?

  • Jambros

    hey twodynamic you sound like mrdalekjd lol

  • The Good Ol' Days!

    so are you going to do in Xbox for you or just ps4 version of this

  • EJ Domingo

    Please allow outside mods -.-

  • D. Banks

    hey buddy im an inspiring youtuber I have content on my page do you have any suggestions on how to expand my views and subscribers

  • Brendan Stiltner

    If I could wish for 2 mods that use external assets I'd get the Immersive weapons and armors mod

  • elscarface

    more fallout 4 mods pls

  • Max Howard

    @8:54 what armor is that? It looks awesome

  • ImDaBreadnButter 71

    Good video!!! I also post daily skyrim too :)

  • 729Drew

    My issue with the player home mods is that almost all of them have bugs that keep you from removing weapons from racks or armor from mannequins

  • Italics

    I use dense grass already and I can say that it ruins immersion in some areas. This is because it can cover up paths. Like it Roriksted and around Skyrim in general.

  • FireBird58

    Any one know if there's a mod on XB to set enchantment/smithing values? Want to make a character to screw around but glitches and cheat mods are way too much.

  • Chtaz ManianDevil

    yes keep these vids coming bro there good af and very helpful


    You guys are playing Skyrim on a console. mmppff. LMFAO!

  • Adam M

    Are the mods for PS4 free?

  • Poozie Uzi

    i keep dying randomly after using the cheat room mod...someone help me!!!

  • FearTheFade

    at 4:50 and before , what mod was allowing him to spawn those frost giants and stuff? I've been looking for this plz help!

  • Sebastian Bradberry

    do mods all mods from ps4 work for xbox1? etc

  • Fisheo - Gaming and more!

    Phaendrix magic world dlc? bruh. it's the best Ps4 mod out rn

  • jack 12w

    Can I make hagraven un-creepy?

  • cool dude hi

    I recommend the breggans retreat mod it is a nice house mod for xbox1

  • Aaron Feuer

    Man would I like Rayeks End for Xbox.

  • Jazz Vinder

    Aaare mods something u do at the end of the game

  • Adam Smiles

    sorry if i missed it, but what is the name of the magic mod gameplay you keeps using? the one where you put it behind explaining about the better loot mod.

  • Konvict v3

    Rayek's End isn't on Xbox......

  • apex warriors

    Ya give some more nodding videos

  • budnerjohn08

    Need a star wars mod for skyrim on ps4

  • Robert Hildebrand

    why are you not bigger your so much better then most fo4 and Skyrim youtubers

  • James Rains

    when is nock to tip coming? anyone know?

  • Derek Winkler

    You should review or at least check out the dwemer cube home

  • Lisandro Valdovinos

    What graphics overhaul mod are you using?

  • God1st

    What is that Willy Wonka instrumental? Whats the name of it?

  • Komjs 123

    good work keep I think your grate keep,it'd up

  • David Lagnado

    Is the mod Realistic Waters 2 or something else?

  • LightningHits2x

    I really wish that you could send your adopted kids to player home mods

  • MoDcodekiller

    30th! Rawr XD I'm special

  • HEMTIN 676

    Rayeks end isn't on Xbox or its under a diff name cuz it doesn't come up in search

  • GameplayOnly

    every video you say PlayStation I will hurt you if you say PlayStation again

  • amanda wyman

    any idea if the vampire bat travel mod is coming to x box one????


    im watching this at night in the dark and I still can't see SHIT on your screen. would it have killed you to hold a torch so we cam see the detail?????

  • SpareBl00d

    wish they had a bionicle mod

  • l _kira

    I can't like .-. I don't know why

  • Chester Cobblepot

    it sucks that Aesthetics mods cancel out the trophies

  • Jeff Culp

    Show some new fallout 4 mods for ps 4

  • Alexis Melvin

    Love these videos. You've really helped evolve my game! Keep them coming!

  • Araedi

    Id love for ppl to review my mod Valkyrja Armory but its for PS4 only however people have requested it for XBone

  • Robert Hildebrand

    fo4 mods are better for ps4... still shit but better

  • David Lagnado

    Can you please do a comparison video between between the PS4 PRO version in native 4k with graphic mods like the enhanced water, grass and textures, like project hippie vs. The Xbox version with same type of mods. I'm want the best graphics possible.

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