The SCIENCE! Behind Skyrim's GIANT Catapult

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Executive Producer | Randy Parish
Producer | Rasha
Writer/Editor/ Narrator | Austin Hourigan
Director | Josh
Closed Captioning | Kyle
  • Ken Frazier

    So, in other words, getting hit by the Giants really... Hertz.

  • Collin Skone

    My rule for Bethesda games: If it prevents me from progressing in the game, it's a glitch. Otherwise, it's a feature.

  • Kiro Akimada

    Is this a bug or a feature?Bethesda: "Yes."

  • Random Pessimist

    I already miss the swear-y version of austin

  • Jackson Harris

    I had to write a letter to one of my teachers as a mid year exam and the second I typed the word dear, all of Austin's videos simultaneously played in my head

  • ThePhynix85

    "Pants-shittingly Terrifying Numbers" What a great rock/metal band name...

  • Fearghus Keitz

    Your character can easily be launched by a giant while carrying 300 or more pounds, meaning that plus his body weight is launched into the air by the giant

  • Jayson Blackburn

    I mean, not to mention that giant would have to weigh god knows how much in order to survive the impact he created seamingly unscathed...

  • Triforce Hub

    I love that you can use a skyrim giant to power the DeLorean

  • Finn Bazz

    I love new Skyrim players taking on giants and watching them get introduced to the Nord Space Program.

  • Satan

    Hears loud noiseA giant just killed someone in China.

  • Neo2266

    So if i wanna fly... i just have to make a plane crash right next to me, and i should wear earplugs

  • chase minick

    can we get the science behind Titanfall 2 titan drops? would love to see it :D

  • Pur3_Exility


  • Jerry C

    Gotta say that you should have stayed on Shoddycast. You made way more videos while you were focused on this channel and they were a hell of a lot more entertaining

  • Logan Crabtree

    Do the SCIENCE behind the spy in team fortress 2 pls

  • A Stock Photo Of Spaghetti

    I'm here to break your theory:Wouldn't the club break if it was hit on the ground that hard

  • Clunk 42

    The giants throwing you in the air actually isn't a glitch. If you type psb into the console command and then go through all the spells, you can find the spell giants sometimes cast after killing people.

  • Primo Emo

    Wouldn't the average weight be around 90 kilograms because of your inventory?

  • Alcazar King

    I’m as much a master gamer as I am a master-buater

  • BigPurpleFlower

    Why is nobody mentioning the "yuri" joke????

  • SonOfMyths73

    The giants haven't taken over Tamriel because, quite frankly, they are a peaceful race who don't attack without provocation and are content to live out their live with their mammoths and painted cows from the locals without EVER sending anybody up into the stratosphere.

  • Dylan Baer

    Onetime, I watched a giant beat the shit out of a frost dragon. The giant killed it in 7 or 8 hits

  • Golden Mantis

    Ok, I am NEVER going to a giant camp. EVER

  • Cmrtnll

    Subscribed. Immediately.I think this guy put his Charisma in 10.

  • Raptor Jesus

    What I learned from this: The giants would be GREAT at baseball.

  • Per Dilling

    Am I the only one who assumed that it was the giant hitting you so hard you bounced off of the ground, and not them hitting the ground, that flung you upwards?Not that it necessarily makes it more realistic, but wouldn't it require less force to bounce an object of a hard surface than send waves through it?Maybe it would even change the outcome! ...Just a thought... =)

  • Draco Braving

    When Wilhem Richard Ragner’s Flight of the Valkyries plays, you KNOW it’s about to get good! XD <3

  • Ben Kim


  • Bulevard Service

    YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY i love your videos so much...hahaha epic ending :)

  • Rawkit_Surgeon

    Players: Is it a glitch or a feature?Bethesda: Yes.

  • -Nuz -Dude-

    I have a simple quick answerMAGIC

  • Der Wolf Gaming

    I SLAUGHTER giants for fun. All I need is the Bound Bow spell.

  • Eduardo González

    Imagine they make a reference to ShoddyCast in a Elder Scrolls game in the futureShoddorCost as a character, a scientist nord who talks and writes lots of letters to the main character. Make it happen, Bethesda

  • The Spy of the Tiger

    Hey, how much energy does Mercy's healing staff take to use?

  • kookster

    I need more "The SCIENCE!" I'm going through withdrawals.

  • Darin Holm

    Listening to this in 2019 when MatPat has struck this show full force with the family friendly stick. The sweet, sweet cursing. So satisfying. Bleeps just hurt.

  • Sylnt45

    For the next science video whats the science behind the spirit bomb in Dragon Ball Z? How damn powerfull is it?

  • Kevin O'Neal

    So Austin, how does it feel to be the most intelligent person on The Game Theorists?

  • Jeff Vader

    Video idea, how does the cryolater work in fallout 4.

  • Dirkmon97

    "How did you study for your finals, Derek?" I listened to a guy screaming about physics in video games over classical music

  • Shard The Fox

    Your loud but Charming American voice made my ears bleed, lol.

  • Frank Stephens

    "i was an adventurer like you, till i joined the space program"thats what they need to addit genuis!

  • Phyllis Bergenholtz

    hey Austin, what's the science of Frisk/Chara's chances of surviving their fall into the underground?

  • Kathy Patton

    hey remember overwatch, explain symmetra's "hard light" tech

  • Diontae Hallifax

    can you do a video about the how strong the unraveling force is?like if you agree

  • Shadow Graces

    Question: can you become a super solider like in Destiny? eg subclasses energy arc, solar and void

  • The Game Theorists

    13:45 AUSTIN! I'm so excited to start working with you on the channel! Welcome to the team! And thanks to the Shoddycast crew for letting you hop on over! You guys ROCK!

  • Wilhelm The wolf

    I got a idea for a fallout video...the SCIENCE! behind gen 3 synths in fallout 4...OK LETS DO IT!!!!

  • RetroRetro84

    How can health packs (like the ones in Overwatch) heal almost instantaneously both man and machine?

  • SonoZawa Productions

    Holy shit fellow Champaignian!!!Central or Centennial?

  • Bilpliz

    Can you make a THE SCIENCE video on titan fall 2

  • Stalli111

    Tear slowly rolls down cheek

  • Myrkur

    What about the science behind overwatch healingMercy Ana and soldier 76?

  • Quetzalcoatl's Knowledge

    hey Austin you should see if there's anything in RWBY Grimm Eclipse you could do a video on.

  • Bjarkegamer01

    make a THE SCIENCE behind doomfist

  • CamEffect

    Your voice inflection is hilarious! Thank you for your videos. For science!!

  • RandomLegend

    And you forgot about the nuclear fusion happening while the compress the soil :-D

  • RyuzakiFan1

    Bro, you live in Champaign? Dude.

  • john li

    giants haven't take over because they are peaceful

  • Dylan Baer

    Reality: Club breaks like a toothpick

  • Andrew Demetriou

    Dear Austin, I have recently seen a post on Facebook asking about how tough a space marine would have to be to survive a decent to the earth travelling at terminal velocity. The game 'Space Marine' comes to mind when I think about this subject, I was hoping you might be able to help solve this problem by doing a video on it and how the mathematics could work. Please help.sincerely RageFacep.s. I love what you do and I wish I was half as intelligent as you, I've watched many of your videos and love how entertaining they are. I hope you continue to have a long, awesome and joyful career with your channel.

  • Dylan Trimmer

    Who found this video from Game Theory’s Video On TB

  • ThatOneBystander

    Dear Austin, Hey! It's me! The anonymous viewer that was just noticed! Today I have a very interesting weapon for you to do your SCIENCE skills on. That weapon is the Sheepinator from Ratchet And Clank 2, 3, and the PS4 remake. This weapon I used to be totally fine with, but after marathoning through all of your SCIENCE vids I couldn't help but notice that this weapon makes LITTLE TO NO SENSE. I mean, for starters, it can turn LITERALLY ANY ENEMY INTO A SHEEP. That includes robots, aliens, tanks, dropships, ANYTHING. Even bosses! So I just wanted to see the science behind that weapon. Sincerely, ThyHard

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