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Skyrim is a game with a variety of places to visit, stories to hear and quests to complete. In a world as large as the one offered by The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, there’s surely going to be a few things that don’t add up or make perfect sense. It’s these mysteries and unsolved curiosities that capture our imagination as we try to search for potential theories and explanations. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more theories you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    The most unsettling thing in skyrim for me is that 4ft tall spiders exist and spit at you and then probably eat you. I mean really think about that how creepy would that be in real life


    If Nelker is listed as Balgruf's brother it could be possible Balgruf's parents had a child late in life a passed away shortly after due to age or illness. So Balgruf took him in and raised him as a son until the time was right to tell him. I actually have a family member who was raised in the same scenario, so this was the first thing that came to mind.

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    Nate. Ate you getting enough sleep? Are you eating? Drinking enough water? Just asking because you're pumping these videos out like they are nothing, one after another. Please make sure you're taking care of yourself. You're one of my favorite YouTubers and as much as I love the content, your health is more important.

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    Pin me like you pin your French Balgruufs

  • Fabian Hernandez

    Septimus Signus: I don't feel so good...

  • hotshot 57

    Intro after running out of adjectives: "Skyrim is a.... fat..."

  • N.S. McMahon

    "What's the deal with Nirnroot?"~Jarl Seinfeld, 4E201

  • The Next Hokage

    There is nothing more unsettling than knowing there are still 5 more things we didn't know about Skyrim.

  • Køltira Memeweaver

    Do the Möth Priests love lamps?

  • James Anthony

    "I think, therefore I am." - René DescartesWhich reminds me of a joke:René Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "Hey, René, would you like a beer?" to which René replies, "I think not" and POOF!... he disappears.Going along with this reasoning, mayhaps dear Septimus gained all knowledge in the universe and no longer needed to think about anything ever again. So... POOF! =)

  • Jeremy Landon

    Or maybe the jarl has been happily married twice and both his spouses died shortly after giving birth (the first wife after her second child and the second wife after her first.) Then the jarl wanted to make sure his kids didn't treat each other differently. Then mephala wanted to cause a divide among the siblings and let them know about it?

  • Tom Williams Productions

    Lydia is probably the mother hence why Balgruff dumps her off on the DB at the earliest possibility

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    2:24 Dammit woman, I'm the Jarl of Whiterun. Holla if you need me.

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    OOOOH OOOHUSE the word "Gargantuan"For the next video, that will spice it up

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    What if septimus was undead all along, he does have a weird raspy voice and when you kill raised undead they turn to dust so when Hermy Mora no longer needed him he simply removed the necro spell

  • _

    Hears nirnroot; post stress screeching

  • Kyle Pollard

    I believe the book killed him in the end. The Dragon Scrolls affect people who read them greatly, so why can't a book ff immense knowledge do the same? I mean, the English translation of it is " Knowledge to Infinity". It takes the Moth Priests years to prepare for reading the Elder Scrolls, so maybe someone weak or unprepared who starts reading the Oghma Infinium can literally die from trying to read the book's secrets, or maybe he was "unworthy" of reading it and paid the price.

  • Jonathan Davis

    Clearly, the entire purpose of nirnroot is to annoy anyone playing Elder Scrolls games. :|

  • tyler bandin

    The fourth spot is a reference to another elder scrolls game called battle spire where you actually talk to an ideal master and the potion are because if you go in and not undead you can not regain health so you have to have potions or soul husk

  • Mhadra

    Neither women are there... Because he killed both of them with the Ebony Blade! Dun dun duuuun

  • Tom Lees

    The theory that Septimus Signus zero-summed is a good one, but there is one hole in it that becomes apparent if we apply it to the gameplay at face value - if a person in TES zero-summed, then the fact that they zero-summed would also be zero-summed, ensuring that they never existed at all and there is absolutely no trace of them left in history. Which would suggest that said person would be erased from all memory as well. And yet, even when Septimus dies, Hermaeus Mora still references him by saying, "Septimus was a useful tool for unleashing it (the Ogmha Infinium)".One could argue that since the Daedra and Aedra are gods, they would still be omnipotent enough to retain the memory of anyone who is zero-summed, or removed from existence in another way.

  • Daniel Scott

    I thougt the old man died due to a last ditch dwarven defense measure to protect the book. That book was obviously locked away to keep the world safe from it, and it makes sense to have a form of trap located around the actual book itself for when the door is breached. Thats why Herma Mora didnt have you kill him, he knew about the dwarven defensive trap and let him trip it instead of you. I thought this because I remember turning him down to help him and he basically said "STFU I know things you dont and tell people only what I need them to know so that they do my bidding whether they want to or not, now go do my bidding mortal" and I was like damn chill Herma.

  • Here We Go

    The thing i always wondered, why do Balgruufs kids stay in dragonsreach after Stormcloak victory?

  • Aleks Sierżant

    The theory about Septimus being zero-summed is unfortunately not true. Zero-summing isn't simply erasing something from exsistance, it's making it actually never exist, like what Talos did to jungles in Cyrodiil. Septimus, for example, wrote a book called "Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls" and you can still find the book with his signature after the quest.

  • Matthew Sly

    This is like the TWENTITH time I've commented this........ butttttttt: PLEASE SHOW US YOUR LOAD ORDER!! Your game looks so DANG AMAZING!!!

  • Bradley Selk

    He could be the yarls brother.I knew a guy who thought his brother was his dad till he was in his 20s.Apparently his real dad knocked up a hooker and his brother was in his 20s at the time and decided to adopt his baby brother to keep him out of foster care.They figured letting him believe he was his brother's son was easier then telling him he was the result of a $50 sexual encounter which makes sense if you think about it.

  • David Cheney

    What if Septimus died when he made his blood mix with the other elves to trick the lock box into thinking he was a Dwemer was pulled into where the Dwemer went to?He tricked not only the box, but also whatever pulled the Dwemer out of Nirn and when he opened the box set off a beacon for that force?Just spit balling an idea, but maybe.


    Probably because Nelkir was adopted.

  • Lucy Price

    It could be a possibility that the two women that Balgruuf slept with died during childbirth. That’s my theory.

  • XSoulbound __

    Don't forget, Mephala is the daedric prince of lies. It's not out of the question that she would lie to Nelkir to get him to work for her.

  • Banzarro

    chim and zero sum don't have anything to do with "place in the universe" if you realise that you are a figment of someones imagination and accept the fact that you don't exist you stop existing, if you have the strength of self to scream 'I am' into a universe telling you that 'you are not' you get chim, that's why chim is described as an inherently selfish thing, you have to be self serving enough that you are capable of ignoring the fact that you are nothing, furthermore Zero Sum isn't simply being erased, it's being selectively and RETROACTIVELY erased, your physical self no longer and never existed, but anything you did or made is still present, the best analogy would be cutting a person out of a painting, you can easily tell that someone was there, but you can't ever know who they were

  • Chris Macklin

    Thought I’d get some sleep today, oh wait Nate just uploaded

  • Doomflame74

    Unsettled to deathFirst btw

  • aysseralwan

    About Jarl Balgruuf:1. The daedric prince could be lying or2. Balgruuf had a wife and two children with her but then she died maybe in childbirth and then he married a second time and she died as well and because all three children were very young/ babies while that occured they thought they are all from the same mother and while what the daedra tells is true isn't as scandalous as the young son thinks

  • Puddle Zerg

    Where do you keep getting these adjectives? Are you murdering people to death for them?

  • Andrew Turnbull

    You can find nirnroot on the prydwin fallout 4. aka experimental plant in the science area.

  • Andrew Chapman

    Never occurred to me that the dwarven lockbox is a non-euclidian space. That makes me even more impressed by the dwemer. Neat.

  • Noah Dude

    When will we get 5 minecraft mysteries?


    the unsettling thing is that you haven't been arrested for murdering people to death

  • i couldnt think of a username

    Who wants to hear a joke?Fallout 4 has good map design

  • Trisepta

    3:39 After reading 'Letter from Maven' on the table in The Bannered Mare, I always thought that the skeleton was supposed to be Christophe Bartlet.

  • Lake Fish

    Alternative to 0-summing: He got to see wherever the Dwemer are, but they had a defense system for anyone trying to come through - so they actually disintegrated Septimus, so he couldn't join them or tell anyone else. Or he DID join, and the "burning to ash" was some kind of teleportation.

  • Outlaw Hazz

    You can always say skyrim is big in every language

  • Secret Spice

    Maybe Jarl Balgruuf had 2 wives

  • Lewis Wotherspoon

    I think Mephala lied to him because she is the deadra of lies

  • Tom Lees

    In regards to Septimus Signus' death, I believe there is some TES lore which mentions something about mortals needing to be worthy enough to be in possession of a Daedric artefact. So, it could be that Septimus simply wasn't worthy enough to read the Ogmha Infinium, thus the artefact itself destroyed him. Hence why the Dragonborn is able to pick it up and read it.If this idea of worthiness surrounding Daedric artefacts wasn't enforced, then Septimus could have potentially just picked up the book and read it for himself with no consequences. However, given the context we are given in the quest, Hermaues Mora isn't interested in Septimus anymore, so it could be that he just killed the man so the Dragonborn could take the book after all the work he/she did.

  • MaximalElder26

    I always assumed that what happened with Septimus was that Hermius had used his power to extend Septimus's life so he could open the box. Basically stopped his body from aging. We don't know how long Septimus had been there. Could have been years. Could have been centuries. Once the box was open and he read the book Hermius lifted his influence from Septimus and his body rapidly aged tell he became a pile of dust.

  • Krisztian Geiger

    4:11I just guessing.. is that the infamous Dyatlov Pass Incident as easter egg?

  • Salavast1

    I think Septimus' death has to do with why the Dwemer disappeared. After all, they were experimenting with the Heart of Lorkan, and one day they vanished. As explained in a video about achieving "Chime", a Godhood-like state, through the Heart of Lorkan, there are two results. One is achieving "Chime", and the second is being Zero-Summed; being completely erased from the time, having never existed in the first place. (Paradox theory is irrelevant to my current point.) Septimus' last words, about seeing another world, could very well be where the Dwemer went, or something of the sort. Since he used the blood from every still living elf to obtain "Dwemer Blood", which he injects into himself, the forces that took the Dwemer away also claimed him.

  • Josh Hearn

    Use the word THICC to describe How large Skyrim is for the next video!!!!

  • B0RD3R M4N

    What if the Wood Elf with the Axe chased down the female with the Dagger for her Treasure map. He murdered her to death but the female with the Dagger managed to land a few blows on the male. The Male tried to get help for his wounds, leaving behind the map but succumbed shortly thereafter.

  • Tucker Cobble

    i am absolutely certain the Hist is the newer form/remnant of an Et'Ada, any chance you could cover this theory? (i can't be the only one to have this theory)

  • CPT. Whiskers

    Maybe the kid was his first son and after his mom died Bargraf remarried. It seems likely bc the kid is a lot more mature than the others

  • Alex Crnojacki

    The whole elder scrolls is a dream??? That is taken from old Slavic mythos. Where the whole world we live in is created as a dream by a sleeping god named Svarog. And when Svarog wakes up, that will be the end of the world.

  • Brandon Dunn

    Did he mention "the world burns before me" or something like that? What's a burned world that we also know has connections to the elder scrolls through Nirn Root? Did he see the world of fallout?

  • Alfonso Corona H

    So then... septimus realized he is in a videogame...then his body died but his data trascended and now he is one with everything yet, he is nothing.

  • NoiselessSorrow

    What mods do you use ? ur skyrim looks amazing

  • Azn

    You milk skyrim so much

  • Benjamin Sedlacek

    Well, the second one about the treasure hunters is easy: they got greedy or argued and mortally wounded each other.

  • UnknownSoldier9865

    It's simple. Septimus Signus did not survive the Thanos snap!

  • Chowder soup

    i have a question Nate how big is skyrim?

  • Moister Oyster

    Hello, Nayte. Your hair looks nice today. Also, I'm pretty sure the Jarl had an affair with the Lustful Argonian.

  • Luci _

  • Eatay Mizrachi

    Nirnroots also appear in Fallout 4, in the Prydwen.

  • Gamble Rambles

    Actually It could make sense that the Ogma infium is like the elder scrolls and only a dragon born with a strong mind can survive seeing such intense knowledge this dose make some lore friendly sense right?


    Maybe Nelkir was speaking metaphorically, saying that he doesn't like his mother or that he likes Mephala more than his own mother.

  • El Mucho Ding Dong

    Hermaeus said he killed him because he outgrew his usefulness

  • ツPawky

    After reading Oghma Infinium drop it immediately and pick it back up.You'll be able to keep the book.

  • Tom Lees

    A Dragon Priest's dagger is a very unique and somewhat rare choice of weapon to just randomly place as part of a little Easter egg, could this guy have been a Dragon Priest himself? Maybe Khonariik? Or, like Miraak, a Dragon Priest who wound up in a plane of Oblivion? (in this case, the Soul Cairn as opposed to Apocrypha).Maybe he wanted to ascend and join/become one with the Ideal Masters. Maybe this guy was once a Dragonborn, as just to the left facing the entrance to the Boneyard, there is actually a damaged Word Wall that Durnehviir will sometimes sit atop of.Or, perhaps both. We all know that the Dragonborn has the ability to absorb a dragon's soul upon its death. And we also know that the Ideal Masters are constantly hungry for souls. so, that skeleton could have once been a Dragonborn seeking to join the Ideal Masters and forever feast on the souls of dragons. There are numerous dragon skeletons and skulls scattered across the Soul Cairn after all as well, plus the Keepers wear Dragonplate armour and wield Dragonbone weapons, so could they be Dragonborn too? Who knows.

  • TheNN

    I do disagree on one part. You are correct that yes, Daedric Princes cannot normally interact with the world. However, that is also the point of their artifacts. they can act THROUGH them. For example, during the Dragonborn DLC, when you bring a Black Book to the Skaal Elder, Hermeaus Mora IMPALES him with tentacles, and it seems as if he is indeed acting directly through it.So it could just very well be that ole Herma Mora simply disposed of Septimus once he was no longer useful.

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