Skyrim Special Edition - The Good, The Bad & All The Info You Should Know

Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the Skyrim Special Edition!

Check out Playstation Access's full Skyrim vs Skyrim SE comparison video here -

I was lucky enough to be sent a promotional copy of the up coming Skyrim Special Edition! So with that I have spent a week playing it. in this video i use all of my experience and research to bring to you all of the most important facts and answer the most frequently asked questions.

I also do my best to objectively analyise each layer of Skyrim Special Edition and talk about it's pros and cons. All in all, I just want to give you all of the information you need to make up your own mind.

We touch on;
Game price
Game DLCs
Console mods
PC mods
Mod limitations on console
Volumetric lighting
64-bit engine vs 32-bit engine
Game fps of 30
Game stability & bugs
Transfering old saves
And a whole bunch of other stuff!

  • McKynnen

    People will spend $15 for a 2 hour movie but won't spend $60 for a 100+ hour game

  • Blaze T

    No one will ever have 16,000,000,000 GB of RAM, people in 2531 are laughing at us.

  • manaman9625

    "Modding out skyrim special edition so much that it requires 16 billion Gigs of ram... That's never gonna happen."Challenge accepted

  • Celso Barroso

    Arrows unloading at a distance? That's why i couldn't hit anything far. God dammit

  • ArshikaTowers

    "84% of Skyrim sells were on Console." That's because PC users got it for free.

  • Manuel Troncoso

    I wish I was still a skyrim virgin

  • not you

    "Biased toward Skyrim," well at least you legitimately enjoy the game for what it is. Compare that to Morrowind elitists who are still complaining to this day and then there's people who complain about remasters who don't have to buy them if they don't want to in the first place. And I can't sit here and pretend Skyrim is a flawless game, or even argue that it's the best Elder Scrolls game (that's entirely subjective). But so many people have very fond memories from the past five years and lots of other people seem to find joy in just shitting all over things they like. I find this happens with Bethesda titles more often than other series. If it wasn't for Skyrim I would have never been exposed to Oblivion and Morrowind and found enjoyment in those titles as well. Personally I'm super pumped to pick this up tomorrow and jump back into Tamriel once again. Love your videos, Camel. Great moves! Keep it up, proud of you.

  • Hylian Ticipated

    11:50 YES! Just what I wanted to know.

  • p f

    Skyrim kept me entertained for 3 years straight and I took a year break so I don't burn out on it and I am sooooooooo excited for replaying everything and picking the game clean all over again :D

  • RB5Network

    This is honestly just a great video, rarely do I ever feel the need to comment on someone's positive work, but this is great!

  • j0nnyism

    God it wouldn't have been hard for them to include a marriageable khajit my cat had to live like a monk during my 100 hr game. He wasn't attracted to other races and be believed in the sanctity of marriage. Apparently that wasn't enough for Bethesda to allow my cat a happy fulfilled life. I'm sick to death of the racism against khajits not just from Bethesda but from the Internet. The abuse is very depressing and I'm sick of the fact they don't allow my kin to live in the cities. Ghettoised outside the cities. It's a truly disgusting treatment. This sort of prejudice sickens me I had hoped society had moved on by now

  • Koxden

    Time for a computer upgrade! Good thing I'm already 60 dollars ahead ;)

  • Sentinel

    Well, Here Goes Another 1000 Hours Of My Life

  • Delta Knight

    Do the console editions come with all the DLC as well?

  • Mutt Grahe

    I preordered the game as soon as I could. I'm so excited to play Skyrim again.

  • Relic

    I installed mine last night and admittedly wasn't blown away at first. Upon exiting the starting dungeon was really the eye opener. The lighting, shadows, trees, water and flora all smacked me in the face. It's so beautiful. The frame rate at 30 was very stable, which anyone who played the original on console will appreciate. And yes the load times were incredible when compared but to be fair, that may increase with the more mods you use.I played the Xbox version while my son played the PS4 version, and we both had the same experience. This is a huge improvement from the last gen consoles.

  • Cornflakes And Milk

    Ill be getting it for console, but I won't even be using mods because I'm an Achievement Hunter and even installing texture mods disables Achievements.

  • Wibbit Guy

    16:43 Camel, now I want to see you play Skyrim on a TV from the 50's ;)

  • Hare deLune

    Superb!A most excellent video, señor Camel. Well done indeed. :)

  • BromanderInChief

    The one question that really matters... Will we be FINALLY be able to kill the Stormcloak/Imperial campsite chiefs?

  • troglobites rule

    Hope I can find you at PAX next week. You are my favourite YouTuber!

  • Baltasarmk

    Bill Gates: "640K of memory was more than anyone needed."Camelworks: "No one is ever going to have a computer that has 16 billion gigabytes RAM"

  • Vinny Silva

    Thank u do much iam a new sub this game will me remembered for years I think

  • Joshua redfern

    Camel my friend, well i wish you were my friend, you have done it again, there are not words that explain your brilliance

  • GuynamedGato

    it may not have any new content but I can swear that every time I go exploring I always find something I didn't notice before

  • Brian Lallement

    Anyone know why all the dlcs got added without paying? I just recently found skyrim special edition in my games library on steam and i didnt buy it.

  • Marco Vaz

    man I spend so much time playing this game,... and here we go again, more maybe 800h

  • delex360

    I would prefer a oblivion remaster but alright.

  • Sajjad Aly

    subbed you just for skyrim... thanks

  • UsefulMuffinCat

    THANK GOD they fixed the horrible shadows...

  • jon3rockaholic

    Fantastic insight into Skyrim SE. Thanks for the video.

  • Jack Walters

    I have been playing sky rim for last 5 years . First on Xbox 360 and then pc and since that broke i still play on my laptop on lowest possible settings . Despite this it is still the greatest game I've ever played. So if u r worrying about graphics affecting ur experience . Well it won't .

  • Hendrik I Heemskerk

    Haha i love how you burn all the haters in this video :thumbsup: and keep up the good work ;)

  • Jerk berk 305dade

    took you 2mins to explain that your going to explain something...

  • Mephalion S’kashiya

    6:36 Frostfall!? I thought that wasn't gonna be added! Haha take my $60 Bethesda

  • Masamoon

    Skyrim is legit my favorite game of all time.

  • FreelanceXD

    I thought SKSE would be available almost immediately because Bethesda made no changes to the script with the Special Edition.

  • Martín Yáñez

    "No one will ever have 16 exobytes of ram." Lol. I used to say no one will ever have 512 mb of ram... so yeah. Thats what happens with technology...

  • Dave Airley8889

    I've paid £32 on Amazon with free delivery . Worth every penny to me and it's gonna be my first time playing it aswell .

  • MarkOBoii

    On Xbox 360 I beat every signal mission expect a couple that I cheated threw

  • Z X

    this was awsome :-) thanks for a great video.. greets from denmark :-)

  • pinkmillk

    "Nobody will ever have a computer with 16 billion GB of RAM."Challenge accepted!

  • Kirill Linker

    I have never ever heard such poetry when it comes to explaning the key differences between x32 and x64.Bravo!

  • A S

    pc master race get it free, im preloading it right now

  • Bob Bob

    "After skyrim SE comes out" Hey where did you graduate??Me:the college of winterhold

  • King Coin

    "My modded Skyrim looks better" That's fine, but it's not 64 bit.

  • Sir Kollin

    16 exabytes of ram is impossible? considers challenge

  • Robin Viklund

    GREAT video! I finally understand why I should be hyped! Let's test what my gtx 1070 and 24gb of ram can do! :D

  • Ramona Pope


  • Memelord letsplays

    I only have 32 gb ram ;-; (what means only? :P)

  • Excalibur

    Ps4 1gb of mods what theee lol

  • CIDzzD

    Thanks for all the info and for making this awesome videeo! #HYPE

  • Anton Ellot

    Dies inside as he can't play the game due to a Gt730.

  • Gamin' Reasons

    Practically limitless modding on PC? I'm not sure why any PC guy would willingly miss out on something like that.

  • Teaz QT

    unofficial patch is all I need to actually play without issues...awesome thanks for the video guide :DAre you using the the patch by chance?

  • Eldar K

    Windows has a RAM limitation as well. I believe it's 128GB on windows 10.

  • usmcbromell

    Glad I saw this, might've missed out on the freebie. Thanks.

  • Shogun Entertainment

    StormCloaks VS Imperials is basically BREXIT

  • mwjgc reeves

    ENB Shadow Effects fixes shadows with just a little bit more preformance cost.

  • Santa Creed

    When i get off work tomorrow at 16:00...Ill FUS RO DAH my way home and play!

  • Francisco Sosa

    Excelent Excelent video!!!! greetings from Argentina

  • Aviv Okon

    you are quite right on many of your points, though i do feel the need to point one thing where you may be wrongthe original Skyrim was indeed a seed, and it grew to a beautiful tree due to the modding communitythe problem is, a huge chunk of that original community has already moved on from Skyrim, and may not come back for the special editionso the new edition will need to also bring modders, not just players, so it will really growto the point, if we won't see mods that really add new content to the game (good quest mods and such), than there is no real reason to play the game again, as the core game wasn't touched at all, from what i knowin such a case, just get your old version of Skyrim, download and install Enderal (for free), and you get a brand new game, amazing graphics (may even be better than the special edition), and you also get a brand new experience, new mechanics, and a whole new world to explorebasically, if the special edition fails to reinvigorate the modding community, or fails to draw new blood to the community, the new special edition will remain a rather lovely seed, with no real hope of growingbut that is something that only time will telli'm still keeping my hopes up, and i truly do hope it will succeed at least as much as the original version

  • KleisterMeister

    im so pumped for the 64 bit engine

  • Armbar4you

    Dang, I know nothing about technical specs, but you made total sense. That's exciting for PC people. I'm on ps4 and look forward to the graphical and maybe experience the bottom of the totem pole for modding. Good thing base skyrim is one of the best games ever created!

  • Clēofan

    I have ASUS Laptop with (i7 CPU) (12GB-RAM) GTX 950 2GB will this run Skyrim Special Edition

  • Cheer

    Meh i dont have worry. Got it free from Steam( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Alex Ryback998

    I got it for free on PC and already pre loaded it. Skrubz

  • BR Channel

    When midnight hits... tell my parents I love them and say goodbye

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