Battlefield 1: The Final Round of Gameplay From the EA Play Event

Watch the final round of exciting gameplay from EA Play's Battlefield 1 gameplay debut.

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  • A1990 A

    I live in England and we have learned about WW1(which is 1914 to 1918 if you didn't know, some people in this comment section don't, so I am just pointing that out) , and yes they used Apples s a codename for 'A', 'Aplha' is now the modern version of that, it is used in the US military, Alpha was introduced in the 50s by ths US military, these are British WW1 soldiers FFS.

  • Shuvari

    They should have a "Trench Warfare" game mode with its own map that's just trenches and if you go beyond your trench into No Mans Land they will most certainly die... You know, for the people who want an actual WW1 Simulator FPS

  • Enki Stokes

    i can't wait to see what hardcore is going to be like on this game.

  • Michael T

    Hope there's a trench warfare gamemode

  • forenKOTD

    I love it. It's so simple! No exos, no abilities, no kill streaks. Omg I love battlefield. I thank my uncle for introducing me to battlefield 3 back in 2011

  • playbjnow

    6:13 - "It looks like a small object in your hand, but it sure got a big explosion when it goes off"lol

  • Courage The Cowardly Dog

    The pre-alpha looks better than a finished COD

  • Noondroid

    I can't stand all the new jet packs and flying around in the recent FPS. Another reason why I'm sold on this game!

  • Zachary Chandos

    level cap was supposed to be on neebs not stonemountain

  • kenson pierre

    Call of duty can finally rest easy.......

  • Michael De Santa

    I haven't seen this much hype for an FPS since CoD 4

  • iseerashonal

    niceeeee but i dont like the female voice...i wanna hear screaming soldiers

  • striderOO7

    Acta Non Verba multiplayer map on Bad Company comes to mind when the fog comes into play.

  • Super Toad 64

    Bakedfield 1 by Snoop Dogg

  • Chugg

    I think they're starting to figure out what made Bad Company 2 so good.

  • Justin Boulanger

    Please add both gendered options for the OBJECTIVE TAKEN/LOST VOICE.Woman sounds terrible. Agree? Then LIKE THIS COMMENT. Show dice. They read these yo.#DICE #please

  • Dr Dinkle

    What happens if 2 bayonets charge one another?

  • Anderson Badari

    wish the game was more slow bc2...the game is too fast imo.

  • MrGamerplayer13

    Take in how Lupe Fiasco was playing at the event too

  • CalmestGoblin

    Please please add more recoil to automatics.

  • PsihoDD

    That female voice resembles some Dota 2. Please remove it.

  • charlie patch

    Battlefield 1 = goodbye daylight until spring

  • Camo Hat Man


  • Livid

    I'll bite. However, for the few who knows.......Verdun.

  • ameerhamid89

    I want Terry Crews making the announcements instead of the female voice.

  • Alice Schuberg

    the amount of details in the maps..... is more detailed than the story of my life

  • ChernobyLime

    (Xbox One brand everywhere) Is being played on PC's.

  • B Gomez

    This is what world at war with today's technology would look like I'm getting this for sure 🌚

  • kingskater4

    This Pre Alpha version of the game is better than what the final version of Infinite Warfare will be

  • Sam C

    Geez.... Everyone is a historian here.

  • The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio

    it appears rappers and Terry crews are not very good at battlefield. ;)

  • patrick dertz

    Mike Tyson playing battlefield 1. Savage.

  • TheSwizziest

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!! I knew I made no mistake by pre-ordering it! :D

  • GORT _

    I wanted to see a guy with a flamethrower clearing out a trench or two. :(

  • Nick Nikolic

    Battlefield 1 looks amazing!!😍😍 #ripcod

  • El Godito22

    I was excited for bf1 but the gameplay make me not want to pre-order/buy bf1

  • Peaceful RAGE

    1818 views...... Damn I'm early! And this game looks sooooo sick!! Definitely gonna get it#RIPCOD

  • ShadowPlay3r

    "Taken objective Apples"

  • puffwad

    Seriously though, RIP COD.

  • Agame471

    air combat is ruined agian due to parachutes

  • warriorprince101010

    Again, no cover on the maps. This was BF4 major problem.

  • the extention gaming

    So is the woman announcer optional or is it a fixed part in the game?

  • Brady Tink

    15th gotta make a comment psn: brazilnut10111

  • john smith

    I like how if anyone criticize this game people will automatically attack you.

  • Tomás Rocha

    Wtf is Zack Efron, Snoop Dogg and Wiz doing here ?!

  • Bulletstee

    It looks so beautiful I'm so hyped for this well done dice

  • TheRebelAE

    5:42 One of the most beautiful women in the world sitting next to Neebs, that lucky SOB!

  • piercedmarine

    So there are gaming keyboards sitting right in front of those guys and they choose to use a controller? That's like asking to jump into the pits of hell.

  • Forrest Faszer

    wow there are closable doors on the buildings. 10/10

  • Landon Tubesing

    Sound design of pistol fire is beautiful... That stood out to me for whatever reason

  • The Hook

    will there be dynamic map weather?

  • Vance

    lol they kept switching to jack when he was missing they didnt get to see all the epic kills he got. go to his channel to see @JackFrags

  • John Doe

    Same source code? Can wait for the hackers to learn that the source code is the same as BF3 and BF4.Play without hackers will be short lived.

  • Hard Candy-e

    Wow cod will never be able to compete with this it looks unbelievable

  • MAD MAX V1

    loving the setting of the game.. definitely getting my hands on this bad boy

  • Matthew Alaa

    When i first watched bf1 gameplay i was amazed!but now that i have watched many gameplays it is just getting boring.. not my cup of tea :/.


    sweet Jesus I can't wait for this game!!!!

  • Jokers Game

    people always talkin' about the graphics, im just wondering if we can launch tanks and stuff...

  • npsantini

    Who knew zac efron was pretty good at video games.

  • Hail_vinoya

    The gameplay and colour palette remind me of Band of Brothers(I know BoB is ww2)

  • Tim Peters

    Oh, conquest has changed now. I don't know how I feel about that. It might be great but I like the idea of ticket numbers.

  • Pablo Horteg

    "PTO"? No mate, it's PTFO.

  • murphiooo

    where the russians?? aint they playable

  • potato3able

    The female voice could probably just be temporary since it's just on pre-alpha. It really doesnt fit the atmosphere of the game...

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